Attack on Titan: The Return

Chapter 2: Low Self-Esteem Squad Pt2

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Somewhere not too far from Andrews apartment, passing buildings and skyscrapers. We stumble upon another apartment complex similar but slightly different. Wide open spaced living room, small little little coffee tables in the middle, a T.V. A counter near the wide glass wall that sees out into the city. An open kitchen, the essential needs really, but only one bedroom.

The door opens and the teen comes through and slams the door shut. He puts back against the door and slides down to the floor. His hands rested on the floor. His whole body ached and his head hurted from the day he's had. He went to work and only had one sip of his coffee before the emergency siren turned on.

He was at Military police Headquarters, he was an Agent. They hired him his freshmen year. Officer/Detective Daniel. Due to new laws teens were actually allowed to be in the military police force after training and were given easy task at first but they later escalate into regular cases. Him and the others didn't have a clue. They went to the meeting room and were given instructions. Their surveillance footage and trackers have one of the cartels making a huge deal at a local airport hangar. it was an opportunity that couldn't have been missed. Every Agent was call in, their had to be a raid immediately. This particular gang always used weapons against law enforcement, so a shootout was more than likely going to happen. Armor trucks and S.W.A.T teams will assist. Daniel was sad because he was still separated from his partner in crime, he had to be in a separate vehicle. Daniel was in a black van, and five others in the car with him, plus their leader of the unit.

Daniel sighed, he focused on settling his thoughts down and counted to three. When getting to three he let his mind take over his body and forced himself to get up off the floor. He gets up and takes a look around the room, the atmosphere was dull and grey. He threw his phone on the couch and grabbed the remote on the small table by the door and turned on the sound bar and it automatically started playing a song. He made his way to the kitchen and to the fridge. It looked like a huge metal space door, almost like opening it would take him away somewhere else and relieve him of all his stress. He opens the fridge and takes out a one of the tall cans of juice that only cost .99 cents.

His squad leader gave him orders of their objective. 3 were adult agents and the other one was a teen. They were coming up on their location

Daniel went over to the hallway and pressed a button on the wall to start the shower. Turning a touch pad he set it to warm. He wasn't gonna step in just yet, it takes time for the warm water to start running through. He then made his way back to the living room and looked out into the city. There is no such thing as peace. He opened the can to take a sip.

They moved in, surrounding the the place. A helicopter was in bound and guns drawn. We shouted for them to surrender, telling them to to put their weapons away. They shouted back and were not happy. Our double Agents in the hangar readied to take out them out, to make a crossfire to box them in. They only responded in gunfire and so did we. Bullets flew everywhere, they hit cars, they hit crates and even people. The cartel were using the plane parked in the hangar as cover while police forces used their vehicles. Daniel watched and some were escaping, deeper into the building. He was given orders that if anyone was to escape into the building he'd go after them. He was only armed with a pistol he was using but he worked best with it. His cover was behind the vans wheel, he'd peek and get up from his cover and fire a few shots. Others noticed too that some were fleeing and yelled in the noise of the gunfire to go after them.

He took another peek and slowly made his way around to the side. Diving gaps of fire and crouching while moving. He passed by a truck and somebody was already wounded, bleeding out. The medic was doing the best he can to help him but the blood kept going. Daniel looked away and focused on the objective. When he finnaly made it to the last car on the left side, it was mostly away from the line of direct fire. He ran to the side entrance, keeping an eye on anybody that was going to aim at him.

They're were many crates all around the hangar, filled with precious items that could've made their suspects rich today. He ran as fast as he could sticking to side. He point his pistol and run without stopping, taking out some as he would pass by. Once he was behind most of the enemy he saw the door. Another was making a break to the door. Daniel looked back and it looked like he was gonna be the first to enter, he was gonna lead. Three other agents were behind him and were all adults. It was decreed abolescent or young agents were not were not allowed to go alone into serious danger without being accompanied by and older agent. Since he was going after the suspects alone they had to follow him either way. They would be forced to follow him. The death of a young agent will be on their watch. They government felt like that the young agents weren't "strong" enough, but Daniel was strong.

He was catching up, but its seemed the guy was trying to shake him off. He took turns at every corner. Whenever he make a turn too fast Daniel would jump and use his feet to bounce him off the wall, so he doesn't loose his speed. Once he was the closest possible he pounced on him and knocked him down with him. They both fell to the floor and the man made an"Oof" as he fell. He turned around and saw him Daniel on top of him. Daniel quickly punched him, but his punched only seemed to make him angrier. The man lifted himself up like a giant arising, throwing Daniel off of him. The man swinged but Daniel dodged his slow punches, seeing a weak point now he hit him in the gut. Below the sternum and just above the stomach, the 'winding' blow.

The sweet taste of mango was delightful.

The man wheezed and Daniel jabbed his fist upward into his face as hard as he could. Something told him this man was stronger than he look or was taking steroids cause because after hitting him really hard in the face many times this man should be on the ground right now. He charged Daniel almost sending him down but into the wall. Before doing anything else the man elbow him in the face really hard. Daniel felt his face go numb for a second and lost his train of thought. More pain could've been inflicted if one of the agents hadn't come to his rescue, literally slamimg into the dude. Another passed by hoping to get the ones ahead, another came by to assist as well.

Dawmit, they interfere with his fights again. This ruins his image. They got up and threw punches at each other. The guy was pinned from both sides, he wasn't doing a very good job of blocking the Agents hits. They were very fast and were throwing kicks and punches, flips too if they weren't fighting in a narrow hallway. Well Daniel couldn't sit there and let them have all the fun. The hall was too narrow and the Agent in front of him was blocking his way. When finnaly our suspect felt he had enough the guy whipped out his pistol. Both Agents saw it and went straight for it. The one behind him kicked it out of his hand and it went up and bounced off the ceiling. The guy kicked the Agent in front of me while the other was recovering from the kick. We fell back and somehow knocked the Agent down but I didn't trip like he did. He got in the way and almost made me fell. Our suspect noticed the gun fell close by him and reached toward it. The Agent in front him took his weapon out and told him to stop. If our grabbed the gun he would have to shoot him. In this situation police brutality would have to be used.

Over some time now certain situations have gotten very...complex or how what I think annoying. A law was passed that police brutality would be used. Example if in certain situation like a man with a baseball bat was refusing to put it down. Sure we could tase him on the spot. But with a gun and he is taking too long and wasting time, we could call it in HQ and wait for a response to use police brutality. If yes then we could shoot him in the leg or arm-not killing him but unarming him. A little brutal but it gets the job done. Some don't need permission and we didn't have time to call it in.

I reacted quickly and slammed a knife into his foot, digging into the achilles. He fell and shouted in pain, yet still reached for his gun like it was the only thing that would save him. As his fingers drew nearer to it the blade went deeper into his flesh. This man was determined to fight till the end. Me and the Agents are yelling at him to stop and get away from the gun, but it was too late. The crook grabbed the gun and before he could even lift it he was stopped dead in his tracks. The red stains splattered all over the walls. There's blood on everyone. We've lost a suspect.

Today was just a regular day. Though my cheeked still hurted really badly. The medicine will where it off in the morning. I've had worser days, just like last week. I felt sick to my stomach, how much longer can I keep doing this. Till I'm like what 60, that's a long time from now. Sure I'll be a badass old man, a super cool father. Father?...Hmmm.

The hot water must be running by now, but just a little longer. The lights of the city were beautiful. While still looking my watched vibrated, my phone was ringing. The remote was still in my hand and I lowered down the volume and walked toward the couch. I glanced and saw who was calling. It was him. Riley Why is he calling me. I thought I told everybody and especially him not to bother calling me right when I get off work. I don't wanna be bothered. I tapped my watch to the answer the phone.


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