A Rocky Road

Proposal revealed-part 2

Darcy POV

Her family is quite overwhelming, but when she smiles at me, it does not seem to matter at all. I greet her mother politely. In turn I receive "Mr Darcy, thank you for condescending to come into our humble home. It is not comparable to your estate, but that has not seemed to bother other people."

"Mrs Bennet, your house is comfortable. Thank you."

Mr Bennet comes up to me.


"Young man, have you told my wife about your news?"

"I have not had that pleasure as of yet, as I have only lately arrived."

I proceed into the house, occasionally glancing at my darling, who was engaged in conversation with her father. She saw me looking, and smiles in return, trying not to let her family know just yet that we are to be married.

Just then, Bingley arrives along with Jane.

"Jane, dear! It is good to see you." Mrs Bennet says as she rushes out to greet her eldest daughter.

"Jane, how good it is to see you. I missed you so dearly, but there is something that I wish to speak with you about." Elizabeth greeted.

"Lizzy, surely it cannot be as serious as that?" Jane asks concerned about her sister.

I watch as they walk off to a nearby corner to talk more privately, but the conversation still reaches my ears.

"Oh Jane, I am so happy."

"Lizzy, Mr Darcy came earlier today. He told Charles the good news. Charles then told me. I am so happy for you."

"Thank you Jane."

I smile as she walks over to stand by me. It is still somewhat odd that she chose me after the way that I treated her in the past, but hope never to repeat my past behaviour.

"Miss Elizabeth, you will be pleased to know that just before I wrote to my sister to invite her to stay at Netherfield. She expressed a wish to pay a visit to you whilst I am with Bingley." I relate to her.

"It would be my great pleasure to become reacquainted with your sister," she says, and then whispers "Fitzwilliam."

This causes me to smile, however I realise that everyone is looking our way. I glance at Elizabeth to find that she too has noticed.

Elizabeth POV

I look over to mama to find her staring agog at me for my impertinence in presuming to call a respectable gentleman such as Mr Darcy by his Christian name, as I still have not been able to announce to my mama and sisters that I am to be married soon.

"Elizabeth Bennet, you will not call Mr Darcy by his given name, or he will consider it a slight against his name." mama states, feeling that I have embarrassed myself and Mr Darcy by not conforming to the social conventions expected of me.

"Mama, I-" I begin.

"Mrs Bennet, I am not injured by Miss Elizabeth calling me Fitzwilliam, and moreover I encourage it for what else is my wife to call me?" Mr Darcy interjects, whilst effectively communicating that I am betrothed to him.

For a moment, silence reigns.

"Oh Mr Darcy! You have done a great service to us, marrying Elizabeth. Just think, Lizzie, 10,000 a year!" mama says delightedly.

I smile at Fitzwilliam in response, hoping that there is no offence taken at my mama's statement about the income that I will have once becoming Mrs Darcy.

I remain silent for much of the meal, focusing instead upon becoming reacquainted with Miss Georgiana, whom I had met on a visit to Pemberley. The time comes for us to retire to the drawing room, whilst the men retire to papa's study.

I follow my mama and sisters and wait for my Fitzwilliam to return.

After a half hour has elapsed, the gentlemen arrive from papa's study, therefore allowing me to be near to Fitzwilliam. Bingley sits with Jane, and they quietly converse allowing for Fitzwilliam and myself to converse whilst still being supervised.

"My Elizabeth, would you wish to see Pemberley again before we wed?" Fitzwilliam asks me.

I look up and see seriousness in his eyes, replacing the warm glow that was found in them when he entered the room.

"Would I be able to?"

"Should you wish to?" Fitzwilliam says, smiling slightly.

"Yes, I should like to." I say, smiling.

"I shall ask your father if we would be able to return to Pemberley once Georgiana arrives at Netherfield. I anticipate her arrival to be on the morrow."

"I shall wait with eagerness to hear the result of the discussion that will occur with my papa."

For a small period of time, we sit in companionable silence, simply enjoying being together. My mama covertly stares at my fiancé with a sense of wonder on her face, trying to work out how I could be betrothed to a man such as Mr Darcy.

I see Mr Bingley and Jane end their conversation and rise. I realise that Mr Darcy is about to be gone again. I look up to see his facial expression and notice his reluctance to leave.

"Until tomorrow, Miss Elizabeth. I will accompany Georgiana if this is acceptable," he says as he rises to leave. He bows low over my hand and exits the room.

I curtsy to the Bingleys who then follow Mr Darcy out of the house.

Darcy POV

I exit the house before I give in to my impulse to kiss her once more, as we did when I renewed my sentiments to her, however this would have been highly inappropriate and therefore I left before my willpower failed me. Elizabeth has a great amount of power over my own power of restraint when I am with her.

Bingley follows me out of the house and alights the carriage that transported him to the Bennet's whilst I call for my horse to be brought out to me. As I mount Storm, I am aware that Elizabeth is watching me from the door of her house. I nudge Storm into a canter without looking back, as I feel my resolve weaken. I plan to speak with Mr Bennet about Elizabeth coming to Pemberley with me, as I am unsure as to how long I could live in Derbyshire without her.

I am only reassured by the fact that Georgiana is to arrive at Netherfield on the morrow, as I am anxious to be near to her again, as she was neglected when I came to Hertfordshire to attend Bingley's wedding some weeks back.

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