Attack on Titan: The Return

Chapter 9 No More

My phones alarm was booming, I had it set to siren in case I didn't wake up. Yet when I heard mine everybody else's phone went off too. 5:31AM, I jolted my body up and ran fist into the shower. I would've showered at night but I keep changing my mind. The warm water soothed my aching back, usually I hold myself while. I do that because my arms feel cold when there not being hit by the water. After some swishing and scrubbing and drying the banging on the door begins and yet your already done.

And here I go walk out of the shower with the towel up to my chest like a woman, there's nothing wrong with it. I've been doing it for the longest time, If I'm cold, I'm cold. I gather clothes and head onto Emily's room to change into my clothes. Emily's room was same color from child birth, pink as always. I don't hang in her room much but its always very messy but this time it's worst. There's a pair of panties on the bed, she sleeps like this? On her dresser she has a lot of pictures of us together over the years. There one of us at the fair and one when we went to the beach and lets not forget training around the world. Erick's in this one, he's Daniel's partner in crime in the military police. Were all together smiling happy, oh there's even some from middle school. That's when I started to smile more because I was actually getting friends. The three of looked so happy, the original crew. Me, Daniel, and Emily. It was nice seeing those photos but then I started getting that feeling again, I looked away. I see them slowly fading away from the pictures, I'm jinxing it, I don't want to jinx it even more. I better leave before they start looking at me with red eyes and mouths wide open.

Music was playing very loudly and Emily's parents weren't even awake yet. It wasn't very good music really and I know who's music it was, Tyler. Its not that we don't like his music some of the songs he likes are total trash or always played on the radio. I approached him waiting on one of the couches, he showered last night and was already set to go. I ordered him to turn it off, he refused. "Well lower it down then, Em's parents are still sleeping. "Fine"

Emily took the shower next so that gave me the chance in the living room. Everything felt like it as going fast. Everybody was done before Em's parents alarm clock rang, I thought nobody would care about looking nice today but Emily even put on makeup. I guess sometimes you have to look nice, even in battle. We gathered our things and set them all by the door and we all sat at the table in silence. All we heard was the alarm clock still ringing and there was no sign of Mrs. C stepping out of her room. "Emily", Daniel pointed out. Emily understood, "Oh right, I-Ill get them". She came back saying 'there coming, there just getting there robes'.

The table was silent once again, waiting. Just looking at each other, Adrian was kicking his legs back and forth, head phones on. Emily was humming, Daniel had his arms with his head down and eyes closed. Still tired, I should do most of the work for him when we get there. Tyler still playing shitty music and James and Riley were just staring into space.

"Are any of you bringing a scarf, its going to be cold up on the wall". All said yes. Well the situation is still awkward.

"Ok", Emily's mom came out of the hallway. She wore a night gown that was green with pink roses on it. "Were stopping by the gas station on Elm right". Yup. "Alright, well Ill be in the truck". We stuffed everything in the back of the truck and stepped inside. Then I realized I forgot something and ran straight back inside, locked. I had to ask for the keys and then run inside the house, grabbed my freaking sandwich from the fridge and run back to the truck. I was the only person who forgot something.

Emily's SUV was like a monster truck, her dad is one of those dads that liked to put a bigger suspension on his car then use his money for family or something. I had a window seat and a lot more smoke was coming from beyond the wall this time. 'Here we come', I said to myself. "Well, here we go", said Emily's mom. And we drove and we drove, farther away from the wall and passing more emergency vehicles. Some military vehicles, there weren't that many. When we arrived at the gas station We all hopped off, Emily's mom will wait in the car. So many choices, so little time. I feel like I'm asking for my last meal request. That feelings back again. I wasn't in the mood for any of it, I went to just follow and see what they were picking out. As predicted chips and soda. The cashier was surprised to see all this food in front of him, he would of been overwhelmed if I got anything. Emily suddenly gasped because she forgot something and she grabbed my arm, she wanted me to come with her. I wanted to argue with her for why I needed to go with her but she dragged me away from everyone before I could. She led me back to the snack aisle and she grabbed something and handed it to me. It was a bag of dark chocolate bits with pomegranate inside them, how did I not notice these, there my favorite. "I didn't see you get anything and I remembered seeing these while passing by"

"Oh-Thanks", I said.

"You alright?"

"Yeah", I guess she can see I'm a little distracted. "Thanks for noticing"

"Your welcome, now I'm going to go get gas station "burger"

I also bought some e-cigs from behind the counter to refill my case. Yeah we can buy them now, the new laws are great. Except for the sweets part. We filled the back of the SUV with a whole grocery's worth of food. I sat back in my place at the window next to Daniel and Riley. Emily was eating a cheeseburger, in the morning. Its not uncommon for her. The base was on the next exit and we can see the runaway and all its vehicles and planes and helicopters. They were all flying the direction to the wall. The pane felt like it was only a walk away, we were dropped off at the entrance and had to walk to the base. Emily's mom was forced to wait near the runaway with the other families waiting too give their final goodbyes. These MP dudes directed us to the side of the base where more of them were waiting for us in front of two doors. One was for the youth and the other was for the adults. The hallway had many doors and MP's were standing by them. People were being rushed in and out of those doors. This one woman grabbed Emily without asking, told her to change in 'this' room and she tossed her in there and closed the door. How rude, she doesn't have to be that serious. We kept walking until they lead us to a door. The room had other boys changing into their pre-gear out of crates and boxes. I looked at no one. I slipped on my boots, locked my harnesses and made sure the belts around my body were secure. I don't know how but I finished changing first then my friends. I didn't want to leave without them but an MP ordered me to go out. I went out the hall and they told me to take a left to the next hall and at the end they'll be a door that will say 'meeting room', go there. After I took the left there was not soul in sight, it was too quiet. Nobody was waiting by the door, nobody passing through. Was I going the right way? I looked back, no one. Something wasn't right, I feel as if someone's going to come out these doors and...kill me. It was right behind me, I knew it. If I look back now it will run to me. Just keep walking to the end. I walked a little faster. Then some sounds of life, finally.

The meeting room, so he was right. It was over crowded with soldiers and I realized they were from my platoon, the ones I trained with for almost a year. I sat in a chair and everyone waited for the lecture to begin. One by one my friends came in and they higher uppers started talking about our job.

They briefed us very quickly, just two minutes and it was over. "Go, go ,go", they shouted. Out the door and to the airfield. Frank, he was there waiting outside the doorway. He told us to grab a cup of hot chocolate on our way out on this small little table this MP was standing by. "good luck", he said. The airfield was very noisy. People were running into planes and these carts all around the airfield were putting crates inside them. Our plane was straight ahead, Frank was in the front of the line and not once looked back to see if we were actually following him. His face was even more serious then its was at the recruiting center. And the way he walked in his long green trainee coat. His walk was same even in this situation. You know there was this one plane that looked different than all the others, ours was army green, there's was pure black. And it was smaller and sleeker. The soldiers, only ten of them, standing by it had black uniforms of the Survey corps, but it wasn't the night gear. There uniform was way different. They were being instructed by this one soldier in white, who was he. Was he a super soldier?

"Halt!", frank shouted. We were next to plane. "Your families will be right who you, once you said your goodbyes, get on the plane and do not get off. Attention!". He stepped out of line and left us in the cold. Being at attention means we cant move until Frank say 'at ease'. I had to check my watch, 6:03 AM. So were late on schedule then.

Frank came back and put us at ease, I wanted to walk over to Daniel but the he yelled, "Stay in line!". That's when all these headlights started approaching us. Our families, they came. 'Say your goodbyes', Frank said. I'm guessing I have to find my parents. I found them and the hugged me for the longest time again. "Were going to miss you, pray", they said.

"I know, I know I'm going to miss you too"

"Pray for them too"

"I will", stop, she was making me cry. She started whispering, and when she finished she gave me one last hug and goodbye.

I wanted to find someone to talk to but everybody was getting all mushy. Everybody's parents were here. Daniel's weren't very happy to see him though. Did he never call them? To think of think I don't he said anything about them in the past twelve hours. The only thing he said about them was he was going to make a quick stop at their house, tell them where he was going. Then he left house before they could ask him anything. Now that I think about it, he never used his phone at all last night or this morning. Was he ignoring them? As soon as we were free Daniel was the only one who walked to the plane but they called after him before he even stepped on the ramp. The conversation went like this:

"Daniel!, where were you?""I turned off my phone""Why?", his mom asked"..I don't know""What do you mean you don't know?""I don't know""Look we were worried about you, we had to call (My parents) to know where you were. Why didn't you tell us""Now your worried""What's that suppose to mean", his dad spoke"Why do you worry about me all of a sudden, why?"'What?""Look I just can't deal with this anymore, just leave me alone. I don't live with you anymore""Wh-Why, just because you moved out that doesn't mean your not my son anymore", his mom was on the verge of tears."And? Stop saying that. Quit saying you love me when later on your just going to hate me just because what I feel is wrong. You always mess with my feelings and then you want me to keep forgiving you over and over""I cant- I cant stand it", she's crying now. "When your doing this to me"

Doing this to me?, your doing it to him

"Really! Then why do hate me for being with him. He hasn't done anything wrong to me. I didn't want this! It happened and I don't know how I feel, work, school, and you are just giving me these headaches lately. I don't know what I'm doing but just leave me alone. I don't care! Just leave me alone. Can't I have time for this"


"Then, I'm not sure about having a son"


Those were the harshest I've heard his mom say

"Fine", Daniel turns around and steps on the plane. I followed him. I wanted to tell him something like don't listen to her but what could say that could make up those words. All I can do put my hand on his shoulder, a slight hug and give him my best 'its going to be alright face'. I remember when Daniel used to be weak. And I would be there to save the day...But he tells me so many times he wants to fight his own battles if he wants to get stronger. Riley got on the plane and it seemed he didn't notice what happened. Good. I think Riley would started cussing out his parents if he wanted to, again. I had to tell him what happened and he got mad. "Where are they?!""It's fine, they left already", they didn't. I hope they get away in time."Ill give them a piece of my mind when we get back""Its fine", Daniel pestered.

We took a seat and I let Riley comfort Daniel. This isn't the fist time they fight in front of us but afterwards Daniel makes a poker face that's really hard to read. A blank look and that's all. He'd rather not talk at all, just sit and think. I get up to leave the two and peek out to see if everybody's done saying there goodbyes. Frank spots me, "Hey sit down!" Shit. The cadets were soon coming in and the plane was getting full. We had to buckle up. Emily told me something, "Wow, were really getting serious now, I hope he doesn't take too long because I already finished my chocolate and I want another" The out of nowhere these big ass forklifts come zooming in with crates and two guys behind it. the forklift drops the crate in the way back or front and the two guys secure it with harnesses. This happens for another five times. Within that time, me and my friends were talking about those big ass forklifts and then the conversation goes to talking about transformers. When I mention something to Daniel he just says 'yeah' or laughs at a joke in the conversation. The last crate was brought in and Frank told everybody aging to buckle up and get ready. The forklift disappears and the ramp is rising. Slowly it rises until it completely shuts and the sound of it echoes throughout the plane. Is it too late to get off? Silence my friend. This is it, we knew we were about to enter hell.

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