Naruhina: An Unexpected Reunion

An Unexpected Outcome

"I-I t-think w-we can ta-talk here Sa-sakura-san..." our favourite bluenette stammered, once they made their to the Hyuuga gardens.

To say she was a tad bit worried was an understatement; Hinata was sweating bullets at this confrontation with the pink-haired girl. There was no doubt that she held a bit of antagonism towards the pink-haired girl for what she did to her beloved Naruto but the fact remained that her beloved used to went out with her before.

Hence, it made young Hinata wonder about her own insecurities as she tried to go through what made her blonde friend choose someone just like her before she came back. Whatever qualities she did have however, Hinata could not see herself having them herself. However, unknown to her or Sakura for that matter, was the fact that our blonde hero treasured the bluenette's qualities more so than he ever did for Sakura's.

Life holds a curious aspect for each one of us. Take for example Naruto's crush and previous affections towards the pink-haired teen. He used to eye her everyday, her smile, her soft laughter and even the way she talked whenever they were hanging out before. However, ask him now about what is it about Sakura that made him attracted to him and you get one answer; "I have no idea why I fell for her in the first place"

Sakura did have her pros just as she does her cons. Unfortunately, the cons outweigh her pros.


For the very simple reason that she held herself higher than any other girl in school. That did not mean that she was outright mean to everyone she met in school or the village for that matter, although she was going out of her way to do so with the beautiful Hyuuga in front of her.

It was perhaps her inability to see past herself for what other people were feeling as a result of her actions, that was the core of her misfortune and misery. Had she ever thought how Naruto would have felt had Sasuke not dumped her? Had she ever thought how it would had felt for her ex-boyfriend if she were to ask him for his help for the sake of her beloved Sasuke?

It was not therefore not surprising that she was eyeing the bluenette in front of her with a mixture of resentment, disgust and of course...jealousy. Sakura had never ever faced anyone who was better than her in anything ever, much like a certain raven-haired teen. She was well known in the school as the untouchable flower for her looks, brains as well as her hard-working nature.

It was not a well-kept secret that she didn't come from a well-to-do family but she didn't mind. Whenever she needed extra cash, she didn't mind having to work out at certain odd jobs, over a span of a few years, in order to get the desired hard earned cash for whatever it is that girls spent their money on. As well as for her own family's usage whenever they were short on cash. For the village, it was hard to deny hiring the slim girl seeing as she was very persuasive at getting what she wants and she was willing to go to extremes to do so. However, nobody seemed to mind since what she was doing was always for the good of her family as well as the village and hence why she became very popular in such a short matter of time.

This sort of conflicted with Naruto's personality as he would always follow what his parents decided were best for him, even if he didn't like them. Being the epitome of filial piety, Naruto loved his parents dearly and would never do anything to upset them.

For Sakura however, she loved her parents yes but if she wanted something, she would do it regardless of what anyone told her otherwise since it was her decision and she wasn't involving anyone else about it.

Her reasoning was as follows, "Why should anyone stop me when whatever I'm doing doesn't harm anyone but myself?"

Unfortunately, this line of reasoning did not extend to Naruto when she broke his heart. Because she prioritize herself over others, she did not see where the problem was on toying with his feelings. If anything, she didn't really seemed to care.

Her answer?

It would have been better if he found out from her then he did on his own. Of course there were many that would have argued otherwise, mainly because she already had a boyfriend for that regard.

However, she was young and teens often make mistakes that they don't truly understand until its far too late. Hers was not realizing how much it much had hurt the poor blonde when he had devoted so much time, effort and affections to be with her. A fact that she had realized, too late, when Sasuke ended their relationship. It was only when Sasuke had done so that she realized how much Naruto must have loved her and how much he had truly meant to her.

Compare this with young Hinata who had never set her eyes on anyone but her beloved Naruto for the past ten years and we have a huge gap in personalities.

Hinata had seen her fair share of suitors, more so than Sakura but what made her different from the pink-haired was due to her gentle and understanding nature. The fact that Naruto had stood up for her all those times when they were little definitely held a huge impact on her character development, seeing as he was always willing to take the blame for her mistakes.

This made her realize early on that if he was willing to sacrifice himself for her sake, he must have really cared for her and by placing herself in his shoes, she was able to picture how he must have felt, leading her to empathize what other people were feeling as a result of her actions. And unlike Sakura, even though she had never officially went out with the young Namikaze, she was always able to work out the reasons behind his actions and hence why he meant so much to her.

It was therefore, a rather bad premonition that these two teens were about to face off in what could be seen as a clash of two opposites forces who could never see eye to eye with one another.

Put into the mix the fact that both girls were fighting for the same guy and you're basically playing with fire...

"I'm only going to say this once Hina-san," the pink haired replied, as she glared at the bluenette. "Give me back my boyfriend."

All control of her fear and worry vanished from Hinata's face at the pink-hair's reply. Trying to control her misery at such a blatant remark was not an easy task, seeing as she was still at a loss on what she should be doing in order to resolve this conflict as peacefully as possible. Also, regardless of the fact that how rude Sakura was being towards her, she knew she had to at least show some amount of courtesy towards Naruto's ex-girlfriend.

Even if they were no longer together, Hinata couldn't bear seeing her beloved get hurt because of what she had done or said to his ex-girlfriend; there were at least two weeks worth of heart-to heart discussions that the blonde had consulted her in regarding his break up and she knew how much Naruto had cared for Sakura.

Luckily for Sakura, Hinata didn't know that Naruto no longer held on to such feelings.

"No," she answered back softly but firmly. "I'll n-never g-give up Naruto-kun to you!"

"I don't think you seem to understand who you're messing with, Hina-san," Sakura called back dangerously. "Naruto belongs to me."

"Naru-to-kun..." Hinata hesitated. "Naruto-kun...d-doesn't belong t-to anyone. So, y-you ha-have no r-right to st-stop me from g-going af-after him."

A glare of disbelief shot from the pink-haired teen as she heard the bluenette's words. Nobody had ever dared speak to her in such a firm manner before, apart from a certain red-haired woman but that was besides the point.

What truly amazed Sakura however, was the fact that someone who was stuttering with every single word was able to hold out against her. It was unbelievable to say the least

And downright annoying.

How dare the blue haired beauty in front of her try to covet for what Sakura felt truly belonged to her?!

"Stop it..."


"That stuttering!" Sakura suddenly yelled, causing Hinata to cringe slightly. "You think it's cute and adorable to stutter in front of someone else?! Hah! I bet Naruto hates you for it."

Pain flashed through Hinata's face as Sakura's words cut through her like a hot knife through butter. It wasn't her fault that she couldn't stop stuttering, even though she tried but she knew where Sakura was going with this tactic. She was aiming at her insecurities so as to better weaken her resolve and strike at her defenses.

Unfortunately, it seemed to be working since Hinata had never ever thought to entertain the idea of whether Naruto ever found her stuttering annoying or not. Trying to regain some ground lost, she tried once more.

"N-naruto-kun d-d-doesn't care f-for such matters," she replied a bit shakily.

Throughout her numerous debates with the senior officers of her father's company, the bluenette had never ever felt this out-classed before in a verbal argument; Sakura had not only managed to one-up her but also gained an upperhand in their current argument.

However, of all her experiences, Hinata had never faced one regarding Naruto and hence why she felt so out-classed right now. If anything, it was the doubt that Sakura was inflicting upon herself was taking the greatest toll on her; it stripped away her courage as well as her will to defend herself. Without it, she felt nothing more than that little girl who was left behind by her beloved childhood friend.

For the first time in ten years, Hinata was...lost.

Naruto-kun, she thought, her heart aching. Where are you? I need you...please...Naruto-kun...

"Hah, I bet you he has," Sakura drawled, delighted that she now had the bluenette in the palm of her hand. "Why would he ever go out with such a weak-willed person such as yourself?"

"I-I...he..." the bluenette squeaked.

Now I've got you! the pink-haired girl thought. It wasn't a fair fight at what Sakura was doing towards Hinata but she didn't care.

Her happiness was at stake afterall and if there was anything that Sakura didn't like, it was not being in control of a situation. The bluenette in front of her was something she thought she would never ever face in a million years; a threat.

Not only had Hinata managed to steal away Sasuke's attention from her, but she had also managed to do the same for Naruto. She had seen the way the blonde had looked when the bluenette had come to pick him up from school...and she didn't like it.

It seemed laughable to her that the same person who had managed to put down Sasuke in a verbal and physical confrontation was shaking in her knees now in front of her but she savored the victory for what it was worth. The whole afternoon was a never ending series of misery for her that day and it was all due to this person! She vowed not to let herself get humiliated anymore.

This time. Oh, this time,she was going to return the favor to the one who started it all.

"He must have been so embarrassed, having you to save him in school today," the pink haired ranted on, seizing her chance. "He'll never be able to face anyone ever again!"


But it was no use, already each word felt like a blow to the poor bluenette as she realized what Sakura said could have been true. All too soon, her shoulders began shaking at the effects of the pink-haired's words and what was worse was that she no longer held the courage she previously once had when she faced the raven-haired teen.

Fear raced through her heart and doubt worm itself even deeper into her mind.

What's happening to me? Hinata thought, dread filling her. Already she was clutching her chest tightly with her left hand at the pink-haired's words. I...I...can't fight back...why? Tou-san...Neji-san...Naruto-kun...

"I know who you are now," Sakura continued, oblivious to the bluenette's struggle. 'You're Naruto's childhood friend, aren't you?"

Hinata eyes widened at that, fearful of what she was about to say next. All those years of mental barriers and physiological conditioning that her parents had instilled into her were being tossed aside like they were nothing more than a swarm of flies.

There was no other way to describe the situation; Hinata was afraid.

Heck, she was afraid of Sakura and she knew Sakura was aware of this very fact herself. Of all the million of things that the pink-haired could have target, Sakura had chanced upon her one weakness; her doubts and fears of having her feelings rejected. She couldn't take much more of this, she knew but so did her opponent.

"'re Hyuuga Hinata," Sakura sneered. "That pompous, stuck-up little snob that Naruto was always telling me about."

"N-naruto-kun wo-would n-ne-never s-saa-say th-th-that!" Hinata protested, her voice breaking.

"But he did," Sakura pressed on, as she began circling around the bluenette, all the while shooting glares at her, further hurting her psychologically.

Unknown to most, this was a subtle way to break someone down as well as to make them feel less of themselves, especially of how they look and presented to the general public. While she had never considered it, Hinata was rather fond how she presented herself to the general populace in a modest and humble fashion but from the way Sakura was eyeing her, it made her feel exposed. Like she was flaunting her beauty in front of everyone. It made her ashamed of her own body but worse of all, it made her feel like a...slut.

"Did he ever tell you how much his first love ever broke his heart?"

No response.

"Or how much pain he went through for that same person, only to have her leave without even saying goodbye?"

A small moan followed by a sob.

"Then again, I guess being the heir of the esteem Hyuuga corporation entitles you to do whatever you want, doesn't it?!"

More sobs from the bluenette as tears ran down her cheeks but if anything, there were stifled cries. Even now, the bluenette was fighting with all her will to prove herself for her beloved.

"I doubt he even has feelings for you," she taunted. Seeing the way her opponent was wavering she pressed on, determined to reduce Hinata into nothing more than a pile of hopeless dreams and broken wishes in front of her. "Has he ever asked you out? Or even told you that he loves you?"

Hinata opened her mouth but there was no response for this.

After all, she had none.

Naruto had never done any of these things to her despite how well their relationship was progressing. It suddenly dawned on her that what she had felt for the blonde for the past few months could be nothing more than her own wishful thinking. She loved the Namikaze with all her heart that was true but...he had never said anything back. She was even beginning to doubt whether what had happened earlier in her room between Naruto and her had actually happened or not.

Seeing her chance, Sakura struck out with her ultimate weapon.

"Because he did for me."

It was that one simple line that become the finishing blow that crush whatever resistance the bluenette still held.

The blow struck home as Hinata's knees bend over, causing her to collapse onto the floor as she lost the will to keep them upright. Her sobs were no longer controlled as they burst out from her. Hot tears ran through her cheeks live rivulets of water down mountain streams and her shaking intensified five folds.

Sakura had managed to open up those long chained up memories of guilt and sorrow she had tried so hard to forget. Worse still, Sakura had managed to manipulate them so as to use Hinata's tender feelings against herself. It was cruel blow but a very effective one, at that.

Her job done, Sakura turned her back towards the bluenette, ashamed at what she had done. For a moment, remorse swept through her as she realized the full impact of her actions but she crushed those feelings aside; she couldn't bear to lose Naruto now, or ever. She had lost him once and she wasn't going to lose him again. Especially not to someone as kind and beautiful as Hinata. She wanted the blonde now.

No, she needed him.

He had always been there for her just as Hinata had been for him and she wasn't going to pass this chance up.

There are no rules in love and war, the pink haired girl thought bitterly. I won't hand him over to you, Hinata-san. You've already stolen Sasuke from me but not Naruto.

"Stay away from my Naruto-kun. Hinata. He's mine."

In response, a soft yelp of surprise came from the bluenette behind her.

"Why don't you try saying that to my face?" a cold voice followed shortly.

Flinching, Sakura turned around slowly to find a very angry Namikaze half-carrying a very bewildered and very stunned looking Hinata in a protective-like cage.

Anger course through her heart at the way he held the bluenette but before she could even protest his actions, Naruto silenced her with a death-glare.

"Were you ever there for me when I needed you?" he asked suddenly.

"Naruto..." Sakura sputtered but the blonde interrupted her.

"Were you ever honest about your feelings towards me?" he stormed, causing her to shrink in fear. "Or realize how much I hurt whenever you were around Sasuke?"


"How about all those time when you told me you loved me when you went behind my back? Were you honest then?!"

No response.

"You made fun of Hina-chan's stuttering," Naruto snarled once more. "But you know what I found more disturbing than that?! Your cheating!"

"Naruto!" Sakura was sobbing now. "I made a mistake! Please! I'll make it up to you!"

"Give me one good reason, why should I?"

Knowing that the blonde was going to hate what she was going to say next, she braced herself. Only a desperate person would say what Sakura was about to say next but Sakura was beyond desperate at this was her only chance at regaining lost grounds. However, mess this up and there was no going back. It was do-or die.

"I' anything. I could do so much more for you than she could, Naruto. I promise you this."

The blonde merely glared at her before pulling Hinata into a tighter embrace. The next words that came out of his mouth crushed what little hope the pink-haired had at salvaging their relationship.

"You know what's the differece between your mistakes and Hina-chan's, Sakura? You chose do them...Hina-chan never had a choice in the matter."

"You called her weak for leaving me behind," the blonde continued. "But did you know that I planned it to be so?! Besides, she did the one thing you could never do; she rejected Sasuke and stayed true to her feelings. If ever I felt anything for what Hina-chan did at school today, it would be gratitude, not shame. I'm...proud to call Hina-chan my precious someone."

"You love me!" she protested. "It's me you love! Not that girl who left you for ten years to wallow in self-pity and denial!"

"No, my heart," he tapped at his chest twice before re-positioning Hinata in his embrace, between himself and Sakura. "belongs to her now, Sakura."

Both girls turned to stare at him in disbelief. "Point is Sakura, for the past month, Hina-chan has always been there whenever I needed her to be. She's kind, gentle, caring and so much more. You, on the other hand, threw away my heart the moment you had Sasuke in your grasp. So why are you here now?"

"You're only using her to fill in the gap I left!" Sakura argued. "Can't you see?! I'm the only who can fill that gap in! I love you Naruto!"

"I-I don't m-mind," Hinata answered back, her head facing down as she said so. "Af-after what I-I did to Naruto-kun..."

The pair of hands tightened around her as Naruto whispered gently into her ears, "Never say that Hina-chan. Don't ever say that you're nothing more than a rebound! But most importantly, don't let Sakura get to you."

"Your words mean nothing to me, Sakura," he thundered, echoing what his mother said earlier on. "You've got what you wanted didn't you? So why did you come crawling back to me?! Go back to your Sasuke-kun!"

"I can't...and I won't," she cried. "He doesn't want me anymore...Besides, I realized...just how much you mean to me, Naruto. Please...we can work this out. Let me be the Sakura-chan you always yearned for."

"And disregard everything that Hina-chan has done for me up till now?" he objected. "Sakura...I'M NOT YOU."

His words were like a slap to the pink-haired's face. Desperately, she tried coming up with more words but found none. Naruto had made it exceptionally clear; he didn't want her.

Or more like he didn't want anything more to do with her.

She was nothing more than a nuisance to him. Hinata had beaten her to Naruto. The bluenette had taken everything that had been of value to her and she had no one to blame for her mistakes but herself. Everything that she had done up till now, flashed through her mind and she realized that there was truly nothing more she could do. Her promises were as empty as the trust she had placed on Sasuke and her actions had proven to Naruto that she couldn't be trusted.

You reap what you sow, Sakura thought miserably. And I just reap a lifetime's worth of pain and suffering for what I've done to Naruto.

"I'll never give up on you Naruto," Sakura said, her voice shaking, as she got ready to leave. "You'll see...and when you do, you'll beg me to take you back!"

With that, the pink-haired teen ran towards the gates, her eyes in her arms, as her heart shattered into a million pieces and each piece crumbled into dust. Two heartbreaks in a day would have left most people into a state of depression but already the pink-haired teen was planning on ways to get her ex-boyfriend back. After all, the bluenette didn't go to his school...

"Hina-chan come on," Naruto urged kindly. "Let's get you clean up..."

Her response was a slight shake of the head and when Naruto tried to peek at her face, she turned away quickly from his wondering eyes, all the while mumbling something inaudible.

"Huh?" Naruto asked.

"...j-just l-leave me alone..."

"Hina! I can't do that, after wh-"

"Leave me alone!" the bluenette shouted, squirming roughly in his arms, as she tried to free herself.

"No," Naruto answered back hotly. Taking one more glance at the bluenette in front of him, he tried to figure out why she was acting in such a manner. Hadn't he stood up for her?!

Yet...why was she acting as such?

It must have been something Sakura said to her, he thought but when he tried to move her from the spot, he was met with harsh resistance as the bluenette planted her soles deeply into the ground beneath them. Growling at her actions, he prepared himself for what he was about to do next.

You asked for it, Hina-chan! Naruto thought. With that, he released one arm before placing it under the hook of her knees and carried her up bridal style.

"Wh-what are y-y-y-you doing, Naruto-kun!?" she protested. "Let m-me go!"

When he proceeded to march towards the Namikaze residence in said fashion, Hinata reached out her hand and slapped him sharply across his right cheek.

"P-pervert! Leecher!" she yelled. "Ha-hanabi!"

Unfortunately for the bluenette, her little sister had witnessed the entire scene and just this once, she opted not to interfere. If anything, Naruto had earned this much at least.

"Keep her safe...Naruto-kun," Hanabi whispered as she saw them make their way towards the Namikaze residence.

"Hina-chan...will you please look at me?" Naruto started as she buried her face in his chest.

Both teens were currently sitting on the living room couch with the bluenette on the blonde's lap but despite his best effort, he couldn't get her to look at him.

For Hinata; it was a different matter altogether; she didn't want to show him how much Sakura's words had hurt her. It made her feel weak and she had long promised herself to never show weakness in front of anyone since it was the very same weakness that she believed that cause Naruto to shoulder her pain all those years ago.

So, as Naruto searched his mind for what Sakura had said to Hinata just now, he came across one definite piece of dialogue that caught his attention; the event that caused his dear bluenette to leave him ten years ago.

Surely, she can't actually think I was upset over what she had no power over?! he thought. No, that can't be right. I must be too full of myself. Why in the world would I be angry at her over that? If anything, she should have been ticked off at what I did to her then!

Truth be told, it was exactly because of that event that Hinata was acting as such. Naruto might not see it that way but his friend did. This was because it wasn't him who left back then, nor was he the one who found out what Naruto did in order to save Hinata's happiness at the cost of their friendship. Regardless of the circumstances, Hinata was very regretful at what happened, especially every time she picture that sad face of his just before she left him, all those years ago.

"Hina-chan," he started once more. "Was it what Sakura said just now? About left me ten years ago?"

The sudden flinch from the bluenette was more than enough reason for him to suspect as much. Slowly he stroke the bluenette's head, earning a soft whine in return.

"It's not your fault, Hina-chan," he explained gently. "Look, everything that happened back then, it wasn't anyone's fault."


"What?" the blonde asked.

"Ye-yes it was...if o-only I wa-wasn't weak b-back then..." Hinata replied more clearly this time. "Yo-you w-were always th-there for me Naruto-kun and I-I wa-was n-never th-there for you..."

"Don't ever say that," he snapped suddenly, his arms tightening around her. "The past month has proven otherwise!"

"O-one m-month is no-nothing compared t-to ten years..." she answered back. "S-sakura w-was right, I d-don't de-de-"

"That's not true," Naruto interjected firmly.

Then, unhooking an arm slowly, at the same time keeping the other one firmly locked in place, he reached down to grasp her jaw, before forcing her to look up at him. Hinata struggled against his sudden development but in the end, Naruto wouldn't be denied. Locking her upper body in a tighter embrace, he held her face in front of her, forcing her to face him directly.

His heart ache deeply at what he saw next; the tears were long dried up but you could still traced where they had once flowed down those soft cheeks of hers. Her eyes were slightly bloodshot as well from the amount of crying she just had. Worst of all however, was the absence of her smile. It cast a look of despair on her face; making her seemed ten years older.

Once more Hinata tried feebly to resist his grasp but Naruto merely placed a kiss on her forehead, effectively ending any resistance she once had. As both their hearts pounded at being this close to one another with no one watching them, Naruto reached down to her ear before whispering a few encouraging words.

"You were never weak Hina-chan," he whispered. "Not now, not back then. Not ever. I don't care what anyone says but you must never see yourself as such!"

B-but I w-wa-" she started, only to have her lips pinched together by the Namikaze.

"No Hina, I don't want to hear it," he answered back.

"B-but-" she tried once more, only to be silenced as the blonde crushed his lips against hers. The bluenette's eyes widened at this and for a moment, she struggled feebly, a part of her welcoming this strange new sensation while the other half, shocked at what Naruto was suddenly doing. Then she stopped.

I..Naruto...what? Her mind reeled. Finally, however she surrendered. Don't think, she thought. Just feel...

It was a tender moment as they shared their first kiss rather awkwardly, both of them struggling against the awkward sensation that they were feeling. Soon however, their bodies moved on their own into a much more position as their minds strove to etched and perfect this moment forever into their memory.

For Hinata, she had bent herself forward slightly whereas the boys' arms had relocated themselves to her slender waist. Her arms, on the other hand, had traveled to his neck, as she pulled him ever closer into that long awaited kiss. All too soon, it got a tad bit too hot for our young couple but still they refused to let go.

It was only when Hinata lungs felt like they were about to collapse from the lack of oxygen that she tapped onto his arm, signalling him to let go. Reluctantly, they pulled apart, both panting slightly from the excursion.

"I guess this makes up for back then?" Naruto panted. Once more he circled his arms around the bluenette, pulling her closer towards him.

As a response, Hinata placed her head on his chest before nodding slowly in return, seeing that she was still too starved of oxygen to speak. Once she had regained her breath back however, she proceeded to hum her trademark tune as she bobbled her head slowly on his chest, her smile restored once more by her blonde friend.

"Y-you don't m-m-mind my stuttering, Naruto-kun?" she asked slowly. The blonde nuzzled her neck slowly before answering her.

"I love it Hina-chan. It's what makes you so cute," he answered back, earning a slight blush from the bluenette. "Don't ever stop stuttering, Hina-chan. It's a part of who you are and whatever part you a part of who I am."



"W-was it t-true? Everything th-that Sakura s-said?" The blonde's eyebrow's knitted together as he heard her words.

"Which part are you asking?"

"Li-like...was I re-really y-your first l-love?" she asked timidly. Naruto laughed at that.

"It's true, I could never help but crush on someone as adorable as your cute six year old self back then," he admitted. A small whine followed from the bluenette before he continued. "But I would never trade the you now for anyone or anything...even if, by some miracle, I was given the ability to stop you from leaving back then."


"As for the pain I felt when I hurt you back then," the blonde continued. "I gladly experienced it ten times, if it meant being able to be with you right now, like this."

" too, N-naruto-kun," she mummbled slowly.

"Although...Sakura was right about my feelings towards you," he proceeded slowly. The bluenette flinched at that. Then did it mean that he didn't actually lo-?!

"I was too...afraid to ever confront you, Hina-chan," Naruto remarked, effectively destroying any doubts that she had for him in her mind. "You...were the Hyuuga heir. You were perfect in any way. While I...I was nothing. Had nothing and could offer nothing, Hina-chan..."


"Are yo-you sure about ch-choosing me, Hina-chan?" Naruto hesitated. "There...are so many o-other that are-"

Whatever he was going to say this time round was cut off as Hinata crash her lips onto his this time. For a moment, another round of silence ensured but this second round ended much quicker than the first as Hinata had some very important matters that she felt the need to impart to her beloved.

"I ne-never cared m-much for my position a-as th-the Hyuuga Heir, N-naruto-kun," she replied back. "I-if anything, I-I became th-the heir j-just so I c-could have the ch-chance to be w-with you."


"Th-there mi-might be mi-millions of fishes in t-the sea Naruto-kun...b-but to me, th-there will al-always only be o-one Naruto."


"And re-regardless o-of what an-anyone says...yo-you will a-always be m-my Naruto-kun." His heart swelled at her words. Never before had anyone ever utter such tender words to him in such a fashion and once more he berated himself for not accepting his feelings sooner.

Hinata merely smiled at the smirk that was already forming on his face, as she laid her head back onto his chest, humming that all too familiar lullaby once more.

"Hina, I think I love you," Naruto suddenly whispered into her ear. "No, I know I love you. I'm sorry for not realizing this sooner but...will you walk this road with me? As my girlfriend?"

And hopefully my betrothed, he thought to himself.

Hinata squealed in excitement before answering back. "Yes! Because I do too..."

Just as they were about to lean in for another kiss, an voice called out behind them.

"Well, it's about time!" the voice said, startling both teens greatly.

Turning, who should they find but Kushina, with a big grin on her face along with Minato with a slightly sheepish expression. "I was thinking about locking the two of you up in the bedroom had you been one second slower!"

"Kaa-san!" Naruto groaned, as Hinata fainted from the sheer embarrassment of it all.

"You went a bit overboard there, Honey," Minato sighed. "Look what you did to poor Hinata."

"Oh well, it is a Friday night, today," Kushina continued. "I'll make a call to Hiashi-san. I don't think he'll mind if Hina-chan stays over for one night."

Naruto paled at that. It was definitely NOT a good idea at all for Hinata to stay over at their place for the night. Ever.

"I just hope Soichi doesn't do any...immoral things to Hina-chan's body while she's in such a vulnerable state," Kushina teased, earning a face palm from her husband and yet another groan from her beloved son. "I mean, really Minato, didn't I tell you to get the two guest-rooms ready as soon as possible?"

Sure, put the blame of me, why don't you? Minato thought warily.

"Well...Soichi can sleep on the floor if he doesn't mind leaving Hina on his bed."

"I have a better idea," Naruto piqued in. "Like, bringing her home."

"I FORBID IT," Kushina thundered. "You're not ruining this moment, Soichi. You or anyone! I'll be taking pictures of your first night together so I can informed my grand-kids next time on what their parents were doing when they went out."

Yet another face palm; this time from both males of the Namikaze residence.

"Mom...she lives just next door!" Naruto complained back.

"And I bet you're just dying to sleep in the same room with her, aren't Soichi?" Kushina continued, totally ignoring her son. "Wait here, while I go get the camera!"

With that, the red-haired dashed quickly up the stairs, leaving the remaining them with sweat drops.

"I'm sorry Naruto," Minato apologized, placing a hand on his son's shoulder. "But what your mom says, goes in this house I'm afraid."

With that, he too took off up the stairs as he tried thinking of a way to calm his wife down.

"But I'll disown you if anything ever happens with Hina-chan, Naruto!" Minato called from up the stairs.

With the way, their acting, its as if they DO want something to happen between me and Hina-chan," Naruto thought warily. Unfortunately, he was right in that regards but his parents weren't about to let him in on that anytime soon...

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