A Rocky Road


Darcy POV

It is time for me to exit the room and greet the guests, though I am in no mood to do so. I need to tell Richard that I will not be coming to dinner. Aunt will find me quite ungentlemanly, but this does not matter.

I go across the hallway to Richard's room and knock.

"Fitz!" Richard says as he opens the door.

"Richard. I need to ask of you a favour." I reply.

"How about you come into the room so that we can have relative privacy."

I enter his room and sit at his desk.

"Richard, I cannot go down to dinner tonight. Please convey my regrets to the guests as well as aunt."

"Why? What happened earlier?" Richard asks curiously.

"It is none of your concern; I am merely tired from touring the parks." I reply evasively.

"Fine. Later you will tell me, alright? You must tell me or else tell aunt." He says.

"You will hear about it when we leave Rosings at the end of the week. Is this satisfying enough for you?" I ask.

"It will have to do."

Richard then exits the room and once again I am left by myself.

Elizabeth POV

My cousin, Mr Collins can be heard shouting anxiously about keeping his esteemed patroness waiting. Charlotte comes into my room to ask if I will be alright by myself. I assure her that I will, that peace and quiet will cure the headache that I have pretended to have.

Seeming satisfied, Charlotte leaves the room. Eventually the door can be heard slamming shut.

I am truly all alone now.

As Elizabeth sits in her room contemplating the proposal from Mr Darcy, Mr Darcy himself dreads the evening ahead, unaware of the fact that Elizabeth is not part of the party that have arrived at Rosings Park.

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