Rainy Season


Chapter Fifteen: Fidelity:

-June 30th, 2011-

1:17 p.m.

They met on the train. Actually, it was earlier in the year. But for the sake of the story, we’ll say they met today.

She was only sixteen, but her behavior said otherwise. She knew he watched her from a distance. He’s married too?

He should not be looking. He has a wife at home. Still, his female students adore him. He could have anyone he wanted. Women and girls always look at him. Why does he look at her?

They see each other looking. They knew what came next. Oh, yes. They’ve done this dance before. Who started this dance, both aren’t sure anymore. But they’ve gotten better at it. The steps are older than ancient times too. She counts down in her head. The dance will begin when the train stops. She waits for it. In fact, she anticipates it. She felt the butterflies in her stomach. But her face looked calm. She has to wear a mask. It’s part of the dance.

He knew his part. They shouldn’t be doing this. He knows it and she knows it. They didn’t know who started it, but they won’t stop it. They need to. But they won’t.

At least, she won’t.

She’s become a girl in love. She won’t let go so easily. She may be young, but she’s learned skills that are quite adult.

When the train stops, the dance begins again. They blend into the crowds as they exit. They will meet up in the city.

Then the dance will speed up. They already know where this is headed. The lady day of the rainy season made no difference.

Meanwhile in Meifu, Kyosuke saw them and doesn’t approve. That’s not the only thing he frowns upon.

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