Naruhina: An Unexpected Reunion

Chapter 4: An Unexpected Development

"One m-more time, Naruto-kun," a soft voice called out from next to him.

Sighing softly, the blonde rubbed his neck slowly before putting the pen down he was using.

"I hate Maths," he said sourly. "I don't see the point of calculus in real life. When will it ever be useful!"

"A-ano...d-do it fo-for me? P-please" his companion pleaded.

It took only a single look at that pleading angelic face of the bluenette next to him before he succumbed once more to her demands. Once more, he picked up the fallen pen and went through the problem in his mind as he tried to work his way towards the solution.

Hinata smiled fondly at her blonde friend. It had been five days since their argument the other day and she had since started school at Senju High two days prior.

Her new found school life was interesting to say the least, since almost everyone wanted to meet the famed princess of the highly esteemed Hyuuga corporation; both teachers and students had welcomed her with open arms and because she excelled both in academics and sports, she was already on the rise to becoming one of the school's most revered members.

Yet, for all her popularity, Hinata lacked the one thing in her life that she sought so much; her beloved's presence. It certainly didn't help matters that both schools disliked each other but there was precious little to be done there.

Hinata had once tried persuading him into transferring but he had politely declined her offer, stating that he still had a lot of friendships there that he held dearly. Above all of Naruto's virtues, he held loyalty as the highest. That was no burden to our young bluenette, afterall; you could always trust a loyal man. Problem was, he would have done so much better if his loyalties were tied to those who didn't deserved them, or at least, that was what she felt anyway.

As for our young hero, Naruto had been given a three day suspension period for the scene he caused with Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura. This came as little of a shock to the blonde since he had left without even so much as a word of defending himselff, but neither did he care.

If anything though, he welcomed the time he had spent over the past few days to review and re-analyze this new-found attraction he had felt towards Hinata and while he still couldn't come to terms on whether what he was feeling for Hinata was love or not, he was finally able to put his past regarding a certain pink-haired teen behind him.

Whatever he had felt for Sakura was now gone. What was more surprising to him however, was that the feelings he had felt towards Hinata was paramount towards those that he had once held towards Sakura. What was even more shocking was that he wasn't even going out with his dear Hina-chan yet. It was a rather new experience for Naruto but definitely not an uncomfortable one. The same, however, couldn't be said about his parents regarding his suspension.

Unfortunately, Minato was rather displeased about his suspension. As the current head of the highly (and remaining) established Namikaze line, Minato had once taught his son to upheld the family's long standing tradition of preserving their knowledge.

To a Namikaze, knowledge was everything. You could lose everything in a single day be it friends, money or even time. However, you can never lose wisdom and hence why Minato took an extreme view on his young son's education. Needless to say, he had phone up to inquire on the reason behind his son's suspension and was thoroughly upset at Naruto's actions.

Although, what upset the father wasn't so much about him getting suspended as much as the fact that he had just accepted it without so much as a hint of defending himself; knowledge could get you anyway in the world but it was useless without the courage to stand your ground.

Kushina, on the other hand, held a different view. It took both husband and son to hold her in place, from rushing all the way to said school and knocking what she would call "sense" into Kakashi for taking what she believed as biased attitude and blatant favoritism towards Sasuke, as he didn't hear Naruto's side of the story.

Luckily, her son managed convinced her that he was the one that left, even after Kakashi had given him a chance. When question why by both his parents, the blonde's answer satisfied them somewhat:

"It doesn't matter what I do to punish them, mom. If anything, Sakura's going to find out what her new boyfriend's up to sooner or later. And next time, I won't be stopping him."

The matter had then been dropped and life resumed as usual for the Namikaze residence.

"There! Done!" he expressed happily. Having said so, he cracked her knuckles before heaving a huge sigh of relief. Wordlessly, the bluenette reach out a small arm towards his answers before glancing over them quickly. Nodding slowly, as she scanned through his answers, she let out a soft contended sigh as well as she placed the paper back on the desk before rubbing her eyes slowly, a yawn tugging at her mouth.

"I-impressive Naruto-kun!" she exclaimed. "Yo-you managed to g-get all t-the advanced o-ones c-correct this time!"

"Well, I do have a great teacher," he joked. Seeing her blushing face, he prodded her more. "Can I get a reward from my beautiful teacher?"

"St-stop teasing m-me, Naruto-kun," Hinata replied, hitting him softly on the arm as she looked away.

It never fazed him how someone as brave as Hinata, who was able to confront him head-on the other day, was able to revert back to such a timid nature whenever he complimented her; be it her looks, her studies or any of her other skills and gifts.

Then again, he always knew his Hina-chan was a very humble person even as a kid and never did like being praised for every little thing that she did.

"Just one little present?" he begged, pushing his face just a tiny bit too close into her comfort zone. This earned him a small squeak as she tried edging herself away from him.

Unfortunately for Hinata, there was no place for her to edge-away to...except the bed and she was NOT, under any circumstances, going to push her luck that far.

At least, not yet anyway...

"A-ano.." she struggled when words started disappearing from her vocabulary as she tried to free herself from the gaze in those blue eyes of his. "Wh-what do-d-d-d-do you w-wa-want, N-n-n-na-ru-r-u-to-k-k-kun?"

Maybe I pushed her too far, Naruto thought back, as he saw how dangerously close his Hina-chan was once more on the boundary to unconsciousness. Once more, it astounded the blonde just how much the beauty before him was in total love with him.

"How bout a kiss?" he joked absent-mindedly, his foxy grin on his face.

The bluenette's eyes widened at that statement and she quickly turned away to face the other direction, not trusting the embarrassed look in her face...or the horrible thoughts that were going through her mind at the very mention of that dreaded word.

"I-I've g-got to go," she stammered in a rush. "It's a-almost six a-and Tou-san will b-be angry again."

And in two shakes of a lamb's tail, she had packed her stuff away into her neat little suit-case before excusing herself out of her chair and out of his room. The soft click of the door echoed slightly as the blonde got up and made his way to his bed.

It's not even five, he thought exasperatedly. Maybe...that was a bit too rushed. Gosh, I must have looked liked a pervert!

With that said, he pulled up a pillow over his head before surrendering himself to sleep. If anything, a little trip to the land of dreams would help him escape that horrible memory in his mind. Before long, soft snores could be heard from the room.

The bluenette had just made her way to the Hyuuga residence when she realized she forgotten her phone in her rush to get home. Sighing softly, she turned around and began the long walk back.

"Back so soon, Hina-chan?" Kushina teased as she greeted the older woman before stepping into the house. "I'm sure Soichi would be delighted to see you again!"

"I l-left my-phone aunty," she hurriedly explained before making her way upstairs. Kushina merely grinned at the girl's antics before letting out a long sigh. be young, she thought happily. I'm kinda jealous, Soichi. You have someone who loves you this much. You better treat her well. With that, she went back to her business of cleaning about the house but this time whistling a merry tune as she did so.

Just as Hinata was about to knock on the blonde's door, she heard the slight noise of snoring from his room. Hesitantly, she reached out an arm and placed it on the door knob before turning it slowly.

True enough, the blonde was on the bed, sleeping soundly. Quietly, she tip-toed her way to his study table before pocketing her phone but stopped on her way out, as she peeked a glance once more at her beloved friend; he looked a bit cold, from the way he was shivering slightly with the blanket covering just one side of his body.

Sighing once more, she made her way slowly towards blonde before tucking the blanket properly around the him.

There, now he won't get a cold, she thought happily. Then, feeling rather bold, she reached down slowly, and after making absolutely sure that the door was securely close and that the hallway was completely void of people, placed a soft kiss on his cheek, before rushing out of the room as quietly as possible.

Once outside, she took a moment to quiet her rapidly beating heart.

"Th-there's y-your present, Naruto-kun..." she whispered.

The next day...

"Aw, why can't we go out later today, Sasuke-kun?" a pink haired girl of sixteen asked a certain raven-haired boy.

"Because I have class assignments," the raven haired teen answered back patiently. "Plus, ever since that blonde idiot quit the student council, my work load has been doubled! Unless you can convince your ex-boyfriend to re-take his post, most of our time together will be halved..."

The pink-haired girl frowned at that. While she no longer cared about the on-goings of her ex-boyfriend, she did mind the fact that her time hanging out with her new one was being interrupted by him. Somehow, he still managed to make life difficult for them even when he wasn't trying anymore.

"Maybe I could try talking to him?" she asked. "Or convince him just this once to take over the class assignments? I'm still his Sakura-chan..."

At that, Sasuke turned to give her a wary look before answering, "I'm not so sure about that. You forget that you were the same person that dumped him to be with me...Besides, weren't you the one to slap him the other day?"

"Pfft, he was picking a fight with you!" she answered back. "If anything, I can use that as leverage to coax him into giving in. Besides, it's just one day! Come on Sasuke-kun! Trust me on this! I haven't been hanging out with you since like...forever!"

"Very well," he replied simply. "But don't you dare come crying back to me for any sympathy if anything happens."

With that the black-haired turned and left before disappearing round the corner. Not for the first time, Sakura wished Sasuke would showed just a bit more endearment towards her. Naruto would never have left her hanging like that. But who was she to be making assumptions?

Sasuke was the president of the student council! The top student in class and a very able athlete as well. It only made more sense that he would be going out with the prettiest, most popular girl in school; her.

Okay granted, maybe breaking the blonde's heart was a bit too extreme just because Sasuke took a liking to her but it was every girl's dream in the school to date the Uchiha prince! Wouldn't Naruto understand? Well, it did seem like he did understand as he no longer cared about their being together but...why does Sasuke show lesser and lesser interest towards her now?

"I must be losing my touch," she muttered. " do I get my ex-boyfriend to agree with me?

"All right class, settle down," a man with long, blond spiky that was tied into a long ponytail said, as he entered the room. "I'll be returning back your pop quiz from last week on the founding of the five great nations."

There was a collection of groans from the teenagers as they settled themselves down quietly into their seat. Inoichi, the class's history teacher, was considered a bit of a sadist by most of the students in schools.

Perhaps it was the way he glared at you with his green eyes when ever he suspects you were doing something you shouldn't be doing or the way he would demand perfect scores from each and everyone of his students.

However, ask anyone in his classes and the most probable answer that you would get is that he would always find ways to put in extra material and questions into his tests that weren't exactly in the syllabus to try and stretch the knowledge of his students.

Unfortunately, for all the students concerned it did little to pique their interest seeing as how they could never get more than 85 % of the total score without brushing up on extra bits of information that was never actually found in textbooks.

"Someone actually scored a perfect score of 100% this time," the teacher said out, as he flipped through the pile of quiz papers. Almost immediately, everyone's attention was focused on Sasuke as the young teen held a smug look on his face. "But, we're start from the lowest just to built suspense...Choji, you're up first I'm afraid..."

Why bother? We all know who got first anyway...thought everyone in the classroom. Everyone that is except a certain blonde who was wondering why his right cheek felt so tender today and why he couldn't stop stroking it for some unknown reason. The names continued until there were finally two more papers remaining, with Naruto and Sasuke not yet being called put. No surprises there; Naruto usually placed second to fifth in the classroom when it came to academics and Sasuke first.

"And second place goes to Sasuke Uchiha with a score of 83%" Inoichi said casually, as he handed the paper back to a bewildered looking Sasuke. "Still need to work on that last few trips up, Sasuke but otherwise good work. Now on to first-"

"That's impossible!" the raven haired teen called out suddenly. Now everyone's' eyes were focused on the still day-dreaming Naruto and the angry looking Sasuke at the implication of Inoichis' words.

For the first time in their class; the blonde had actually beaten the top student! If this wasn't news, the fact that Naruto had managed to ace one of Inoichi's pop quizes with a perfect score of 100% was definitely going to be one, since nobody had managed to achieve that before as well.

"There must some mistake, sensei! Naruto can't be better than me!" the raven haired argued. Glancing at the blonde, his temper only rose to higher levels as Naruto seemed to be totally disengaged from the on-goings of the classroom. Said blonde was still gazing out of the window with a foxy grin on his face as he gaze out of the room, all the while stroking that right cheek of his in a HIGHLY disturbing manner. "I mean look at the damn guy!"

"Huh?!" Just the shout of the exasperated teen snapped Naruto out of his stupor as he turned to find everyone casting him looks of surprise, awe and...wariness?

"Whatever it is, I didn't do it!" he said quickly.

Having the class stare at him with looks of amusements for one of his pranks was like second nature to him but having looks of his classmates staring at him like he just killed the his father? Well, that was a little bit too complicated. This was getting just a bit far too uncomfortable to his liking.

"Namikaze Naruto!" Inoichi hissed. "Were you daydreaming in my class?"

"No! Of course not!" Naruto answered quickly, as he squeezed every possible escape route from his brain. "I shocked that Sasuke accused me of something I didn't do!"

Now it was Inoichi's turn to look puzzled. " mean you didn't do this?"

"Do what?"

"Get a 100% on your score. It is in your handwriting and your name," Inoichi explained.

"I did?!" Naruto asked, eyes wide. "But...shouldn't Sasuke get the top score?!"

"Ah, I see where this going," Inoichi chuckled, further misunderstanding the situation. "You must have been too shocked to believe that you could outdo Sasuke! Well, I've got one thing to say to you, Naruto. Well done, indeed! I always knew you had it in you, my boy!"

As long as you don't find out that I WAS daydreaming in your class, the blonde thought in relief. Note to self, I've got to thank Hina-chan for lending me that awesome book! What was it called again? Horrible History: Numskull Nations? I think that was it.

"But Sensei! There must be a mistake!" Sasuke growled. "There's no way I lose! To him, no less!"

"Well the proof is in the pudding and don't I implore you not to address Naruto-san as such, Sasuke," Inoichi replied in a threatening tone. "Now, if you're done interrupting my class, we've got a new topic to cover today."

With that, everyone took out their textbooks and began flipping to the appropriate page as Inoichi began the day's lesson on the First great world war that not only devastated the five great nations but also left them dry economically, politically and militarily.

It was amazing how someone could make the bloody battles in the war as well as the numerous cunning and sly strategies that the tacticians of the first world war used sound like nothing more than a breeze through the park but Inoichi managed to do it. For most history teachers, what mattered the most were the dates, places and the names of the people. Anything else was nothing more than trivia, or so Inoichi puts it. While almost everyone doze off slightly at the older man's ramblings, a seething Sasuke was brooding over one simple fact; how in the world did Naruto managed to beat him?

"Congratulations Naruto!" Kiba praised as he thumped his good friend's back whole-heatedly. "Did you see the look on the Uchiha's face?! I've got one word for you; perfection!"

"Priceless," Shino added, with a slight twitch at the ends of his lips.

"I was just lucky that's all," Naruto replied humbly. "It wasn't anything special..."

"WASN'T ANYTHING SPECIAL?!" Kiba nearly shouted. "You ace one Inoichi's damn brain smashers he calls a test! If anything, you should be celebrating with us right now!"

"I agree with Kiba-kun, Naruto," Shino added slowly. "You...don't seemed to be quite as happy as you would be."

"How so?"

"Come on! You just beat the damn Uchiha!" Kiba yelled. "Like...I don't know...FOR THE FIRST TIME?!"


"I would suggest the three of you to stop making a scene," a cold voice called out from behind the friends. As they turned around, who should they find but the very person they were talking about. "You're giving me a headaches, idiots."

"Sasuke," Kiba spat. "What do you want?"

"I have nothing to say to any of you except Naruto," the raven haired teen continued. "Whatever you did, you must have cheated. No one beats me! You hear me! Now, fess up, so I can report you to Inoichi for what you did!"

"Why don't you go suck a straw, Sasuke?" the blonde bit back. "Ever heard of something called hard work or effort?"

"There's no way in a million years you'll be able to beat me, a genius, by sheer hard work!" Sasuke retorted. "Haven't the last two years shown just how much beneath me you are?!"

"Sasuke-san, Naruto-kun did not cheat on this quiz," Shino hurriedly cut in, worried that something might happen if he didn't interfere. "If anything, it was a pop quiz. There was no way he would have known..."

"Yeah, my man, Naruto won fair and square! So why don't you just pack up your things and get the heck away from us, huh?"

"I'm warning you, Inuzuka..." Sasuke threatened. "One more snide remark and it'll be on your permanent record."

"That's so typical of you isn't it? Can't win a verbal argument so you're going to resort to abusing your power?" Naruto asked.

He was no longer sitting down anymore. Wordlessly, he began to move towards the raven-hair teen but was restrained by his two friends. Slowly, he turned to give them a questioning look. Their response?

A slight shake of the head; Sasuke wasn't worth the effort, trouble or time. If anything, this was going to be end up badly for all three of them, especially since Naruto no longer had any say in the student's council and picking a fight with the president was never a wise choice, regardless of how right your argument was. Slowly, he began to sink back down into his seat, although he still kept his glare at his long time rival.

"Just let it go, Sasuke," Naruto said slowly. "I've done with colliding heads with you. It's just one mark. What's the big deal?"

"The big deal is that there was no way you could have beat me!" he growled angrily. "And you were never ever worthy of competing with me in any form, shape or way! Now, fess up! You cheated, didn't you!"

Naruto would have thrown a punch right there and then at the fuming teen...if the Inuzuka hadn't done it for him, that is.

With his quick reflexes, the Uchiha had managed to avoid a direct hit to his face but it landed squarely on his jaw and because the punch carried the weight of a well muscled athlete on the track-field, the teen was sent flying a few feet from the classroom, upsetting a lot of tables, chairs as well as students on their lunch breaks, before colliding with the whiteboard.

"Still so full of yourself, aren't you?" Kiba muttered, as he shake his bruised fist, to relieve some of the pain he was feeling. "That would have knocked some sense into you if your damn head wasn't so damn thick!"

"That's enough!" Naruto shouted at the both of them.

The situation was getting very messy, very fast. Kiba could lose his place on the track team if he kept this up and if there was one thing his friend cared for more than the world, it was the track field. It wouldn't do to have him kicked off the team for something that he did on Naruto's behalf.

Likewise students were now beginning to gather at the spectacle about them and this was not something that you would want to attract attention to. Naruto had already been suspended before, it wouldn't do if he was going to be placed on the probation list for something as trivial as bad behavior.

"Look Sasuke, it was luck! I got lucky okay!" he explained, trying his best to placate the now angry looking Uchiha. "Yeah, fine maybe I wouldn't have been able to beat you any other time but I got lucky this one time! So can you please just drop it!"

"Too late," the Uchiha glared, as he massaged his bruised jaw and ego. "You'll be cleaning the toilets for weeks on end after this!"

With that, Sasuke stood up and left the classroom, leaving behind a very confused, worried and angry trio behind.

"You shouldn't have done that!" Naruto hissed.

"And let him criticized my best friend?!" Kiba snarled back. "I've got two words for you, Blondie. NOT HAPPENING!"

"What's done is done," Shino said sternly. "We should be thinking of a solution instead of arguing among ourselves!"

"Shino's right," Naruto replied. "Look, Kiba. I didn't like what you did...but thank you for doing it anyway."

"Tsk, you're welcome I suppose."

"So what do we do now?" Shino asked.

"Sasuke's pissed off about this whole situation because of me," Naruto told them gravely. "If anything, let me handle it alone. And no, the two of you are not interfering this time."

With that, the blonde took off to chase after the Uchiha, leaving his two friends behind to contemplate the situation further.

Great, just great! thought Naruto as he came out of the principal's office. Damn Sasuke had to get me a detention! Darn it all! And I promised I would pick Hina-chan up today...

"So how did it go, Naruto-kun?" the secretary called out, as she took a small stretch from her computer typing.

"Not so great, Shizune nee-chan," Naruto answered with a gloomy look. "Tsunade gave me detention this afternoon. It's so unfair how Sasuke gets off Scot-free!

"I wouldn't say that," Shizune replied slyly. "From what I've heard, she sent in a nasty little piece of assignment for the student council just this morning. It involves sorting through our garbage in order to look for any recyclable materials that we can still re-use and I think, Tsunade-sama just found the perfect person to sort this all out."

"You're such an awesome person, you know that, Nee-chan?" Naruto laughed. "What would I do without you?"

"Only for you Naruto," Shizune answered. "Now, get out of here. I've got more writing to get done."

With that, she went back to her computer typing as Naruto left the student administration's building. Just as he was making his way back to class, who should he bumped into but the second to last person he would ever expect to meet again: Sakura.

"There you are!" the pink-hair girl called out. "I've been looking for you the whole day, Naruto!"

"Sakura," he addressed neutrally. "Why were you looking for me?"

"Well, I was-" she began but stopped almost immediately. "Since when did you stop calling me Sakura-chan?"

"Doesn't matter either way," Naruto shrugged. "Now, I remember you said you were looking for me. What do you want?"

That's some attitude he's got, I'll say, she thought to herself. "Well, you're in a bad mood aren't you? Don't you know how to address a lady properly whenever you see one?"

The blonde teen's eyes narrowed ever so slightly as he heard that.

"I don't see any lady, do you?" Naruto mocked back. "If you're done wasting my time, I've got to go back to class."

"Wait wait wait!" Sakura called out as the blonde turned away from her. " I've come to ask a favor from you."

Hearing that cause Naruto to flinched as his brain processed the words that came out of his ex-girlfriend's mouth. She was asking him for a favor?!

What right did she have to ask him for one in the first place!

Adopting a blank look, the blonde turned back slowly to stare at her, all the while trying to keep his emotions in check. He had just got out of a confrontation with the student council's president. It wouldn't do to end up in another, especially with his ex-girlfriend, no less.

This, however proved easier said than done, until Naruto used a special calming technique his mother taught him in such situations; by picturing a certain bluenette's smiling face on his mind. It wasn't perfect but it did the trick. All too soon, his breathing calmed down as he turned to look back at the girl standing before him.

"Sakura, let me ask you one thing; why in the world would I do a favor to the very same girl who treated me like trash?" he asked.

Oddly enough, there was no feelings of anger or hatred anymore in those words of his. There were just that; words and facts. Nothing more and nothing less. It chilled the pink hair teen to hear her ex-boyfriend brush her off so casually, as if she was nothing more than a nuisance towards him, which she undoubtedly was in his eyes.

"Because you still care for me?" she answered slowly, trying to sound as innocent as possible, all the while putting on a pleading face. "Come on, can't you do just this one thing for me? As a friend?"

"We are NOT FRIENDS," the blonde replied hotly. "In fact, we're not even acquaintances as far as I'm concerned. I seemed to recall doing all those different things for you and you never even thanked me once."

"Those were the usual things a guy should do for their girlfriend!" Now it was Sakura's turn to sound annoyed at him. "Besides, how hard could it be, waiting for your girlfriend after school be? Or going to pick up tickets from the cinema or even sending a simple text message everyday just to ask her how her day was?"

"Bet you Sasuke never done any of that," Naruto added. When he saw Sakura flinched at his statement, he merely raised one of his eyebrows. "Looks like I was right. Why don't you go and ask that boyfriend of yours seeing as that how he's supposed to act for his new girlfriend?"

"Well, he can't," Sakura replied lamely, as she fiddled with the edge of her skirt. "That's why I'm asking you for help."

"Whatever your favor is, Sakura, it's got the Uchiha's influence written all over it. Whatever it is between you and him, keep it to yourselves," the blonde said. "I don't want any more part in it."

"You haven't even heard of my favor yet!" Sakura argued back.

"I don't want to know what it is and I don't even what to hear about it," Naruto answered back. "I'll say this to you just once, Sakura so that they are no more misunderstandings. I no longer care about you ,or him for that matter. We are done. I'm no longer your Naruto who would just take time out of his personal life to make some for you. Nor would I go out of my way just to help you for some unknown cause with Sasuke. We're not even friends! So please just stop and consider other people's feelings on how you treat them before you go to them asking them for their help because that's not how the real world works."

"I knew it, you're still jealous about Sasuke-kun!"

"Are you even listening to yourself?" Naruto shook his head at seeing just how delusional his ex-girlfriend had become. "You know what, Sakura? I can't believe I ever had feelings for someone like you..."

With that said, Naruto left, leaving the pink-hair girl speechless at his little outburst. The fact that most of what he said was truth was enough of a shock to anyone but that was hardly surprising seeing as Naruto was a very shrewd man. If anything, it was the way he had said it in such a calm manner, with no conviction that scared Sakura the most.

Just what had he had meant when he said he no longer cared the slightest for her? She was the prized girl of the school! The untouchable flower! No male in the school was able to resist any of her good looks or charms as far as she knew! How did he brush her off so suddenly?


"He's lying..." she muttered aloud. A cough behind her, alerted her to the presence of the student council's vice president.

"I wouldn't say that," Neji said in a calm tone. "It's more like...he's found someone else."

Sakura's eyes widened at Neji's words but she composed herself enough to snapped back at him, "So he decided to settle for less, huh?"

A sharp glare from the senior caused her to regret her previous choice of words.

"Best be careful what you say as well as who you say it, Sakura-san," Neji warned. "Naruto's finally having a huge break after what you and Sasuke's put him through. I don't like threatening my juniors but believe me when I say that that man has had it rough. Remember this if nothing else; DO NOT RUIN IT FOR HIM. Not unless you want to face the wrath of the Hyuugas."

"H-hai Sempai," Sakura stammered before taking her leave.

I supposed it's best that I didn't informed her that it won't be me who will be invoking the Hyuuga's wrath if she continues to make life difficult for Naruto, Neji thought. Forgive me, Naruto for never standing up for you when I should. At least, let me be the pillar to shelter both you and Hinata-sama. I won't let the Hyuuga coorporation lose a potential contributer to the company. You proved that when you left the student council.

"Hina-chan, are you listening to me?" a sixteen year old girl with light blonde hair and pale lavender eyes asked. "Or are you too busy replying to Naruto-kun's message to answer?"

"S-shion-chan!" Hinata stammered as Shion continued to laugh at her new friend's reddening features.

"I'm kidding, Hina-chan," Shion answered. "But I am jealous. I used to have the biggest crush on him some time ago..."


"Oh! Don't worry about it..." Shion sighed. "I could never compete with you. Have you seen the way he looks at you? But I digress...what did he send you a text for?"

"N-naruto-kun s-says he won't b-be ab-able to pick m-me up today," Hinata explained. "A-apparently he's g-got detention."

"Why don't you go pick him up instead, Hina-chan?" Shion asked. "Be a nice surprise for your boyfriend if you went to his school."

"We're n-not going ou-out just y-yet, S-shion-chan," the bluenette replied. "B-but I-I was th-thinking about it."

"Well that settles it!" Shion answered happily. "So how are you going to pick him up?"

"Pro-probably by car," Hinata sighed, as she started dialing her father's number.

Hiashi would never have allowed her to walk home alone, being the strict over-protective father that he is.

His reason?

Someone could attack his precious daughter on her way back and that would be the end of his world. Still, the fact that he had allowed Naruto to escort her back on his own showed just how much trust and respect he had for the blonde and if there was anything to be said about that, Hiashi could not have been more right about that decision. After all, you didn't become head of a world-renown corporation if you couldn't spot and trust talented people.

I just hope Tou-san doesn't bring the Porsche he bought for me for my birthday, Hinata thought gloomily, as she waited patiently for her father to pick up her call.

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