Attack on Titan: The Return

Chapter 3: Low Self-Esteem Squad Pt3

Author Notes: OK just one more introduction and that's it, then we get into the story. I mean there's still 2 more main characters to introduce but I never thought of what they would be doing when word spread out.

A little far from the city, outside the walls, Emily was at her Dads motorcycle shop before Andrew called her about the news.

The smell, nothing can really get rid of the smell, the horror of this place. Motor oil, gas fumes, and beer sting my nose. The first time I stepped in I just had to put on one of those mask at hospitals to cover your coughs, that's how bad it was. The loud machinery and high screeches of rubber on asphalt, chains clicking and clacking. That and the laughter of big motorcycle men can be heard all around this shop and their trash talk and dirty mouths. They would be covered in tattoos too. In every room theres not a place you won't find an empty beer can on the floor.

Lord knows if my dad is sober right now, he's probably talking more with his buddies than he is working, the fat bastard. I don't hate my dad, I just hate what he does. He should be working yet im here busting my ass trying to put this chain back in place on a bike for 10 mins that he should of been doing and instead just told me to do it for him as a "favor". Its very frustrating and I'm a girl! But that doesn't matter anymore because when I check my watch I give up my time is up, I can go home now. I think I'll even leave the chain on worse than I how I firsted started with it for dad when he fixes it.

I head over to the sink and wash my hands in the second most disgusting bathroom I have been in my life, what's first, that's another story. I wash them and dry them with a clean white rag I keep hidden in the cabinet so none of dads employees completely cover it in motor oil. I check my self in the mirror and wipe a little seat off my forehead. My bangs sometimes get in the way of my work, I used to have my hair out long but dad said I would have to keep it in a pony tail when I first worked with him. It seemed to grow on me and I've kept it since. I keep it a little dyed with some dark red, my favorite color and favorite color of cake, red velvet. I say it looks dark red cause it is not just red. My sleeveless black shirt and my jeans werent stained so today is good day.

I slip out of bathroom and get to the front desk to pick up my jacket. I reach over the counter and easily I noticed one of dads employee's was watching me bend over to pick up my jacket. Typical.

"Eyes in front, John", I say negatively

He does and goes back to paying attention to the customer. Dads friends are the worse and creepiest people I have met in my life. They're worse than him! From day one they always looked at me funny, like at my butt whenever they get the chance to when I'm not looking, those sickos. I'm only 15! They're pigs, one time when dad was just starting to bring me to work like on the 4th week, I decided to wear nothing but a tank top and short gym shorts or what Andrew likes to call them "booty shorts". Funny word that is but any way before we went out the door he paused and looked at me in surprise. It looked like he was trying not to laugh.

"Are going like thwall.


"Pshh, alright"

I guess he wanted me to have a little taste of my own medicine, I wanted to dress like that all the time and he would make a big deal out of it before we would go somewhere. He wanted me to dress normally and I found out the hard way. When got there they everybody looked at me. Some of them would go up to me and try to have a conversation with me when I was oblivious to the fact they were looking at my boobs. I was only handling the front desk at that time, I felt like their eyes were touching me the whole time. What were they thinking of me, doing with me...? And when I finally caught on I told them to stop and they didn't so I eventually told dad to make them stop and he told me to go change in the bathroom and let everyone know if they were to put a hand on me they were be fired. When I finished changing he was waiting for me and said,

"Told you"

"You didn't say anything", I say whining

"Didn't have too"

Once I obtain my jacket and put it on, I walk back into the garage and approach dad welding something.

"Dad I'm going home now"

"Drive safe"

I step out of the garage, few guys are working on some cars in the back. I find my bike and hop on it, last year dad gave it to me on my birthday. So I can drive myself to school, as the news laws, I can drive it. Lots of new laws have been passed, our generation is so lucky. I put the keys in the ignition, twist it and drive home. Looks like a beautiful sunset across the city. Sometimes I ride without a helmet even though I'm supposed to but the road I take him is so empty at this time, not one car. Sure a few grocery makers and other buildings but still. The sunlight doesn't stir me one bit. The life outside the walls is more peaceful than the life inside the walls of the city.

Once I get to my house I park on the side of the sidewalk, I get my bike and head to the door. I can see the city, a bright orange reflection from the tall skyscrapers peaking over the dark gray wall. I use the house keys to open the door and find the house empty as usual. Mom isn't home right now, she has a different job, she can't stand a workplace like dad's. Being so lazy I go to my room and fall on the bed and stay there for a know a moment. I then reach into my pocket and throw my phone on the bed. I peer up and see the pink walls I kept since I was little kid, even a pink dresser. Im your average...uh girl. Though Andrew said my stereotype is a tomboy. I have magizines, I use makeup, I have posters of bands and I play video games, big deal.

I get up and fix my hair and put on my glasses that were on the counter, I need them but I kind of don't want to wear them. The most time I put them on is when I play games. Now I may be skinny but I'm a real fatass, it my metabolism! I set my jacket on the coat rack and I go to the kitchen cabinet and grab a family size bag of chips and open them. I squeeze the bottom of the bag so when it burst open the fresh smell of nacho cheese hit my face. I lay on the couch and put on my headset and turn on my console.


If I could see myself right now I'll look like a retard eating my chips. The games loads up and check my base to see it untouched. I speak into the mic to see if anybody else is on.

"Yo, who's online", I get a response back

'Just us'


They were a few my gaming buddys from school, though not my friends. I like playing with them but the crew makes it a whole lot better.

"Where's Andrew?", I ask

'He's online but not in the game, do you want me to call him?'

"Nah, I'm sure he's getting on the game right now"


I checked to make sure he was, I slides a tab on the screen to see his name next to his icon picture. He is online but he's not in the game. I turn around to see the time on the microwave, its been 20mins since he got off work, he must be. Doesn't he know we gotta up our stats for the tournament next week and we got to keep our title. Our team is "Low Self-Esteem Quad". Sure we could've named it something better but we all thought that name would fit us.

Really no one else being here is really bothering me, why am I the only one that takes this seriously. Pyrrhus is rarely on, Riley's at work and Adrian and James planned to hang out all day at school. Daniel is more than likely too tired to play with us but yet when he does he should be resting from an injury. He says he can rest it on the couch. I would and I should call Andrew right now to tell him where he at but my phone starts ringing, a text from Andrew. I get up and head back to my room to retrieve my phone, I know its him because I put a specific ringtone fore everybody. The text was all in caps.


I text back, why.


"There are a lot of things I don't like and no! Just tell me"

My phone rang


"Look just go to it there are Titans on the news and we need to go to the recruit center to be sent to fight them!"

"Lies this is a joke-"

"I'm serious, your man Anderson Cooper is talking about right now!"


I switch the game to the news with Andrew still on the phone. "Ughh, I swear Andrew". As soon as I say those words the needs is on live talking about them. That can't be this is impossible, they can't just come back this must be a prank but something on the news with a subject this serious then...oh no. Wait there's some here?!

"It seems the titans are not just here but everywhere, all around. Were getting reports of them being seen in London, Asia, Germany, Russia, Rome, Canada, South America and many others. The U.S. military is already on it and is issuing all military personal in the reserve to report to the nearest recruit center and be sent out to exterminate the titans. I don't how this is even possible, who let this happen?, who planned this? Why today?, Why would a man want too see this-" an old video of a titan attacking humans. "To see women and children die horriblely in front of there very eyes."

There's a moment of silence

"All citizens are to eveacuate titan invaded areas. Here I have Tom who's researched these creatures his entire life learning their monstrosity."

"Well thank you for having me here on CNN Anderson. These creatures, for long have been terorrizing us with one purpose, to terminate our existence, this image is a little graphic but from this-

"AHH", they just showed a disturbing picture of a titan with a creepy smile, I was too zoned out to the screen. The wrinkles on its face made it even more creepy, like it was laughing at me, at how piuny I am. I fall back on the couch, my breath taken. Are we really gonna have to fight them? They're gonna send us out there, I'm starting to regret signing up with the others. All that training will now have to be put into use, I can't, I can, I mean I have to. Or I will be forced to under the oath. It wont be bad, we'll all be alright, I'm sure of it. Happy thoughts, we have better technology now well be fine. I forget I'm still on the phone with Andrew.

"Are we going right now?! Then let's meet at the-U-Uh the lampost", I was already grabbing my keys and was out the door.

"Yeah the lampost I'll be in line"

"There's a line!?", just from my own home, I can hear the faint sound of artillery and the city was growing up a black smoke over the wall.

Author Notes: Emily's weird.

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