Rainy Season

Romantic Love

Chapter Five: Romantic Love:


Anna tasted so sweet. Tsuzuki rested his hands on her hips. He let his mind get lost in the kiss. The rain added an ambience he always tried to chase.

His fingers ran along Anna’s spine. She trembled at his touch. Babies eat up personal time. Right now, Kirika-chan was asleep. But how long?

“Anna-chan,” Tsuzuki whispered. She looked him in the eye. He took her by the cheeks.

“Don’t worry about her now,” he said in a soft voice. “Focus on me.” He sat up for another kiss. Anna hesitated at first, but gave in. Two years in and he still had a gentle hold over her. She closed her eyes and took him in. Anna’s legs came on either side of him.

“Take me,” she murmured. Anna shared another kiss with Tsuzuki.

Olive eyes opened to a soft pink sky. The soft rain felt good against the woman’s skin. She floated on the green tea river. Her auburn hair floated on the surface. The river felt like a warm bath.

Suddenly, she heard a gentle whisper in the rain.

Her heart jumped in her chest. Somebody’s inviting me to a party? Her body became light as she floated down the river of green tea. It became a relaxing ride. A small smile spread on her face.

The view around her came to life. The people and animals enjoyed the peaceful day. A girl in a bright yellow yukata sat in the grass by the river, enjoying the morning. A giant panda served her hot green tea and sweet under the bamboo shade. They watched as the curved woman floated by on the river.

"Good morning,” the girl said.

"Morning,” the woman said as she floated by. The sun caressed her bare skin. She closed her eyes and took in the singing as it grew higher in pitch. The words became clearer with the birds singing in the trees.

Further down the river, a forest spirit watched the woman float by as she slept. Her long dark green dress blended in with the trees. Only her pale skin stood out in the darkness. The little pixies made her black hair shiny. She was joined by her black and jade cockatoo.

"What is she dreaming?” he asked.

"Hard to say, really,” his owner said.

"She looks so peaceful.”

"Yes, she does.” The forest spirit closed her eyes and began to pray. Her words circled the woman’s head as she drifted by.

When the woman awoke, she realized she wasn’t floating away anymore. She sat up and looked around. On the shore before her sat a two-story lust-house made of bamboo. Her chest became warm.

It’s here!

The fragrance of tea floated out when the door opened. A woman in a dark green kimono stepped out. The sun glistened on her long black hair. She focused her amber eyes on her guest.

"Welcome,” she said. “I’m so glad you made it.” The words rolled off her dark red lips smoother than honey. She waved her hand in the air and a light green and gold kimono was formed.

Anna rested her head on Tsuzuki’s chest. Kirika-chan began to cry in the next room. Her mother opened her eyes.

“Kirika-chan,” she said. Anna was about to get up when her husband grabbed her waist. She looked down to see the shinigami shaking his head.

“No?” Anna asked.

“You stay here,” Tsuzuki said.


He rested his finger on her plump lips. “You stay here. I’ll tend to her.”


“I’ve got her.” He cut her off from speaking. “Ent! Ent! I’ve got her. I’ve got her. I’ve… I’ve… I’ve got her.” Anna closed her mouth at last. Tsuzuki kissed her on the forehead.

“I’ll be back,” he whispered. The shinigami slid out from under her and walked out of the room. Anna rolled over onto her back. The rain eased her to sleep.

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