Attack on Titan: The Return

Chapter 6: (Jeopardy Theme Music)

"You lost your execution sword!?"

"No Andrew, I lost something else-of course I did"

"What happened to it?"


Daniel looked at Riley with a grin, he really wanted to laugh at him. But he also looked disappointed in him too. We all closed in on Riley to hear how he lost an important piece of equipment given to him.


" mom...threw it away"

We all just started laughing and were suprised to hear that. How could he possibly loose his sword. After training and graduation you were trained to use one and earn one too. Only if your a soldier you can carry one. When your in the military they expect you to take care of it and hope its the last one they give you. Loose it, then you'll have to pay real money to get a new one. Halfway through training they begin to order your sword and ask you what you want on it. You can customize it with your military credits and give a lot of cool upgrades but it can't have everything, so you have pick one perk. Another thing, during training if you were seen to have mental issues, you weren't given your sword and it will stay on base. Sorry, not everyone can be trusted with one. It is an execution sword! It was invented during WWI, the creator and his friends were the only ones who handled them in combat. They were taken into full swing production at the beginning of WWII, that's when everyone wanted one. They didn't just want it because it was a sword, it was a different kind of sword. The inventor made the blade shoot out of the handle, so you didn't have to worry about it getting in the way during combat and made carrying it a lesser hassle.

Thats still not the true reason the man invented it. It was because of the metal he discovered, magnetum. When you first get one its just a handle of the sword but with a push of the trigger the blade shoots out. The metal is a sort of like a liquid and solid looking mercury that's easier to handle. So, in its liquid form its put inside the handle in a small compartment. When the trigger is pushed a cube of flint and steel are rubbed against each other and make a spark. Any kind of powerful heat can cause a serious reaction on magnetum. The tricky part is when the spark touches the magnetum it like sizzles and burst. It makes the metal expand and stretch out of the handle. The liquid goes into a solid state of metal. The handles are especially made carefully because if not sealed right the magnetum-well if you ever were to spark it without any metal metal walls, the thing would just turn into a giant metal spark ball. A sea urchin. The rich people think its looks like a piece of art. But the point of the metal being useful was because they were used to execute other people. The traitors to be exact. You know somebody else that had titan powers but was not on our side. If you posed as a threat then you were to be hunted down until you surrendered or you died. The metal had a special properties against them because if cutting off one of their actual limbs from their real body they could not grow it back. They still could but it would takes days-DAY'S for the the whole thing to grow back. In battle soldiers would lure or wait for the shifter to come out of its titan body and strike as quickly as possible. But most stay inside and die from explosive shots or being killed normally with the blades to the nape. If they do come out after their titan body is immobilized, they usually wait a couple of seconds before bursting out of the nape because everyone eyes and barrels will be pointing to it. Some try to go out strong with a sword fight but are quickly shot wherever besides the head, they fall to the ground, whip out the sword and slice end them.

Anyway, so yeah, another seal is installed so when the trigger is pulled a hatch can let it out. No spills. The length of the sword depends on how much magnetum you put in it. The shape of it depends on the handler who wants it, for instance if the handle has a small and narrow opening for the blade then you sword will be sharp and thin. If its a big, you'll get a thick long or short sword-how much magnetum are you putting in? When customizing it, that's a whole different kind of work. Mostly everybody gets a custom sword than a standard one. Everybody's sword is different, one way or another. The sword can have a different pattern on the ridges or the outline of it. Mine looks goes straight up but it curves from left and right. I'll admit it something the enemy would carry, evil looking when they asked me why I picked that one. I thought you know, kill bad guys with something they would use against us. But Daniel's is more menacing, he has three, being in the military police and all. His sword is black and has these tazer rails on them. Its a tazer sword, but because if the rails his sword can't retract back into the handle so the sword would be in his way while were running and jumping.

The lines getting short, for us at least. But now Emily's whining and it hasn't even been 10 minutes.

"This is taking too loooong", she moaned.

"Then stop being annoying", Tyler added. She gave him a look, I showed some sympathy, "Wheres your phone?"

"Its at home", she looked down. How I thought.

"Then find some way to entertain yourself"

When I turn around and seconds afterwards I hear her givings Ooos followed by some laughing. "I said to entertain yourself"

"Those two are doing it for me"

There were these two guys ahead of us, arguing with each other. Im sure its not because one of them short cut. They really were getting in each others faces, like the way me and tyler do. Throwing our hands in the air and calling the other out. Not caring who was listening, everyone in the back could here them. They were arguing about not going. They were talking about the titans. One was trying to get the other to go. The other was complaining and screaming like an insane person. He was saying he was gonna die, his ticket to a pitiful death. He didn't want to die, get stomped on, smashed, ripped apart and eaten...whole or in pieces.

Why must these people exist, they don't realize that they signed up for this. Being put in reserve doesn't mean your off the hook, if war breaks out or this, you will fulfill it. If you desert they will find you and pack your bag and send you off. What sucks even more, if you do survive they'll fine you and send you to jail for fleeing. Sounds harsh but since the Military Police runs that operation, it's a waste of their time and energy looking for deserters. You used to get executed for deserting the battlefield. But overtime, it seemed too harsh to kill teens for it.

It seemed like a cool skill to accomplish and have. The survey Corps was the most elite branch in the military. Passed in less than a year and a month of elite training. the elite training was optional and if you did finish it there would be more opportunities available to you. We were really excited to fight actual titans when we got out. Now we were getting what we wanted and we might as well do it. There's no point in complaining about being sent off.

Though I fear I could loose one of them.

I don't know what I would do, go in a rage and die without thinking. I say that but don't really know, what I fear most is not feeling anything at all. People die everyday that's all. I don't want to feel that way and I wouldn't want them feeling that way about me either. I have to keep as close to me as possible and keep them in check. I may be the leader of my squad but I'm not perfect.

No one else has seen a titan in decades and I really want to kill one. More kills exactly, I don't remember who has the most titian kills ever recorded but one can try. I'm going to make this a game for my squad, those guys screaming don't think this is game, true but their negativity is bringing everybody's morale's down. Do they not know nobody want's to hear this right now and its pissing me off. They don't know what there talking about. I stepped out of line and walked over to them.

The cowardly one saw me walking up to him and in the middle of his yelling stopped and focused his attention on me. I smiled and then I frowned.

"Hey, why don't you-uh, keep it down. Were all having a weird day and just as surprised as you but can you not scream out loud like a maniac.

He frowned, "What do you know kid-"

"Do not, call me kid", I answered harshly


"Can't you see, here no hope for us now. They are here and they are back, ready and even more prepared to kill us all. We cant beat them, it will just like the year 845, all of them, they will al be back".

"Your just overreacting"


"They would still have miles of inland to cover and our shifters will stop them"

"OH", he started smiling. Yeah, he's crazy, also likely to die first. "but do you trust them? Do you fully believe they are on our side, that they will protect us or themselves". It has happened before, the same day when receiving an injection to become a shifter, they run away.

"That's not true!", the other guy finally said something.

"But it is, and who will protect them when their overrun"

"Now your just talking bullshit! Can't you say something good about today?"

"No I-"

"Then shut the hell up! Your getting all these people down and making them afraid, it seems you have no faith".

"Well I-"

"People please, we mustn't fight"

"What-", who said that? " It's the walls we must be fighting for".

"Oh, you guys", Oh no.

It was them, the wall people. Sadly their religion of worshiping the walls survived after everything that's happen. We thought after we'd leave the three walls they would stop worshiping them and realize majority of them stayed and lived in the three walls during the expansion of mankind. The others went to worship the new walls that were being built, giving it luck and junk and names too. The name of the wall here is called 'Gangus'. They still exist because they have rights as a human being, freedom of religion. Thank you America, this will be the death of you. They have a few more rights too, during the expansion many people didn't like them tagging along to the new world and since security was always at the frontline, they have their way with them. Massacre's took place and the government didn't want a civil war so nobody can harm or harass them for their religion unless they are not complying with the law. Daniel always hated having to deal with those guys, arguing with them, he always wanted them to touch or push him so he can be allowed to kick their ass.

In a group, they never walk alone. wearing their black robes and golden necklaces with the three secrete walls on them. I'm guessing their going to the wall to give it strength. They always push their religion on people, throwing fits on the streets preaching. Being the most hated group, they have a lot of controversy of its members being attacked. I get that people find them so annoying that you just want to hit them but I don't blame them. Worshiping wall, a solid piece of concrete, its pretty stupid. but that's America for you.

"Get out of here!"

"Yeah!" Everybody in line is now scolding them. Anyone in the military will dislike them. The priest shrugs his shoulders and walks on with his group to the wall.

So I guess me and the conversation between that guy is over since I see no more reason to argue. I get back in line. "Tch, can you believe that guy", I say.

"Let him worry about it, he's probably going to die anyway", says Emily.

"Its not that...I don't want anybody to die", I look down. What I said will never be true, not lying to myself but reality says its not true. Emily puts her hand on my shoulder.

"Look the lines moving"

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