Attack on Titan: The Return

Chapter 10

I felt the plane lift itself off the ground, hearing its turbines roaring. My first time in this plane the turbulence scared the crap out of me but after many days in this thing traveling around the world to elite training spots I'm used to it. The seat belt light turned off and it was okay to move around so then everyone started to chit-chat but most decided to remain in there seats and sleep or sip on the hot chocolate. It tasted like shit but after a few more sips it tasted better. "Alright!", Frank stood up from his seat at the end near the cockpit. "You bastards are lucky, there's going to be delay. We have to go pick up supplies miles back away from New York city. This would be the perfect time to catch up on the sleep you missed". Frank sat down and buckled up again and talked next to a fellow superior. Like any cargo plane there were only two row of seats. Some have four but were carrying huge cargo and that demands space. Just one side on the far left and right, a total of 50 of us. Its hard to see the other side with all the boxes and crates in the way. My squad sat in the same place we did for elite training, left to right. Its was James, Tyler, Adrian, Me, Emily, Riley and Daniel. It bothers me that Daniel didn't sit next to me when were the closes of friends and it bothers me knowing he doesn't want to be bothered. "Hey Andrew, can I have an e-cig?", Emily asked pointing to the bag at my feet. I'm limited to the ones I already have, I don't know. "Nah, not yet. Frank wouldn't let us"

"Awe, come on", she persisted."No", I said and she gave up.

I sighed, another long ass plane ride. I don't think I can handle more of these. You obviously can't use your phone in the plane but at least I'm in-between my best's friends. I don't see why some people are just so scared, I actually feel really confident right now. We have like...1160 years worth of titan killing knowledge.

Now how do I start a conversation for the next 2 or 3 hours. I want to ask Daniel something. "Daniel?"

"What", he said flickering his awake a little.

"So what was that big case all about you know, the one we help you with. The one at that Chinese hotel"

"Oh yeah" , Adrian said.

"What was that all about anyway", Tyler added.

Daniel looked at us and then at Riley who was curious too. "Its a long story and I really want to sleep". And then he closed his eyes and went right back to sleep. Emily wasn't going to keep quiet the whole time, though what is there to talk about in this situation. Some how she and I managed to. I fear she drank and an energy drink when nobody was looking. In the midst of this conversation I was talking about 3D maneuver tricks we actually get to try on live targets when Tyler doubted about my technique to go faster. But using a lot of gas does make you run out faster and also fly faster but I only did it if necessary. He says there are faster ways of going faster with less gas. If your free falling yeah but forward nope.

"Tyler that's not true, you don't know anything about the back triggers"

"You cant possibly clutch it in time when your a few feet away from the face of a titan, that shit's hard", he said.

I said 'For you'

"Oh yeah", he said. Emily just rolled her eyes, "Are you guys really going to debate about this, in the plane". It was on, I cant help it, he just acts like a retard sometimes and always thinks he's right about everything. He always wants to fight about something especially in areas I need to prove him wrong. but I love our debates, there fun. I would rather ignore him but like I said i like to debate with him. Boy do we get at each others throats though, when we fight everybody ignores and secludes us. It mostly annoys Emily. Now he is trying to get off topic because he's loosing. His usual routine too. And besides I know I'm faster than him, my speed score was higher than his. He should be taking notes, I know my way around the gear. He was still spitting his fire at me when I notice Riley was enjoying himself. Its that smirk he does, that one I can see from the corner of my eye. I don't like it, I still find him suspicious even after we became friends. He was messing with Daniel's hair.

Why cant I sleep, I thought to myself. Maybe it's because Andrew and Tyler wont shut the-yeah. My body feels numb from the lack of sleep and these harnesses are really irritating me. But at least I have a sleeping boy next to me. Maybe I cant stop thinking about you, work is killing you. And now this, I run my hand through his blondish hair and it makes me smile. I said it many times but thanks for the white rose you gave me yesterday. I was already out of the restaurant and running for the wall when Andrew called me about the bad news. I went home to get my I.D and my sword and Daniel was going to meet me there. I got frustrated because I couldn't find my sword. "Mom!", I yell into the kitchen from the hallway.


"Where's my execution sword?"


"My execution sword!", I repeated annoyed.

"Oh that", she was quiet.


"I threw it away", she said that too comfortable

"You WHAT!?", I was furious.

"I told you, your brothers kept playing around with it so I threw it away. Your brothers could have killed themselves so I threw it away"

"Are you kidding me! Do you know how many credits that dam thing cost"

"I told you"

"Well..." I couldn't think of something to say to counter that. It doesn't matter now its gone. The front door opened and I heard my mom greeted our visitor. I knew exactly who it was.

"Daniel, how are you? You want something to eat"

"Im fine Mrs. Sanchez"

I peeked out into the hall. He was standing in the dining room, with his elbow proped on the counter. I tried to sneak up on him but he noticed me and when I tried to hug him he stopped me holding out a white rose.

"Here, I finally got you it"

It was what I was begging for him to find me because they were really expensive and he says most criminals he encounters have a rose in their offices or production facilities. He said he'll steal one for me if he gets the chance. Not only were they very rare and beautiful but they also last longer out after being picked. Im carrying it in my front pocket right now. My jaw dropped, my face was speechless with joy and I gave him a bear hug. I was so happy to see him and he made forget about that stupid sword that I still need to have or else there going to give me a replacement. Daniel never liked me getting gushy with him so he would always push me away or elbow me off. He elbowed me. I learned to like it, he can't help the fact that I'm in love with him. I dropped him after that aching hit to my side.

"You make my son very happy", mom says. Daniel takes a seat.

"I don't think he makes my parents happy"

"Your parents just need to understand that your going through something on your own and that love is love. Dont let them get in the way of what you feel, feels right to you".

"I know", he said and sighed.

"Alright let's go", I said.

I said goodbye to my mom but she dragged back inside to hold me again, telling me she loves me. And I said mom you can say goodbye to me when your at the airport in the morning. "I love you".

We found James and Adrian and now I'm on a plane to probably die a horrific death by a naked mindless zombie-giant. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to my little brothers when I got home because they were at school at the time. And they weren't at the airport with mom. I hope she tells them I'll be back in a bit. Oh. Daniel's waking up. He raised his head off my shoulder and rubbed his eyes.

"Hey sleepy head"

"Did they stop arguing?"

"For now"

He noticed the rose I had sticking out of my left pocket. "Why do have the rose with you?", he asked.


"Well why did you bring it you could loose it"

"Nah, because if I die today then I'll die knowing you gave me this nice white rose as the last gift I'll ever receive and if I die, then the beauty of the rose dies too". He looked at me with great concerned. "Too cheezy?"

"Don't say stuff like that, ok"


He undoes his seatbelt and stands up to stretch his whole body. I watch him and look around. Sleeping, starring blankly at the floor, playing games on their phone. I think the freaking out phase is over for everybody because this a very long plane ride. Then it hit me, I die, 'what would that be like?'.

"Why not?, why can't I say stuff like that?" I already jinxed it so what?

I looked at him and he sat back down. I think he needs more sleep by the way his eyes still were.

"Because, I just don't think you should say that. It could really happen out there. Riley-they don't even know what's going to happen out there. I don't know if I will come back. Many people are already dead. You know I have problems. From seeing a lot of dead people almost on a daily basis at work but I'm not sure if I can handle a magnitude of bodies in a day. Look all I'm saying whatever happens, happens, I can't predict the future. I will do my best to kill all the titans".

"Ugh-shut up", I said and put my arm on him. He grabbed my wrist and put it back on my lap. Ok. I quickly started to tickle him. He was trying to resist laughing a lot while I did. 'Stop', he says many times. I stop, at least this time he didn't punch me in the stomach. I laugh, he's still paranoid in case I try again and then rest his head on my shoulder and he laughs. 'Don't tickle me'. Ok, I'll respect his wishes. Now I'll take a nap. I rest my head on his shoulder and close my eyes, but then they open again. I heard someone say my name, like in a whisper. No it wasn't my friends there right next to me. This sounded like it was a distant whisper. It came from the other side of the plane. A gap between the crates, in my direction was none other than Alexis and his friends. They all looked at me and I saw there lips move and they proceeded to giggle like children. not taking their eyes off me, laughing. I just kept starring back at him so the awkwardness of it all will make him stop. He didn't stop.

"Take a picture it will last you longer", I said.

"Shut the **** up"

"What do you want? Do have something to say?"

"Why should I say something?, I'm not even talking to you"

"Your talking to me right now"

He fell silent, any remark would make him look stupid. Daniel was awake and my friends were already aware of the situation and stopped chatting. Alexis has always had beef on me, its not that I'm gay, no its because he just doesn't like me for some reason. Even on the first day of training he gave me bad looks. Andrew and us have been toe to toe with these guys before, we hate each other. They hate us even more because we clearly beat their asses before.

"If you don't want me talking to you, don't be talking shit when I can hear"

"Go suck a dick you faggot"

Those words have no effect on me, I stood up. Then he and his friends stood up followed by my friends standing up. Before walking around the other side and starting a brawl. I heard Franks voice. Deep and menacing like he could tame lions with just a single word. I'm no lion but if his words are they powerful then you don't even want to know how powerful when he gets physical. I forgot he was on board. He only yelled out Alexis's name and I'm glad he didn't call mine. Alexis turns to see Frank still seated but he has a very dastardly look. Like he's about to throw Alexis off the plane.

"ALEXIS!", chit-chatters stop and sleepers awake. "Didn't we discuss about Riley's sexuality on the first day of training?"

Alexis was startled and replied with a nervous 'no?'. Frank raises his head up slowly and says, "No?", very long and bold. He was wrong. Alexis has very bad memory loss I remembered that day clearly. I remember asking Daniel out months ago before we started training. I proved a point the first day.

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