Naruhina: An Unexpected Reunion

Chapter 5: An Unexpected Confrontation

"Tou-san..." groaned a slightly bewildered and very embarrassed bluenette, who by the way, was sitting in the passenger seat of a red Lamborghini. "A-ano...I th-thought I said n-not to dr-drive this car..."

"No, you said, not to drive the Porsche," Hiashi hummed happily.

Like with other heads of famous corporations, Hiashi was no exception to the curse of owning fast and expensive cars. Especially those that looked sleek and shiny. Right now, the way his precious was humming was music to his ears.

Men... Hinata thought, shaking her head slightly.

She still remembered her last birthday when her father surprised her by unveiling a shiny new red Porsche as her coming of age present. Hiashi had tearfully cried that very day, giving a heartfelt speech about how his beloved daughter was growing up and that he was giving her a car as a sign of his affection and pride of his beloved jewel. That was indeed a day to be remembered by many who attended Hinata's sixteen birthday.

Especially considering the fact that his cute little daughter had dropped a bombshell on his head that very same day.

For you see, Hinata was not a very materialistic person. Add to the equation that she wasn't of age to drive made things much less appreciative from her side of things. Also, she knew that her father had been dying to add a new collection to his assortment of expensive automobiles in their garage back in the city.

So, in a rather cunning and tactical way, her approach to this concept of her father using her birthday was to very subtly hint to her mother what their head of house was doing. Unfortunately, Hinata's mom was not as subtle as her daughter and the party ended with the head of the Hyuuga house sitting in a prostrating position, with sweat pouring over his face as his wife rained down insults at her husband on wasting an absurd ton of money on something in which their daughter could not even use.

That also marked the first time, in which Hiashi regarded his daughter with a new found light of awe and respect. She was no longer his doting little daughter that followed his every word and command anymore. Rather, she had grown into a fine young lady that held strongly to her strong and firm beliefs of what she knew was right and wrong.

It seemed that with every little thing that Hiashi taught her, she managed to add more to it and build an idea of morality and idealism towards it. This was what made her so loved by the employees of the Hyuuga corporation; the next heir in line would never disregard their feelings on the way things were done, especially when she was always considering what was best for everyone on the whole; whether inside the company or outside.

It also marked the first time that Hanabi saw her sister in a fearful light; to be able to manipulate their mother without her even knowing was a truly frightening thing, seeing as it was their mother who taught them to spot out such manipulating schemes in the first place. Truly terrifying indeed.

Then again, Hanabi knew her sister would never do something as drastic as this unless she had a very good reason to. It added a bit of wariness in her life; just who exactly was her sister? The esteem heir of the Hyuuga corporation, yes but what was it that made her tick? How would she direct the Hyuuga corporation in the future? Would she bring them fame and glory? Or destruction and chaos? Most of all...what she did what out of life?

A thought that Hinata herself had been pondering for over the past sixteen years. She had never craved for power, glory or wealth. Only the heart of a sixteen year old boy. The real question was, what happens next?

"So...why are we picking Naruto-kun up today, Hinata?" her father asked, snapping her out of her reverie.

"Ano, he's g-got detention, t-tou-san," Hinata replied. "P-poor Naruto-kun g-got picked o-on by t-the student council's p-president."

"Hmph, I've said it once to Neji before. If you don't want to get pushed around, you've got to show people you mean business! Naruto's got a lot to learn if he wants to get along with his lot in life!"

"H-hai, Tou-san. I j-just hoped this S-sasuke-san i-isn't as nasty as h-he describes..."

The car screeched to a halt, as Hiashi stopped driving to turn to stare at his daughter. "Sasuke?! Do you mean Uchiha Sasuke?!"

"T-tou-san?!" Hinata stammered.


"I-I don't know...Naruto-kun n-never like t-talking about him..." Hinata explained. "He o-only said t-that Sa-sasuke-san is n-not a person h-he wants me t-to meet."

"He's got one thing right there," Hiashi muttered, as he began driving once more. There was a scowl that wasn't there before. "The Uchiha's are a nasty people to meet. Even nastier to pick a fight with."

"B-but Itachi-san's a l-loyal c-contributor to the c-company!" Hinata protested. "I-isn't he y-your right hand man?"

"Itachi's different from the rest of them," her father replied. "Not to mention, he was the one who saved our company from certain the cost of his position as the Uchiha heir."

"Tou...san?" Hinata asked, surprised at the bitterness in her father's voice.

Both Hyuugas held the Uchiha in high esteem, regardless of his ties to the Uchihas. It was only one week after his disownment by Uchiha Fugaku that Hiashi had requested his brother and Neji's father, Hizashi to employ the Uchiha into the Hyuuga corporation.

Truth be told, Hinata knew something wasn't right there. First of all, why would the Uchihas abandoned the prodigy heir to their company who was renowned to have gifted business potential? Secondly, she had met the older Uchiha herself in person and could tell that he wasn't all he seemed to be. Once more, she wondered whether his disownment had anything to do with the incident involving the Uchiha scandal a few years back.

"I'm sorry, Hinata. I must be getting too far ahead with myself," Hiashi answered.

His tone left no argument to his daughter that the matter was not to be discussed. Oddly enough, her father held Itachi almost like a son to their family. In fact, Hiashi had once tried formally adopting him into the Hyuuga family but Itachi had declined stating that regardless of what they did to him, he was still an Uchiha through and through.

This however, not only strengthen ties between the two men but also place Itachi in a very favorable light by the Hyuuga elder, seeing as he would never trade away his honor and his roots for position and fame. Rare were people such as this in the world and it made Hiashi treasured him even more. It was certainly a sight to behold when Itachi's parents came to the Hyuuga house one day, demanding that he return working for their family business.

However, the young Uchiha had politely refused, stating that since he was no longer heir apparent, he no longer held any ties to the company and besides, his father only wanted to make sure that his abilities were not at the hands of their rivals.

Naruto-kun, Hinata thought worriedly. Just what have we got ourselves into...

"You know Kiba, you and Shino didn't have to stay back with me in detention," the blonde said as they exited the classroom.

It was about late afternoon from the way the sun was shinning in the sky. There were still quite a bit of students left after school since the school's festival was coming up soon and everyone was busy setting things up for the joyous event that was taking place in two weeks time.

Naruto himself would have been quite busy had he not quit the student council two weeks back. Even Shino seemed to be excited about the event, and that was a rare sight to see as very few things ever exited the silent teen. The only person that didn't seemed to be interested was Kiba.

"I hate the school festival," he growled. "I've been single for too long! When will I ever get hooked up?!"

"Well, maybe if you stop whining about it..." Naruto answered. Shino nodded at his statement. This only infuriated the spiky haired teen even more, however.

"Oh yeah? What about you? I seemed to recall somehow getting dumped recently," Kiba snapped.

"Doesn't faze me really," Naruto replied casually. His mind was already thinking about other things.

Like maybe asking a certain bluenette to the festival with him?

"I hate guy only relationships," Kiba continued, ignoring the blonde's comment. "I mean why can't girls just...I don't know, throw themselves at our feet or something!"

Both his friends turned to give him glares as he said that.


When they pointed to the crowd of girls screeching at the sight of Sasuke emerging from the student council's office, he sweat-dropped.

"That good enough of a reason for you?" Shino asked coolly.

"Haha...well, I don't want girls like that..."

"Neither do we, Kiba. Neither do we..." Naruto muttered, as they made their way towards the gates.

"Naruto!" a voice called out from behind the three friends.

All three of them grimaced at the sound of her voice. Turning around, they stood face to face with Sakura once more. "There you are! You really know how to make a girl sweat, you know that!"

"What do you want, Sakura?" Naruto asked. "If you're here about that favor, the answer's still no."

"I always thought you w ere a selfless person, Naruto. Can't you see how busy Sasuke-kun is?! Why don't you help him out?" the pink-haired continued.

"Huh, always knew there was something wrong with the educational system," Kiba put in. "Are you insane, Haruno-san? You're asking your ex-boyfriend to help out your current boyfriend?! What does Naruto get out of it?"

"Stay out of this, Inuzuka," Sakura snapped. "This doesn't concerned you."

"Enough," the blonde called out coldly, earning wary looks from all three of them. Naruto might have a cherry disposition but whenever he took on that voice, they knew something big was about to happen. "First of all Sakura, don't you ever refer to my friends as such. Secondly, Kiba's right...what do I get out of it?"

"I-I knew it. You're being selfish. This was why we br-broke up," the pink-haired girl stammered as she tried avoiding answering the question. Unfortunately, her ploy was seen through by all three of them.

"The answer's still no," Naruto said. "And you should be worrying about who that boyfriend of yours is hanging out with instead of who should be helping him."

With that the blonde pointed a finger towards the crowd of girls swarming over the Uchiha. There was also another crowd of people next to the girls. Namely guys who were eyeing the Uchiha with jealousy. Naruto would have been among them but he had long past that stage in his life.

Also, he knew that he shouldn't be envying the Uchiha for such trivial matters' afterall, those girls only cared about his looks and abilities, not for him. He might not be the sharpest tack in the drawer but his time with Hinata had taught him to be so much more, as well as to be a much better person.

"Please...Sasuke-kun would never cheat on me," Sakura protested. Naruto would have left it at that but the way she was talking held doubt about they way she viewed her current relationship. Luckily for her, he was above insulting her about such things. After all, it no longer concerned him. His two friends however, weren't as forgiving.

"You would know, Sakura-san," Shino answered coldly. "After all, you were the one who did the cheating."

Whatever the pink-haired was going to say was cut off, as Kiba suddenly gave a low whistle.

"Well, well, well. Looks like Sasuke IS a cheater afterall," Kiba called out. "But damn, who's the hot babe with the red car?!"

All three of them turned to where Kiba was staring and true enough, the raven-haired was approaching a bluenette with the Senju high uniform as she seemed to be walking in a direction towards him.

This time, it was Sakura who felt that tight feeling in her chest as she saw the antics of her current boyfriend. It wasn't so much the way he was walking towards the bluenette but rather that look of mesmerization he had on his face as he beheld the beauty in front of him; Sasuke had never ever looked at her in such a manner before and it made her very angry at the way he was ogling the newcomer.

However, before she could make her way towards the crowd of people, there was a blur of movement next to her and the next moment, Naruto could be seen rushing towards them, with his bewildered two friends following closely behind.

Sasuke, Sakura thought. You wouldn't!

Where is Naruto-kun? Hinata thought as she made her way through the crowd of girls blocking the front entrance. Almost immediately, they parted upon seeing the emblem on her uniform.

Remembering the words Gaara had previously told her, she berated herself for not thinking things true. It seemed strange that things never seemed to go according to her plan whenever it involved a certain blonde. All too soon, she could feel the familiar sensation of being watched upon by unfamiliar people. It was a sensation that she had experienced many times before whenever she was forced to attend a dinner party as the Hyuuga heir. Unfortunately, it was a sensation she never got used to.

"Check it out! That's a Senju high student!" one of the girls called out. "What's she doing here?"

"Oh my, she's so beautiful!" another squealed, as the bluenette past her by. "I wish I had long hair like that!"

"Brains and beauty?! I'm so jealous!"

The next few lines that she heard made her shudder as she continued to walk straight on, while ignoring the stares of the boys about her.

"I kill for a girl like that!" one of the boys called out.

"Forget Sakura! If she's an untouchable flower, that's the hidden gem of the village!"

"Pfft, bet you she's here for that Uchiha. Damn guy even managed to get girls from Senju High..."

Hinata merely smiled at that last piece of dialogue. Whoever this Sasuke was, she was not eager to meet him. It seemed like Naruto wasn't lying about his rival when he told her that he was greatly dislike by the male populace in general. However, that was none of her concern and she wouldn't involve herself in things that didn't concern her. She was here for her beloved and that was that.

Just as the crowd parted to reveal the front of the school building, a lone boy with raven-haired stood out in front of her. The way he was standing as well as the huge grin on his face made the bluenette extremely uncomfortable about him. Called it women's intuition but she had a feeling that this must be the infamous Uchiha Sasuke that she kept on hearing about.

Already she didn't like the way he was staring at her legs, or the way he was walking towards her; it was a body language that she was all too familiar with. As well as disgusted.

It was the body language of one who was used to getting what he wants and one who will do whatever it takes to get it. This contrasted deeply with the way Naruto held himself; his was one who was unsure of himself but who held the determination to push past his limits when the time called for it.

"Hello there," the raven-haired called out in a deceptively polite tone. "I'm guessing you must be from Senju High?"

"Y-yes," Hinata answered carefully, as she stopped herself short a few feet away from him.

A lot of the guys were already swooning at the way the bluenette had carried herself into their school and upon hearing her soft voice, they were even more frustrated at the way she was talking to the head student. Life was so unfair sometimes; some people had everything, intelligence, wealth, good health and popularity.

Unfortunately, Hinata did not come under any of the categories that Sasuke had. How soon he was going to learn that...

"Well...why are you here?" he asked arrogantly, as if already knowing the answer. Hinata merely frowned at that. She had definitely seen that expression before and she did not like it.

Arrogance, she thought. Naruto-kun wasn't lying when he told me about Sasuke-san. Just looking at his eyes; so empty, so cold. Not a single light in them. They're the eyes of someone who only lives for themselves. So much different from Naruto-kun's eyes which are warm, tender and full of light. Even the atmosphere around him feels chilled, unlike Naruto's kun which is light and warm.

This, Hinata knew, was someone who would used anyone for his own means...and who was proud of it.

"I'm lo-looking for s-someone," she answered slowly. "M-maybe you k-know who he is?"

"Hn. Let me guess, you're looking for Uchiha Sasuke?" the raven-haired teen answered. "Well, you've found me. So did Senju High ask you to deliver a letter of apology for turning me down?"

What does Sakura see in him? Hinata thought. "No, I-I'm here to p-pick up N-naruto-kun."

"Naruto?!" the crowds were whispering. This was definitely something new.

Long before Hinata moved back to Konoha, there was once a rumor of how the blonde had rejected a offer from the prestigious Senju High. Unfortunately, a certain raven-haired had crushed out that rumor saying that no idiot would be dumb enough to reject them.

For Naruto, he didn't really mind seeing as it would only served to make his life at Konoha High all the hectic if that little bit of rumor was believed to be true among the students. Even Sasuke had his uses from time to time...

"You're here...for the idiot?!" Sasuke snarled. "Why? So you can tell him that his application got rejected?!"

"N-naruto-kun did n-not get rejected!" the bluenette protested angrily. "I-if anything h-he rejected my s-school!"

There was a huge murmur of interest among the two crowds now as they took in this piece of information. Of course the Uchiha would deny this bit of news but on what ground would he base his arguments on, especially since it was clarified by a student of Senju High herself?

To make matters worse, he was getting glares of dissent and disgust from both the guys and his fan base. This wasn't going to be good for his reputation. Thinking quickly, he made up his mind to change the way the conversation going, hoping to salvage something from this.

No girl had ever resisted him before and if she was a Senju High student, her family must be involved with pretty big dealings themselves. As the heir to the Uchiha corporation, he knew his family corporation needed all the help it can get after that horrible scandal a few years back. Besides, the beauty in front of him had everything he had ever wanted in a potential wife-candidate; beauty, smarts, connections and background; he was already smitten with her the moment he laid eyes on her.

Problem was, he had never faced a girl who had never felt anything but disgust and anger at him for insulting her beloved in front of her. So, without even thinking to consider any possible setbacks, which had never ever happened in his life before, he walked towards the bluenette and grabbed onto her arm rather roughly before proceeding in a rather agitated voice, "Who cares about Naruto anyway? Why don't we just leave him here in the school? You must know me, right? It would be an honor to go out with the heir of the Uchiha corporation afterall."

His smug face turned to a stunned one as Hinata roughly snatched her arm away from him, before taking three steps back away from the Uchiha heir. If she was upset before, she was majorly angry now.

Taking a moment to compose herself, she smoothed away the angry frown on her face but kept the angry glare on her face as she answered the raven-haired teen, "A-an honor, yes. If y-you mean s-shaming m-myself b-by associating w-with that c-corrupted organisation y-you call a c-company."

Normally, Hinata would have been mortified at saying such a thing in her right state of mind but the point was, she wasn't in that state now. Insulting her would never earn you so much as a response but insulting her family, friends or those she held dear?

A very big mistake indeed.

Top of that list was Naruto who she had long since held a tender and dear affection for the past ten years. Now, only one thing was running through her mind, belittle the man who belittled her beloved in any form of way she could think of her. Her mother once warned her father that their first born had indeed inherited the infamous Hyuuga anger. It took a lot to work up a Hyuuga who had such a temper but when they did explode, you better find a safe place to hide.

Sasuke was about to retort angrily when they all heard a familiar calling out from behind him.

"Hina-chan!" Naruto called out as he made his way towards the bluenette. "What are you doing here?! I thought I told you to go home!"

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata called out as she caught sight of him running towards him. Immediately she rushed towards him before embracing him in what could be said to be a 'dangerous temptation' called a hug for the blonde. "Y-you never s-said I c-couldn't w-wait for you..."

"Well, I never did say that..." he began and then suddenly realized that everyone was still eyeing the way Hinatas' arms were around him. "Ah Hina?"

"Hmm?" she answered mischievously, as she flashed him a small smile.

When did she get so bold?! the blonde thought. Ah, screw it. Hina no longer cares anymore and neither should I. With that, he unhooked himself from her embrace before holding her hand in his. "Let's go home, Hina-chan"

"H-hai Naruto-kun," she replied happily, humming a tune as she did so.

Damn, she's too adorable when she does that! he thought. Turning to Kiba and Shino, he asked, "Guys?"

"Just go, Naruto," Shino answered. His face was a blank mask as always but there was a new light that was shinning brightly in his eyes.

"You've got to introduce us to your pretty friend next time, though," Kiba chipped in, laughing at the way the bluenette's face reddened at his compliment as well as the way the blonde blushed when Hinata grabbed his arm in embarrassment.

"You're not going anyway," Sasuke interrupted suddenly.

"What is it this time, Sasuke?' Naruto asked, as he pushed Hinata behind him protectively, to face his long time enemy. "In case, you haven't noticed, I didn't do anything this time."

"You think that slut of yours can just come over t-" Whatever he was going to say next was cut off as the blonde threw a surprise punch at Sasuke's face. This caused the raven-haired teen to stumble onto the floor hard, where he was continuously being pounded upon by the angry teen.

"Don't you EVER refer to Hina-chan as such!" he snarled. As he cocked his right arm back to throw another blow to the Uchiha's face, he felt a firm grasp on his arm.

"Naruto-kun, s-stop!" Hinata cried, horrified at the way the way her beloved friend had suddenly changed.

It was at that moment of hesitation that Sasuke strike back.

Seeing his chance, the raven-haired teen threw a jab at Naruto's jaw before aiming a well placed kick on his chest. As the blonde fell to the floor, he prepared to throw another punch, when he felt a firm grasp on his hand. Turning he saw a very angry looking Hinata as she held his arm in check.

Pfft, what does she think she can do against me? he thought. I'll show her not to insult the Uchiha name!

However, just as he was about to re-tract his arm, the bluenette skillfully released it before grabbing onto his other arm and locking it into a submissive position behind his back.

While Sasuke struggled at this new development, she gracefully turned to face his back before kicking the fork in his right knee, causing him to stumble onto an uncomfortable crouching position. Next she took hold of his little finger and bend it roughly at an odd angle, earning a squeal of pain from the raven-haired teen.

How did she do that?! he thought.

"Don't you ever dare do that to my boyfriend!" the bluenette hissed, bending his finger even more. When she was sure he had suffered enough, she released her hold on him before making her way towards Naruto, ignoring the shocked looks on the crowd's face as she did so.

"A-are you okay, Naruto-kun?" she whispered, as she helped him slowly onto his feet. Seeing the way he was struggling, she placed one of his arms over her shoulder before lifting him up slowly. The raven-haired teen glaring at them as she did so.

"Ow...not so fast, Hina-chan" Naruto murmured, as he clutched his aching side. "Ow...ow..."

"I'm sorry, Naruto-kun," Hinata replied. Her heart fell at the sight of the angry bruise on his jaw. Slowly, she reached out a hand before stroking the sore region. "I-I shouldn't have st-stopped you."

"Nah, you did the right thing. If only Sasuke over there knew when to quit."

Her only response was to reached up and nuzzle her head into his neck region, causing a jealous sigh from all the boys as well as an squeals of surprise from the girls. Naruto merely smirked as he returned the favor by placing a soft kiss on her forehead, earning a soft squeal from the bluenette who quickly bury her face into his chest in embarrassment.

"Let's go home, Hina-chan. I've had just about enough excitement for today." The bluenette wordlessly agree as she helped her limping friend towards where her father was waiting. People parted for the couple as they did so. "I must have been so lame back then, Hina-chan. Having to be saved by you. I really am pathetic..."

"Uh-uh," Hinata answered back. "You we-were so c-cool back then, Naruto-kun!"

"So...boyfriend?" he teased her slightly.

"Eep! Ah...w-well...that..."

"Haha, I'm just kidding Hina-chan." Their voices trailing behind as the Uchiha staggered slowly to his feet.

I will have you by my side! he thought angrily. Someone who's this amazing deserves to be with me! Not him! But just who was that...?

Unfortunately, just as he got up, there was a sharp slap to his face. Turning to glare at the girl who had slapped him, his face darkened considerably. This day just couldn't get any worse for our dear friend.


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