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His P.A.


Manik Malhotra, the name itself brings so many emotions in ones mind- love, passion, music and fear. He was a rock star and a businessman for the world that looked upon him, but a monster for the world that he looked upon. But what happens when Nandini Murthy, another fangirl who is madly in love with him gets stuck with him? Will she be able to mend him with her love? Or will he destroy her with the same love that she has to offer him? Empty promises made. Misunderstandings created. Tears wasted. Anger wrapped. But fates sealed. And heavens listened. He- the infamous CEO; She- his personal assistant; and this, is their not-so-cliché love story.

Romance / Humor
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"come on Nandini!"



I sighed. They were cheering for me as if I had won an oscar but I hadn't, they were cheering for me to complete the dare.

A single, stupid dare.

"Okay, I'm doing it", I said but I myself didn't know how I got the power to do so.

My three stupid friends stared at me with pride.

I took my phone with trembling, nervous hands, as I unlocked it and opened the contact.

It was just a dare. I reminded myself.

But this dare wasn't just. It was about Manik Malhotra.

Manik Malhotra. The only love of my life. The star crossed metaphor that burnt me down into ashes. I built him and he destroyed me.

I looked up at my friends and nodded negatively. They smiled sympathetically at me.

I gulped my saliva mastering the courage and finally dialled the call button on the top.




With each passing ring, my heartbeat grew.

I felt a warm hand in mine trying to comfort me but it wasn't helping. Why was I even doing this?

"Hello", I heard his voice.

The same, old husky voice. My breath hitched and tears arose in my ears.

After one year, I was hearing him, his voice, which I once took as a prayer.

I closed my eyes as everything came back to me. Our hugs, our kisses, our love, our betrayal.

"Hello?" He asked again.

I had zoned out and listening to his voice wasn't helping. I was shivering.

"H...ello.." I gasped. My voice was lower than intended.

What will he react when he recognises me?

"Yes. Who is this?" He asked in a cold voice.

I took a huge breath and my head fell back. He didn't recognise me.

He didn't.

Hurt flashed across my face with tears but I covered it.

"Is that Rahul Singhania speaking?" I said in my normal voice trying to cover it up.

Please recognise me, Manik. Please.

"No wrong number..." He said from the other end.

He didn't recognise me. But how is this possible?

He promised to love me forever and just after one year, he forgot me?!

Was this how weak our love was?

"Oh, sorr-...." the phone went dead already. I took a deep sigh.

I ran my hands over my bare arms trying to calm me down but it didn't help.

He loved me. Didn't he?

I felt comforting hands pulling me closer and I sobbed hard.

"We're sorry....", they said. I wish I could tell them what I was going through but all the frustration just came out as tears.

"He doesn't remember me anymore... I... he.. loved me", I managed to say.

But how can he forget me? I know what I did was wrong, but what he did was wrong too. In between our game of betrayal, we lost our love.

But I thought love doesn't end so soon. I couldn't ever get over him, and I don't even want to. I have found a happy place for myself admist his memories, our memories.

I knew he'd be angry, he'd be hurt just like I was. But I never expected him to forget me so easily while I spent sleepless nights in his memories!

Was I just another fling for him?

My insecurities threatened to take over me.

Of course I was!

And I expected this to be his love! I loved him like a fool.

I cursed myself for a single whole year for leaving him this way and running away like a coward but now I feel what I did was really right. He never loved me anyway. Love is far fetched, I don't see him even remembering me.

The worst thing about broken love is that you have to grieve the death of a person who is still alive.

I meant nothing to him. All our love meant nothing to him.

Or maybe, it was me who mistook everything for his love...

Maybe he never considered me more than his friend or his mere employee and I sealed hopes.

After all, I was just a mere employee.

I was his personal assistant.

Just his personal assistant.

~some parts of the story are PRIVATE and you have to follow me to read all~

This story runs in flashback in Nandini's POV to when she was his P.A and then continues from the prologue.

Thank you!

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