We Will Change it All

Chapter 2

I'm brand new at these stories and I have always loved to read fanfiction everyday. When I read certain stories I just keep on reading and reading. Well sometimes it disappoints me that they weren't able to finish it so I'm gonna try my best at this and go through the whole thing every couple days. Sometimes I will have school but when summer break starts I will write more! So I hope you like it!


Well here we go! Obito said excitedly.

He was getting ready to start reading until there was a loud rumble throughout the room. They looked toward Kushina and Minato. Minato was currently trying to stifle a laugh while Kushina had a red face to match her hair.

"It's not funny! I'm not the only one who gets hungry for ramen too –ttebane!" She yelled while playfully punching Minato. Suddenly they heard another click at the door and a person walked through with a bowl in his hand. He had a chef's hat on with a moustache, and black bushy eyebrows. (Imagine Lee's except with a little more shape).

He slowly walked toward Kushina and put the ramen down to her face while everybody was eyeing him. Kushina slowly ,but happily took the ramen out of his hands and gasped. Everybody looked at her to see what happened. "It's my favorite!!." She said as everyone in the room sweat-dropped. She slowly took a bite and her eyes lit up with stars. She started shoveling down the ramen and they could hear her choke a little each time. "This is the best ramen I have ever had!" She said loudly so everyone could hear.

Minato asked for the chef to come closer to him so the chef kneeled down to him and Minato whispered "You might as well go ahead and make seven more." He said as the chef sweat-dropped and nodded Daiku and Ringo warned him of the Uzumaki and the Uchiha. Let's just say Daiku said that Uzumaki's have an monstrously appetite especially ramen. The chef waved at the door and a cart of the same ramen came rolling in. Kushina looked up and saw the ramen. Everyone was frightened even Kakashi as Kushina's eyes sparked even more. "Alright I'm gonna start!" Obito yelled. Kushina nodded in approval as she kept shoving ramen in her mouth. "Alright here we go, for real this time." "The cover says "Naruto's Life" Obito said as he inspected the book before reading it. He just shrugged it off and opened the book.

"Naruto, the very excited boy who was 12 years old that loved everybody and everything even if it was evil. He was standing on top of the Fourth Hokages head while staring out at the village. A smirk crossed his face. Suddenly a teacher very well known to Naruto screamed 'NAAARRRUUTTOOOO!'. Everyone across Konoha knew that Naruto had just pulled another in the village"

"Well he sounds very entergetic right now." Obito said as everyone sweat-dropped. "Wonder why he did though?" Itachi and Fugaku said at the same time causing them to look at each other. "Well to me it seems he dosen't get smacked enough. Tsunade said as everyone sweat-dropped. "Where are his parents though?" Hitomi said causing them to look at her because she hardly ever spoke because of how shy she was. Even Hiashi was surprised I mean come on he was married to her. "Well anyway let's continue." Mikoto said.


This caused everyone in the room to frown and have a questioning look on their face even Kushina had stopped eating her ramen to figure out why he said that. "Now why would he say that he will get 'everyone to notice him and respect'?" Jiraiya said as he had a questioning look on his face. "Maybe we will find out if you all would shut up!" Obito yelled at them all. Rin hit him on top of his head " You baka you even stopped reading because you were confused. Kakashi nodded as to agree with her. Obito let out a "hmph" before he continued.

"All of a sudden two ANBUS's appeared behind Naruto. He sensed their chakras behind him and turned around slowly and let out a huge laugh. The reason why was because one of his pranks had to do with the ANBU and he turned around to see the once full black clothes to…. Bright neon pink clothes with rainbow glitter with shiny star stickers on them and their masks were what seemed colored masks that had the face of a cute animal on it."

"o-o-oh my GOD!" Kushina screamed laughing as loud as she could. Fugaku was giggling so was Sarutobi. Minato was trying to keep a straight face ,but soon joined Kushina, Jiraiya, Obito, Tsunade, and surprisingly Itachi. Itachi at first tried not to laugh ,but couldn't handle it after he thought of the ANBU he had seen around the village in their uniform. Hiashi and Hitomi were keeping a straight face until they imagined it to Hitomi was the first to laugh and while she saw Hiashi's face red she nudged him and grinned and he started bursting out laughing. Soon it was just a laughing festival, well except for Kakashi who they could see smirking under his mask. "A-A-Alright l-l-let's continue r-reading." Obito said as he wiped tears from his eyes. Soon it calmed down and he kept on.

"Soon after Naruto stopped laughing and he looked at them. Naruto slowly started backing away as he reached the edge and they were coming closer to him. He knew there was nowhere else to go without falling off the edge or taking a risk and jumping hoping to reach a rooftop. Long stories short he decided to jump on a building… And he was successful! He was successful because he was able to gather chakra in his feet and somewhat land gracefully. He started running as about five ANBU were behind him following him. Naruto turned his head toward them and stuck out his tongue then pulled his bottom eyelid down and turned back around. Which caused them to get angrier that he was going faster than them and he was taunting them. Then suddenly Naruto was grabbed by Iruka."

"Wait,… Wait Iruka, Iruka…." Obito sat in a thinking position. Until his eyes lit up "OH YEAH Iruka the boy with the pineapple hair and a scar across his nose!. Obito finished while Rin and Kakashi were both nodding and surprisingly both with big eyes. "Oh yeah! Him I know him he is a good person!" Rin exclaimed. "Wait has anybody else noticed it said he OUTRAN ANBU!" Jiraiya said with big eyes. Slowly everyone started to understand and they all had big eyes. "We have to make sure Danzo dosen't get ahold of this boy." Sarutobi said with wide eyes and everyone nodded. "Who's Danzo?" Rin and Obito asked. Kakashi just looked at them and waved them as if telling them to leave it alone for now.

" Iruka had a mad look on his face and glared at Naruto ,but then it turned into a soft face. 'ANBU go ahead and go I'll take him to Hokage's office' The ANBU nodded and shushined away. Iruka set Naruto down then scolded Naruto again 'Why did you prank the village again Naruto! I thought you quit because you were getting ready to enter the academy!" Naruto just looked down and got a saddened look on his face. Iruka understood why Naruto was doing this Iruka did it to when the Kyuubi attacked his parents died and Iruka did it to get attention after all Naruto was an orphan like him."

Orphan…..orphan….orpahn. "ORPHAN!" they all screamed at the same time. "That explains why he wants at least a little attention ,but I know he didn't do all that to just get attention like a parent gave ,but he wanted attention like he didn't have any at all." Sarutobi says. Kushina and Minato didn't know why but they felt saddened by this and started to feel a little sick to their stomach.

They heard a click and turned and saw the door opening again a man with pajamas on walked in and said time to sleep guys. There may be no time here but you all will feel tired anyway come on." They all suddenly were sadden they had to leave but they couldn't fight. They all walked out the door and they saw a really long hallway with lots of doors. "In the morning I will put up signs to lead you all to the kitchen to eat breakfast for now I will lead you to your rooms now." They slowly walked down the hallway until he stopped "Hitomi, and Hiashi" Hitomi and Hiashi walked in and closed the door.

The next room was "Minato, and Kushina". The orders the rooms went in were "Fugaku and Mikoto in same rooms. Rin, Obito Kakashi, and Itachi were in the same rooms. Next Tsunade, Sarutobi, and Jiraiya. Finally the man in pajamas walked into a separate room and said quietly "Good Night".

Hey Guys! I hope you like the 2nd chapter to Reading the Future I hope you all have enjoyed this so far not sure when the 3rd will be done but I hope you all have had a great time reading this!

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