A Rocky Road

Wedding Bells

By this point, Bingley had been shooting for quite some time, but since the light would be fading soon we decided to return to Pemberley.

2 days later...

I woke up and all of the trouble that had been creating chaos in my life for the past week seemed to have been forgotten. The sun was shining and the birds were singing- this may sound odd considering past accounts of my character, but I wanted to remember everything about the happiest day of my life.

As I dressed in my wedding garments, I found my fingers fumbling to do the buttons on my shirt and vest, as well as struggling to tie my cravat. Despite the fact that I had a valet, I valued my independence and wished to prepare without the help of servants. With an agitated sigh, I went to find Bingley- surely he was not falling to pieces as I seemed to be.

Bingley was in his room, as I suspected he would be. He seemed somewhat surprised to see me in my current state- I was usually calm around him and when I wasn't calm, I was usually angry. Never before had Bingley seen me nervous or unsure.

"Darcy! Are you alright, old fellow?" Bingley asked.

I smiled, as he could clearly see that I was not alright.

"Yes, yes, I am fine, but could you give me some assistance with this blasted cravat? It doesn't want to do up like normal, and I don't want to damage it." I replied.

"Of course. Calm yourself, you're just getting married to the woman you love." Bingley said in an attempt to reassure me.

"it is a simple matter for you, you did not have an aunt that practically disowned you due to the fact that she was not invited to the wedding." I said with a big sigh.

"True, that may not have happened to me. I understand your anxiousness about the wedding though."

"Really? She threatened to come to the wedding anyway! What would Elizabeth say if she found out?" I ask, sinking onto the bed.

"Elizabeth would not blame you, I am sure. She would know that you would not invite her if you had the choice."

I smiled, knowing this is true.

Elizabeth's room and POV- same time


"Lizzy, what is the matter?" Jane asks me as she looks anxiously at me to make sure I am alright.

I sigh before continuing "what if she comes to the wedding?"

"Oh, Lizzy. Mr Darcy will not let that happen, I am sure of it."

"I know, but still…" I silently wonder what would happen if she did come to the wedding.

Darcy POV

"Brother!" Georgiana rushes in, a panicked expression on her face.

"Georgie, what is it? Is everything alright?" I anxiously ask, worried that there has been some cause for stress for Elizabeth or that my dear sister is unwell.

"Um…" Georgiana replies before being cut off by a voice downstairs.


"I must speak to my nephew at once!"

I inhale sharply, hoping that no one heard the voice of my aunt flooding up the stairs.

"Georgiana, tell her to meet me in my study please."

As I walk to my study, I wonder what I will tell her, my thoughts mainly circulating around the fact that she needs to be gone before the ceremony starts.

Darcy's study

"Aunt" I state in a cold tone.

"Nephew, you can be at no loss as to why I am here."

"Apparently I can, as I can have no possible occasion to see you here today."

"I must insist that you marry my daughter, Anne."

"You have no right to say that, especially today. I cannot please you; I can only please myself today. I will never marry Anne." I say evenly, but with cold politeness.

"Are the shades of Pemberley to be thus polluted?"

"The shades of Pemberley can only be enhanced by what Elizabeth will do as mistress of Pemberley." I say, beginning to get extremely angry.

"I must therefore sever all connections from this point onward."

I sigh.

"Please show yourself out." I say, as I tiredly sit down in my chair.

Suddenly the door opens.

"Darcy! The ceremony is about to commence." Bingley announces.

I rise from my seat and follow him out to the garden where the ceremony is to be held.

As we walk to the garden, I contemplate what just happened. I am happy that Elizabeth does not ever have to see her again, but I still do as I manage her business affairs as well as my own.

I sigh, my mind in a complete whirlwind. Bingley looks over at me, curious as to why his normally stern and composed friend is suddenly so discomposed.

"It happened, Bingley. She came." I state in a detached manner, stressing the word 'she' so that Bingley could fully grasp the import of what I was telling him.

"Really? Is she gone, now?"

"Of course she is gone now. I would never have let her stay." I state, as if it is completely obvious.

After that, we remain in silence. I can see that we are nearing the arbour covered in roses where the ceremony would take place shortly.

I have to keep reminding myself to breathe, but it feels forced. "Get a grip on yourself." I mentally chide myself.

All of a sudden, my attention is arrested by the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

She looks absolutely beautiful. The sight of her causes me to smile nervously.

Before I know it, she is standing next to me. I seem to have forgotten how to breathe properly.

She smiles at me, somehow reassuring me in a way that no one else would.

The man performing the ceremony asks Elizabeth to say her vows, which she does:

Fitzwilliam Darcy, you were the only one I could see myself with for the rest of my life. It has not been an easy journey, but it has made the reward even more valuable than it could have been, had the journey been easy. I promise to love and take care of Georgiana as one would a sister and protect her as one would a mother. I promise to compliment you in every way possible and love you for the rest of my days.

I love you Fitzwilliam and I always will.

I am so touched by her vows that I am left speechless and forget what I want to say to Elizabeth.

In a panic, I look to Bingley as if to ask for help, but he simply stares back at me. Thank you for helping, Bingley.

The man performing the ceremony is trying to talk to me but my surroundings blur. Elizabeth squeezes my hand as a reminder of where I am. With a deep breath, I regain my composure.

"Forgive me. I momentarily forgot what I wished to say." I say with a smile.

I continue "What I wished to say was this:

Elizabeth Bennet, from the moment I first saw you all those months ago, I knew you were the one for me. It may have taken us both a while to realise that we were in love, but once we did, nothing could stop us. I vow before this assembled crowd to always love you and protect you from harm. I love you Elizabeth.

I look into Elizabeth's eyes and see that she is about to cry. Good job, Darcy! You made her cry.

"Elizabeth, are you alright?" I whisper.

She nods that she is alright and smiles.

I am barely conscious of the fact that someone is saying that I may kiss Elizabeth. This is all the invitation that I need.

I bend down a little and she reaches up and we passionately kiss and embrace. I have only ever experienced a kiss like this once before. It was when I had just proposed to Elizabeth for the second time.

Bingley nudges us after a few moments and I slowly draw away from my wife. My wife! How nice that sounds.

I smile at him in thanks. He suggests that we enter the grand dining room where there will be a wedding feast. I call out and announce this to the crowd, who have come to congratulate us. I graciously accept their congratulations then slowly draw Elizabeth through the crowd.

Of course, we could not escape my new mother by law. She hurries up to us and even though I like Elizabeth's family well enough, her mother still makes me groan inwardly.

"Mr Darcy. It is very kind of you to marry our Lizzy. I was sure that she would not fail to accept Mr Collins, however that was not to be. You are far more handsome and rich in comparison to him." She gushes.

"I thank you Mrs Bennet." I say, trying desperately not to show how I feel at her statement about my wealth.

"Mama, I do not think Mr Darcy wishes to hear this conversation." Elizabeth interjects.

This seems to be enough to make Mrs Bennet hurry off, with a final statement of "10,000 a year!"

"Thank you Elizabeth. I do not know how much I could have faced." I say.

"It is alright Fitzwilliam." She smiles at me.

Mr Bennet walks up to us at this point.

"I am sorry sir for my wife. I find she becomes more excitable as she ages." He says with a small grin gracing his features as he watches his most beloved daughter by my side.

"Papa!" Elizabeth says laughingly.

"It is no matter. My wife was able to rescue me." I reply with a grin.

I lead Elizabeth further into the crowd and am met with my friends and family. It seems as if everyone is purposely blocking our path to the dining hall.

As we continue, I notice Georgiana coming towards us.

"Brother!" she exclaims.


"Brother, I am glad that you chose Elizabeth to be your wife, otherwise you should not even remember your own name!" she teases.

"I fear that you have been spending a little too much time with my wife." I say with mock severity, even though I am pleased that she feels enough at ease in such a crowd to tease me.

"Georgiana, I am glad to call you my sister." Elizabeth states with a smile.

"Oh yes, I have always wished for a sister."

"Really, you never said so Georgie. Is a brother not enough?" I say, chuckling.

"Of course you are." She reassures me.

"If you will excuse us, I wish to sit down with my wife." I state as the reality of the day begins to dawn on me and the idea that my aunt would have tried to ruin it for her selfish pleasure.

Georgiana smiles and allows us to make our way to the head of the table that has been set up for the purpose of having a wedding lunch.

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