Ghost Warrior


During Nova's time at the Ghost Academy she met someone who managed to change her views on everything she had thought she wanted. Now she finds herself on a new, quite possibly more dangerous path.

Scifi / Adventure
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New Teammate

Starcraft: Ghost Warrior

Chapter 1

New teammate

Disclaimer: I own nothing, StarCraft belongs to Blizzard except my OC Andrew Cole

A/N: this takes place in the manga Starcraft: Ghost Academy and will get more and more AU as it goes on

Also since I'm not entirely sure of Nova's age during her time in the Ghost Academy I'm just going to say that she is around seventeen years old.


"Thought sending"


-One Year After the Brood War-

Nova and the other four members of Blue Team looked through the jungle's thick foliage and into the clearing where a Star Hopper class shuttle was parked at. According to their squad leader, Gabriel Tosh there was a senator aboard and several aides that were being held hostage by several UED (United Earth Directorate) pirates. The mission was simple: rescue the senator plus his aides and kill the pirates.

She then looked over at the rest of her team, Kath Toom who was the daughter of a high ranking corporate executive officer, but like all children who had a telekinetic or telepathic gift she was forced into joining the Ghost program despite her father's power and wealth. Lio a scatterbrained geek who had a knack for manipulating electronic devices. Gabriel Tosh was the de facto leader of Blue team and Andrew Cole who was a recent transfer student from the Korhal Ghost academy.

Andrew had short dark brown hair and green eyes as well as a small almost unnoticeable scar on his chin that just about everyone had written off to some kind of a childhood injury. Andrew had been transferred for some reason a couple of months ago from the academy on Korhal. Many believed that that the reason for his transfer was probably because that Korhal's academy was probably starting to get overcrowded with all of the Ghost trainees that had been transferred there as of late. Andrew never really talked about his past before joining the Ghost Academy, whenever asked about it he usually steered the topic away from it as best he could.

At the moment though, nobody really cared about his background, only that mattered right now was that he was able to perform exceedingly well with his telepathic/telekinetic abilities and firearms. Nova finished loaded her C10 Canister rifle and looked over at the rest of the squad she'd been assigned to and hoped that the rest of her "team" wouldn't get in her way. Ever since Nova had been recruited into the ghost academy she had been a loner at best, absolutely antisocial at worst. Nova seemed to be focused on only simple one thing. Becoming a Ghost operative no matter the cost.

The main and quite possibly only reason that she even wanted to become a Ghost was to get the brain panning procedure as it had always been so affectionately called, that every single trainee would get at the end of their training which would allow her to forget about the night of her family's brutal murder as well as the six months in a never-ending nightmare in hell that had followed it. Tosh was about to explain their plan of attack but before he could even get a chance to begin elaborating Nova had just run off towards the ship.

"Nova wait we got a plan don't mess it up!" Tosh sent but she completely ignored him and continued to make her way towards the shuttle.

"All right screw it, Lio you scale the shuttle and take out anyone in the cockpit, Kath you head in through the maintenance hatch and Andrew you go and make sure that Nova doesn't get herself killed. Remember people these guys are using psi-screens so watch your backs"

"Understood boss man" Andrew sent back to Tosh and the others. After Tosh had given them their orders Andrew immediately ran into a sprint in an attempt to catch up to Nova. 'I really wish that she wouldn't do these stupid things' he thought to himself irritably. Whenever the preceptors had them do a team orientated mission Nova would almost routinely just run off on her own and try to finish the mission by herself but at least on occasion she would try and work with him but that was rather rare in fact it had only happened once or twice in the one month that he'd been here.

However after this mission Andrew made himself a mental note to give Nova a serious talk about a little thing that was called as teamwork. It took a few moments but he finally caught up to his wayward teammate who had just crawled into one of the engine access shafts that would lead into the ship.

Not wasting any time, Andrew went in after her "Nova what the hell are you thinking your going to fuck this whole thing up!" he sent angrily but the girl didn't respond instead she continued on through the access shaft. Andrew sighed knowing that trying to convince Nova to work with him as a team would be similar to attempt to convince a brick wall to move out of the way. The trainee figured that the best and most likely only thing that he could do to help Nova was to follow her and make sure that she didn't get herself killed.

In just a few minutes after its execution, Gabriel Tosh's plan had almost completely fallen apart, Kath had been killed by an explosion that originated from a booby trap near her entry point on the ship, Lio had slipped on the wing while climbing up and when he tried to grab onto the edge he did manage to grab on but unfortunately the part he grabbed onto was too slippery and this caused him to fall to the ground. The second that he hit the ground he was winded and soon lost consciousness.

Tosh continued through one of the ship's air shafts and spotted one of the UED pirates was standing guard outside what Tosh had assumed to be a hallway leading to the passenger area of the ship. Currently the guard was smoking a cigarette not paying much attention and pulled the trigger on his C10 Canister Rifle. The armor piercing rounds tore straight through the man's metal plated armor and destroyed several of the pirate's vital organs before the rounds stopped losing their momentum after hitting the back portion of the armor.

'One down' thought Tosh with a grin but his victory was short lived because the instant that he cleared the corner and walked down into the next hallway he was quickly gunned down by a UED pirate who had been silently lying in wait for him.

"Looks like it's just us now" Andrew sent as he and Nova made their way towards the passenger area of the ship "Yeah" Nova sent sounding almost a little nervous. Nova was about to move up and go out on her own again when Andrew's arm shot out and grabbed her by the shoulder.

"Look Nova I don't know what the hell your problem is and quite frankly I don't give a shit but we're the only two remaining who can finish this mission so please let's work together on this one, okay?" he sent. Nova looked at him and she didn't even need to scan his thoughts to know that the boy didn't intend on letting go of her until she agreed. She sighed before she sent "Okay, fine you win, we'll work together" Andrew gave Nova a small smile "Thank you".

They continued to make their way through the ship and were about to go through the door into the passenger area of the ship when Andrew signaled Nova to stop where she was. He walked up to the door and listened in closely. There were several people in heavy marine issued armor walking around the passenger side of the ship.

"Judging by the sounds that their armor's making I'd wager that there should be about two or three pirates in that room at the maximum" he sent.

"What about booby traps?" Nova asked. Andrew turned his head to her and raised an eyebrow before he sent "This is the passenger part of the ship you don't booby trap the area that has your hostages unless you plan on becoming a martyr which I seriously doubt is what these bozos want. We'll commence a synchronized strike on three, you waste the guys on the right I'll take out the ones that are on the left" he then used his hand to count down.

The instant that Andrew had reached zero the two ghost operatives burst into the room causing the UED pirates to turn and look over at them with looks of complete surprise before the two ghosts quickly opened fire on the pirates with their C10 canister rifles. The UED rebels were quickly and efficiently gunned down in a precise hail of armor piercing bullets. Once the last of the pirates had hit the floor Nova ran up to one of the hostages who looked like he had just seen an angel "Are there anymore of them on board?" she asked.

They all remained silent for a moment before one of the aides stood up and looked Nova right in the eye "Yeah there are about two of them in the cockpit" he said. Andrew told Nova to take out the remaining guards while he secured an exit for the hostages. Once Nova started to head for the cockpit section of the ship, the "aide" who had warned Nova about the remaining pirates took out a small suppressed automatic pistol and aimed it at Nova's back but before he could pull the trigger Andrew appeared behind him and whacked hit him on the back of the head with the butt of his rifle knocking him out.

Nova turned back when she heard the "aide" fall down and looked at Andrew "Thanks" she said sincerely.

The ghost operative reached the doorway that led into the cockpit and slowly opened the door, the two ex-UED marines turned around but before they could fire they were gunned down in a barrage of bullets. The second that the last pirate fell to the ground a feminine voice came from over the loudspeakers "Simulation Over."

Then everything in the world began to slowly dissolve around them. Kath who after being "Killed" was sent into the ready room along with the others of her team who had been killed or knocked out and waited until the exercise had been finished. She quickly walked up to Nova and Andrew. "You both did pretty good" she congratulated. Nova gave what looked like an uncaring nod while Andrew gave another smile "Thanks Kath though I think that all of us could have done a little better" he said giving a slight chuckle.

-Outside The Training Room-

The trainees stood at attention in front of the preceptor, "Training session blue-one completed" said a small hovering camera like robot next to the preceptor. "This was the first exercise for the new team initiative. The teams are supposed to be six strong but I was told to assemble Blue Team one short. I'm hoping that the director will assign your sixth sooner rather than later. Now Sparky could you please give them their rankings" preceptor Elena ordered.

Sparky was the main computer of the academy. Its main duties were to monitors trainees to make sure that they were obeying the rules of the facility as well as assisting trainees and their instructors in carrying out what they were told to do while they were at the ghost academy. "Trainee fourth class Andrew Cole, eighty percent, trainee fourth class Lio Travski ten percent" said the floating robot while Lio muttered "Crap" over and over even as it gave the bald boy his ratings.

"Trainee third class Kath Toom twenty percent, first class trainee Gabriel Tosh forty five percent, Nova Terra seventy percent" once the ratings were done they were ordered by their preceptor to make their way for preceptor Soohoo's history class. While they walked towards the next class Kath let out a long groan.

"Great Soohoo's lectures are always the boringest" she said before Lio looked at her strangely "I don't think that boringest is a word Kath" he corrected before Kath let out a small giggle "Well if it was a word than it would probably describe Soohoo" she remarked.

As they continued towards history class Nova thought she caught a glimpse of a shadow of what looked like a little boy moving around the corner. She followed the kid around the corner but once she cleared it she didn't see anything but a bunch of janitorial supplies. Nova closed her eyes for a moment 'I must be a little out of it today' she thought to herself while rubbing her temples.

"Hey Nova c'mon we're going to be late!" Tosh called snapping the girl out of her thoughts "Coming!" she replied before she hurried off.

-Preceptor Soohoo's Classroom-

If there was one class that Andrew Cole hated with a passion then it would have to be preceptor Soohoo's. the reason for this was because even though it was primarily about history, something that Andrew had always enjoyed to research, it was ruined because nearly every word that came out of Soohoo's mouth was practically festering with Pro-Dominion propaganda.

Soohoo continued to drone on and on about how the evil Confederacy was toppled by their new heroic and glorious leader Arcturus Mengsk. The ghost trainee quickly tuned the old buzzard out not really paying much attention to him until Lio mentioned how the Terran Confederacy used ghost operatives as well as the Dominion. Andrew wondered for a moment how much propaganda would be laced into this part of the lecture "I'm glad that you mentioned that Lio, strictly speaking, yes they did-" Soohoo began.

'Here it comes' thought Andrew preparing himself for more propaganda which as it so happened was the only thing that was capable of coming forth from the old man's mouth. "-But the confederacy was a weak, decadent and corrupt government. The old families were far more interested in their own wealth and improving their positions rather than the welfare of the people that they ruled over but even before the Zerg invaded Tarsonis the Confederacy was falling apart.

Emperor Mengsk and the Sons of Korhal were able to topple the old Confederacy and create the Terran Dominion in part of the Confederacy's own decadence but primarily because Mengsk cares about his people not his bank account" the preceptor finished before starting up again. Andrew almost rolled his eyes but managed to stop himself before he could start.

"The Dominion's enemies are everywhere, not just race traitors like the Umojans, the UED or Raynor's Raiders. Not just alien threats such as the Zerg and the Protoss but those Terrans who live among us who would more than happily drag us back to the decadence and ruin of the Confederacy" he said before he announced that the class was over and that the next day they would be going over the fall of Tarsonis.

As they walked out of the room as quickly as they could Kath ran up to Lio "Told you Lio I doubt anyone needs a nap when we got preceptor Soohoo?" Kath joked giving the boy a playful nudge. "I guess so, yeah Kath, if you say so, yeah" Lio said sweating a little bit. Lately Lio had been acting little stranger than normal but most of the team just chalked it up to Lio simply being himself but a couple members figured that there was something more going on than that but they weren't going to interfere what happened in Lio's private life unless it became something of importance.

What happened with him in his personal time was his own business. The bald trainee then quickly ran off as fast as he could down the hall saying that he had something important to get to leaving the rest of the team to wonder what in the hell was going on with the ghost in training.

As Blue Team walked down the hall to their next class Red Team's leader a girl by the name of Dylanna walked up to Nova "Hey you, blondie!" she yelled. 'Oh good god here go again' Andrew thought bitterly. Ever since Andrew had been assigned to blue team he noticed that another trainee, Dylanna had a real stick up her ass about Nova for some stupid reason.

He mainly chalked it up to the possibility that it was just her trying to just show off for some reason in front of her friends/teammates. Nova however tried her best to ignore the girl's taunts and rather than respond with taunts or threats of her own she instead remained calm. "My name isn't blondie, it's Nova"

"I don't give a shit if your name's Mengsk, you think your so great cause you got a seventy and broke some fucking record!" Dylanna roared before continuing "Well guess what blondie that was my record you broke"

'And yet you're getting pissed with her despite the fact that I broke both of your records on the same freaking mission' Andrew thought bitterly knowing that the bitch just wanted to try and start something with her as she had been attempting to ever since Nova had joined the Ghost Academy.

"Look I'm sorry I-" Nova started before Red team's leader continued "But I'm not even pissed about that blondie, what I am pissed off is that you only got that rank is because you got most of your team killed and then went on alone until Cole boy over there finally managed to knock some god damned sense into you, you basically just got a fucking seventy for being incompetent"

Nova turned around from facing her and started walking towards the mess hall "Look I'm sorry but I don't know what you're talking about" she said before Dylanna yelled. "Don't you dare turn your back on me bitch!" before she continued with her rant "When I got a sixty eight on the Planet Hopper my whole team managed to stay alive, in other words you basically got rewarded for being incompetent" but before the hot headed girl could continue she felt a hand on her shoulder that made her stop. Dylanna turned and saw Tosh looking at her with a stern expression on her face and he was clearly not amused.

"You made your point now you're done" he said firmly before Dylanna angrily smacked his hand away "Oh I'm just getting started" she said Nova kept walking away from red team's leader "Maybe it wasn't so much that Nova was rewarded for her own incompetence but because the rest of her team made her shit look good Tosh!" upon hearing this Kath became absolutely livid, she hated it when people even implied that she was incompetent especially when she put her all into something like that simulated mission.

"We're incompetent? Why you little-" Kath started but was cut off by blue team's leader who put a muscular arm out in front of her. "Leave it be Kath" Tosh ordered doing his best to keep this argument from becoming a full fledged fist fight. That was the last thing they needed at the moment. Dylanna however just gave an irritating smirk to the rest of Blue team before she and the rest of squad left to go to the cafeteria since her grandstanding was pretty much over.

"Hey Nova left the four of us to do an assignment that required six I'd say we did pretty damn well considering" said Kath

"I Ain't saying your not right, Dylanna's just putting on a big show for her team, leaders got to be like that" Tosh explained

"You're not like that" Kath noted but Tosh gave out a hearty chuckle "That's not my style" they both turned when they heard a sigh of relief coming from Andrew "Thank god for that I'd probably have to hang myself if I had to listen to that kind of bullshit almost every hour of the day" Andrew said jokingly before he adopted a serious expression on his face and continued "All kidding aside though I'm going to talk to Nova later and see if I can convince her to work with us a little more"

His other two team members looked at him incredulously. Tosh had been trying to do that for weeks, and thus far had made no progress so what hope did Andrew thought he had. However the young trainee just put his arms in front of him in defense

"Hey I did manage to get her to work together with me on the Planet Hopper when the rest of you guys got wasted" he explained. Tosh and Kath looked at each other for a moment thinking the exact same thing 'He does make a valid argument on that one' the two of them then turned their heads towards their friend.

"He does have a point" Kath admitted while Tosh simply smiled and said "Good luck friend"

"Thanks boss man I'm probably going to need it." replied Andrew

Lio meanwhile was running towards one of the Academy's blind spots where there was little to no security monitoring where he would meet a little friend of his who would give him a refill on his stash. His friend and supplier for the drug was another trainee Kam who gave him Hab in exchange for his help with some history work. Lio waited in the isolated area of the facility for his friend and after a few minutes of waiting he was startled by a tap on his shoulder.

Lio practically jumped and screamed in surprise. He turned and saw Kam putting his index finger to his lips in the universal saying of "Shut the hell up before you make somebody notice us"

"Lower the volume would you this may be one of Sparky's blind spots but if you shout loud enough then were screwed" Kam insisted but Lio just gave him a reassuring look "Hey don't worry I'm the one who made it a blind spot remember"

Kam then rubbed the back of his head sheepishly "Right I keep forgetting that you can Teep machines that's so badass" said Kam almost enviously at Lio's abilities that gave him power over machines "It's fine, fine, fine. So where's the Hab huh, huh?" he asked excitedly and almost hysterically.

Kam hated to do this to his best customer, he really did, but there was nothing he could really do in this situation. It was just out of his hands "Sorry man you're gonna have to wait till tomorrow, the supply ship's running a little late" Kam explained. However this made Lio start showing more of his withdrawal symptoms upon being told that he'd have to wait until tomorrow.

"Look pal this maybe fine for you but I'm royally fucked if I don't get my Hab soon okay I've got a condition I need to take care of!" he said while he tightly grabbed onto the collar of Kam's jacket making the young drug peddler a little nervous. Kam had seen what people would do to get a fix and all the time it was never very pretty look at. "Hey these things take time it'll be here by tomorrow I promise you okay?"

Lio slowly let go of Kam's jacket and said "Okay, okay just make sure it gets here tomorrow" he said before the two of them went their separate ways.

Back in the cafeteria Andrew had just grabbed his lunch and walked over to where Nova was sitting. It wasn't hard to spot her, she was sitting alone on one of the corner tables like she normally did when ever class ended.

Andrew walked up to her and sat down across from her. "Hello Nova" he said "Hi" Nova responded not really paying much attention to him. "I think we should talk about your lack of teamwork since you were assigned to blue team" Nova then gave him a dismissive look "Teamwork doesn't matter only becoming a Ghost does that's it" she said.

Andrew let out a sigh and elaborated a bit further "The only way any of us are ever going to end up as ghost operatives is if we actually work together on this. The team initiative was made so that when we become Ghosts, we can actually work better with regular troops who naturally don't trust anyone who's a Ghost to begin with.

If we can show people that we are willing to work with them and watch their backs in a fight than they'll be more likely to trust us and watch our backs rather than just turn on us. So could you please, just think about it? That's all that I'm asking of you" he said before Nova sighed realizing that not only was Andrew not going to let this go until she agreed but he also made a very good point.

"Alright, alright I'll give it some thought" she said which made Andrew let out a sigh of relief "Thank you I appreciate that" said Andrew before eating his food. Once Andrew had finished eating his lunch he spotted Tosh ten or fifteen feet away talking with one of the preceptors and some guy who had medium length brown hair that was put up into a ponytail but had two bangs on either side of his face.

To Andrew the guy standing there looked a little too old to be in the Ghost Academy since he appeared to be at least in his early twenties and the majority of the trainees were normally from ten to seventeen years in age "What's up boss man?" Andrew asked gesturing to the new guy in the Ghost academy "We got ourselves a new team member" Tosh explained gesturing at the man in front of them.

"I gathered that much but who is this guy?" he asked "Name's Aal Cistler kid" the newcomer said with a bored yet arrogant and pompous tone before he walked off towards Dylanna and from what Andrew and the others could tell, began to flirt with her.

Andrew looked at the scene and sighed "Well he's only been here a few seconds and I already don't like him" Andrew grumbled watching as his opinion of the new guy plummeted downwards faster than a Hercules class dropship that had run out of fuel while flying in a high gravity world. "Oh it gets even better" the preceptor said as she raised her eyebrows jokingly before adopting an annoyed look on her face "It turns out Mr. Casanova over there is only a four point five" said the preceptor before both of the ghost trainees turned around and looked at the woman.

"What? A four point five IQ?" Andrew asked jokingly while Tosh however was a little more serious about the situation.

"He's not even a-" Tosh started but the preceptor waved her hand signaling them to stop continued "I know it's against the Academy's policy but this comes down from the top" she explained while shrugging.

"Well I do like a challenge" Tosh remarked "Good cause you're going to have one with this guy" said the preceptor before she walked away going back to her other duties. Andrew sighed and turned to Blue team's fearless leader. "Well it's official we are royally and completely screwed with that idiot on our team" he deadpanned. Tosh looked over at Aal and saw how it was he was acting before he turned and looked back at Andrew on the verge of agreeing with him but held himself back and instead just said "I sure as hell hope not"

-Training Complex B17-

The next day team blue was ordered into the Labyrinth as most people called it. The Labyrinth was exactly what it sounded like, it was a maze that had been filled to the brim with combat bots and heavy duty turret defenses. The main objective the exercise was that a separated team would have to find each other and then make their way towards the center of the maze to deactivate the defenses.

Each squad member had been cut off from the rest of the group and placed in different parts of the maze to create more of a challenge for the trainees. And as if that wasn't the only twist that the preceptors had added for the day, once the training exercise had begun the maze would be darkened considerably and despite being given IR goggles it would still be difficult because they would only be able to see two or three meters in front of them at the maximum.

After everyone signaled that they were ready for the test to begin the preceptor hit the start button on the man computer console.

"Okay people as you make your way through the maze scan the area you're in I want a full visual map of this place ASAP" Tosh ordered. Once their squad leader had given the order everyone had gone into the maze trying to memorize anything that resembled a landmark. Once in Andrew began scanning for his other teammates believing that they would have a better chance if they managed to all go in together rather than slowly be picked off by the non-lethal defenses. As he ran through the maze he saw a group of combat robots along with two turrets that immediately began shooting low level laser weaponry at him.

He rolled away from them hoping that the tracking system wasn't as decent as the weaponry. But no such luck the turrets tracking programs didn't have any lag or limit to them. Andrew was about to send out a warning to the rest of the team when Kath sent "Careful the turrets are shooting lasers so they will burn like a bitch if you get hit by em"

"Little late on that one Kath but thank you" Andrew remarked dryly as his hand curled into a fist and both turrets were instantly crushed by Andrew's telekinesis. He then made a sweeping motion with his hand and the bots that were steadily closing in on him were sliced in half by the waist area.

He continued onwards towards what was hopefully the heart of the maze all the while he heard Lio repeatedly sending "Crap" over and over again, the guy seemed to be having another one of his odd moments and probably wasn't going to be much help right now.

Tosh continued through his portion of the labyrinth and came across a sharp turn he approached it along the wall and looked around eyeing several destroyed combat bots and turrets that Tosh had already destroyed earlier, 'Didn't I already come through here?' he thought in frustration before he rubbed his temples in frustration,

"Okay everyone let me know the route you've taken I can build a map and figure out something so that we can get out of this mess" Tosh ordered before he saw what looked like a map of the maze in front of him along with the routes and the people who were going through them.

He saw that Kath, Nova and Andrew were near each other so it would make sense for them to link up and try to find a way into the center of the maze where they would flip the switch and complete the exercise.

He noticed that Lio was coming up on a fork in the maze "Lio you're about to come up to a turnoff take the route to you're right you should be able to link up with Aal" he sent out "Got it, got it got it". Lio followed Tosh's order albeit after he almost got lost a few times and turned right and kept running until he saw Aal fending off ten combat bots and turrets.

Lio then influenced the bots and turrets to destroy each other and sure enough the machines began to open fire on each other. Unfortunately thirty more bots and turrets came out of hatches in the walls and due to the large number Lio couldn't hope to influence all of them.

"Ah fuck" Aal muttered before he engaged his opponents along with Lio. "Hey guys I could use a little help here" Kath sent out and she seemed slightly panicked. Gabriel noticed that there were two people near Kath's location, Nova and Andrew. "Andrew take the next right where you're running and you should take you to Nova so link up with her and make your way to Kath and then head for the center"

Andrew made his way around the corner like Tosh had said and saw a group of combat bots opening fire with projectile weapons built into their arms. The projectiles in question were merely plastic bullets, the rounds weren't fatal but they would cause some slight bruising in the area that they hit.

Andrew ran up to one of them and jumped onto it's shoulders and began to pull on its neck joints and with a little added telekinetic force he pulled the head clean off the bot's shoulders before jumping off watching the machine dance wildly about continuously shooting everything in a vain attempt to hit the ghost trainee.

He put the headless robot out of its misery by repeatedly slamming it into a turret destroying both the machines. He then heard a clanking noise behind him but before he could so much as turn around he heard a loud crash and saw that the bot had been crushed. He turned back around and saw Nova with a clenched fist "Thanks for that Nova" he sent "C'mon Kath still needs some help"

The two ghost operatives continued to make their way towards Kath destroying anything that tried to get in their way. However as they went the enemy forces began to multiply exponentially and it soon became obvious that they weren't going to reach Kath anytime soon. Tosh noticed this and began to make his way towards the shut off switch.

"Nova you go and head for the shut off switch, Andrew you go and help Kath" Tosh ordered. Nova gave a nod acknowledging the order and ran for the off switch while Andrew headed for his comrade.

Tosh meanwhile was also making his way towards Lio and Aal destroying any combat bot and laser turret that he came across. Eventually he saw the two of them barely holding out against the turrets and bots. Tosh telekinetically slammed two of the bots into each other repeatedly until nothing remained of them but scrap metal.

The shards of what remained of the bots then flew in all directions where the remaining combat bots and turrets were. The chunks of metal fulfilled their job admirably the tore the turrets and mechs to shreds. Another batch of combat bots and turrets were about to come out of the wall but all of the sudden, the bots and turrets slumped to the ground and the maze lit up.

"Good job Nova" Andrew sent to the blonde telepath who smiled almost warmly at the compliment. Once the team had managed to get out of the maze they were ordered to the preceptors office where they would once again get their ratings. Lio scored a pitiful twenty percent which was ten percent higher than his previous score and although it was an improvement the score was still rather pitiful.

Aal had a forty five percent which was thirty five points better than how Andrew and most of the other members of Blue team had thought, Kath, seventy five, Andrew eighty, Tosh ninety and Nova scored another ninety five percent once again. Nova and the rest of Blue team left the office most of them were rather happy that their exercise was completed. As everyone walked out they saw Red team and they were all glaring at their rival team almost angrily but they didn't say anything knowing that the opposite team didn't do much to warrant that kind of badmouthing, even the normally loud mouthed Dylanna didn't say much which managed to give Cole a small amount of relief as he really wasn't in the mood for that girl's bullshit.

Since the classes at the academy and everyone was now free to go wherever they wished in the facility as long as it wasn't anywhere that was restricted. Such as the lower levels where they did all of their neural resocializing to academy graduates and those who had been getting ideas about leaving the academy. Fortunately for him however, Andrew had been trained by some old friends of his to successfully shield all of his thoughts from others.

Eventually this skill evolved to the point where he could be thinking traitorous thoughts about brutally murdering the leader of the Dominion in the most sadistic and despicable of ways and most of the trainees and even some of the more powerful Ghosts in the Dominion wouldn't be able to even guess what it was that was going on inside of his mind.

Andrew gave a quiet yawn. It had been a long day and now the ghost trainee wanted nothing else but to go back to his bunk put on his psi-screen and head back to bead but he still had to finish a few things first before going to bed. He headed back to his room and was thinking about trying to hack into the academy's mainframe to find out where a certain trainee that had recently been causing quite a stir back out on most of the Dominion's core worlds and hell even a few of the fringe worlds, was located but he quickly decided against it.

Even though Andrew had some experience on hacking into computers it was only to a certain point. He knew that Sparky would more than likely find out about his investigations and inform the people in charge of this hellhole what he was up to and he'd probably be branded as a terrorist and sent off to New Folsom or just summarily executed for treason against the Dominion's government or perhaps even both.

No he had to find someone with some decent tech skills that would help him log into the mainframe with absolute impunity and he instantly knew just the person to ask for that kind of help but the main problem was giving the guy a reasonable excuse that would make sure that he wouldn't ask too many questions and he definitely had to make sure that Tosh didn't find out, he was a decent person but that guy was a hardcore Dominion supporter that came close to bordering on obsession.

Andrew stifled a yawn. The trainee would have figure out how to convince Lio in the morning. Right now he needed to get some rest. He put on his psi-screen and got into his modest bed and quickly fell asleep wondering what tomorrow would bring him and his teammates.

To be continued

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Odd: I really like this book my friend at recommended this to me and I got to say she got good taste

Jennifer Leigh Anne Ciliska: Wow!! Loved it!! Thank you for sharing your story with me

Peter: Very Short review. Very good story a d a pretty good finish.

Delwyn Jope: Love your work. Keep them books coming.

Claire: The story plot was awesome and very anticipating

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