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A story everyone knows

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This is a story everybody knows. The story of a young lady who didn’t have the best growing up. Her mother died, her father has been remarried 4 times, then passed away. This is the story of Cinderella. After her father died her stepmother had taken her in. Cinderella had 2 step sisters. Their names are Greta and Hazel. Greta, Hazel and Cinderella’s stepmother Ezra used Cinderella to do their chores. Such as cleaning the house or washing Garet, Greta’s fluffy puddle. All Cinderella wanted to do was go to one of the fancy balls that her stepsister goes to, but Ezra was jealous of Cinderella’s beauty. She was scared that her beauty would take away the attention of her daughter's chances of getting a rich prince to marry. So Cinderella made a deal with Ezra that if she cleaned the whole house before the next ball she could go. Ezra agreed because she didn't think that Cinderella could do it, but what she didn’t know was that Cinderella had a plan. When her stepmother and sisters went out she used an app on her phone called cleanmates to clean the house for her. They then finished the house before they came back. Cinderella was allowed to go the ball but Ezra said she has to make her dress. Cinderella got to thinking. She thought about the cleaning crew that cleaned the house and wondered. Was there an app that could give her someone who could help with making a dress for the ball. The ball was only 3 hours away so she had to open. She downloaded this app called fairy godmother. The app asked questions such as what do you need help with and why do you need help. She answered the question. She needed help with getting ready for the ball. She wanted help because she just wanted to have fun and have a chance to get with the prince. Five minutes after she answered the question there was a knock on the door. She went to answer it. When she opened the door she saw a woman she was tall but not too tall. She was an older lady. While she walked into there were little mice following her. She introduced herself as a fairy godmother. Then she pulled out a wand and said Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo. Cinderella was now wearing a beautiful red gown. She then turned the watermelon into a beautiful red and green Ferrari and a mouse into the driver. She told Cinderella that she had to be back before midnight or bad things could happen. When Cinderella arrived she went straight to the food. She then saw her stepmother and sisters and started to run. She ran straight into the prince of Indigo. He then started to laugh and asked her for a dance. Obviously, she said yes and started dancing with the king. Even though she had a mask on she felt like her stepmother noticed that it was her dancing with the prince. Her phone then started buzzing like crazy. She looked down and saw that it was 11:59 she then threw her shoes off and started running like crazy. The prince started chasing after her. While Cinderella was running she dropped her phone. Cinderella made it home before anything bad happened. Back at the kingdom, the prince wanted to find her because he believed that the girl he was dancing with was the love of his life. So he hired men to track where the phone came from. They found a picture of the girl on her phone and tracked her down where she had lived. Cinderella was just sitting on the couch watching tv when the prince found her and proposed. She, of course, said yes. Her step-sister and stepmother were not happy at all but they had to accept the fact that they had to hire a maid. So there it is the classic story we all know Cinderella.

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