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Transformers Prime Story


This story doesn't have a summary also I'll be adding guest appearances in my story who will help Team Prime and the Decepticons and the SG Autobots

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

She groaned to see she wasn't at her room anymore, she sees around the place, this place looks familiar to her, she sees the monitors and a transporter, she knew this place, she was at Autobot Outpost Omega One, her mind was screaming in joy, she was in the Transformers Prime universe.

Her name was Gabriela Melissa Delgado Rosa, she is a huge TransFan, she became a fan of the franchise when she was 14 years old in March 22, 2013 when season three started and she was 25 years, she sees something in the couch, it was a backpack, it must have got here when she got transported here, she reaches for it, she opens it to see what was inside;

She saw her clothes, but not just any clothes her Transformers clothes and her casual clothes, her autobot and decepticon caps, her iPad, her NOOK, her cell phone, her headphones, her pajamas, her shoes, her gaming systems and videogames, her books and comic books, she saw her reading glasses inside the backpack, a purse, her wallet, her money, her laptop, her portable DVD, her Transformers DVDs, her accessory box, her yo-yo, her board games, a photo album that contains her photos of her family and friends, her CD player and CDs, her iPod, her internet, her portable boombox, her Transformers toys, her Transformers posters, her sketch book, some pencils, some crayons, some color pencils, her digital camera, a toothbrush, some toothpaste, her two towels, her messenger bag with her name written in her letter and in cybertronian language with the Autobot and Decepticon symbols decorated on it and her journal that was decorated with pictures of the franchises and other franchises on the front and the back.

She got up the couch to see she was still in her actual clothing, she's an attractive but a beautiful Puerto Rican young woman with a lithe, strong, mature, athletic, muscular, voluptuous and alluring build (firmed midriff/stomach with a strong six-pack, flared hips, toned and athletic legs, exquisitely full and large breasts and a very muscular, mature, voluptuous structure, with very strong, muscular and athletic arms) and she saw exactly looks like a female/human version of her favorite Autobot Ratchet, with long, flowing, wavy brown hair with bangs that barely overlap her eyes, as well as well as chin-length spiky bangs framing both sides of her face highlighted with orange and white streaks, going down to her ankles and with an elegant, loosely tied knot at the back free and wild like a woodland nymph, with large brown eyes, her expressions are much softer, her nose is slender, with soft, perfect slim pale pink lips, She wears an elbow sleeved fuchsia and black plaid shirt with two breast pockets on both sides of her shirt with a long-sleeved black shirt beneath, a low-cut black colored denim skirt with black ripped jeans beneath, black combat boots, black fingerless gloves, a pair of black medium framed sized glasses over her eyes, a sky blue bracelet on her right wrist, a watch on her left wrist, black choker necklace with a silver Autobot insignia charm and silver Autobot insignia earrings, also dog tags (necklace length 52cm and I.D. tags) of the U.S. Armed Forces (she works at U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army and U.S. Coast Guard as a five-star rank General/Admiral), a tall white and pink patterned scarf with thin black stripes & with the Autobot symbols, black stars and crescent moons around her neck, a black & white hooded jacket with the badge of the Autobots on both shoulders, on the front left & right pocket, and on the center of the back, a brown pouch around her waist

When she was about to explore the base, she sensed someone coming in to where she was, she hid behind the couch to wait someone to come in, when the presence revealed itself, her mind was screaming in joy to see it was one of her favorite autobots back where she came from.

The robot's color scheme was orange and white with the autobot symbol on the left chest, with a muscular frame structure, with blue optics, she knew it was Ratchet the Chief Medical Officer, she was glad that he didn't see that she wasn't in the couch anymore, she giggled quietly, she has to wait for him to notice, she sensed a hand trying to grab her, she had a good idea whose hand is, she jumped to dodge it and she was right, it was Ratchet himself, she smirked in victory, she put her hands on her hips and said to him

"Nice try, I was being able to sense you before you even try to grab me, one advice I'm not a fool Ratchet." Gaby said to Ratchet with the smirk still on her face, he was surprised, how does she knows who he is he thought, she saw the look on his face, she has been expecting that look, when he was to say something, they saw someone coming in the base, she saw three of the autobots in their vehicle mode with three kids in the vehicles.

She knew the three autobots and the three humans, she knew the first autobot, the autobot's color scheme was yellow and black, she knew it was Bumblebee or Bee for short, she knew the second autobot, the autobot's color scheme was green, she knew it was Bulkhead or Bulk for short, and she knew the third autobot, the autobot's color scheme was blue, she knew it was Arcee.

She later saw the kids getting out the vehicles; she knew the first one, it was boy with raven hair, he was wearing a grey shirt with white sleeves, jeans and shoes, she knew it was Jackson Darby or Jack for short, she knew the second one, it was a Japanese girl with raven hair with pink highlights, she was wearing two shirts, the first shirt was dark blue with yellow straps and the second shirt was pink and purple, shorts with leggings and boots, she knew it was Miko Nakadai, and she knew the third one, it was a boy with spiky brown hair, he was wearing glasses, he was wearing an orange jacket underneath was a yellow shirt, blue pants and sneakers, she knew it was Rafael Esquivel or Raf for short.

When they already got out, she saw the three autobots transform back to cybertronian mode 'That was so cool!' she thought in her mind, it was her first time seeing them to transform for real, she always wanted to see them transform for real back in her world, she heard Miko asking Ratchet

"So did you ask her who she is Doc Bot?" Miko asked Ratchet, Gaby giggled whenever she hears Miko calls him by that nickname, when she heard it for the first time, she laughed so hard that she got a hiccup as a result, she would never forget that time, she heard Ratchet say to Miko

"No I did not. I was about to ask her when you got here." Ratchet said to Miko, Gaby shook her head, when will those two will get along, so she said

"He's right Miko. He was about to ask me just before you guys got here." Gaby said to Miko, the kids and the rest of the autobots except Ratchet were shocked at her response, Gaby was expecting that reaction, so she said

"My name is Gabriela Melissa Delgado Rosa, I'm 25 years old, I'm an autism with Asperger syndrome and I'm not from here I'm from another universe where this world and all of you don't exist." Gaby said to the four autobots and the kids, she explained how they weren't real back in her universe and how she got transported, when she finished explaining the whole thing, they were silent after she explained, she read Ratchet's mind, he thought that she was lying, she arched an eyebrow at him, she put her hands on her hips and said

"Ratchet, if you think I'm lying, why you don't look at my necklace and the back of my leather jacket?" Gaby said to Ratchet annoyed, the others were snickering to hold their laughter down while they look at her necklace and the back of her jacket, she was telling the truth, they saw the Autobot symbol in her necklace and the back of her jacket.

She knew she was going to explain this to Optimus when he gets here, she later heard a honk and a red and blue semi-truck went inside the base and later transformed, she knew that autobot, the autobot's color scheme was red and blue, she knew it was the leader of the Autobots Optimus Prime.

'Wow. He is taller in this universe since I'm seeing him for real' she thought in her head, she knew he was tall out of all them back in her world, he was her favorite autobot with Ratchet on the list, she always imagined meeting him for real and now she is meeting him, she went towards him, she grew up to his height and she said

"Hi. My name is Gabriela Melissa Delgado Rosa nice to meet you." Gaby said to Optimus with kindness and a smile while she offers a hand for him to shake and he shook hands with her, when he was about to introduce himself, she kindly interrupts him.

"I know who you are, Optimus you don't have to introduce yourself." Gaby said to Optimus with a smile, he asked her how does she knows him, she explains to him like she explain to the others, that she was from another world, where this world and the others don't exist and how she got transported here.

When she finished explaining to him, he seem to take it well than she expected, she show him her necklace and the back of her leather jacket as proof, he later asked her if she wants to stay in the base, she said yes, she knew she was going to need a guardian in case anything happen to her and to change her name.

She asked him if she is going to need a guardian, he said yes he appointed to Ratchet as her guardian, he started to complain, but later she gives him a death glare and she asked him if she could change her name so the Decepticons won't get suspicious, he agreed with her, she comes up with the name Michelle Jasmin Prime, they all like the name, she told them they can still call her by her real name.

With introductions out of the way, Gaby was in her new room organizing her stuff, she made appear a bookshelf with her magic, she snap her fingers her books and comic books were organized in the bookshelf, she made appear a bed she dressed the bed with Transformers bed set, she made appear a closet and a drawer, she snap her fingers, her clothes were organized in the closet and the drawer, she made appear a desk and a desk lamp, she snap her fingers her laptop and her boombox were already in the desk.

She made appear a plasma TV, she snap her fingers, the TV was in the wall, she made appear a nightstand and a lamp, she snap her fingers, her nightstand and her lamp were next to her bed, she made appear shelves for her collection and her trophies, she snap her fingers, her toys and her trophies were organized perfectly in the shelves, she snap her fingers, her posters were put in the wall, she made the walls pink fuchsia and sky blue with her magic, she made appear a rug in the floor, the rug was light purple.

When she finished organizing her room, she went to her bookshelf, she picks up a comic book, she sat into a sofa she made appear and she began to read it, while she was reading, she heard pedes heading straight to her room, she snap her fingers to increase the height of her stuff and her door and she began to grow to their height, she heard her door open, she put the comic book down, she summoned her tessen (same one as April O'Neil from 2012 TMNT series has but with the Autobot symbol on it), she threw her weapon at the intruder, she heard a yelp in surprise, she turn on the lights to see it was her guardian, she saw her weapon was in his servos, she blushed in embarrassment and said

"Sorry! I'm so sorry! I thought someone was about to scare me." Gaby said to her guardian with embarrassment while she scratch her head awkwardly, she read his thoughts with her psionic powers (she knew that she has powers when she got here), did he thought her blush was cute, it looks like he got interest in her, she saw him looking at her tessen with interest, she waited for him to respond, later he responded

"You made this yourself?" Ratchet asked Gaby with interest, she never expected that question from him, so she said

"Yeah I did it myself. I'm an inventor, fanfiction author, a famous bestselling author, mechanic, medic and engineer, I worked at a workshop and a hospital, I usually invent in my spare time also I'm an expert on technology, if someone got a question, I'm always here to answer them." Gaby explains to her guardian with a smile, she saw him smiling at her, 'Him? Smiling at me? Wow he totally got interest in me' she thought in her head.

She saw him throwing her tessen to test it, it landed and got stuck to the wall, she went to get it out of the wall, they talked for a while to get to know each other some more, to him she seems like an intelligent young lady and most importantly she is beautiful even with her waist length brown hair with its highlights and her brown eyes, he left a few seconds later, she knew that he is falling in love with her, she likes him a lot back where she came from.

She knew when the time comes he was going to confess his feelings for her and she will do the same thing, she change her actual clothes to her pajamas with her magic, it was a sky blue crop top with the Autobot symbol on the front and black pajamas pants with the Autobot symbol on the left legging, before she went to bed, she wondered if she can turn into cybertronian, she closed her eyes then she started to transform.

When the transformation was complete, she opened her eyes or she would like to say optics, she saw that her optics were now sapphire blue instead of her beautiful brown eyes, she saw her cybertronian body, a robot with a lithe, strong, mature, athletic, muscular, voluptuous and alluring frame structure (also much bulkier than Ratchet), with a color scheme of black (while Ratchet has orange) and fuchsia (while Ratchet has white), her audio receptors were like Optimus' but were sky blue with black on the sides, her opticals are similar to Ratchet's also with a waistline similar to his, only more feminine with chestplates, broad and bulky shoulders, legs, servos, brow ridges, square jaw and a feminine face, also one inch short than Ratchet. She also has a jetpack attach on her back colored sky blue and black and with the Autobot symbols on the wings (her jetpack is same as TFA Optimus' jetpack), four Autobot symbols appears on her left chest and right chest, left shoulder and right shoulder, a large black belt but with an 'WP' initial belt buckle that is tied above her waist - containing her twin guns, her other weapons, tools and gadgets, a rectangular futuristic translucent soft-pink, pale-blue shades/visor over her optics (revealing underneath them were pair of medium cybertronian sized glasses over her optics, fitting her face perfectly), retains her firmed midriff with her strong six pack, a cybertronian sized stainless steel Autobot necklace around her neck, her tall white and pink patterned scarf with thin black stripes & with the Autobot symbols, black stars and crescent moons around her neck, she loves her cybertronian body, she has to train in secret so she can help the Autobots.

She has to get her alternative mode, she notices that she is a six changer, she went to her laptop to look for some modes, she chose kitsune form, predacon form, wolf form, Urbana 500 car mode, and a Lockhead Martin F-35 Lightning II plane mode, she knows she has her human form and her cybertronian form, she would guess that she is now a tecnorganic, she knew she was going to tell the others about her cybertronian mode, if she is going to help them on their missions and train her, she changed back to her human form and went to bed.

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