Storm Ravaged

Chapter 30

Later that afternoon, Steve came up behind Danny in the hallway of the hospital and almost stopped cold before recovering quickly to intervene before there was an accident. The wheelchair had rolled about three feet away and Danny was leaning heavily into the wall. He counted the heads in the hallway, recognized the faces, and realized belatedly what was going on as he used his one crutch to get to his overly alarmed friend.

"Danny, it's okay." He was ignored and too far away still to make an impact. He couldn't make out the words yet; he could hear the tone though and knew Danny was beyond stressed.

"Hey, Danny. It's really fine ... sit down before you fall." Again, ignored and Steve cleared his throat worriedly as he tried to pick up his pace.

"Grace. Come here. Right now." Sweating and pale, Danny's right hand was begging for his daughter to be anywhere but where she was at that very moment. His casted left wrist was clutched tightly to his chest and his fingers were painfully fisted.

"Danny!" Without disturbing other patients, Steve tried to project his voice as he limped closer when Danny leaned into the wall to stay upright as a sharp ache lodged in one bruised foot. By the subtle tilt of his head, Steve knew that Danny had finally heard him, but he never moved. Danny couldn't take his eyes from where Grace stood much too far away and next to an older suited man who spelled disaster for her father's thundering heart.

"Grace." Instead of understanding her father's fear, Grace was smiling up at the man and holding the brightly colored flower he had plucked out of the large display.

"Its okay, Danno. He came to see you and Uncle Steve. He brought you both something to get well." Her smile wavered in confusion as the man gently placed his free hand on the top of her head to guide her towards Danny. The move was meant to be calming. It was anything but that as Danny nearly left marks in the wall as his nails clawed for balance.

"Don't you touch my daughter." Anchored to the wall, Danny wasn't able to move which helped Steve gain ground even though his partner still was far from actually paying attention to him.

"Alright." Trying to defuse the situation, the man removed his hand from her head as if he'd touched fire. "I'm sorry. Go to your father, Grace."

"Daniel. It's okay." Steve tried to lace as much calmness into the words as he could. Alistair Landon had merely come to visit both Five-0 officers to offer his sincere get well wishes, apologize profusely to each, and to share the latest on the court trial happenings as they related to Allen Darien. Having not actually met the man personally, he hadn't realized that the Detective would react so very badly to seeing him and he didn't quite understand why. He was greatly relieved to see the Commander just beyond the clearly upset Detective in the hallway though. He prayed silently to himself that the second man would get there before Williams might further injure himself.

"Do as he says, Grace." Fearful that Williams might fall, Landon couldn't help himself as he once more gently pushed Grace towards her father. He blanched noticeably at his second accidental error when Danny practically growled at him.

"What did I just say?"

"Go to him and get him to sit down, dear." He spoke quietly and very calmly while Danny's eyes only hardened dangerously.

"Grace!" Danny hissed as she finally left Landon to walk towards her father.

Drawing closer, Steve propped his crutch on the wall and used the wheelchair for the rest of the next few steps. He was there now too and awkwardly rolling the wheelchair forward to lock its brakes closer to where Danny stood barely balanced against the wall. Landon sighed in relief while remaining rooted to the one spot. He felt stupid and utterly useless to help as he stood there with the large floral vase tucked into his one arm.

"It really is okay, Danno. Come on, you need to get off your feet," Steve whispered practically in his partner's ear while putting a hand on each shoulder and guiding him backwards to sit. He could feel the tension and adrenalin that was serving to keep Danny upright and was anxious now to get him safely seated. He sighed in relief when Danny stumbled the half-step backwards and sank willingly into the wheelchair. Keeping his hands on the trembling shoulders, Steve bent down to quietly speak to him.

"Landon is fine. He's a good guy and the entire prosecution team's been checked out within an inch of their lives. You know that, Danny. We told you." Steve didn't get a real response though until Grace was hand-in-hand with her father. His distress was still palpable as Danny pulled her into his lap, closed his eyes and placed his forehead on top of her own. He heard Steve then but wasn't quite embarrassed enough to apologize for the fear that had skyrocketed through him. He had never met the man and could only recall seeing him on television and in a much too close proximity to Brian McNamara.

Wisely, the lead attorney simply stayed where he was to wait for the situation to come under control. He barely heard the Detective's words to the Commander and he blew out a deep breath in complete understanding for those that he did eventually catch.

"I know ... you did. But I only saw him ... on the news. He was with him ... with McNamara on the news. I ... never met him," he stammered and Steve sent an apologetic look towards Landon who smiled reassuringly. Danny was talking into Grace's hair and rubbing circles on her back as he tried to explain himself to Steve. His voiced faded and he finally palmed his eyes hard as Grace took a few steps back with her flower.

"He ... I didn't know ... it seemed ... it was just." Steve patted his shoulder soothingly as he muttered something Landon couldn't quite hear.

"Danno?" Grace still thought she had done something wrong and didn't understand what had happened. She, her mother and Uncle Chin had met the nice man in the elevator and she had been officially introduced. Mr. Landon had explained how he was bringing get well cards and flowers from his office for both Uncle Steve and her father.

He had made her laugh because his law office had also ordered a large fruit basket that would come later that day. He had tried to show her how big it was and nearly dropped the one floral arrangement he was still holding now. Her mother had to grab the vase and got wet as water sloshed out to stain her dress. Everyone had laughed then and now Uncle Chin and her mother were still close by; in fact, Uncle Chin was near the nurse's station waiting for Doctor Ramirez. Her mother was in the ladies restroom trying to dry out the water stain on her clothes.

Grace had been on her way to see Danno when the nice lawyer had plucked a flower from the display for her to put in her hair. But that was when her father had seen them and gotten so very upset.

"Yeah, Grace. It's ... okay, Monkey. I ... just ... it's fine." The words still weren't actually coming out and Landon watched as Steve kept both hands on Danny's shoulders to ground the shaken man. Using the chair for balance, Steve turned it and aimed for the hospital room with a look that indicated the lawyer should follow now. As he did so at a respectable distance, he scooped up the abandoned crutch for Steve.

"Deep breaths and calm down. It's not a big deal." The older man could hear Steve coaching his partner and he felt even worse for what the two men had gone through. Landon felt directly responsible, even though he too had been fairly snookered by his ex-now deceased attorney. It was a professional embarrassment which had nearly taken too many innocent lives. Only by the sheer will of those good people involved would his prosecution team remain intact and a dangerous mobster go to trial with all charges firmly still in place. He owed Five-0 his thanks and so much more as he waited to share his true concern for their well-being. Landon now stood quietly in the doorway as Steve rolled the chair close to the window and gestured for Grace to stay near her father. When it came to Grace, none of them should have worried because she was already happily tossing her book bag on to the bed.

The flower was behind her ear as Grace proudly pulled out a few things from her bag to show him. The distraction was very normal and extremely welcome as Danny recovered from his emotional over-reaction.

"So, I think you need this?" Already choosing to move on, Landon took a few steps into the room to hand Steve his crutch and the placed the floral display on one of the available tables. His face relayed his concern and true penance for what he'd inadvertently caused. It was clear that he wasn't even remotely offended by what had occurred.

"Thanks. We're good here. Don't worry about it." Speaking low, Steve smiled warmly as he shook hands with the attorney and then introduced the man to Danny who had finally regained his composure.

"You two have not officially met. Let's correct that now."

Danny nodded and tried to apologize but Landon grandly waved off any remaining awkwardness as he inquired about their health and then did apologize profusely for what had happened with McNamara. Danny relaxed as he listened to the astute lawyer mince his words wisely for young ears. His genuine intention and points were well-received and Landon didn't over-stay his welcome either.

He was pleased to hear that Steve didn't need surgery and would be discharged the next day. With Danny, very shortly after that. It was news for Grace and her eyes lit up happily. "You can come home?" She squeaked as she carefully threw her arms around his neck.

"Sounds like it if Doc Ramirez still says yes." Danny kissed her nose and she laughed as she hugged him even more tightly. He released her as Landon announced he'd be leaving them alone.

"I met Mrs. Edwards and this little one in the elevator. I walked in with them and Lieutenant Kelly, so they are due to show up any second. I won't take up any more of your time." Grace beamed up at the lawyer as he dared to playfully tap the flower in her hair. His continued apology for what he'd done was left unspoken and this time, Danny smiled in return to offer his own brand of reassurance.

"Good, good." Landon nodded in absolute relief before leaving. "Enjoy your visit with your family and I am truly glad you are both doing so well. If you need anything at any time, I expect a call!"

Rather than getting into the latest on the venue, Landon left the door open for Steve or any member of the team to reach out to him when the timing was better. With a warm smile for Grace and arms wide to really show how large the coming fruit basket would be, he left her giggling just as Chin and Rachel were returning with Doctor Ramirez.

"I like him, Danno. He's funny!" Grace's giggle was infectious and with yet another shared self-reproaching look for Steve's benefit, Danny allowed himself to agree.

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