Attack on Titan: The Return

Chapter 5: The Wait

The feeling was mutual...really. Except the fact the we were heading near the wall. After just a minute of watching the news report my eyes were glued to the screen. While the anchors were talking I was hearing this ringing in my ears and it seem to echo. Carla, I felt her tugging at my at my arm. I couldn't move. She kept pulling, telling me we have to go. She sounded scared. I thought maybe if I keep watching they'll stop talking about it and just move on like everything else. And then closing my eyes trying to escape from this nightmare, that hasn't happened yet and I don't want to experience it. This couldn't get any more than all the documentaries about. I couldn't stay here, in the city, the coast is not even barricaded. Local news says there coming from the coast. They don't have an actual shot of it but a shot miles away. You can barely see the coast. There's that ringing again, but then I fade away from the tv's hypnotic draw. The ringing turns out out to sound like an alarm , not in the room but outside.

T.V.: All military personal on and off duty are to report to the nearest recruit station to check in and to be deployed immediately. 'Everybody is to be present' says President Mary Douglass. You all know the drill and good luck. Back to the scene...

I get up and motion towards the far side of the window and looked toward direction of the Coast. Nothing but buildings but they were coming and we had to evacuate.

We all left the apartment and we're out on the street. Cars were honking and people were rushing to the wall. There wasn't really any danger near us, but you can here the sounds of destruction coming this way. Now people were getting out of their cars and running on foot but hey, I would try to get away from here as fast as possible. I reached into my phone to call Riley. I'm power walking as I talk to him with my roommates. He's currently working at a diner not too far from my apartment, I had to warn him so we can meet up. When I did call him he was about to call me and tell me about the news. You see at the diner he works at the TV is always on the news for the customers, they got a head start. He was gonna call Daniel and meet me and him at the wall. Good idea, I told him and they should find Adrian and James, they were gonna be at school for almost the whole day. "Tell the to wait there at the front gate I'll there". Ok Then I called my parents.

I had to get to my parents house. Dawmit! and the live on the other side of the wall. I need them now, because I don't have car and I'm not in the mood for a slow bus ride escaping danger. They're on there way though.

Almost to the wall, people were flying past us on 3DMG, front and back. As I suspected the place was packed of people trying to get through the other side. My roommates soon scattered to find there parents they'd also called on the way and it was my turn to scatter too. I asked Carla if she was going to to be alright. She gave me a nod. I furiously cut my way through the crowd and showed my military ID to one of the guards and he let me through a separate way through for personal. I told my parents to pick me up a local gas station, near the wall. I was passing a few house when I passed by this shady apartment complex when I realized, oh shit I should text Tyler. I texted Tyler, also part of 'the squad'. I sent him this.

"Meet us at the recruit station, we'll be there in a little while. Why, check the news or look outside"

A huge mass of people coming in from the city should be all what I need to convince him. Then I texted Emily and you know what she said, she said she didn't believe me. So I called her and when I heard her gasp on the phone, she must've believed me now and I hanged up.


When my parents arrived I told them everything on what was happening as we went to go pick up Adrian and James. "Were going war". It was gonna happen sooner or later. After helping getting James in the car we drove to the wall. I was helping James calm down with these breathing exercises Mangan showed me. Looking at the wall felt more menacing now when you know there's titans behind it. The couldn't get near where I got picked up because it now the streets are full of cars and people. The place was ghost town when we left. I told dad he had to drop us off and that ill call him to pick me up for whatever happens. I opened the door and jumped right out telling the others to follow. I said bye to my parents and Adrian and James said bye to them too.

The streets were noisy and so were the people. Some outside the wall walking out of there houses to see what's going on. And they see not a little but a lot of smoke coming from behind the wall. Some just coming out from the wall, the ones who weren't near the coast were just lucky to be out of there. And their families would just just get all mushy with each other, like they were in "any" real danger.

We were walking in the direction, looking at the wall, to the recruit center. We knew how to get there because we all signed up on the same day together. There was one in the city but that was out of the question.

We waited in line, Tyler was saving our spot. From the situation, nobody would've said anything about us cutting in line. He was relieved, he didn't want to be waiting by himself anymore. And the fact he still wasn't sure what was going on, I explained to him. He didn't like this one bit, he doesn't like a lot of things. It's probably just his stereotype. Well, Tyler has dark skin and black hair, so yeah he's black. He never lived in near us or moved into the city like me and Daniel did. He actually lived here, near the entrance to the city. Which is also the ghetto part of the city, on this side of the wall. Not a slum but something just as bad as that. And he's lived there all his life, all 16 years to be exact. He claims to be in a gang there but the only homies I see him with is us. He always over exaggerates what he says sometimes and lies about some cool things he done but we can all see right through him...oh wait. He's pretty cool though, he fitted well into our group. But sometimes we think he's being influenced by the wrong people at home. I don't him though.

We were sure he was going to be the last one to join the group but then came Riley. Tyler acted a little different that, it's mostly because Riley's dating Daniel. Tyler says he ain't homophobic but again we notice that too. I was weirded out too but I was raised to accept gays and from my religion views to not accept them but went on to accept them anyway like the rest of society, like a good person should. But it did caught me off guard when Daniel got all of us together one day and confessed he was dating Riley. Another dude, we were all shocked. Me and Daniel were best friends, I known the kid longer than anybody else. We always talked about these girls we'd crush on. And we'd be talking and texting on the phone on our progress. Yeah. But this, I was not prepared to hear and he didn't go up to me first about it. I asked him all about this, but that's not important right now.

The line was really crowded, young people and old. The street was still filled with cars moving at a slow pace. To think it was so peaceful in the streets right after I got out of work and now it's so noisy I can't bear it.

"When will they get here, Emily said she's already here but I don't see her", asked Adrian

"I don't know Adrian, take a look around, look at these big ass crowds. You think she'lll find her like this?", I responded.

The line was so thick we we're pressed up against adults, I had to side step to see how far we are from the door. I'm not the only one so a lot of other people get in my way. Emily find us when walking up the line and squeezes in.

"You will not believe how far the line is?"

"How far?"

"Like all the way to Andy's"

(Whistles) "Dawn that's really far", then the street lights flickered, followed the earth shaking for second, another explosion is heard beyond the wall. And the people stop and go silent.

There's no lightning, no weird clouds popped out. The top of the wall had no giant muscular head overlooking us all. Just the garrison base sitting on top. Ok. False alarm. Everybody goes back to doing what they were doing, being humans.

"I swear if we have to fight-", Tyler would have finish if I haven't stopped him. It was an obvious question.

"Were going to be fine,it can't be that bad now, like in the old days. Remember were a team", Tyler opened his mouth to say something but closes it. He goes back to looking around. I can't handle this feeling, it's like trying to not to look like your stomach isn't hurting you.

Daniel and Riley soon arrive on there bikes, we are complete. The gangs all here.

"What did we miss", Riley said catching his breath

"Your just in time, I think we'll be inside in the next ten minutes. Why are tired?"

"Because, I had to run all the way over here"

"I ran with you", Daniel implied, "I'm not even tired, he's just worried cause he lost his execution sword"

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