Rainy Season


Chapter Nine: Risqué:

-June 17th, 2011-

Anna lifted her head. “What?” Tsuzuki gave her a boyish smile.

“Where would you like to put your mouth on me first?” he asked. Her face was bright red.

“Why would you ask me that?” Anna asked. Her husband laughed.

“Why are you acting surprised?” Tsuzuki asked. “You are much dirtier.”

“Well, yeah.”

Tsuzuki raised an eyebrow. “But?”

Anna blinked. “But?”

“There is always a but. Come on, spit it out.”

His wife shut her eyes. “Don’t spring random questions like that on a woman.”

“But where? My mouth? My neck? My chest? My stomach? My thigh?” Tsuzuki paused and leaned into Anna’s ear.

“Or maybe…” He whispered his cheeky answer. Anna’s face turned bright red.

“Asato-kun!” she yelped. She lightly hit him on the arm.

“What?” he asked angelically.

“You don’t ask a woman something like that out of the blue,” Anna said. Tsuzuki laughed and patted her on the head.

“Come on,” he said. “Where would you like to put your mouth on me first? I’ll tell you my answer if you say yours.”

His wife puffed up her cheeks. “Fine. Before I say anything, does it have to be now?”

“No, I mean in general. But you can do it now if you want.”

“Shut up!”

Tsuzuki laughed. “I was joking. But where would you like to put your mouth on me first?”

Anna lowered her eyes. “Your stomach.”

“Ooo! Bolder than I thought. Why were you acting so shy earlier?”

“You just dropped the question on me out of nowhere, you pervert!”

“I apologize. Want to hear where I would like to put my mouth on you first?”

His wife sighed. “Sure, go ahead. I know you want to get this over with.”

Tsuzuki laughed. He moved his lips to her ear. “Your sweet, beautiful pussy.” Anna’s face turned bright red.

“Now?!” she asked.

“Maybe,” her husband said. “I won a bet with myself.” Anna gave him a strange look on her face.

“What bet?” she asked. The shinigami grinned.

“That my answer would be dirtier than yours,” he said. His tone came off so nonchalant.

“Asato-kun!” Anna wailed. In the next room, Kirika-chan began to cry.

“Can I go and tend to the baby?” Anna asked.

“Yes,” Tsuzuki said.

“Thank you,” his wife said. Anna leapt to her feet and walked out of the room. The shinigami laughed when she was gone. Well, that was fun, he thought.

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