Rainy Season

Coming Together Under Glass

Chapter Nineteen: Coming Together Under Glass:

-July 1st, 2011-

10:00 p.m.

Watari looked into his microscope. He had both Anna’s core sample and Charlotte’s core sample side-by-side.

“Hm…” he said. The shinigami paused when he heard a knock on the door.

“Yes?” Watari asked.

“You’re still here?” a familiar voice asked. Watari turned to see Tatsumi walking towards him.

“Of course,” Watari said. “This case is getting good!” Tatsumi raised his eyebrow.

“Core case?” he asked.

“Uh-huh,” the blonde scientist said. “Come look at these samples.” Tatsumi walked over and looked into the microscope.

“Okay,” he said.

“What do you see?” Watari asked.

“What am I looking at?” the other shinigami asked. “They look the same.”

“Exactly,” the blonde scientist said. “But look closer at the one on the right.” He turned up the magnification. Tatsumi made a face as he took another look.

“I still don’t see it,” he said.

“Move the slide upwards. Here.” Watari reached under and pushed the slide upwards. Tatsumi took another look.

“What the…?!” he asked as his eyes widened. “What is that?” Tatsumi looked up to see a smiling Watari.

“Ah, yes,” the blonde scientist said. “I caught that this morning. I blew it up on the computer over here.” He walked over to his computer. Watari woke up the monitor with the swipe of his mouse. The full picture popped up on the screen. Tatsumi narrowed his eyes.

“Crane?” he asked. “I’m assuming this is their calling card.”

“Three other shinigami found samples with the same mark hidden in them,” Watari said. “We’re trying to break down every element right now.”

“What about the cores themselves?” Tatsumi asked.

“They look identical otherwise,” the blonde scientist said. “Elements, make, and qualities.” He clicked away from the picture.

“Quite impressive, actually,” Watari said. “Never had any idea how skilled this operation was.”

“Don’t give them credit,” the other shinigami said.

“I’m just saying,” Watari said.

“Anything else?”

The blonde scientist took a moment to think. “Not really… No.” Then, he gave Tatsumi sharp look.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Hm?” the secretary asked.

“Did you want something?” Watari asked again. It took Tatsumi a second to remember.

“Ah yes,” he said. “Konoe-san wants to know if you have that machine to track down the high-risk souls is ready.”

“Why yes,” the other shinigami said. “It’s over here.” He led Tatsumi to his desk. The blonde scientist opened a small box. The secretary tilted his head.

“Will this work?” he asked. Watari winked and gave him a thumbs-up.

“Of course,” he said. “It may be small, but it’s just as powerful.” Tatsumi looked uncertain about this plan.

“Okay…” he muttered. Watari flipped the switch. A low hum filled lab.

“Now sit back and let it do its thing,” he said. The box rattled and lit up.

“Well, what do you know?” Watari asked. “Looks like it picked up one already.”

“Where?” Tatsumi asked.

“Let’s see,” the blonde shinigami said. He reached into the box and turned a red knob. A small screen popped up in the air. The shinigami spotted a big orange light that appeared in a section in Tokyo.

“Odaiba,” Watari said.

“I’ll get Tsuzuki and Hisoka on the phone right now,” Tatsumi said. He pulled out his phone and made the calls.

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