We Will Change it All

Chapter 3

Hey Guys! My 3rd chapter for my story I'm so excited! I will be putting some more exciting things in this chapter I hope you enjoy this and the beginning will be a little humorous.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Naruto!

Kushina had just woken up and she slowly started to remember what happened last night and honestly still felt a little sick about it and she thought she wouldn't be able to even eat ramen… At least she though she couldn't. She looked over and didn't see Minato next to her and she was utterly confused. She looked forward and didn't see him there. She was still confused as to why he wasn't there "What the hell is going on here –ttebane!" she said as her hair took nine-tails form.

She speedily put on her clothes and walked out the door and there were….. signs. She mentally slapped herself because she completely forgot what the man said yesterday and just remembered what he said. Though the signs where…. Orange? Why were they orange she always thought signs were supposed to be yellow but.. orange? Really?" She just shrugged it off and kept walking to where the signs were pointing.

Soon she found a door creaked open a little with light shining through the door and as if that wasn't obvious enough she could hear Obito screaming "OH MY GOD FIRE! FIRE! TAKE COVER EVERYONE TAKE COVER HIDE YOUR WIVES!" She sweat-dropped and walked in slowly. She looked and saw Minato sweat-dropping and watching Obito and she looked over at Obito freaking out and in-front of him and the "huge fire" he was screaming about was a little grease fire hardly the size of a small campfire. She went to a cabinet, opened it, and grabbed a fire extinguisher . Obito just stood there looking at it staring and staring. Until finally Kakashi said "Dobe" and Obito turned his head very slowly and looked at Kakashi then said "What'd you call me teme?" Obito looked like he was flaming with anger and Kushina wasn't in the mood for one of their fights right now so she decided to stop it in her own way.

"Oh no! Obito the fire is back!" She yelled. Obito turned around screaming "What! Where?" He yelled. Instead he slipped and fell and hit his head. Everyone from last night was in the room and they all tried not to laugh. "Owwwwww" Obito groaned and started to whine. "Oh my poor Obito are you ok?" Mikoto said to her nephew while trying not to laugh. "Mikoto-baa-chaaannn." He whined "Don't treat me like a little kiiiddd." "She can when your whining like that." Kakashi said. "You teme!" Obito went to lunge at Kakashi but Minato stopped him. "Guys can we not have a peaceful breakfast!" Minato yelled at everyone.

"Geez Minato what happened to you?" Tsunade snickered. "Sorry it's just….. it's weird since yesterday I've felt guilty or sad or even both!" Minato said. Kushina was feeling the same way "I know it is like I should be mad or something I just can't put my finger on it." Kushina said.

"Exactly!" After a lot of staring they started eating talking about the book until Jiraiya brought up a question "Hey guys did you notice in the book how it said three suspicious things one was when it said he sensed the ANBU's chakra behind him, two was he jumped down on a building from the Hokages monument using chakra, and finally he outran ANBU!" Everyone just noticed that to an they were shocked as well and didn't understand how he did that because it said he was getting ready to start the academy and he used chakra and was able to outrun ANBU which only a high level Jounin could do or Hokage. "Well it will explain more only if we read ,so let's hurry and finish then we can start reading again.

They all followed more signs and they found some signs pointing to the room that said it was the room they were reading in yesterday. Once they all got situated in the room most of them let a big sigh out as if weary of what they were about to read today. "Well might as well get started." Minato said a little tiredly. "Who wants to read today?" Sarutobi said. "I'll read please." Hitomi said shyly. Hiashi just looked at his wife and grinned a soft grin and listened.

"Iruka led Naruto to the Hokage office and Naruto was looking at the ground a little after what Iruka had said to him. Iruka glanced down at Naruto and frowned softly and then ruffled his hair. Naruto looked up at him and Iruka said "If you have nothing else to do after this you wanna go to Ichiraku's after this?" Naruto's grin lit up and he nodded furiously at Iruka. Iruka just giggled in return."

"Oh Kami help us all we have another ramen lover" Fugaku said. Everyone giggled and Kushina just glared at him while her hair looked like the nine-tails again, slowly he sunk more near his son and wife.

"Iruka knocked on the Hokage's door and they heard a 'Come In' from inside obviously from the Hokage. 'Hokage-sama good afternoon.' 'Good morning Iruka' Sarutobi said."

"Wait I thought they chose a Fourth Hokage?" they all were questioning and Sarutobi was thinking to himself he thought "Oh Kami don't let It be true I was planning on making Minato Hokage when I retire that means that-" Sarutobi's thoughts were cut off when Jiraiya's hand was waving in front of his face. "Hey sensei you know what this is about." Everyone looked at him and he was biting his tongue to try not to say anything. "N-No I have no idea." He replied, he really didn't want to lie to them ,but if he thought what happened was true then he didn't want to say it to them. "Well okay anyway" Obito pointed at Hitomi.

" 'So Naruto I saw what you did with the village and the ANBU.' Sarutobi said trying his best not to laugh. 'Iruka you may leave I have to talk to Naruto.' Sarutobi told him. 'Hai Hokage-sama.' As Iruka was leaving Sarutobi was grinning wider and wider. Until finally Iruka closed the door and Sarutobi did his best to use the most quiet laugh he could make. Naruto could see Sarutobi giggling and Naruto started to grin more. 'Jiji I can tell your laughing..' Naruto said while grinning. 'O-O-O-Oh….Um.. Excuse me.'

Everyone in the room was laughing except for Sarutobi, his face was as red as Kushina's hair. "I have to admit it though what that gaki did was clever indeed." Tsunade said while smirking.

" 'Well I'm letting you go his time because the academy is starting soon.' Naruto knew Sarutobi was lying because he always said he would let him go for now. While Naruto was sitting there thinking that Sarutobi knew himself he was lying. He loved Naruto like a grandson, or even sometimes a son if he wanted. 'Well I have admitted your papers to the school and you are all set for class, oh and I specifically asked if Iruka can be your sensei through school and they accepted.

Naruto gave his famous foxy-grin and started jumping up and down and he jumped up on Sarutobi's desk and started smothering him with hugs and at first Sarutobi was very shocked but then started hugging back and he could hear Naruto saying ' Thank you sooo muuccchhh Jiji!' he said over and over. 'Your welcome Naruto."

"I never thought the old man could be so kind and even think of someone as his grandson or even son. Those two must have been veerrryyy close." Jiraiya said while grinning. Tsunade was thinking about things with Sarutobi and wondered if he ever thought of her as that or even Orochimaru and Jiraiya.

Heyo! I am so happy I was able to finish this chapter to well I hope you all enjoyed it I will get the next one finished as soon as I can! Have a good day or night see you soon!

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