Hidden Angel

Chapter 3:Keep it calm

After he sat next to me i asked him ''So you like it here'' i don't know why i asked that was just bit nervous and had too but he just said ''uh huh'' and i thought he really didn't want to hear my voice right now so i stopped talking and he said ''Yeah i do um...you want to hang out?'' and i know i had to do homework but i just said yes just to be nice on his first day.We had to go to lunch so i asked ''wanna eat with me'' i felt like i was asking him out on a date but it was just a lunch break but he said ''yeah sure'' so we went to go to lunch.We sat where all the girls were so Brooke was stared at alot so Sally who is the most ''popular girl in school and the mayors Daughter''came over and asked ''Why are you sitting over here with Eric the weirdo ?'' and i didn't say anything but he said ''Because he cares about at least something''And i felt that and kinda blushed after but she walked away trying to brush it off.He said ''Wow people ew'' which i didn't say anything too because i thought that was mean and just ate with him.

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