Chapter 24


He woke up disoriented and absolutely confused. His legs didn't work, something was wrong with his brain because all he could think about was smells and sounds and he couldn't make out the words people were saying around him. They were talking but all he could hear was unintelligibly words garble like they were speaking a foreign language.

Ira yipped when the plastic he was laying on started to swing and his world went sideways, back and forth like someone was shaking him. The little wolf whined and slid up and down. When he finally slid closer to the bars he opened his mouth and snapped at them. When his strong jaw finally launched on, he gnawed on the metal and whined until the sliding stopped with a thump.

Ira looked up and around trying to stand but his paws, covered in fur, slipped all over and he fell on his stomach. He growled and tried again and then flew back skittering when a big peach blob appeared saying words he no longer understood, long stick like things searched inside the bars and the plastic and metal cage he was stuck in tipped forward forcing him to the front of the cage again. He skittered but he nails didn't find purchase.

Ira growled and immediately bit the long probing fingers hard. A yelp sounded and the cage thumped to the ground again making him roll and hit the side. Before he could get up the cage was lifted again and shaken hard. He bounced around yelping and dizzy when the cage was thrown to the ground again. Ira lay on his side panting and whining. In the background someone said something loudly and yelling ensued.

Where was he? Why was he a wolf? Where was his dad? Didn't he care? He had two new babies and Ira was a wolf, of course he didn't care about his freak son. That begged the question of what would happen to him. Who had him in a cage? Could he change back? To think like a human felt like it took forever. He had to concentrate on his human form and being human again but it wasn't easy. Every sound distracted him and every smell made him sniff and wonder what it was whining when it smelled too much like food that made his stomach hurt.

As soon as he did start to focus a bit his cage would move and jiggle around, people would talk or yell out and he wouldn't be able to focus anymore. When the moving and the talking finally stopped and the lights went out Ira squished himself into the back of the cage whining lowly and growling when he felt a second of bravery. He scratched the plastic bottom of his imprisonment eventually howling and yipping loudly.

When the lights clicked back on Ira stopped howling and started whining lowly adjusting his eyes. He hadn't even really realized he was in the dark. The person who turned the lights on crouched down and looked into the cage. Ira cocked his head and looked at him with a chirp and then pulled back his teeth snarling and trying to scare the human blob. The man growled something and picked up the cage. It was suddenly flying through the air with his little world tumbling end over end. When the cage hit a wall it popped open and Ira tumbled out onto his back with small paws sticking into the air.

When he managed to get onto his belly he saw there were now two of them. One was walking towards him and he said something loudly to the man who threw him. The man made a gesture before he turned and left. Ira got to his feet but slipped on the wet floor that smelled sharply of urine and chemicals, he pretended it was just water but his own fear contributed to the mess. He skidded to a stop at the man's feet and was picked up by the scruff of the neck.

The man said something loudly and then they were moving. Ira hung from the man's hands with his tail between his legs and his eyes roving around the area. They walked down a hallway and up a set of stairs and into a room with a bed. The man dropped Ira onto the bed and then turned off the light and got on crossing his legs and grabbing a remote. Ira stood and wobbled a bit falling. He tried again and managed to take a few steps and turn around near the man's legs. He dropped taking in the warmth and put his head between his paws staring at the blurry TV in black and white with his wolf vision. Eventually his heart stopped thudding fast and he relaxed. His wolf brain was wired simply. If the man didn't hurt him he was a friend and Ira could like him for the time being.

He woke up in the same bed and yawned squeezing his eyes shut and stretching fully on the bed. He noticed he was alone at that point and he sat up and looked around rubbing his eyes. He was in the same room as last night. He looked down at his fingers finding they were human once again. He stared at them wondering if they were different at all. Maybe one day he wouldn't have the same hands as before, maybe they would be changed.

When the door burst open he jumped and looked up pulling the blankets closer around his naked stomach. "Put this on," a man demanded and threw Ira a t-shirt. It was much too big but he pulled it over his head and then got off the bed when the man skirted around it to grab him. He managed to grab Ira's leg clamping his hand completely over his ankle and pulling him back. Ira yelled in surprise kicking and punching at the man scratching him until he pinned his arm and picked him up grumbling that he couldn't hurt him because of his resale value. Ira hurt all over, every time he moved he felt pain and even if he was in top shape he would never be able to beat a guy like this.

Ira didn't have time to consider that as the man walked them, Ira limping, directly into the hallway and down into a big room. Ira paused when they entered overwhelmed by voices and the many people there sitting in seats, talking and facing a stage. On the stage was a crate and the man walked him to it and set Ira down on top telling him to sit and stay which made all the people laugh.

Ira looked around them all, they were very similar many with tattoos and ratty clothes but a few were in business suits and had hungry looks in their eyes. Ira grabbed his stomach and closed his eyes trying to get all the facts straight in his head. He was alone, he was being sold and he was scared but the biggest problem right then was his hunger. It was gnawing through him like a hole in a planet. He had never been this hungry, this empty before. He tried to focus on the situation but it was not easy.

Ira pulled his arms close to himself and his legs whimpering slightly and wondering how this had happened and why he was here. "We start at fifty thousand for a pure werewolf child who is already changing at ten years of age. He is impressionable and will follow anyone who is willing to lead as his instincts tell him to," the announcer said.

"No," Ira whispered scuttling back until he was at the end of the crate with his hands gripping the ends behind him. They were going to sell him. They couldn't sell him. He was a human and that was against the law. It wasn't fair either. Where was his dad?

"He'll be loyal; his blood can make others through a bite. Imagine in a few years having a full grown werewolf who only listens to you; only protect you as his saviour. That is worth much more than any amount of money. The fact that he can make more just like him is worth even more through procreation or a single bite. Imagine the army you could build."

"Can I bid?" someone called. Ira's head whipped up as Elena came into sight. He sighed relieved feeling tears spring to his eyes. He then looked at the other side of the room where Noah was and Clay on the other. Other pack members appeared out of the shadows and they all looked pissed. Everyone froze for a moment before everything turned to chaos and they started running and yelling or shouting to one another. Ira was completely forgotten. He scrambled off the top of the crate, his cold feet hit the small wooden stage he was on and he ran to the edge and jumped down. His ankle was throbbing painfully but he ignored it. He looked under it and saw there was enough space for him to hide. Ira crawled under it shimming to the back. He watched feet running by and listening to voices rise and fists fly. Please let the good guys win. He crossed his fingers and knocked on wood just in case.

Ira put his hands over his ears after a minute of listening and closed his eyes hoping it would be over soon, hoping the good guys would win and he could go home but terrified at what he would find there too. What if the babies made Reese forget about him? What if they made him realize how bad he was and how much better they could be as his children? Out loud Ira began counting under his breath. When he got to 567 he heard someone, he heard his name being yelled loudly and nearby.

He forced himself to stop and take a breath before opening his eyes. Noah was crouched looking in at him. Slowly he lowered his hands from his ears but stayed put. "Ira, I've got you. Come on buddy," he said. Ira blinked frozen where he was like a scared animal or that was the image that came to mind. "It's ok. You're going back to your dad and you're never leaving again. Come and see me," Noah said calmly and lowly holding out a hand. Still Ira stayed frozen not sure why he was so scared.

"Please." Ira shook his head too scared; he was never scared never acted like a frightened little kid. What was wrong with him? He couldn't move. Noah was safe but he couldn't make himself move. "Guys, we need to take this apart," Noah called looking away quickly and then back at him with a reassuring smile that told him everything was going to be ok. Why couldn't he move?

He heard murmuring and then Elena appeared and smiled at him. In that moment she was the mother but in the next she became the Alpha. "Ira, come here. You're safe," she ordered but lowly. Compelled Ira moved an inch but when his brain took over he shook his head. "I know you're scared but I will take care of you. Come to me," she ordered a little more forcefully. Before he knew it he was moving forward again but he was able to make himself stop somehow. Elena opened her mouth to speak again but behind him the stage suddenly shook. Ira whipped around and watched scared as legs appeared and the stage came up. Suddenly it was flung to the side.

"I've got you," Noah said and suddenly he was in uncle's arms. "You're ok," he assured. Ira wasn't sure but he wrapped his arms around the man's strong neck and listened to his murmurs. Ira closed his eyes and laid his head down hoping he was finally ok, feeling Noah's hand on his back rubbing gently. They walked, there was a drive where he refused to let go of his uncle and more walking. All the while Noah spoke to him but Ira wasn't sure of what he said. He just listened to the tone of his voice slowly calming down.

Finally they walked into a house, up a set of stairs, through a door. "Sweetheart?" Ira whipped his head up. His dad, it was finally his father. Ira hesitated for a moment clinging to Noah and worried but his father looked so sad and so happy all at the same time. Noah set him on his feet but kept a hold of his hand. He couldn't make himself move forward just yet. "Please," Reese said holding out his hands. A single tear rolled down his cheek, the cheek of the toughest man Ira knew. Eagerly he pulled his hand from Noah's and bounded forward into his father's lap. He never wanted to let go if his dad still loved him that was.

Reese held him tightly and Ira swore he heard a sob, felt hot tears in his hair and on his skin but he didn't look. It didn't matter. He was home. Finally he was in his dad's arms and he would never leave again because clearly he was loved, really loved. "I love you, I missed you," Reese breathed affirming his thoughts. Ira nodded hiccupping and trying to hide his tears.

He wasn't sure how long he stayed there but finally he turned his head. There was a beeping and he wasn't sure what it was. Beside them Kim was lying on the bed sideways facing them. Her stomach was huge and her eyes were fluttering in a deep sleep. She was hooked up to a few machines and it looked serious. "She's ok. The babies are just giving her a hard time," Reese explained. Ira nodded at this and touched his father's shoulder feeling plastic. He pulled back and gave the man a curious look and he chuckled. He used his large thumbs to wipe the tears from Ira's eyes and cheeks wiping his own eyes as well. His father's eyes flicked to someone behind them.

"Sorry, thought you'd like some chocolate milk," Tonio smiled interrupting them and handed a glass to Ira ruffling his hair. The boy nodded and took it sipping and tasting a bit of a chalky tang but he was too thirsty to ignore it.

"I got hurt, it's a back brace but I'll be as good as new very soon. Can you do me a favour and go with Antonio and Noah for a bit. I bet you're hungry?" he said. Ira shook his head and curled up in the man's lap handing him the empty glass. He never wanted to let his father go again even if there was a monster making a hole in his stomach. "I'll be here," Reese whispered and moved a hand through the boy's hair softly.

"What if I disappear again?" Ira asked in a scratchy voice burying his head in Reese's lap and speaking the first words he had in a very long time.

"You won't. You never will again," he promised setting a hand on him and telling the others to let him stay. Ira relaxed into the man's arm safe for now, relaxed enough to fall into an exhausted sleep and dream of scary things.


"Noah, can you take him?" Rese whispered. The drugs in the milk worked quickly. The man nodded. He'd be hovering since Ira refused to leave his father's side. "Have Jeremy look at him too. I want to know his injuries." Noah said he would and he gently extracted the boy from his father's arms. Ira groaned deep in sleep and wrapped his arms around Noah's neck.

Reese shifted positions and took his wife's hand gently. "Just a little bit longer Reese," Paige assured. "I want to make sure she can handle the birth and right now the baby's hearts are going strong. We're in the safe zone and I don't want to push too soon. If possible they should come when they are ready."

"I don't want to wait until we aren't," he insisted.

"I know. That's why we've gotten a second and third opinion and that opinion was the same as mine. It would safest to wait, to make sure they all pull through." Reese put his head in his hands hissing a bit at the pain in his back. He was a fast healer but not this fast and the pain medication was pulling him under. He stood but swayed and both Nick and Paige lunged for him.

"I'm ok."

"No, you need some rest. We'll take care of Kim and Ira," Nick assured. Reese wanted to disagree but his brain was frazzled from stress and pain. He nodded and let Nick lead him to a bedroom next door. He blinked and looked into the room across the hall and saw his son laid out on the bed with Jeremy beside him pressing a hand into his stomach to check his ribs.

"He'll be ok," Nick assured. Reese nodded walking willingly and accepting help into the bed. He felt like an invalid. "It'll be over soon Reese, everything will be back to normal," Nick assured. Normal seemed like a lifetime ago. Normal was the world before his son had crashed into it. A better world came after and then it all burned up.

"Dad?" they heard from the doorway. Both men looked up at Clary standing there holding her brother's hand. Nick told them to come in and picked Dominick up kissing his nose. All the kids had moved to the safe house while some of the pack members were watching Keith, some mutts, Daniella and Gavin at the Sorrentinos. Clay had gone back for some extra back up as soon as Ira was safe.

"Hey guys, let's let Uncle Reese sleep, ok. I think Poppa was talking about making cookies for Ira when he wakes up. How does that sound?" Nick asked. Both kids smiled and cheered excitedly and Nick led them from the room closing the door. Reese laid back and closed his eyes trying to relax now that his son was out of danger. His babies and wife were not though and the thought turned over and over in his mind eventually leading him to a restless drugged sleep.

He awoke to the smell of fresh baked cookies and voices. He pried his eyes open groggily and moved to the side to grab the water jug but ended up tipping it over instead. It crashed to the floor shattering. He swore as the door opened and Noah jogged in looking at the floor and holding out a hand to him. "I've got it," he said.

"Thanks. How's Ira? Kim?" he asked anxiously sitting up a bit.

"Kim's fine, about the same. I think Paige and Jeremy want to induce soon." Noah set the glass on the table top grabbed a used towel from the hamper to wipe up the water. "Ira, Reese…," Noah said throwing the towel in the hamper.

"Tell me." Noah sat on the edge of the bed a storm rolling through his green eyes. He stood before answering and walked to the dresser grabbing a water bottle and handing it to the man before answering.

"Jeremy found bruised ribs, one fractured, a sprained wrist and ankle, bruises all over his body in various stages of healing and especially on his neck. Jeremy thinks his hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage is bruised as well. Reese I'm sorry but they…Keith I presume strangled him more than once. That's why his voice is a bit hoarse. He got away pretty lucky honestly."

"Yeah lucky, he'll be traumatized for the rest of his life, Noah," Reese growled and then hissed when his back spiked in pain. He crushed the empty bottle in his hand and threw it in the trash a few feet away.

"He's alive and we can take care of everything else," Noah said setting a hand on his shoulder. Reese nodded and settled back closing his eyes for a moment and taking a deep breath.

"Did Jeremy find…was there any other kind of other abuse?" Reese asked in a tight voice.

"Undetermined, emotional for sure," Noah answered looking at the blanket around Reese's legs.

"Un…how does he not know?" the man snarled.

"Not sure," Noah answered as the door opened. "We'll talk about it later," he finished as Antonio walked in holding Ira's hand. The boy was holding a cookie jar. He smiled when he saw his father and walked forward limping but with a bandage around his foot now. He was finally dressed in his own clothes and he was clean from a recent shower. He probably looked like a mummy under his clothes. His cheek was swollen and dark and under his eye was bruised as well as his neck. Reese hadn't catalogued them before because he was so happy to see him alive. Now he saw and it sparked anger so deep he knew only one cure to satiate it.

"Hi dad, Antonio made cookies," he announced and walked to the bed. Noah lifted him up and took the jar pretending to eat the whole thing. Ira rolled his eyes and took it back fishing inside and handing his father one with a bandage covered hand. His eyes lingered on the boy's little wrist before looking up.

"Thanks bud," Reese smiled accepting it and eating it in one bite. "Is it ok if I ask you some questions?" he pulled the boy close so his back was facing the hollow of his dad's chest and arm.

"Sure." Reese looked at Noah who bit his lip. Antonio was leaning against the door with his arms crossed darkness and worry clouding the usual lightness.

"When you were with Keith," he began and Ira nodded, "I know he wasn't nice to you. He…hurt you," he continued.

"Yes, mum wasn't there this time so Keith did what he wanted. I'm ok though dad. Don't worry about me," Ira said bravely. "Jeremy gave me some pills and there's no pain anymore, not as much anyway," he clarified.

"I know, you're brave," Reese smiled and hugged Ira to him. "What I want to know though is if Keith or anyone did anything else. Anything that made you….?" he asked trailing off to find the words. Ira stiffened.

"Dad," he said turning to face him. "I know what you mean. I'm not a little kid. No one did that to me. Nothing happened," Ira promised.

"Ok baby. I believe you."

"I know. I'd tell you if something happened but nothing did so stop worrying," he said and turned back around and taking another cookie. Reese looked at Antonio and Noah anxious but Antonio shook his head. Drop it. Ira may be too traumatized to talk or he may be ok having grown up seeing a lot of this stuff and being used to it. Eventually they'd get the truth.

"But dad…mum…I know you don't like mum but they did that to her, a lot," he said tipping his head back to look at him. He had the look of a boy who wanted his father to be the saviour, come to his mum's rescue even if they hated one another.

"Whether I like your mum or not doesn't matter. No one should do that to anyone else no matter ages or genders. You understand that right?" Ira nodded.

"Yes, it's wrong to hurt men or women or make them do what you want. They hurt mum, a lot dad. I heard…she was screaming, crying," he admitted tears springing to his eyes.

"I'll make it right buddy but please don't worry about it or think about it anymore, ok?" he asked. Ira sighed and said he would try but he wanted to see her. Just as he said this Nick walked into the room holding the phone to his ear and speaking to someone and then held out the phone as a woman started to scream.

"I WANT MY SON. LET ME SEE HIM!" Daniella screamed loud enough to wake the neighbourhood.

"Mum," Ira said holding out his hand. Nick looked at Reese who hesitated but nodded and handed Ira the phone. "Mum, mum," he said trying to get her to stop screaming. When she did she started asking him if he was ok and where he was. When she did Reese grabbed the phone away from him.

"Daniella, I want to get something straight with you right now. This conversation will be ending if you ask for…," he started but Ira turned to grab the phone from him.

"Dad I know. I wasn't going to tell her," Ira yelled angrily going from calm to hysterical in seconds. Reese held up a finger to him warding him off and then covering the phone to speak to him.

"Ira Gavin, let me speak to your mother."

Ira pursed his lips and glared. "Daniella, you will only ask Ira basic questions. Nothing about his whereabouts or us, understand?" Reese said trying to keep his temper. Finally his mother agreed and Ira got the phone back. Immediately he jumped off the bed and ran half limping past them clutching the phone. When Noah popped his head out the door he informed them he was in a closet whispering to his mother.

"When it comes to his mother he won't trust us," Antonio said.

"I know," Reese answered hating it but he couldn't do anything about it. Ira wasn't going anywhere and he had to give his above average intelligence son the benefit of the doubt for now, as heartbreaking as it was.


His mother told him what to say but he didn't. He would not manipulate everyone like his mother did. He asked to see his mother like an adult and his father and Elena allowed it knowing he was mature enough to handle it. Even if it was the last time he'd see her and his grandfather. He could do this.

"I am not a little kid. I know if I cry and act like a little kid you'll treat me like one and I am not. I can't just manipulate people to get my way. I know that. If I want something I'll tell you and we can talk," Ira shrugged when his father asked.

"I'll always be here to talk to you. Right now though Elena has said if you want to see you mum you need to do it quickly," he emphasized.

Ira held Elena's hand as they walked into a part of the Sorrentinos house he had never seen before. It was in the basement beyond the training room. A secret space Elena accessed through an unused room and behind a hidden doorway. They walked into a long hallway through a second door and into another long hallway with cages on either side.

"Ira," his mother called immediately. Ira looked up at Elena who let him go and gestured to the cage. She stood against the wall watching.

"Hi mum," Ira smiled and walked to the bars. He grabbed a hold of them and she put her hands around his. Her eyes were dark and Ira could tell she'd lost a lot of weight. He wished he could fix her.

"Can you even let me hold my son?" Daniella asked in a snarky voice looking past him.

"That depends," she said. "Ira is that what you want?" she asked. Ira nodded immediately.

"I want to see my grandson before you send me away," Gavin spoke up. Ira turned and saw his grandfather in the other cage. Keith was in a cage at the end sitting with his back to the wall glaring at them all. A few other mutts were scattered around but none of them said a word.

Elena ignored him and went to unlock his mother's cage. Ira flew inside and hugged her tightly. She picked him up. They were silent for a few minutes enjoying one another's touch. "Are you ok?" she whispered.

"Yeah, are you?" Ira asked looking worried up at her.

"Yes, I'm ok baby," she said. They backed up and sat against the wall with him in her lap. "Let's not talk about what happened anymore. Let's talk about all the things we'll do and see," she smiled. It was an old tactic she used when they were both scared and hurt. It always worked.

"Like London?" Ira asked and she chuckled.

"Or Japan, you've always wanted to see Tokyo," Gavin said from across the hallway. Ira nodded.

"Elena can I please see my grandpa too?" Ira asked. Elena looked at Gavin and told him to behave if he wanted to see his grandson and then let him out. As she was unlocking the cage Antonio appeared which gave her extra muscle and he was sure Gavin would not escape or even try and he didn't.

For a long time he sat in both his grandfather and mother's lap and talked about Germany and London and Europe like they were actually going there. Anywhere in the world was possible and they would go on all the adventures they ever dreamed of. He leaned against his grandfather's chest and his mother rubbed his legs.

"I wonder what real Indian food would taste like," Gavin asked and kissed Ira's hair.

"Hot," Ira answered and his grandfather chuckled.

"Ira, it's time to go. Your mother and grandfather have a plane to catch," Antonio said. Ira turned and looked at Antonio pleadingly but he just said they were out of time. Gavin took Ira tightly in his arms and told him to be good, grow up to be a good man.

"I'll try," Ira answered pushing back the flood of emotion. His mother was quick to follow and gave him the tightest hug he had ever felt. His ribs ached beneath the pain medication but he didn't dare let go or tell her to stop.

"Baby, never forget I love you. They may never let me see you again but you always need to remember that. Be a good boy and a good man. Find me when you're older," she said and hugged him again.

"I will be a good man."

"Come on Ira," Antonio said opening the lock in the door. Ira nodded and got up looking back at his mother and grandfather once before Antonio took his hand, relocked the door and walked him out.

"Take care of him!" his mother ordered. Ira looked back before they fully turned the corner. Gavin was holding his mother and she had her head buried in his chest but Gavin was looking at Antonio with murder in his eyes. He could tell this was not the end for Gavin. He would see his grandfather again and probably not in a good capacity he guessed.

"Where are they going?" Ira asked as he watched Antonio lock the door.

"Europe and then wherever they want after as long as they don't come back to the states," he answered honestly.

"And Keith and the mutts will be killed?"

"Yes," Antonio confirmed.


It was the first night he was allowed to spend home. Kim was in stable enough condition to come back and she wanted to give birth at home. Elena thought it was best too. Ira said he wanted to sleep in his own room and he overheard Elena saying this was good progress. No it was a plan.

He set his alarm for 3am. They had taken him from the house after he had seen his family and he knew that meant they had gotten rid of Keith and the mutts. He had been worried that they had killed Gavin and his mother but his father showed him camera footage to prove they were still alive and catching a plane in the early morning.

At 3am he snuck from his room and down the stairs gripping the key to the cage room in his hand. He walked the same path as before to the cages and opened both the doors. His grandfather stood snarling until he saw Ira and then he looked behind to see who was with him. When he saw no one he smiled. "Good boy." Ira nodded and opened the cage door and then turned to his mothers.

"You have to go," Ira said as his mother pulled him into a hug.

"Not without you," she said trying to pick him up but Ira backed up shaking his head.

"We can't Daniella. We need to go," Gavin urged.

"Not without...,"

"Go mum, now!" Ira ordered trying to sound like his father. She seemed surprised. Finally she nodded and hugged him once more. Gavin squeezed his shoulder telling him to be good and they left. Ira followed them and shoved the key in his pocket. He met them upstairs in the kitchen and disengaged the alarm system shooing them out. When he closed the door and engaged the alarms again.

He put the keys back and took a deep breath in watching them through the patio door. Ira was smart enough to know that Elena would not or could not do anything to him about it because he was a kid, it was a good defense. He also knew if he went with them they would never stop hunting him and then they, his mum and Gavin, would be killed for the transgression. It wasn't worth it.

The next morning Ira sat at the kitchen table munching cereal and trying not to smile. His father, better now, was pacing the kitchen and trying to figure out what happened. They had traced them through the woods but they were too far now.

"I think we figured it out," Nick said stepping into the kitchen. He looked right at Ira who dropped his spoon and pushed his bowl away. "We have surveillance Ira," he said. Reese looked up confused and then watched as Nick set up the iPad and let them watch. Ira watched himself walk into the cages and unlock them, hug his mother and Gavin and then yell at his mum, his voice seemed loud and authoritative and he winced. He watched himself walk across the kitchen and let them out and redo the security passcodes again.

"Ira, what did you do?" Reese asked turning to look confused and bewildered at his son.

"What I had to do," Ira answered not bothering to deny it.

"Ira, you went against your Alpha. Do you understand that?"

"I would have done the same for you dad. If you were in a cage I would have let you out too."

"Its fine Reese," Elena said walking in and glancing at the iPad. "Ira I assume you're smart enough to know what's going on. I know you understand what you did. I know why you did it too. I'm not angry. We were just going to let you mother and Gavin go to Europe. Did you not trust I would keep them alive?"

"No, Elena. I'm sorry but…your track record isn't good with me and my family. I got kidnapped and stolen and beat up. I don't trust you," Ira admitted.

"Ira," Reese said almost begging. He turned and saw the half scared look on his dad's face. "I'm sorry Elena I'll talk to him," Reese started to say and walked forward reaching for his son.

"No, Reese it's ok. I know I've messed up Ira. I know I have to prove myself to you and I will. I understand why you let your mother and grandfather out. I would have done the same thing. In the meantime we'll work on trust, ok?" she said. Ira nodded. "The first thing I'll do is let this go. They won't hurt anyone."

"Ok," Ira agreed. He glanced at his father who was half angry, half confused among other things. "Dad, you would have done it for your mum too," Ira said lightly still regaining his vocal strength. Reese nodded not looking convinced and turned to look out the window with crossed arms. His dad would forgive him eventually.

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