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Lord Of The Rings: Aragorn x Half Sister Reader


7 years after Aragorn’s Father left..... When Fall came, Arathorn met the most beautiful woman named Osrome who was not treated well by other people, she was different from everyone else... piercing bright ember eyes, long strawberry-blonde hair, angelic facial features that lure any man... slender, 5 ft 7, she wore a strange pendant necklace around here neck. Yet most people blame her for witchcraft... she was in fact half witch and a Phoenix... ...Arathorn wasn’t always one of those types of guys to do something against women, Osrome didn’t even try to lure him... yet she wanted to know who this man was... Arathorn realizes he needed to head back to his men to great battle of all time but he was willing sacrifice one night with her... After he left Osrome, she hardly left home she swore herself not to fall in love again... 9 months later she had her first born child *Maron, everything out her mother passed down to her, Every bit of it... Her power, the Phoenix. As time went by Maron learned how to control her powers, her mother told her the “Phoenix” must only let out by only an heir or a king’s command... Maron was only teenager and learned who her father was and sadly last night before her mother told her to save herself. The last time she saw her mother. That is when Aragorn found out that he wasn’t an only child, they meet up in Rivendell for the first time

Fantasy / Action
Trina Archuleta
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

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