Naruhina: An Unexpected Reunion

Chapter 8: A Very Expected Ending

Few years later...

There were many people surrounding the grand hall for which the grand celebration was about to begin as a very flustered Naruto was pacing about in his smart strapping black suit.

Both Kiba and Shino held extremely huge grins as their best friend before them, who they always knew to be very fearless, was reduced to this scared little state. Then again, it was every man's worst nightmare as well as his greatest dream on this very night, provided you could overcome the unbearable stares, whispers and embarrassing teasing that came about with such a celebration.

Or in Kiba's words, "Forever damning you to a life of solitude with just one girl and being robbed of the joy and gift of eyeing other women."

However, we should not dwell on such words, given the fact that Neji had punished the poor Inuzuka by making him listen to Lee's speech on the joyous occasion for over an hour. By the time the hour was done, the poor twenty four year old was begging for a death sentence, although this was hardly surprising given that Lee's speech were always about being in the prime of their life and making the most of their youth. This time however, he did include addition dialogue on the art of..."the most ancient dances of man and women" thinking it would be a good idea for the young couple.

When Shikamaru voiced concern over letting such a man made such a speech at such an event, Neji's answer was to just let him go with it.

His answer?

When the mike was handed over to Lee, an 'accidental' switch would flip, thus breaking the connection of the mike with the speakers and everyone would be none the wiser on what the youth had said after he was done with his little speech. Well, everyone except Kiba, that is...

Soon the time came when the bride, dressed in a pure white pristine wedding gown, accompanied with the silky veil came walking down the aisle together with her dear father, who I might add, was trying his best not to cry out.

It certainly didn't helped the blonde when Hiashi's subtle threats reached him, as he handed his daughter's hand to him, should he ever find his beloved first born crying for whatever reason that was not joyous once they've finally tying the red string together. He would have said more, had his daughter not stamped her foot onto his, all the while replying through a thin smile in a voice absolutely dripping with honey,

"Daddy, pl-please step away fr-from my husband to be...or you'll ne-never have any grand-kids."

When both men turned to give her miserable looks, she couldn't help but giggle at their response. Her father, she always knew, wanted her to ensure the Hyuuga line, whereas her beloved Naruto-kun was only too eager to start a family with her, given the fact that he loved kids and was already thinking of adopting some of the kids from the childhood orphanage.

Unfortunately, Minato beat him to it when both he and his wife, adopted the whole lot from the orphanage citing that he was finally handing over leadership of the village to his young but capable son to pursue an early retirement when the wedding was over.

All in all, it was a simple happy wedding in a humble little village, despite the luxurious spending that Hiashi had managed to accumulate in preparation for his heir's special little moment. For the couple, this was more than they could have hoped for.

Almost immediately after they finished college about two years ago, Hinata had effectively replaced her father as head of the Hyuuga corporation and was already securing many financial ties with other world leading corporation's worldwide.

Naruto, on the other hand had decided to read law during his time in university and was himself an excellent asset to the Hyuuga corporation, as many times he had managed to stop the company from entering a contract that would only be disastrous for the company's future. Apart from that, he was the second in command of the Hyuuga corporation and Hiashi couldn't be prouder of his future son-in-law.

Everything couldn't be better, if not for the fact that a single party crasher barged right in just as their vows of matrimony were about to sealed...

It had been three months now, Naruto mused as he awoke from his dream.

Soft hands circled the blonde as his eyes opened up to stared at the ceiling before him. A soft smile formed on his face as he replayed the memory. If anything, that little celebration was going to be the talk of the town for years to come. While he had indeed cursed the raven haired assailant for ruining their perfect moment, it was still worthwhile seeing his long time rival and worst enemy be dragged away from the scene, all the while crying, "YOU ARE NOT FIT TO BE WITH HER!"

Shifting slowly now, he turned to face the bluenette who was sleeping soundly in front of him. A smile formed on his face as he leaned down and placed a very soft kiss on her nose.

The result was instantaneous; her eyes tightened before she glanced up sleepily at him.

"Hi beautiful," he smirked, causing a huge blush to erupt from her face, as the bluenette immediately grabbed the front of his shirt and buried her face in his chest. "Come on Hina-chan, we've been married for three months now, you've got to get used to that by now."

She peeked her head out at that before burying her face back in, earning a soft sigh from the blonde as he circled his hands around her this time.

"Have I ever told you how adorable you are, Hina-chan?" he teased. A soft whine was his answer. "Don't ever change, Hina-chan"

"I-I w-won't Naruto-kun," she whispered back, as she hugged him in return. "or r-rather, I do-don't think I can."

"Ready for the honeymoon, Hina-chan?" he asked casually. She nodded her head meekly at that.

Plans regarding their post-wedding event had to be postponed, since Minato had officially stepped down as mayor of the village as he said he would. Similarly, Hinata was just as busy overseeing the moving of the headquarters from the city to a new central building located just within the outskirts of the village; a task which was no doubt, frowned upon by the others as there were many that criticized the bluenette for doing such a thing.

Despite this however, productivity had skyrocketed by over fifty percent seeing as busy city employees found the new work place in the countryside, little more than invigorating. As for housing and accommodation services, Hinata had requested new apartments to be built around the central building for the workers out of the Hyuuga's company own budget, with Gaara spearheading the project.

All in all, things were better than they were expected given that the project itself helped facilitated new jobs for those unemployed in the nearby city and the village. What was even better was that, Gaara had just started his new company managing workers, architects and contractors and was already looking for able workers, which the villages were all too eager to accept.

Naruto on the other hand, was just as capable as Minato in managing the village and the people were very happy at the way things were running for them. They had a good leader looking out for them, subsidization was done by the Hyuuga corporation on the village's necessities, further improving relations between the village and the corporation, as well as improving the Hyuuga's name worldwide but most of all, they were happy that their village leaders, seeing as they considered Hinata to be one of them as she grew up in the village as well prior to her leaving, were doing their utmost to look out for them.

The only drawback was that our young blonde was more than exhausted by the time the day ended as he had to look through the legal matters of both his wife's company as well as the outlook of the village. This however, lessen somewhat when Shikamaru took over as his assistant in managing the villages' affairs and Shino and Kiba helping him out in managing the legal affairs on his side.

The only thing that dampened this subsequent rise of Konoha's growing reputation was the collapse of the Uchiha organisation as Itachi had predicted all those years ago. Numerous accounts of fraud, blackmail and corruption from within had finally warrant an arrest on Fugaku Uchiha.

Reluctantly, Naruto had ordered the arrest, despite knowing that it would only further weaken relations between him and Sasuke as a result. Out of pity and on the request of her husband, his dear bluenette had offered the disgraced Sasuke a place in the Hyuuga corporation despite what he had done on their wedding day and reception, but had placed him under the eyes of his older brother.

Itachi had once warned the young couple that while, he had no doubt regarding the younger Uchiha's skills in managing business dealings, trying to control him was akin to a farmer asking a stray wolf to look after his flock of sheep. Still, Itachi did feel guilty in playing a role in Sasuke development as an adult and had given his word to keep a very sharp lookout on his younger brother.

Despite all of the kind things the couple had done for him, Sasuke was still Sasuke and before too long, he began eyeing Hinata once more for her tremendous power, sway and wealth she held over others. Numerous times in the past, he had tried to win Hinata's heart and hand but had only earned her unending ire. Now that he was employed under her directly however, he sought more that ever to attain the hand of this illusive jewel even though Hinata was married by then.

Until finally, tired, angry and just having enough of all that Sasuke had done, Hinata had fired him straight on the spot, requesting that he never ever show his face again in front of her. A sentiment that her beloved blonde shared in banishing and forbidding entry for him into their village anymore.

Sasuke had then left, vowing to get even with them one day. The only thing that troubled the couple was that Itachi had resigned post-haste following that event, citing that he needed to right the wrongs of his father and had even begged them for their permission, an act which only hurt the couple even more seeing as they didn't want him to leave but felt obligated for all that he had done for them.

So, after months of torturous efforts and trying trials, things were finally beginning to settle down for our young couple. In fact, the day-to-day on-goings seemed rather trivial now that everything had been done and dusted. It was then that Hiashi requested that they finally go on their well-deserved honeymoon before things start getting hectic again. And since they had struggled so much for the past few years, he had arranged a little surprise for the two of them; a three month long trip to an undisclosed location, all of which was fully paid and organised just for the tow of them.

So it is now that we find our young hero, along with his heroine, wondering was could be in store for them the very next day. Hiashi's surprises were always amazing, hence why they couldn't wait.

"I still can't believe everything we went through, Hina-chan," Naruto whispered, as he brushed his lips past his bluenette's ear, earning a slight shiver from her.

"N-nor c-can I, N-naruto-kun," she agreed. When he leaned in for a kiss, she leaned forward, only to stop when a wave of nausea racked through her, forcing her to sit upright and clamped her mouth shut with her right hand.

"Hina!" Naruto cried out worried, as he too, sat up upright and immediately began looking her up and down. When her face softened, he quickly cupped her face, searching for anything unusual and finding none.

"Are you okay? Where does it hurt, Princess? Did Sasuke hurt you?!" he blabbed on. "Maybe I can get you something-"

"Na-naruto-kun..." Hinata began only to be ignored as her husband continued on worriedly.

"I'll have to cancel the trip, I can't have you travelling when yo're sick! There-"

"Na-nar-" she tried once more.

"Maybe Ino will be able to he-" he continued, only to be silenced as the bluenette placed her lips against his.

His nerves calmed by that un-explainable feeling every time you kiss someone, he remained silent. As they relished this moment together as husband and wife, their hands circled each other once more, pulling their bodies even closer to one another. When they were done, she placed a finger on his lips before humming her tune.

"Naru-kun," she hummed, relishing her use of the new nickname she had came up with for her beloved. "Thank you for caring s-so much about me b-but I'm fine, re-really."

"Are you sure, Princess?" he asked back worriedly, cradling her in her arms. "You've been having headaches, nauseous spells and even fainted once in that meeting last week!"

"I'm f-fine really, Naru-kun," she answered, blushing slightly at the use of his pet name for her. "Be-besides, y-you were there to catch me wh-when I f-fell."

"Hina," the blonde called out strictly. "Tell me...what exactly is wrong with you?"

When she look away from him and didn't reply, he pressed on, "Tell me, Hina. I'm your husband after all."

This time, as she turned back to look at him, there was a certain amount of pride and happiness in those sparkling velvet eyes.

"" she muttered under her breath. When he asked her to repeat her sentence, she smiled a small smile before whispering into his ears, "You're going to be a father, Naru-kun..."

"Hina..." Naruto replied as tears ran down his eyes, totally un-expecting this. ""

"Naru-kun?" Hinata replied back nervously. She had not expected this. Was he angry? She had always thought that he would have been delighted to start a family with her but maybe she was...?

Whatever went through her mind was instantly wiped away from existence as the blonde brushed his lips against the bluenette once more. When he finally released her from his embrace however, there was a foxy grin on his face that wasn't there before.

"Hina," he cried into her chest for the first time. "Y-you...yo-you make me the happiest man in the world. Hina..,th-thank you..."

"It's o-okay Naru-kun," she cooed, surprised at this sudden reversal in their roles. Rubbing his back slightly now, she continued to coo encouragement and kind words towards him. All too soon, her eyes began to wet as well as she realized just how bless she was to be able to share her life with the man she had loved so much for so many years. "Y-y-you to-too Naru-kun. You m-make me th-the ha-happiest woman on e-earth. I love you too."

And thus, ends the story of our beloved couple who only lived a life full of happiness and love as well as one free of fear and doubt.

To continue on after this point would be putting to shame the numerous account of how they lives played out; from how young Hanabi came along to witness their firstborn son and subsequent daughter, whom she immediately took a liking to, to how Neji eventually pursued Itachi's whereabouts and managed to convinced him back into the Hyuuga corporation, thus ushering a golden age for the Hyuuga and Namikaze line.

Both Minato and Hiashi spent the remaining days, setting up a new corporation called the Namikaze Industries in an effort to start a new world leading corporation, an action that both their wives only seemed to encourage seeing as it would stop them from complaining out of boredom at having nothing to do at home following their retirement. As for both grandmothers, their grandchildren provided an unlimited supply of joy and teasing towards their children and there was never a dull moment for any of them.

All this and more continued to happen and it was all due to the unexpected, but very much needed, reunion of a young teenage boy with his dear bluenette who had once given her heart to him and had returned to see if he was willing to give it back.

An act which he did not do, as he had fallen in love with her soon after and had given his heart back to her in return. Broken and tattered though it was, the bluenette had accepted it back in kind because of love. And it was love that carried them forward throughout the years and love that will continued to bind the two together until the end of their days.

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