Attack on Titan: The Return

Chapter 7: Why?

AN: Well...Andrew has problems

When we stepped inside the air conditioners must of been in full blast because it was so cold. The ceiling fans too were on their highest speed. Everybody inside was really busy, the line splited into five lines. Many were passing through the lines carrying papers stacked mile high. Boxes were piling up in a corner for some reason. I never seen this place so busy before. Phones were ringing and fax machines shooting paper like a hose. The T.V's were on the news channel catching the feed on the city and the world. Everybody seemed to be watching it but I'm not going to focus on that. I didn't like the fact there was another line to go though but at least it was much cooler.

In the midst of all theses people in front of me and passing me by I notice someone, someone I haven't seen in quite a while. Why it was the man who trained me and my friends and a whole bunch of others. It was our instructor Frank. I haven't seen him since the Graduation party. He was talking to someone and it looked like he was giving them orders. When is he not? I bet you at age 80 he'll still be giving orders. There was no reason for me to call him over but I told the others there he was and we called out to him. "Frank!", "Frank over here!". Maybe he could tell us some idea of what was going to happen. He was already in uniform, just putting this out here, isn't it a little unfair for Frank to fight titans at his age. I hope he doesn't get deployed.

"Frank, do you know what's going to happen?"

"You may already know but yes, they are back", I silently gasped. "Were calling in everybody and assembling an organized army to counter attack the titans. Follow me".

He lead us to the front of the line, "Just make sure your accounted for, I'll see you guys later". He shooed the guys in front of us and walked into an office. I hope they don't us over the wall immediately .

"Name?", the lady at the window asked.

"Uh-Andrew Lopez"


"Survey Corps"

"Squad number?"

I told her my squad number and she then leaned over and was flipping through envelopes in a file cabinet. She handed me one with my name on it. "Go home and pack your uniform and you will need your execution sword. Any items that are not allowed on the field will be confiscated, items allowed will be at your own risk nut it is strongly recommended that you don't. Other information is on the paper, next". I opened my as soon as I got it, I read and didn't know what to say. One by one me and my friends starting comparing ours, they were all the same. It was hard to complain, we were obviously going to be sent off but tomorrow, in the morning. It showed the list of items we can bring, one of them was confusing, bring lunch? That was mandatory. We have to be at the airport by 5 AM, so e have to wake up earlier than that. we'd have to contact all of our parents even though mine already know, they still have too. But where were we going to stay over for the night? Emily insisted it be there house because the base is closest to her home. Plus her dads always welcomes us when we stop by. We could all sleep in the living room, its pretty big. Phone calls later and we wait to get picked up by Emily's dad. We tell him everything were going to do, as far as we know.

As soon as we get to there house I rush to my parent's house. I lived close to Emily's house when I was still living with my parents, my childhood house. I told them everything, I was leaving first thing in the morning. They said to be careful and pray for god to be by my side and everything is possible through him. Did I mention my family's Christian? One of the reasons I moved out but I still believe, they were very strict on what I watched or do.

When they told me again about god, I thought to myself, If gods on my side then does that mean everybody else who doesn't believe in him die or don't get a chance. Like I'm labeled not to die but the others can possibly. It seemed unfair to me. That scared me back in middle school because I thought my friends were going to go to that place and my parents didn't want that either and they wanted to invite them to a couple of services. Emily was easy because she was already a Christian but the others weren't. I convinced them to go with me every once in a while and now every other Sunday one or two of them join me, mostly Daniel. I mean its all neutral to them but we don't take it too seriously because were still teens. Tyler is uncertain though for his reasons.

The sirens can still be heard and the wall still stays unscathed but not for long. Please, let me kill at least one titan before I die. I don't want to die without killing one, all that training would've been for nothing. I'm confident in my skills but anything can happen.

The house smelled like my grandmas house, my parents are getting old. They kept talking, it's clear, I get it. But they mom just keeps going. As soon as I see her take a breath I ask if I could see my old room. Strange question to ask her, yes I don't really have much time. Perhaps there were some old clothes I left that still fit me. They sure changed it, I almost crashed into a clothing rack. Suitcases and bags were on the bed. My bed had silky red sheets but now they were white and brown. I didn't want to leave just yet. I checked the draws, more clothes but it seemed I didn't take everything. I remember I had a whole draw filled with headphones. There not as good as the ones I have now, there's even a pair I borrowed from Adrian. I'll bring these to him, he must of forgot and so did I. Lets hope he's not mad.

The closet was filled with many other clothes than my old ones. Most of them I found were too big for me but then I realize Im only going to use these clothes to sleep in or cover myself. It was nice to look at my old room. My parents called for me from the kitchen, another talk is not what I want.


"What are you doing"

"I don't know", I said scratching the back of my head.

"Are you going to take food", the majority of them speaking is Spanish but I always speak English. "Food, oh yeah". I open there fridge, barge in there fridge. I forgot 'bring lunch' was on the paper, so logically I'm suppose too bring food. The fridge brings back more memories, I open it and in my head there nothing worth grabbing or eating. A carrot...nah it probably has to be preserve able. There's a jug of grape juice but then theres some soda in there too. Sadly I grab the grape juice.

"Can I take this?"

"Your going to take that?", she thought I'd go for the soda.

"Yeah", what else.

"Can you?"

"Yeah, I'm sure they packs over there to carry this"


I place the juice on the granite counter and think what am I going to take to eat. Chips would be crushed in the field. I can eat at Emily's house when I get there but after that, a sandwich? Okay but not now because it get spoiled. Yeah just the juice, sandwich at Emily's in the morning and buy something to eat on the way. Mom asked me if I needed money but it was alright, I can finally use those military credits I have. Dad grabbed they car keys but I told him there was no need for him to drive me such a short distance. My little sister had finally showed up and waited for me at the door with the rest of my family. She asked mom where I was going, mom didn't really give her an exact answer. I told her I was going to go fight evil monsters like the one she sees cartoons. Mom said, 'don't tell her that!'. It's true, its a harsh reality, what is there to hide? They all gave me a big hug, a long too. Then mom was crying, I didn't want her too because it makes me cry. Tears are all I gave but no actual crying, I'm still as heartless as I was younger. Honestly not seeing my parents for some time and now I wont see them for another while or ever. Mom was gripping the hardest, I can tell what she was feeling but i cant tell what I'm feeling. I'm okay with this, titans are easy but even with all that we have its always a bloody war and I don't want to do this.

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