Attack on Titan: The Return

Chapter:1 Low-Self Esteem Squad Assemble

AuthorNotes: Its pronounced Man-gen not Maj-en

Very long but who cares!

Finally this day is over. Ive had enough of listening to other peoples lives. It makes me think about my life and I don't like my life. Life Sucks. At least I'll be home now when Mangan is done talking with the patient in the other room. Poor dude, another nightmare but he just doesn't get it. We were in the main room when Mangan questions his patients. He's a therapist. Im his apprentice or assistant-I don't know but I write down important stuff on a notepad in the corner of the room. Sometimes he lets me take on patients myself.

I work with him almost everyday, except for weekends, I need those. I got this job when me and Daniel went job hunting in the summer. I found his office not to far from my house. When I came I asked and he said he'll give me a call, later he called, interviewed me, got the job and worked with him until I went to the corps. When I came back he let actually let me have my job back now as co-therapist. I learn sooo much from him and more of myself too. He's like a great politician who's not a politician, he has almost a answer for everything. He understands us teens because he knows, he was one and adults gave him the same crap when they said his generation was reckless. They grow up and say there kids are reckless. Its cycle, he taught me that by the way. He sees us as adults and not teenagers. I look up to him sometimes.

I started to use my phone when he took too long. Everyone plays this major game thats super complicated yet super fun. It's complicated to explain. It was a nice little office Mangan had, we had that therapist chair-couch thing the patients ly down on. One of the walls was a window and you could look out into the street, it always had the shades halfway open letting some sunlight in. He has a bookshelf too that are nothing but books about the human mind. Sometimes I leave my own reading books here to past the time, there like four of them and there all so colorful and standout from Mangan's.

Im in my "work" clothes or so I call them. I'd wear black jeans, convincing him was easy. I never liked slacks. Today I was wearing my black on black converse, a black T-shirt with a band on it. Mangan wouldn't approve of me wearing that so I cover it with a nice grey coat and keep it on the whole time so I look formal in front of Mangan's patients. The one thing his patients do see what's not so formal about me is my Mohawk. Its not big, its kind of small really. Mangan never said anything about it, I guess that's one of the perks of having a cool boss. I was just in the middle of attacking someones base when he walked in and closed the door behind him. He sat down and let out a huge sigh, I spoke first but didn't take my eyes off the screen because the dudes defenses were really puting up a fight.

"So, do you think he'll make any progress"

"What-oh hell no if he keeps living with mother with his drug money", Magan would always exaggerate with his bushy eyesbrows. I stifle a laugh. "If that idiot doesn't put any effort in anything he won't get anywhere. He will barely afford me".

The drug money part wasn't true but with living with his mother was. Mangan told the guy to do these things help him out, that was a month ago. A month later he comes back and this is exactly what happened. We greet and question him and then I begin to record on my note pad.

"So have you been taking the medicine I prescribed to you"


"I hope your feeling great, cause now we can move on to the next excercise"

"Well I thought about what you when I left and I was thinking, like what if I try this-"

It was bad. Like BAD, bad. Though he's not the first patient we've had that took their own advice after receiving help. Poor bastards. I finally destroyed my that's dude base just in time. I wrryyyyked him.

"Well, I'm gonna go now Mangan", I got up and headed for the door. I was in the middle of the doorway when he called me.


"I know I've said this many times but its good to have you back"

"Yeah I know"

"I had someone take your place when you left to the corps with your friends. He did ok, but I wouldn't let him keep your job"

"Thanks again", I smiled and went out. I heard him say 'anytime bro see ya tomorrow' before the door closed.

For a retired police officer at 56 and looks likes Dr. Phil, he sure acts out of his age group.

I made my way out of his office, took the stairs to the main floor. He was on the second floor in office 2-C, there were other businesses there but I never stepped foot in them ever. I walked out of the building and my eyes adjusted to the light a little. It didn't hit me directly because there were buildings in the way at this time of the hour. The wind was blowing lightly and it was a little cloudy. I reached down in my pocket and pulled out my phone and earbuds. I placed in my ear, put on a good song, took a deep breath and made my way to my apartment.

It wasnt very far, it was near the wall, near the entrance into the city. Yep the whole city was surrounded by 50 meter walls, well except for the port(the docks). You see, according to the history books, when we were ready to take back the world we were constantly building walls when ever we gained land. If the titans ever were to push us back we would fall back to the wall or the last check point we build. It kept going like that until we advanced in weaponry, tanks, artillery, etc. When we had a had a huge amount of land sealed they let they the citizens move into them. The only tragic thing out of that operation is when titan shifters against us attacked unfinished walls by surprise. Our shifter couldn't be at every wall under construction all the time, They mostly attacked during the night, killings hundreds. Their attacks forced us to abandon some walls. When we came back to claim the walls back, we didn't need them anymore cause we already advanced, pushing back the shifters easily. The use wasn't needed anymore so now around some parts of the globe, they still stand now as monuments and major battle the rest of history played out from there. Though now everything's changed, since teens like us have been joining the army back then and now, we wanted more rights. There was many debates and riots as well as some deaths. But then we got what we wanted I personally like being able to get a job freshmen year and have my own things. We can buy houses now! Sure we it kind of sucks being an adult earlier but now, even though we still have to attend school, I can do mostly what I want that I couldn't as a kid. Being 16 rules!

When we finally defeated all the titans and conquered the whole world, it was said to be the biggest, BIGGEST celebration ever. I wish I was there during that time. It's become a national holiday all around the world, we celebrate it every year and it stills feels like the world is celebrating it for the first time. Party's would be out on the street, people screaming in joy and parades, the T.V. would be playing some documentaries. But it's not all happy. Crying is a usual thing on this that day, we still remember the names and lives of the people who died giving us our freedom. Here it's the same thing but traffic would come to a complete stop, confetti would be falling from buildings and it was everywhere. Literally everywhere. Giant posters would be hanged on buildings and some event people would be flying on 3DMG around the city.

My family and I would spend it Emily's house outside the walls and have a BBQ in the backyard. But later I always tell my parents me and my friends head off to different party near by. It's a hassle trying to leave and enter the city, they still use that small 2 way gate but since I joined the Survey Corps they'll actually let me use my gear to climb the wall as long as I send it back when I cross, leaving it on the lift. It's illegal to use your gear and illegal to have your gear with you if you're not going to be using it. You can only use it if you were given permission to, leaving holes in buildings using your gear does cost the city to repair it. It's no big deal, sometimes I use it at night just to admire the city lights flying at fast speed. I have to fly high because people look for gear use down lower.

So yeah, I'd had my apartment now for almost a year now and my job for almost 4 years, technically 3 cause I left to the corps. It's a nice looking apartment, it has a living room and a kitchen, two rooms(obviously 1 bathroom). You can see the T.V. from the kitchen, they were both like connected in a way. The only reason why the apartment is nice is because I have roommates. I wouldn't be able to afford it on my own. There all dudes and kind of annoying but I put up with them. Sure we talk and play video games but they're nothing compared to my friends, speaking of them I hope their online when I get home.

The building was just up ahead, I took the elevator to floor 12. As I was walking down the hall to my room, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I took off one of my ear buds annoyed, I was in the middle of good song when the bass was just about to drop. It was one of my roommates. I was too lost in my thoughts I didn't see him. He was around my age.

"Hey, I'm going to work!"

"Dude, seriously", I responded.

"What?", he said back not knowing why I was mad.

I just turned around nodding my head side to side and kept walking down the hall to my apartment. 'Ugh'. You don't just disturb a guy and his music. I don't need you to me you're going to work when I know already.

I'm not sure you can tell but it's kind of ironic how I feel like I'm a nut case at times and I work with a therapist. I've been known to be very annoyed easily and depressed. Its not a deep serious depression but like a momentary depression. I just let my mind wander over me, thinking of things I shouldn't be thinking of. Overlooking death and the inhuman things. I only put those thoughts into action once. I had an accident in in elementary, its still on my discipline record and it won't ever go away. It wasn't my fault, I did the right thing. It just was holded in so long I bursted and I ended up doing more damage than I imagined. These random depressions don't happen often, I asked Mangan about them and he says some technical stuff but he's not really sure. Maybe its because I was born that way.

The building had nice lighting with some green carpet to go with the white doors though the halls were feeling a little darker today and not saying that cause it's cloudy outside.

I got to my door, #32. I ranged the doorbell and some squeaky barking came from the other side. It was the puppy. Before I moved out dad offered it to from his friend whose dog had had puppies to give away. I named her "baby" I can hear barking and scratching the door, desperately trying to find out who's at the door. Even in my most worst mood I still smile at her persistence of finding me. Carla opens the door and baby runs out doing circles around me.

"Hey",Carla greets me

"Hey", I responded

I grabbed the little creature and took her inside. Carla closed the door behind me and I put baby down. I take off my sweater and put it on the coat rack by the door and notice living inhabitants. My roommates. They were all sitting on the couch playing on their DS's or doing something else I couldn't make up. The noises irratated me and I wanted silence. My mind was dying for some price and quiet. One of them noticed me and spoke.

"Oh, hey Andrew-"

"Get out", making my best I don't care face

"What-awww come on"

"I'm not in very good mood right now so get out", my voice was getting stern now, "Now"

"Ughhh", they got up to leave tapping the others on the shoulder to follow. They had to move into the next room which was my room. Or how they call it "our" room. The bedroom. I like how they listen to me, besides the fact that I can kick their asses, guess who makes the most out of us all? ME!

I fell face first on the couch and groaned, letting the cushions induldge me. Carla was still in the room though, she knows I would never kick her out. I've known her since freshmen year, we had drama. She doesn't live with us but she does like to hang out here a lot with me afterschool instead of her house. I can hear her little black boots go into the kitchen.

"Depressed?", her voice was almost squeaky maybe its because she's really skinny.


"What with you and your random depress moments"

"Ehhh", that's what all I said, my body is failing me right now. The tiredness is consuming me. I gotta get up and move but this couch feels so good right now.

"Hey, you want me to make you a sandwhich?"

"Yeah sure", I said through the cushions ruffleling my voice.

"You don't sound like you want one?"

I lifted my head up off the couch and pretended to sound excited.

"SURE Carla, I'd love me a good sandwich. Why I-bla-pla-pla!"

I forgot I put baby on the couch and she licked my lips. "Ugh-that disgusting!"

I flipped her over and sat up, Carla was laughing. I half turn my head to see her hand over her mouth trying not to let the laughs escape. "Yeah sure", I said.

I can hear the start of clinks and clanks of a plate being placed and the opening and closing of the fridge. Followed by draws and sliverware. While I wait for a stale sandwhich I reach over to the end of the couch and grab a soda in the mini-fridge. Real gamers keep a mini-fridge by the couch. I pop it open and take a sip. Carla stops what she's doing.

"Hey you shouldn't be drinking soda, you know what the doctor said"

Its true before I moved out I used to drink soda everyday when I was younger. One day when I mom took me to get my blood checked it was high. The doctor said it wasn't dangerously high but I should lay low on the sugar. So my parents only allowed me to drink soda on the weekends. There has been a lot of talk that young people are getting diabetes in high blood sugar lately. Its weird because even though I don't live with my parents anymore I still only drink soda on the weekend like I know I have to. They raised me well but today, today I just needed one.

"Its just one"

It got quiet after that. I looked at my dog and started messing with her, its where I grab her paws and she tries to bite me but I put her paws in the way so she bites herself. After that I forgot to turn on my console, it was just underneath the T.V. Its a good thing it has voice start up, I even gave it a custom command.


The blue light turns on and I wait for it to get to the home screen. I look up at the ceiling and just ponder. Its noon and I don't even know what to do and I don't want to do anything. When will life stop? I need another vacation. Let's go back to Tahoe.

I whip out my phone and just as I expected, nothing to do. My youtubers don't post till like around 2 or so. Well theres know. That stuff on the internet but I'm not like that anymore. When life couldn't get any longer I thought of something. When was the last time I watched the news? I would occasionally watch the news in the morning before school but I can't seem to remember the last time I did. So I gave it a go.

I turned on the T.V. the console's home screen was on. I grabbed a controller and scrolled to the news app and clicked it. It was loading to live T.V, it was probably more stuff about us at the verge of war with a foreign country or racist controversies. That's all that has ever been put on the news. When it finnaly piped up on screen there was this lady talking and she seemed so stressed. I knew why.

My eyes were focused on the images but mostly the big white text shown at the bottom of the screen. The first word was...TITANS

But the second work had me trembling


The others words were 'attack' and 'kill'. People were dying this very second. There not just here, they're saying their appearing everywhere, around I can see. I can people fighting back but that won't do any good. The military had to get involved. That means...

Carla doesn't notice until she even hears lady's words saying that word again, TITANS, again that word. It leaves a lump in my throat. She notices the images and walks over to the livingroom, not moving her eyes away from the screen. She stands beside me not saying a word. My head is spinning. I feel as if the room is fading away into the black. We stay watching in horror.

AuthorNotes: Happy!? Well I hope so cause now everybody else is gonna join the party.

Sorry but Andrew's introduction is the longest out of everybody else's

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