A Rocky Road


The days after the wedding of Fitzwilliam Darcy to Elizabeth Bennet were spent in quiet pleasure; each intent upon discovering all there was about the other. Often times, voices slightly raised could be heard as Fitzwilliam endeavoured to convince Elizabeth to join his position in a debate; however she stubbornly refused, seemingly enjoying the loving rivalry which permeated such debates. However, Fitzwilliam conceded to listen to Elizabeth and often found her to be in the right.

Georgiana enjoyed the happy state that Pemberley was clothed in, as she basked in the joy of having a sister to call her own, one whom could help Georgiana gain confidence, not only in her performance on the pianoforte, but in other matters as well. Her playing could be heard all throughout the large estate house, all day long with barely a pause.

As Elizabeth sat in the music room, listening to the beautiful playing of her sister, she reflected upon all that had occurred in the last few weeks.

Elizabeth POV

Several weeks had passed now since my wedding to Fitzwilliam, which had left many tasks to be accomplished, including all of the estate business that was not attended to on the wedding trip which had lasted many weeks and encompassed much of Europe and some islands in the Southern Hemisphere, similar to the wedding trip that my sister and her husband had embarked upon before I had been married.

One day found me sitting in the music room listening to Georgiana's lovely playing, which enabled me to reflect upon all that had happened since I had become the Mistress of Pemberley. Fitzwilliam had been absent frequently once we returned from our wedding trip, as Georgiana had expressed the wish to debut into society, having gained the confidence to do so.

I felt the need to speak with my husband, as I had recently had the cause to be aware of a change in my constitution. Not wishing to add to the worries of my husband, I had decided to privately consult a physician. He had given me good news which I particularly wished to make known to my husband.

"Georgie, your playing is beautiful." I praised as I sat listening to my sister by law playing her beloved instrument.

"Thank you Lizzy. Will you not play for me?" Georgiana asked, knowing that it would be somewhat difficult to persuade me to play for her as I believed that I had no talent.

"No thank you Georgie. I am quite content to listen to you." I replied with a smile.

"If brother asked, you would play, wouldn't you?" Georgiana asked, slightly pouting.

I laughed. "I suppose that is true, but allow me to remind you that I cannot play the instrument with the same talent as you." I stated.

"Why don't you take my aunt's advice and practice?" inquired a voice from the entrance to the music room.

Darcy POV

"Brother!" Georgiana cried happily.

"Fitzwilliam, how nice it is to see you again. You have been quite distant the last few days. Have there been very many letters of business to attend to?" Elizabeth enquired as she walked to me.

"Yes, there have been a great many. Is it quite necessary for Georgiana to come out in society by having her very own ball?" I asked, a teasing tone in my voice, as I rubbed the back of my neck.

"Oh brother! I only wished for a small ball. What could there be to plan?" Georgiana asked innocently.

I laughed to show that I was teasing. "Dear sister, I am coordinating several guests to celebrate your debut with you. It takes time to pen letters and wait for a reply."

"Guests? Am I acquainted with many of them?" Georgiana asked, anxious about being forced to endure a night with no acquaintances with whom to pass the time.

"Fitzwilliam, please. Poor Georgiana will become more worried than needed about her ball to be held in a week." Elizabeth said with a smile, knowing that I had only invited family and close friends to this ball.

"Oh, very well. Georgie, there will only be family and close friends coming to the ball." I stated, with a smile.

Georgiana sighed in relief.

"Now, may I claim a walk with my wife across the grounds of the estate, or is she engaged at the pianoforte?" I asked, genuinely hoping that he would be able to spend time with his wife.

"Of course you may. I have been wishing to spend time with you for it seems that we have been too often separated from each other." Elizabeth said with a smile.

With that, I offered her my arm, which she accepted happily, and we left Georgiana to practice at the pianoforte in peace. Without a word, we made our way to the section of the garden that had belonged to my mother, as it had quickly become a favourite section of the garden for Elizabeth.

As we walked, we spoke not a word, however words were not needed for me to communicate to Elizabeth that I had missed being in her company. Once we reached the garden, the scent of the flowers reached my nostrils. It was truly beautiful. I led my darling wife to the stone bench located in the middle of the small garden which offered a fair prospect of the rest of the grounds and the flowers carefully tended in this section.

I could tell Elizabeth was somewhat anxious, something that I could not account for as she had seemed quite content only moments before.

"Dearest Elizabeth, is something the matter?" I asked with evident concern.

"No, Fitzwilliam. Nothing is wrong." Elizabeth said, granting me a brilliant smile.

"You are anxious. Something has happened. Please tell me what it is." I said.

"Well," Elizabeth said, pausing to inhale and exhale rather quickly, "Fitzwilliam, would you like to have a child here at Pemberley?" She asked, looking at me seriously.

"Of course I would. If Bingley and Jane have had a child, they should bring him or her to the ball being held for Georgiana." I replied, wondering why Elizabeth was looking at me with an odd expression.

"I am not talking about Jane." Elizabeth said.

The truth came sailing into my brain. I realised immediately what Elizabeth was saying.

"Truly, Elizabeth?" I asked, cautious happiness filling my gaze at her.

"Yes, Fitzwilliam. You are to be a father." She said with a smile.

"How long have you known? Does Georgiana know?" I asked, realising that my speech was becoming more rapid by the second.

In response, Elizabeth laughed. "Please calm yourself Fitzwilliam. I have only known for a few weeks at most. Georgiana does not know of it. I wished for you to be the first person I told." She said with a smile.

Elizabeth POV

I could tell that Fitzwilliam was pleased with the news that I imparted to him in the garden that once belonged to his mother.

We sat on the stone bench for several more minutes, before returning to the house. I went into the music room to sit with Georgiana as she played.

"Oh Lizzy, you have returned!" Georgiana said happily.

I smiled in response and sat in the chair that I had previously occupied. "Yes, Georgie, I have something to tell you." I said.

"You would tell her without me in the room?" Fitzwilliam said, as he came into the room, his business forgotten.

"No, my dear. " I said.

"Well, Georgie, I have to tell you something rather important. But first, do you believe that your brother would make a fine father?" I asked, curious to know the answer.

"He would make the very best father. Why would you ask such a question?" Georgiana asked, her brow furrowed in confusion.

"Dearest sister, I am to be a father." Fitzwilliam said, taking both of his sister's hands in his.

"Oh brother, Lizzy, that is very nice news!" Georgiana said, clapping her hands in delight.

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