Hidden Angel

Chapter 4:After School

After School I walked home with Brooke and we went to his house.His House was big and black and it looked kinda Scary but i lost all fear ad just went in with him.We went in his room and his room doesn't even look scary his blue lights wre around the walls and it seems like he was a gamer for YouTube or something and his bed was lit up red and i sat on his bed looking around and he said ''Like?'' and i didn't want to say anything so i just said ''hm'' ignoring everything and he was talking about his life and how his father died from drinking and driving and other crazy stuff.I fell in love with him he was nice and kind to me.His Mom came in and said ''OH NO WHY THE BOYS AGAIN BROOKE'' and i lost it and said ''Maybe just stop yelling and leave us alone bitch''but she didn't think that was going to go down so she said ''How bout you go before i kill you'' and i ran out i didn't want to end such a good life over someone's mom so i left and went to my house.

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