Hidden Angel


This is About a boy who seems mean and rude and dark and doesn't seem to get things right but he is really a Angel.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1:First time

Its Only the first day of me starting to move to new York city,My mom always said that new York city is where the nice people are and a little of the mean and i never believed her because i knew new York city was the craziest city i know.I Started packing up alot of things but also was worried because my mom said i had only 1 days to say goodbye to my Alabama friends so i went to school to talk with my friends about me moving soon and they were upset to see there only nice friend leave them with the friends they had but never barley talked to them.I walked into my ELA class and sat in the same seat as before in the back where it is black my teacher always thought that the back is where the black came from because the back of the room was all black with stars on them as always i remember when i was in here for 3 grade for the trouble thing i had to sit there.

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