A Rocky Road

The End

Georgiana happily accepted Henry Alveston's arm and together they left the music room in order to find her sisters by law, a smile gracing her lips the entire time. She could not believe her good fortune, for she had felt as if she had been tainted by her experience with the scoundrel known as Wickham, however she realised that she had only been made stronger and more prepared to accept the hand of a man who truly loved her for being herself.

The couple searched a few rooms before coming upon Elizabeth and Jane conversing in the drawing room, both sisters heavily pregnant by this time. When Georgiana entered the room, both women smiled for they were both extremely fond of dear Georgie.

"Dear Georgie, it is nice to see you. I believe that we have a guest who you would be interested in seeing." Elizabeth said with a teasing smiled, which caused Georgiana to blush despite the fact that she knew of the guest that her sister spoke of.

"Lizzy, I believe that I have news which is of the utmost importance for you to be made aware of." Georgiana said, smiling as she glanced at the doorway. Not a minute late, Henry entered the room and bowed quite gallantly to the two seated women.

Elizabeth glanced at Jane and then at the smiling couple. The corners of Elizabeth's lips turned up at the sides as she smiled. Jane was speechless, however Georgiana could tell that she too was very happy for her.

At that moment, Fitzwilliam and Bingley walked through the door, only to find Georgiana and Henry smiling at each other. The scene reminded Fitzwilliam of his own engagement with Elizabeth. He shook Henry's hand and embraced his sister.

"Georgie, I am so happy for you. Mother and father would have been too, I am sure of it." Fitzwilliam stated with tears beginning to well in his eyes.

Georgiana's own eyes began to mist as she was not able to meet her mother and her father had been rather distance after her mother's death. Her brother's approval was the highest compliment and meant the most to her. She embraced Fitzwilliam once more, so overcome with emotion was she.

Henry moved to comfort Georgiana too, when a loud exclamation of pain could be heard erupting from Jane's lips.

"Darce! Jane? Are you alright, my angel?" Bingley asked, clearly unprepared for this turn of events and frightened beyond anything Fitzwilliam had ever seen.

"Bingley, we have a room that can be immediately prepared for Jane's use. Elizabeth is caring for Jane now, do not worry. She will be alright." Fitzwilliam said, desperately trying to reassure his distressed brother.

Bingley could only nod as he and Elizabeth assisted Jane into the room that had been prepared for her.

Bingley paced up and down the length of the corridor, outside the room that Fitzwilliam had given Jane. He desperately hoped that Jane would be alright and that they would have a child and be united as a family.

Fitzwilliam had been rather restless, made even more so by Bingely's frantic pacing. He understood that he would be placed in the same position soon and so did not really blame Bingely, however he understood the futility of the act.

"Bingley, Jane will be well. You must believe that." Fitzwilliam said, patting his brother by law on the shoulder in an attempt to reassure him further.

"I..I know, but it is hard to stand and wait, not knowing..." Bingley replied, clearly fatigued from his exertion.

After what seemed like an eternity to Bingley, Elizabeth emerged from the room appearing rather tired but happy at the same time.

"Congratulations brother, you have a beautiful daughter to care for." Elizabeth said as she embraced Charles and then Fitzwilliam.

Charles could not have appeared more stunned and shocked. Emotions played across his face before he smiled.

" A daughter? I can't believe it, Darce. I am a father." Charles said, dazed but extremely happy.

Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam walked in the gardens one afternoon, two weeks after Jane had given birth to her beautiful daughter. Elizabeth could not bring herself to stop her routine of walking however she could tell that she would be giving birth within the week if not sooner. The couple soon came to their favourite bench in the gardens and sat- Elizabeth with great difficult.

"My dear, I do not believe that the child will wait very much longer." Elizabeth said as she felt a sharp pain course through her body and then vanish.

"Are you well Elizabeth? Should we return?" Fitzwilliam asked with great concern.

Elizabeth could only nod as pain once more coursed through her body.

The couple returned as quickly as they could to the house, Fitzwilliam shouting orders at the servants as they made their way to their chambers.

"Fitzwilliam, we should tell Georgie, she should be here with me." Elizabeth said with panic.

"She is coming, my love." Fitzwilliam said, staying as long as he dared as maids and servants came to prepare the room. Georgiana followed hot on their heels, immediately hurrying to Elizabeth's side to comfort her.

It was with this image in his mind that Fitzwilliam left the room, as the doctor entered.

The next hours felt like agony to Fitzwilliam as he was forced into the same position that Charles had been in only two weeks previous. He now understood completely the agony of not knowing how his wife was faring in such a situation.

Fitzwilliam paced up and down the length of the corridor, outside the room that Elizabeth and his sister had entered so long ago. Despite the fact that Charles was by his side, he dearly hoped that everything would go according to plan so that he may be united with Elizabeth and their child, as a family.

"Darce, please. Worrying will be of no help to you or Elizabeth. Everything will be well." Charles said calmly, hoping that his calmness would aid his brother in some small way.

"Thank you Bingley. I recall I said something similar to you in your time of need." Fitzwilliam replied with a wry smile.

"As you said, I find it difficult not knowing the outcome of the events that are transpiring in the room in front of me." Fitzwilliam stated as he stared longingly at the door, as if willing it to open and for his sister to calm his fears and announce the arrival of his child into the world.

Bingley merely smiled and nodded in response before taking his leave to return to Jane as she had requested that he meet their daughter, Miss Katherine Bingley.

Once Charles left, Fitzwilliam felt the overwhelming sensation of loneliness. He had not had such an overwhelming feeling in his entire life and he began to despise such feelings. Whilst he mused on such topics, Georgiana at long last opened the door, seemingly happy at the outcome.

Fitzwilliam raised his eyebrows questioningly, asking if everything was well. When Georgiana smiled and nodded, he knew that he had joined Charles in the honourable position of father. Fitzwilliam was torn, for he wished to find out about his new child however he wished to inform Charles of the happy occasion.

Georgiana sensed her brother's turmoil and said, "Brother, I will inform Charles. I am sure he will come to congratulate you on the happy occasion of welcoming your son and heir into the world."

Fitzwilliam did not know how to react. He merely stood there, shocked and stunned and firmly rooted to the spot. Once he was able to process the fact that he was a father, Georgiana's words began to register that he and Elizabeth had a son to care for and an heir to pass Pemberley down to.

"Georgie, truly? A son?" Fitzwilliam asked in a barely audible gasp, surprise evident in every fibre of his being.

Georgiana's eyes shone with pride and happiness at having a nephew to care for. She was happy that her brother would be able to pass down the legacy that he had been working so hard for, for so long. She nodded, before leaving to inform Charles of the news.

It was not long before Charles himself hurried up the corridor. He appeared somewhat discomposed as he had likely been visiting his daughter and wife and had not been expecting to be interrupted however the interruption was indeed welcome.

"Darce, I hear that I am to congratulate you." Charles said, embracing his brother.

"Yes, Bingley. I too am a father and have a son and heir as well! What more could be hoped for?" Fitzwilliam said with great emotion in his voice.

"Bingley, you have named your daughter, yes?" Fitzwilliam enquired, as he had not been requested by Elizabeth and nor did he expect to be despite his desire to meet his son.

"We have indeed. She is to be called Miss Katherine Bingley." Charles announced with fatherly pride.

Fitzwilliam smiled and nodded before glancing at the door with even more longing than he had ever thought himself capable.

A few days later, Fitzwilliam was requested to join Elizabeth in her chambers in order to meet his son. He was anxious and excited about this meeting due to the fact that he was unsure about being the best father that he could be to the babe behind the door.

He knocked and when Elizabeth responded, he opened the door. Once he had entered the room, he quietly closed the door.

Elizabeth was sitting in bed holding the small baby smiling at her husband with love and pride in her eyes. Fitzwilliam slowly made his way to his wife, scared of waking the sleeping babe but desperate to meet the child.

"Fitzwilliam, I have missed you very much. I love you and this child more than I can ever express. I would very much like for you to meet our son. Come." Elizabeth said as tears began to well in her eyes as her emotions seemed to overwhelm her.

Fitzwilliam walked to the bed and held out his hands to receive the child. Elizabeth gently placed the child into his arms and let the tears flow as she witnessed the tender scene before her as father and son became acquainted.

"Lizzy, I do not know what to say. I am utterly speechless. The child is perfect, you are perfect." Fitzwilliam choked out as he too became overcome with emotion.

Elizabeth nodded and dabbed at her eyes so that her husband would not become overly concerned about her welfare.

"Does the child have a name? Have you selected a name for this handsome babe?" Fitzwilliam asked after a few moments of looking upon the face of his perfect son.

"No, the child does not have a name. It has been a day. I wished to make a decision with you about the name." Elizabeth confessed.

Fitzwilliam smiled and nodded, unwilling to wake the child who was in his arms.

"What would you like to call the child, Lizzy?" Fitzwilliam asked, coming to sit near Elizabeth.

Elizabeth frowned as she thought and then relaxed her features as she reached a decision.

"I think that the child should be called Edward." Elizabeth suggested.

Fitzwilliam mulled over the suggestion and then nodded, before he said, "I think that name suits him, however tradition dictates that he be named after the father." Fitzwilliam teased.

"I know, but it would be so hard for me to call out for either of you if you were both named Fitzwilliam. Edward is nice, too." Elizabeth said, teasing her husband in return.

"My love, I was merely teasing. Edward Darcy is a fine name for the lad." Fitzwilliam said reassuringly.

Five years later...

Charles and Jane had decided soon after the birth of Katherine that they would indeed purchase an estate closer to Pemberley in order to be closer to Elizabeth and her budding family.

The two couples smiled as they observed their children playing together on the grass lawn that surrounded the great house. Fitzwilliam laughed as Katherine let out a squeal of laughter as she was chased by Edward who was waving around what appeared to be a worm or some other form of bug that the young girl found scary.

Edward eventually caught up to his cousin, however he flung the bug away and continued to chase her, as he observed his parents watching his every move.

Elizabeth glanced at Darcy, noting his happiness, causing her to come to the conclusion that she could not be happier. To think that she had nearly missed out due to her naivety and self deception.

Fitzwilliam seemed to be consumed by thoughts of a similar nature which was reflected when he decided to voice his thoughts to his most beloved wife.

"Elizabeth, to think that none of this would have happened if it weren't for the meddling of Richard and his insistence that he would take you as his bride if I did not. I believe that we have him to thank for this turn of events." Fitzwilliam said with a smirk.

Elizabeth laughed and responded, "No, I believe that we have a certain aunt to thank, for without her insisting that I join my cousin to dine at Rosings, you would never have realised your feelings for me, and mine for you. I also wish to thank a most insufferable man for proposing to me very early in our relationship."

Fitzwilliam joined in her laughter and asked, "and who would this man be?"

Elizabeth smiled and indicated that it was her own husband, a fact that Fitzwilliam was well aware of. Fitzwilliam pretended to be afronted however he could not defend his actions from previous days, however he was eternally grateful that he had come to his senses when he did, for he may have missed out on his present state of happiness.

His gaze travelled to Charles and Jane. They would have missed out on their happiness because of him as well, however he was truly glad to have Charles as a friend and brother.

Truly, nothing was more important to Fitzwilliam in that moment than his wife, child and friends that he was surrounded by. The proud master of Pemberley had been softened by a young woman who refused to marry him simply for the fact that he had great wealth and a large house. He was glad of that fact for he could not imagine sharing his life with anyone other than his beloved Elizabeth Darcy and their loving son.

The End

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