Rainy Season

Lazy Day

Chapter Six: Lazy Day:

-June 11th, 2011-

Tsuzuki sat on the futon. Anna walked around as she bounced the baby in her arms. Kirika-chan had just been fed. Tsuzuki couldn’t help but smile. Until the mid-90′s, he was alone.

Tsuzuki went through many partners at work. Even Tatsumi couldn’t stay with him. Hisoka came along and things got better. He wasn’t so alone anymore. Things became even better when Anna came into the picture. They met before in 1999. By strange design, they reunited ten years later. The finishing touch was Kirika-chan months earlier.

Anna happened to catch Tsuzuki’s gaze. “What’s on your mind?” Her husband smiled and shook his head.

“Not much,” he said. “I’m happy right now.”

“I see,” she said. The little baby finally went to sleep in Anna’s arms.

“At last,” the woman said.

“Wait,” Tsuzuki said. His wife turned with an eyebrow raised.

“What is it?” she asked. “For a little while. Please?”

“Alright, but don’t wake her up,” Anna said. “Be careful.” She gently handed Tsuzuki Kirika-chan. He rocked her in his arms in the same manner.

“Hi,” the shinigami whispered. “Hi there. Hi there.” Their daughter looked little doll in her light purple blanket. Anna had warmed up to being a mom. Airi… Well… She still needed some improvement in the parenting department.

But Tsuzuki couldn’t worry about her for now.

The shinigami kissed Kirika-chan on the forehead before putting her to bed. When Tsuzuki returned, Anna sat on the futon, watching TV. He came around behind her and kissed her on the head. The shinigami pulled her into his arms.

“Do you plan on going to work today?” Anna asked.

“Nope,” Tsuzuki said.


“Mmm. I’m too lazy. Plus, I want to stay it with my favorite girls.” Tsuzuki smiled and looked out the window. Anna made a face.

“You got the lazy part,” she muttered under her breath. The rain outside couldn’t drown out the lady on TV talking about cooking fresh miso and rice. Yes, it’s another do-nothing day in the Tsuzuki apartment.

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