Attack on Titan: The Return

Chapter 4: Low Self-Esteem Squad Pt4

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More and more of the word spreads, right here in the city to the country-to the whole world. Its been almost ten minutes since the titans have appeared in the harbor and already a handful of people have been consumed. Evacuation has commenced and people are running to safety. It seems the garrison is already aware of the situation too and will start fire long-range artillery rounds once it seems most of the people have fled to the gate. The titans are emerging from the harbor, the sea. Are people being turned at sea?, no one is there to tell because there mostly running. There was only time to evacuate and for the local law enforcement to to hold them off until an army is assembled. Nuclear rounds won't be allowed until the whole city is evacuated. Again, the military in the area have been sent out to defend the citizens, they were the first to see them and more than likely the last time they will see them. While defending the people they get grabbed like flies, too shocked and so much is going on around them to focus and they were torn apart and devoured. The peoples protectors were having their blood rain on them as they run away, to the only Gate thats functional, the others were shut down a long time ago. It was the only big gate. Unfortunately using your car on the street is useless like on the day we celebrate our freedom from them but today wasnt a celebration. While running away they didn't know that it wasn't just happening here in NY but everywhere else.

Now not all of the city was enclosed by the walls. There was a high school that also served as a university outside the city. On the campus during the summer, they would open the gates for some students to work on the major to get a head start when school resumes. Though mostly just go during the summer for the wreck room. That building is in the only section of the campus that is open during the summer. Its a square building on a small hill next to a field of grass with other buildings surrounding it. In front of the room was the cafeteria with lunch tables spreaded about. Students were sitting around in front, having a little get-together, eating food and playing music through their portable speakers.

One of them was sitting alone, away from the party. He's doing his homework(research for major) while listen to his music very loud. Across him, the other students were being a bit dancy and seemed to be celebrating a friends birthday. Back to our lonely fellow, seeing them having a great time didn't seem to bother him and just remained focused on writing a 5 page essay about the history of different foods. This was Adrian. His short hair appeared black but a very dark shade of brown, his skinny jeans were black and his flannel had red and black squares. White people, who celebrate someone's birthday at school...but doing that does show she has good friends, hmm.

Adrian was very deep into his music, it always helped him do his work, no other methods would help him do any better. It was a great sensation, the instruments felt like it flowed from his ear to his whole body. When he first got his own I-Pod in middle school, he was as happy as a bird can be. When he soon discovered dubstep he was sucked in, addicted. Much of his life after that consisted of secluding himself away from others and being by himself during school. Even in class, he would listen to his music as much as possible. He played his music loud though, his parents used to get mad at him because they would have to march all the way up his room and tell him they've been calling him many times. He would apologize but would resume the routine all over again. Adrian was an only child and only had but his parents to really talk to but it was smallest of chatter between them. When he would misbehave he would get his music taken away and to him it felt like taking away his ability to see, he couldn't breathe without. Adrian would end up behaving worst but that's what he used to do and he's moved on. One day his parents were so fed up with him that they took it away and said he will never get it back until they see some improvement. They had cut him off from his element, his cocoon, the warm bed that comforted. They had also started the beginning of his torture and scarings.

With no friend that was his music, he was alone, and saw the truth of the harsh reality that waited for him. When he came to school music-less, he finally got to heard what all his classmates thought of him, the names, the rumors, they called him many things . He tried saying something back at them, but he didn't know what to say, his social skills were shit. He didn't know how to talk back, even if he did would it stop the physical pain that came along after the names. They bullied him, pushing, knocking him down. Being hit in the face and crying in front of the whole class to see and laugh silently, not to alert the teacher. This went on for a whole year but to him it felt like an eternity. He told on his enemies once but did it stop, no. He became so afraid that he avoided the teachers help. Then going home and being asked did you have a good day at school? Yes, he would say but it all wasn't true. Needless to say that's when the blade on skin begun. Sitting on his bed letting his adrenaline be wastes away by the pain and replaying again those words he was called. He would always keep a towel under his arm when he would cut, he didn't want to leave a mess on his sheets and let his parents know. They just don't understand how he feels. Even now his friends are always uncertain of what state he's in, what's truly behind that smile he wears everyday. From that point, Adrian was scared.

On one particular day in middle school, he was in class sulking with his head down and hoodie over his head. When he heard the sound of someone sit next to him, he looked up, there was a girl.

"Hello", she smiled.

"Hello", he said back. Adrian put his head back down but had the feeling she was still looking at him, so he looked up again. She was still starring at him.


"Do you want to be my partner", she said holding up the pieces of paper. Adrian sighed.


"Great, I'll get the crayons", she got up and fetched them.

Who is she?, is she new or is she that girl that sits behind me some where because I've never seen her. Why Is She Talking To Me? Couldn't she have found a better partner? Adrian glances around to see any missing seats. He sees her picking the colors for their assignment. Then he notices an empty seat where she might come from. She must be that one girl who sits next to Jackie. Yeah, she has a pony tail too. Why did she go up to me? I'm just not going to do anything, maybe its a trick! That girl Jackie saw Adrian glancing at her and she reach over to another desk with a boy sitting. She whispered something in his ear and he looked at Adrian and laughed, Adrian turned back around. Asshole, why do I even bother to look!.

That girl came back and sat down and threw the colors on the table.

"Well, let's get started"

"Okay, why are you really here?"


"You're Just Here To make me look desperate aren't you?"

"No", she seemed confused

"Your with her", Adrian points to Jackie

"What about Jackie?'

"Don't you guys make fun of me"

"I don't make fun of you, she does though. I've never really said anything about you...I just watch and listen to her make fun of you."

"So why are you here?"

"I feel like I want to talk to you, you never say anything. Your voice sounds nice, I never heard you talk before. Jackie's just been saying a lot of stuff about you and I don't think their true. So I came here to find out."

"Just Leave me alone", Adrian said while putting his head down


The girl got up and walked away back to her own table, next to Jackie. The next day she was back again, sat right next to him.

"Hey", she said but the boy seemed to be asleep from what she saw. So she gave him a poke.

"Ugh-oh its you"

"Well good morning to you too, sunshine"

"Don't Call me that"


"My mom calls me that"

The girl laughed. "That's Not Funny", he frowned

"No that's adorable, your mom calls you sunshine"

"I Don't Feel The Sun shining on Me"


"Aren't you gonna fill in the squares?"

"I Don't Know where to start"

"Here, I'll show you"

They had small talk as the girl showed Adrian how to do his work. Class was over and they went there separate ways. The next day that girl would sit right next to him in his class everyday. On the 4th day he got her name. "My name is Emily" As the days went by, Adrian would open up to Emily and she would know more about him and why hes always been so depressed ever since. She says that's kind of stupid thing to be depressed about, but Adrian said she wouldn't understand. Emily took a bold move one day when she asked him if he would like to hang out with her and her friends. But Adrian refused. He didn't like her friends but he didn't really know her friends.

"No, they're going to beat me up if you even take me near them"

"Wait, them", she says pointing to the group behind them. "I don't hang out with them during lunch. I hang out with my friends".


"You haven't seen them yet that's why, wanna hang out with us during lunch?"

"I don't know...Ok"

When lunch occurred Adrian got in line for his lunch. He got shoved from behind by somebody that said move bitch. He grabbed his much and went on to the spot where Emily told him to go. It was practically almost in the back of the school where couples made out, staff never got near that place. That hallway was real silent. He spotted Emily leaning against the wall and when she noticed him coming she quickly adjusted herself. That only made Adrian even more nervous and felt like this was a bad idea. He wanted to go back.

"Adrian!", she shouted and waved.

"Hi" , he said softly.

"Well this is them, my friends". Two boys emerged from the side, the first one looked very intimidating. He had black hair and a stare that could kill. His pants were black and his shirt was blue. He had a mohawk. The second boy had almost blondish hair and was almost the same size of the first one, black pants and a green T-shirt. They introduced themselves, the first one was Andrew and the other was Daniel. We quickly became friends afterwards and I've been with them since. Thinking about it makes him smile. But he wasn't fixed. He still felt sad though, there's more to that story but he'd rather not remember. During high school it just happened so quick. It had been awhile since he hurt himself and his day wasn't a good one so he gave it a go once again. While cutting himself he accidentally cut too deep. Blood was literally trying to force its way out of his body. He pasted out. His parents found him just in time to take him to the hospital and was saved. 3 Days later, not his parents but his friends came to pick him up to take him home. His parents felt he'd rather have his friends see him first.


Inside the wreck room were couches, lamps and pool tables. The building was like a cube and the inside was like a huge lounge. Most of the color consisted of red carpet and red walls. A chandelier hanged over the the pool tables, illuminating them the small hallway. The hall had small offices, but they weren't open during the summer.

A student on the far side of the room was playing a game of pool by himself and was about to be done. Just the 8 ball was left. The kid's hair was almost like golden. He was wearing a grey sweater and black pants. And his eyes were shining in the light. The other students were in groups, chatting, laughing, enjoying a game of pool with somebody. You know that quiet friend in the group, James was that one. Thats James. He was quiet and but would say something at the right moment when he felt there was something he can add to the conversation. He can be really chatty at times when it's just him and a few friends of the group or with his friend Adrian. James was the fifth one to be into the group, introduced by Adrian.

James met Adrian not long ago, in middle school. This was when after Adrian had made friends with Emily. Adrian actually went up to James one time to talk to him because they were assigned partners. Emily was trying to encourage Adrian to talk to other people, just be careful with the ones who make fun of you. They talked but no real attachment was made. Adrian felt really sad after that but emily told him to keep trying. James was a good kid, he didn't really have "friends" but he did hang out with other students during lunch. James had no idea Adrian was ever in a despair and the things people were doing to him because he was too distracted with his work and his classmate Melissa would always want to talk to him about stuff in English when he finished his work before anyone in the class did. James would put his hand under his chin and listen to her ramble. Honestly he always thought Adrian was a slacker because he always had his head down and never did his work. One day Emily sat next to him in his History class and talked to him. They got along really well and she asked him if he would talk to Adrian. James asked why and she said it's because "if you do, you'll have a great friend". And she was right. James talked to him, he did his best not sound like he felt bad at first. They hit it off and James soon began to hang out with the group and they became best friends. They all hanged out and had great times with each other. Now with more friends, the group seemed to be getting more attention. It was because two more have been friending Andrew's group and a lot of kids didn't like Andrew because of that elementary school incident. Yeah, James was frightened when he first saw Andrew but people can change. Andrew just says they just don't like us because of him and because we have more fun than them. And he was right. James became really comfortable being himself around them. They were more of themselves and can't seem to keep the humor down, thinking out loud.

They all lived nearby at the time, James was a few culvusacs away. Except for Tyler who lived near the wall, the bad part of the city. Andrew & Daniel moved out into the city walls during high school because they had money and their parents let them. daniel was going to be in the Military Police so he was gonna live there anyway.

When James had finally made in the 8 ball. He realized he was inside a little longer than he should of, judging by the amount of light outside. He was too lazy to rack them up but wasn't to put the stick away. He went outside and noticed Adrain his eyes were still to his work. Good. When they both arrived there were a lot of kids celebrating a friend's birthday party or something. A few gave eyes at Adrian and then at James but they weren't gonna be a bother. They sat far from the other students. They talked but it died down fast because was really concentrated in his work. James got really bored and said he was going to go inside and play some pool. he told Adrian to promise him not to get in fight while he was gone and he gave his word. When Adrian saw James coming he removed on earbud to listen to him if he said anything.

"Hey", said James

"Hey", said Adrian

"You almost done?"

"A little"

James got bored noticed the other kids from the other table and they were eating cake. A small chocolate cake. It's not fair, James thought. Cake was really hard to get thanks to the new laws. The texture that cake had was indulging. He wondered if the frosting was good to.

"Quit it you sugary maniac", Adrian caught me starring

"Yeah hehe, sorry"

The day was still young and nothing new. Perhaps when we get home they can get online and see if everybodys on. James is acting more like the others than he used to. James looked down at his shoes, what a good day. The clouds were beautiful and Adrian didn't get into a fight today, could be better. Suddenly the campus lights flickered and shut off for a second or two. Then the ground shook but then stopped. Adrian removed both his earphones. Everybody looked around just as confused as they were. Then James heard a sound, he knew that sound. It sounded like maneuver gear. Out of nowhere Daniel and Riley just flew in on their maneuver gear and landed in front of them. Daniel looked really tired and exhausted. Riley was just fine though you can see him sweating through his black T-shirt.

"Adrian, James, we have to go to the recruit center", Daniel said

"What-why, what's going on", said James. Though he really was thinking why is Daniel wearing maneuver gear.

"There's titans-", those words Daniel said hit James pretty hard. "Im not kidding, Andrew and his parents are coming over here to pick you guys up, me and Riley have to get our stuff. We'll meet you there".

Titans? James couldn't stand straight. His knees bended and he looked toward the wall and it didn't look as good as it did seconds ago. Dark clouds were surrounding it and the wall looked like an ugly grey. James was scared. The next thing he knew was he was being carried to the car by Andrew and Adrian. They said he kind of fainted. Daniel and Riley were gone. Andrew never saw this in James before, what was it. They were on there way to the recruit center, just...closer to the wall. James couldn't handle being that close to the wall now. He's heard the stories at any moment that thing can just burst open at any time.

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