Attack on Titan: The Return

Chapter 11

AN: I will upload quicker now that I have break. Also the POV switches from Riley to Andrew by the way

"Line up!", after a few hours of being on a bus, the fresh set of cadets found themselves being rushed out on to the blacktop and told to stand on a number. A number of drill sergeants, yelling at them to hurry it up. Andrew let out a small "hoo-ah". The gang all looked at each other with great excitement, this was the beginning of something awesome.

"Listen up you weaklings", one sergeant stand out more than the others wearing a black coat instead of the green coats behind him. This tall man stood on a podium, he looked old for his hair showed signs of grey on his sides. Clean shave and wrinkled forehead from the overuse of frowning too much. "I will be your main instructor that's going to train all of you for the next year. you will obey everything I and the rest of the instructors tell you. We are going teach you the ways of the 3D maneuver gear. You will learn how to fight and adapt to any situation. You will be fearless in the eyes of titans, obviously there are no more titans but that doesn't mean we will have to be ready when it happens again. You will endure so much pain you wont even know what it is anymore. Anyone who cant handle the corps training just say you cant handle it anymore and go to middle of the base and ring that bell over, pack your things and leave. Shame on their backs is the only true punishment they get for failing themselves. When we are not doing training exercises, on rest days refer to me as 'Frank', but for now you will address me 'S Sergeant'.

After his quick little speech he and the other drill instructors walked through the ranks of privates to "inspect" their future soldiers. Giving everyone the stares, like the long stares. Your waiting for him to speak and you want to say something but you weren't asked to speak. one person learned the hard way. Frank yelled at the poor kid. I thought about telling Frank not to get on Andrew's side, when he looked at him he said he was weak. Andrew's done some hardcore shit, the one time in elementary-.

"You", his voice is more menacing when he's in your face. He's talking to Andrew and the next thing you know he's talking to me. "Salute", he says and I do the best I could. But he started yapping at me. I just want to comment, "say it, don't spray it". He called me a lot of names, including the word 'fag'. I was ok with it, he said it to a few cadets before he even got to me. It doesn't bother me but if it's going to be like this for a year I should save him the discrimination. It's not like he's going to ask the whole platoon so I guess I have to just say it. Coming out twice, can it get even more awkward.

"What's your name?"

"Riley Torres, sir and I'm gay, sir", I starred at him and he frowned. He said 'oh'. Sad and all but with a hint of embarrassment. The next words I said surprised all my friends, especially Daniel. "And this is my boyfriend, Daniel, sir". Everyone looked at me like WTF. Daniel was so embarrassed, he looked at me, then at Frank, then the floor. He felt everyone eyes were on him too. I didn't mean to put him on the spot, I want him to feel comfortable when I put my arm around him throughout the day, in front of others. He refused to have my arm around him anytime we were seen that whole year but worth a try. My focus was still on Frank, "Look's like Ill have to quit the gay slurs this year, my apologies". Don't sweat it Frank, your words could of made me stronger or lead me into suicide.

"Ill have to do protocol then, ANYBODY ELSE!", no one raised there hand. "Alright then, everyone pay attention. These two cadets have open up about their sexuality. You will respect them and treat them as any other human being. If I hear from them that they are being mistreated, you'll be hearing from me."

I thought to myself 'yeah, special treatment'. But Frank got real close to my face, closer then he was before and said. "But if I see any love bird business during training exercises you will be deeply sorry. Nothing more than a light tier two". He straightened himself and resumed walking through the formation.


It was silent, besides the plane rumbling from the outside. I fell finally fell asleep but only to find myself the only one awake. This time even more crates stacked on top of the other ones. Was I still asleep when we landed? And while they were loading? That seemed impossible because those forklift made a lot of noise moving around before we took off. Were any of my friends awake then, Ill ask them when they wake up. Now you cant even see the other side at all, I guess that's a good thing considering what happened before I fell asleep. But now there just a these stale wooden crates in my view. Knowing if I try to go back to sleep I couldn't, and I'm not going to be starring at a bunch of crates the whole time. Just a blank image puts me deep into thought. And now's not the time to be thinking of later. I hope were almost there then. I unbuckled my seatbelt and stood up to stretch. Being in the uniform back again felt great, it gave me a sense of purpose in my life. Feeling so refreshed from that nap I felt like I wanted to do a little dance. But I was too embarrass to if anyone saw me. With everyone's eyes closed, they could open them at anytime. I look at my sleepy friends, they look like they went to a wild party and are exhausted. Its not easy being the "captain", is what I so call myself in the squad. My life is in there hands, my decisions will affect them-us and I am responsible for them too. After all that training I've dedicated myself to always be better so I can help them.

In my train of thought, I hear a door open from the front of the plane. I watched slowly as someone emerged from the cockpit. I suppose it was the co-pilot or the pilot himself. He approached a sleeping Frank and taped him on the shoulder to wake him up. When Frank came to terms the pilot whispered something in his ear. Frank unbuckled his seat belt and stood up, he saw me and was surprised to see I was awake but didn't say anything. He reached into his pocket and to my surprise pulled out an air horn. I may have already been awake but that horn was so loud I still got a little jumpy. So loud it blasted around every corner of the plane. I wanted to catch my friends priceless faces on video but all I could do was watch. It Tyler had kept his seatbelt on he wouldn't have fallen on the floor. Adrian was wasn't phased by it, he just seemed really annoyed by it. James, Riley and Daniel were startled but Emily was the most petrified of them all. She must've bee in the middle of a nice dream because she opened her eyes wide open, and threw her arms to her sides, grabbing Riley's shirt and startling him even more. She would've startles me too if I was still sitting in my seat. She also did a little kick and threw her head back, hitting the back of her head and said 'ow'. It was the funniest thing I've seen and I started laughing hysterically. Everybody on my side starred at me, I was the only one laughing. The stares were getting awkward and I stopped laughing with a sigh. With everyone still starring t me I said "what?". Frank called out to me, "Why weren't you asleep?". I gave my best response and said, 'leaders never sleep'.

"Wake up soldiers, get up and get ready, text your mamas because were approaching the drop zone"

"Whoo, its time", said Emily

"Yeah...I know"

"Think we'll see a crawler", Tyler mentions.

We all said 'shut up Tyler'. A crawler is no laughing matter, that's some serious shit. From the way they looked like on the videos we were forced to watched. So many people died in the process before it was killed. I'm afraid of crawlers after that, there so creepy.

"So how are we going get land in the city when there's no air strip. I think were going to skydive", Emily mentions.

"Um, I don't know. Are we going to skydive Adrian?"

"No were going to land, right?"

"Lets ask Frank. Oy! Frank, are we going to skydive"

"Yep", everyone gasped. The questions spat out here and there. We cant skydive, we never trained for it.

"We cant skydive"

"We never had any training for it"


"You've got to be kidding"

"What", he responded surprised. "So your telling me you can fly in your 3DMG more than 100MPH doing flips and tricks and spinning high off the ground but you cant skydive".


"Its easy, you just put the dam thing on your back, strap it and once you feel your a good distance from crashing into the ground you pull the cord. if that doesn't work pull the other one, if THAT one doesn't work, enjoy the view of the city. Or you can latch on to someone before you crash. It's not like were HALO jumping", he grab a crowbar and opens one of the huge crates. "Now then, who wants a parachute", a whole bunch of parachutes fall out.

He wasn't kidding, everyone lined up to grab one. Daniel didn't want to get up and so he asked me to get him one. Anything I can do for my best friend. That horn got me a little while awake. He should be wide awake like the rest, then again he's slept through his alarm a couple a times.

"Now then", Frank says. The huge door opened once again. I feel like I've been trapped in here for so long the grey sky and its cool air feel so new. Frank unlatches one of the first crate gives it a mighty kick and slams into the other crates causing a chain reaction. They slide off the plane, disappearing into the clouds. "Who wants to go first? Were approaching drop zone distance so hurry"

We had to jump off, nobody wanted too. "Go or I will personally escort you off the plane", he says. Everyone slowly walked to the end of the plane. We should get going to, "Alright guys let's go", I say. We walked toward the cluster of people, the first one reached the farthest he could on the ramp and placed on his goggles. He took good look down and back at those waiting for him to go. He jumped, screamed as he went down. The second one to jump looked down and jumped. Soon everyone, one by one were jumping off. I walked closer to the end, suddenly found myself slowing down and my head was spinning. I couldn't do this, I cant jump.

"Guys wait!", they stop and asked what was wrong. "I forgot something". I turned around and forced other out of my way. My friends cried out as to why I was heading but I said nothing. Emily was going to follow but after aggravating the people I pushed they were pushing them to the front so they can jump off. I don't know what to do, Frank will definitely kick my ass off this plane. But it wouldn't hurt to stall a little. There was nothing by my seat that I forgot, so I got down on one knee and pretended to grab something from under my seat as more people passed by me.

I couldn't believe this was happening to me right now. This cant happen, not to me. I can do anything if I set my mind to it but I cant jump off a god dam plane. During Elite training we never had to jump off the plane, it always just landed. This is so embarrassing, what will they think of me after this.


I looked up as to who called my name and it was Tyler. Great, I wouldn't want him especially to see me like this. I felt like a mess. I was twirling my thumbs and starring at the floor like some psychopath. That feeling was coming back to me again, the way I used to be.


"Tyler what are you still doing here, shouldn't you have jumped off with the others"

"Why didn't you jump off with us"


"Because you 'forgot' something", he gestures to under my seat with nothing there.

"Look I cant...what's Daniel still doing here", Literally he was right there, still asleep. How was he still here and how did he still manage to sleep through Frank's wake up call (air horn). The parachute I tossed at him is still there in his lap. Where's Riley!? He's wouldn't leave him here like this.

"Daniel!" I shook him and he woke up. "Dude, hurry up were parachuting. Everyone else is leaving right now. We got to go". And without question, he put on his parachute in a rush. And ran to the ramp without asking me or Tyler what we were still doing there. He jumped over someone and without waiting jumped off so casually at full speed. Jumped like an Olympic swimmer to dive into deep water. We were both really confused but Tyler turned his attention to me again and chuckled.

"Lets hurry up", he insisted.

"I cant, I cant jump, dude I'm scared-I mean I'm nervous"

"Oh come on, your scared of jumping off, your better than this-"

"I know!", I was mad at myself

"Ill help you, come on"

"How the hell are you going to do that?"

"Frank will beat your ass if you don't, titans dude. Don't you want see one? Don't you want to use your gear in the city now that we'll be allowed to. Don't you want to kill titans? We can do combos, on actual titans together kicking ass. That's sounds awesome, lets go."

"Fine", I stood up and walked with him to the ramp. It felt like my death sentence. Wait, no one was on the plane anymore it was just me and Tyler. No wait there's Frank talking to the pilots in the back. We better get this over with.

"You got this Andrew"

I jumped up and down shaking the fear off a little. I breathed slowly. And made my jog to the end but then I quickly stop and retreated. I decided to get closer to edge by holding on to the side of the door. The wind felt like it was going to suck me out. I tried jumping off that way but I still couldn't. I sat down and scooted myself to the edge like and idiot. As soon as I didn't feel anything for my feet to touch I pulled them back with a squeal. I was still little scared.

"Are you serious?", Tyler annoyed with my last attempt.

"Shut up!"

"Lets both do a running start, ok. No chickening out if you do, you have to say I'm always right all the time from now on"

"I'm not agreeing to that"

We both backed away to the middle of the plane, a long enough running start. I see what he's trying to do. He's trying to get me to run really fast so I wont have time to stop. We both stared to the outside. Frank looked like he was about to finish, we had to go now.

"Ready...NOW!", Tyler said. "You got this Andrew, GO,GO, GO". I ran as fast as I can, Tyler was trailing to my side, still shouting giving me motivation chants. I can hear my feet slamming down, hitting the floor. I was almost there, I can smell the rain. There was no stopping now, my heart was beating so fast. Weightlessness. I jumped, right as I jumped I realized something. This could be my last chance to ever do this again, so I did a front flip. Tyler did a cowardly belly flop. Sad, it was easier said than done.

Frank was just wrapping things up with the pilot before he jumped. "Well, see you there", Frank his hand on his shoulder. "Every soldier counts", he added. Frank left the cockpit walked to the ramp. Before jumping off, he looked back to get a last glimpse around the plane. he ran his last few step and jumped out.

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