Rainy Season

Rain Distraction

Chapter Seven: Rain Distraction:

-June 17th, 2011-

They were supposed to be working. That was the intent anyway. Kyosuke and April sat at their desks doing paperwork. The rain outside filled the silence. Kyosuke glanced up at his partner. It had been months since she first came to Ju-Oh-Cho. April settled in with no trouble. Apparently, she and him were dating now too. Could a girl be so perfect? Kyosuke couldn't help but smile. April…

"Hey April-san," Kyosuke spoke up.

"Hm?" the English shinigami said. The Japanese man eyed her at first.

"Are you doing anything this evening?" he asked.

"No." She didn't look up.

"Great. Uh… Do you want to grab a bite later?"



"That's what I said."

The light began to die from Kyosuke's face. April finally glance up at him.

"Kyosuke-san," she said.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Lock the door."


"Go and lock the door. Come on, go ahead and do it."

"Why?" Kyosuke made a strange face.

"Just do it!"

The Japanese shinigami blinked at the dubious command. Where was she going with this? His stomach turned.

"Okay…" he mumbled. Kyosuke got up and locked the door. April set aside her work.

"Good," she said. The shinigami lifted her head.

"Kiss me," she said. Kyosuke's eyes widened. He pinched himself in the cheek.

"You're not dreaming," April said. "Kiss me." His face turned bright red.

"Wait… Now?" Kyosuke asked.

"Yes," the British shinigami said. She sounded so serious. Kyosuke gulped.

"Okay…" he mumbled. The Japanese man walked over and kissed April on the lips. It was a small peck. Quick enough to be satisfying.

"Kiss me again," April said. "But like no one's in the building." Her voice had a powerful hold over his brain. Kyosuke pulled her into his arms for another kiss. April hopped up on the table, pulling him on top. Kyosuke's heart into his throat.


He forgot about bold she could be. Kyosuke managed to pull away.

"April-san," he said. The English shinigami gave him an innocent look.

"Is something wrong?" she asked. Kyosuke struggled to find his words. He shook his head.

"Don't you think with might get caught?" he asked. April smirked and waved her right hand. Dark red shade surrounded them.

"Problem solved," she said. April pulled him down for another kiss. She untied his tie and threw it aside.

Okay then, Kyosuke thought. His hand went for her red and white striped dress. Would they get caught?

Only one way to find out.

"Isn't this better than paperwork?" April asked. She spread her legs wide open. Kyosuke's face turned red as he slowly nodded. She reached up and unbuttoned his white shirt. From there, his brain went blank with speed.

April had a strange effect on him. Kyosuke hopelessly tried to keep up with her. Still, he couldn't help, but smile. Each day became a thrilling challenge.

"Take me," Kyosuke said, breathlessly. April giggled.

"That's my line, silly," she said.

"Oh, I'm sorry. My mistake," he said. She pressed her finger to his lips.

"How can you be this adorable?" the English shinigami asked. April stole another kiss from a blushing Kyosuke.

They were surprised to be working, but this happened instead. Yeah…

Tsuzuki propped himself up on his elbow.

"Anna-chan," he said in their futon.

"Hm?" Anna asked. Her husband broke into a cheesy grin.

"Where would you like to put your mouth on me first?" he asked.

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