Attack on Titan: The Return

Chapter 8: Camping Indoors

AN: Almost there

I got to the front porch, the door was covered in decorations from last Christmas. They must really be that lazy. I was going to walk in but the door was locked so my head hit the door, isn't that funny. I ranged the doorbell, no one came, I rang it again and Emily answered the door. "Hey", she says. She changed clothes, pajamas speaking. We are going to be here all night.


"Something wrong?", she must've seen right through.

"Uh-just saying goodbye to my parents"

"Oh, You'll see them in the morning", she's right.

"Why are you smiling?", we walked into the living room and everyone was smiling and or giggling.

"We were all laying down when you ranged the doorbell, we all looked at each other to see who was going to answer the door and nobody wanted to get up. Riley said 'it's your house, you answer it'. So I got up".

Honestly I would of done the same. So here's the situation:

Emily sat on the couch in the middleJames was on the floor in front of the couchAdrian was in the kitchenDaniel sat next to EmilyRiley sat next to Daniel

"Where's Tyler?"

"He'll be here, the traffic over there, Tshh", Emily responds.

Tyler lives in a shady part of town, just in front this side of the wall. I sat in between Daniel and Emily. Now that were almost all here together I think its time to distract ourselves. Video games was the idea and Emily pulled out some boxes from under the TV. It tied down between COD or Mortal Kombat.

"Which one?!", she was very jumpy"Uh, do you have Mario Kart""Mario Kart?!""Why not, we haven't played that one in a while now""Wait, I know", she got up and reached in deep inside from under the TV. When she finally got up she hid the box behind her and looked at us, hoping we guess. "Were playing SMASH BROS!"

We grabbed the controllers and jumped in. Now that eight players can be in a game its cool because it gets really crazy and were all competitive players. We played for an two hours straight, yelling, laughing, 'Don't kill me, No!'. Someone ranged the doorbell and it was Emily's mother and she was worried sick, hugging and junk. Emily thought she was trying to embarrass her. Gears switched and we watched TV, layed around the house. Something smelled really good and it was catching my attention, Daniel was in the kitchen and I hadn't even notice. I thought he went to the bathroom and was taking a really long time. I went up to him to see what's up. A pot of water was boiling and he was mixing something in a bowl.

"What are you making?""Pasta, maybe ravioli", he too was taking the whole fighting tomorrow calmly."Ok", I sat up on the counter top. "Since when did you make pasta that smells this good""Riley showed me, he says when I'm too old to work in the Military police I can retire to work in his bakery", raising quotation marks on bakery and smirking."Riley's going to own a bakery, I can already imagine you two fighting each other and not getting any work done. Beating your customers with canes."Shut up""Who knows maybe you two will be married by then""That's not going to happen""Whoa, bad choice of words""Now's not the time Andrew""Ok ok", I went silent and watched put the uncooked pasta in the steaming pot and went back to mixing some chicken with marinara. I know he doesn't like to talk about it but I like to tease. The only person he talks about it is me. His relationship seems like he finally understands who he is but he still doesn't know when to accept it. "Hey", I broke the silence an waited for him to look at me. "Did you see Fernando in line?""Yeah...I did""Me and you should keep an eye on him if we see him again"Daniel chuckled at what I said and I didn't understand why, I was serious. Then he started laughing, "What, I don't get it, why are you laughing". I got it and gave out a long 'Oh' and laughed with him."Ok, lets get serious, lets get serious", I said. We resumed the seriousness. "I think he's going to get me back""Why, you sure?""If I was him, I'd still hold a grudge and the best opportunity is when where out there where well be on our own. I want you have my back so I can keep an 'eye' on everybody else""Ok...""Here let me help you

I'm not too familiar with Emily kitchen. We kept talking as we boiled, dipped and cheesed the pasta, which looked more like chicken alfredo. Riley came and gave us a hand with the drinks. Soon everybody was in the kitchen seeing what's cooking, even Emily's mom. The smell was that good, Riley must be a good cook. Everyone settled down at the table and before we ate there was a ring at the door. I answered and it was Tyler. We ate our food and Tyler did most of the talking, about how hectic it was getting here. We were all so distracted in conversation it was almost eleven o'clock.

"Time to go to bed", says Emily's mom.

Within minutes the lights turned off, our teeth had been brushed and we were in bed. Well Emily was, we all had to sleep in the living room. Me, James, and Tyler choose the floor, the other three had couches. Emily's mom brought in some sleeping bags they had lying around. I would've wanted to sleep with Emily but than likely her mom wouldn't like that and even though were practically adults now we still get treated like teens. That and there is some tension between me and the whole group because she is the only girl. I'm cool, sometimes I've slept with Carla before when she stays over, not sexually just sleeping together like as if we were chill roommates, nothing going on between us. Just sharing a bed because neither one of us wants to sleep on the floor and I wont let her sleep on the floor.

An hour goes by and I still couldn't sleep, that feeling your head has, it just keeps thinking. My mind was just thinking and thinking, every pulse my heart gave my head thumped. I toss and tumble and kept adjusting myself. The room wasn't very dark for they're patio doors were glass and the moon was very bright tonight. I turned my head to the side and see a couch with a warm body covered in blankets. A light was glowing from inside the blankets, really.

"Adrian?", I whispered. The light disappears and he uncovers the blankets.

"What?", he says

"Can't sleep?"


I rolled over again and bumped into James sleeping bag on purposely. He wasn't surprised to see me awake, I asked the same question. "Leave me alone, I'm trying to sleep", he responded. "James, James lets see if others are awake". Tyler was awake, when we looked upon the other couch Riley was just gazing at us creepily. I think he didn't close his eyes when the lights turned off like does he sleep with his eyes open? "What do guys want?", he said.

"Just checking if your awake", then he got up, "Lets see if Daniel's awake"

We tiptoed across the room to the farthest couch and we all surrounded him. He seemed to be sleeping, then again he's always on guard when he sleeps. Its nice that he let go, "Lets not wake him". So we spent the next few minutes on a couch trying to past the time. I was flipping few my news feed when I heard a noise. "Shh, do you guys here that"

Cannon fire

"We better not miss all the fun", said Adrian."I don't maybe there having trouble""Dude, we need to sleep it's midnight", said Riley"Maybe some warm milk can help us actually go to bed""My milk can help you go to sleep", said Riley and smirked."Eww, Dude, that's gay, the fuck dawg", we all said simultaneously and he laughed."Where's the light switch?""Hey guys", Emily said from within the darkness."Ahh- what the fuck Emily", Adrian flipped out for a second. She was there sitting on the kitchen countertop, very still. And only her eyes illuminated in the darkness making her more creepy while she smiled for startling us. "Did I scare you guys?""Emily- I-I'm in my underwear!", said James silently yelling. Did I mention were all in our boxers."Ah relax, were all friends here. You don't have to hide yourself I've seen it all, quit being such a baby""You cant sleep either?", I asked"Nope, plus its boring in my room""Well we were about to go back to sleep""I know you were, I've been sitting here for awhile now""Ok""So honestly what's going to happen tomorrow, why are we getting in a plane when there just beyond the wall""Maybe were going to fight some where else""I hope we don't, cause were familiar with this place""Yeah me too", Daniel spoke."Daniel?""Hey everybody""The gangs all awake!", I said, "Nah, seriously we all have to got to bed right now. We wake up in a few hours"."Don't forget we hit the gas station before the airport", Emily pointed out and returned to her room."But I just got here", said Daniel"Just go back to bed and remember, happy thoughts"

I jumped back into my sleeping bag and covered myself up. I thought I wasn't going to go to bed but the next thing my eyes opened to was early dawn.

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