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The seceret Jinchuuriki

By Ironfist101

Adventure / Humor

11th Jinchuuriki

Disclaimer: Not Mine, except my OC, She's MINE! so back off

Himitsu means Secret, so it seemed perfect for me to my parents.

All I needed to do was keep my mouth shut, but she wouldn't let me.

It all started with my grandmothers death, and a monster.

Okami no-san never meant to hurt anyone.

OK, i'm lying, but you can't blame me. When she attacked our small village, she predicted everyones moves, and killed them instantly, at least until my grandmother sealed her inside of herself, and became a jinchuuriki. Grandmothers seal was special, meaning, even if the host dies, the tailed beast just went to a different host, And when grandmother died, she was transferred to me.

I was six years old, and I was at a strange lady's house. Mommy said i needed to see someone important, and led me into a room. Many people turned to look at me as i walked in, many had eyes filled with sadness and loss, but a few filled with jealousy and hatred towards me. I shrank behind my mom, but she just pushed me in front of her, reassuring me everything was OK.

I trusted mommy, so i walked as people parted for me.

I heard people whisper, "Poor kid", and "She's so young," I grew scared, until I reach the bed. She was old, really old. But her eyes were so kind and wise, as if she had seen a lot. Her hands, as they grabbed my bare arms, were cold and papery. Her voice was even more so, "You child, are the next jinchuuriki of our clan, Keiro, in the Village of Souls. You are attending the Ninja Academy, correct?"

I nodded, but I had so many questions. Mommy must have sensed this, and hushed me with a squeeze on my shoulder, 'Not now. Later.' So I kept quiet, and listen to what else the old lady had to say.

"Good, good. Learning to fight now will strengthen your hold on the Beast. Now, child, show me your hand, so that we can get started."

'What? Beast? Get started on what? What was she going to do?' I looked up when i felt my mom tense up behind me.

Horror and sadness filled her eyes, or at least i thought so, but she quickly covered it up with a smile, nodding encouragingly.

I smiled back, trusting my mom, as the old lady grasped my hands. Light suddenly filled the room, then black.

I was in a hallway, like at home, but with no torches to light the way or doors, I started calling for my mom, scared. Then, I felt a presence behind me, a dark arura, like a shadow.

I slowly turned, and screamed.

There, right behind me, was a large cage, with two mis-match eyes staring right at me. I also saw large teeth, and claws.

Her fur was so black, I couldn't see it.

It was a monster!

All of a sudden, a purple light stretched out to me and climbed up my legs. It felt slimy, and gross.

I tried to scream but the slime covered my mouth.

The monster talked then, "HA, HA, HA! Did they really thought this pup, could fend me off?! They're a bunch of idiots! Listen little girl, just relax, it'll all be over."

I grew really scared, and being a six year old, let my instinct get the better of me. My chakra, that I learned to do in school, exploded from me and separated the slime from my body.


Silence was louder than words, then laughter erupted from the monster, and she said, "Well, we'll have to see then."

Then I was back. Nothing changed, except the old lady was now dead. I was only gone a half a second, when it felt like a good half hour. Mom then, took me from the room, handling me as little as possible.

The walk home was quiet, and for once, I wanted it that way.

Few months later, a real change happened. All my friends suddenly disappeared, and so did my parents, who were always at work. All the adults whispered as I walked through the village, I heard words like 'monster' and 'freak'. Then, the bullying started.

I would come home with bruises, and the few times I saw my parents, they would pretend not to see anything, and carried on with their business.

I didn't get it, what was wrong? The monster was gone now, right? So why are they treating me like a monster, a freak?

I was so sad, and miserable.

Five years later, I graduated ahead of my class, as a ninja. We didn't have a team, or even a buddy system, so I was on own, again. But, I didn't care, I was so excited and happy. I couldn't wait to tell mother, and father. But I never made it home, for as I turned the corner, I saw my house, up in flames.

A week later, the funeral was set, but I didn't go. I went up to our leader to get a class C mission, and an hour later I set to go to Suna, a full weeks walk from my home, and my pain.

My mission was to take a feudal lord back home, safe and sound, that had come to visit the village.

I was surprised how fast bandits tracked us down, and tried to KILL him. Not even a day's walk. I sort of understood too, he was a big mouth brat, who all he talked about was how rich he was as loud as he could. Of course bandits heard him scream it from his little human carriage thing.

I sighed as they showed up, bored.

I took them down with a few kunai, and a paper bomb. Didn't even have to use any chakra with the first lot.

But, then the next few days later, they got their boss, to "take care" of me. And as the big guys running his mouth about how great he is, I yawn, tired. I spent the whole two nights, feeling guilty about mother and fathers funeral.

Maybe, I'll visit them and apologize. Pain squeezed my heart, at the thought.

Nope, not going to happen, not yet anyway.

The big guy noticed how relaxed and distracted I was, and yelled, "HEY, YOU STUPID BRAT?! ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING?!"

His loud voice echoed through my head making me look up, "Huh? Oh, sorry, I wasn't listening."

This ticked him off, and he said, "Really, all these disrespectful kids nowadays. Their parents must not care one way or another."

That, was what set me off.

At first I was quiet looking to the ground and growing angry. "What, what did you just say?" I said in a dead quiet voice.

He noticed this and grinned, seeing my reaction. And he laughed, "I said, your parents obviously didn't love you, for you to be this disrespectful. I must of hit home on that one, according to your reacti-" He didn't finish that sentence, because I kicked him right in the jewels. As he fell, I sent him flying with a swift kick to the face, right into a tree.

I huffed, seeing red. I looked at his subordinates, and they ran away, yelling, "Monster! She's a monster!"

As soon as they left, I turned back to the boss, as he struggled to get up. I walked over, and stood over him. I was full of anger, as I looked at his battered face, I took a kunai from my pouch, and twirled it a few times in my hand. Then, with as much force as I could, I stabbed his hand, until the blade was all the way through.

He screamed, but I shut him up with another kick to his face. K.O'd, I walked away, saying, "Never again, say that about my parents, or next time, I'll kill you."

I turned to the brat and said, "And you," He shivered, afraid, "you be quieter from now on, k?" He nodded and was quiet for the rest of the trip.

When we made it to Suna, I was exhausted, bruised, and out of chakra. Bandits, and a few assassins, came and attacked, even though the kid lord was quiet.

Oh, Well.

I took care of it, and was paying for it. I met up with the Kazekage to report back.

When I walked in, he was buried in paperwork, literally. I dug him out, worried, to find him knocked out, but ok. I woke him up, and asked a guard from outside to get some tea, then organized his paperwork. When he looked up to me, he was confused, "Why is there a small child in my office?"

I huffed, looking at him like he was stupid, which he was at the time. "I am Himitsu, from the Village of Souls, I came to report that a feudal lord has arrived home safely. He has no physical injuries, though some of his men that came with him got hurt." Hey, it was their own fault, stupid bodyguards. "I would like to send word to my leader, on how it went as well, if you would allow that, sir."

He nodded, "Of course, and it also looks like you're hurt as well, and drained of chakra. Please rest for a few days, before heading out again."

I bowed, gave thanks, and exited.

I sighed, I was bored.

Few days turned to a week, I was reluctant to return home. My clan will surely look at me with disgust, and fear, and I wasn't ready to return to that.

Soon, the Kazekage sent for me.

I had thought that he was finally going to kick me out, so I prepared an apology. When I walked in, it was cleaner than before, but other than that, was not any different.

The Kazekage looked up to see me, and suddenly his face turned serious. I gulped, 'Maybe, I extended my welcome too much.'

I stood in front of him, stood straight. "You sent for me lord Kazekage?" He nodded, and then stood as well.

"I was originally sending you here to return home," he sighed.

I grew worried, 'Did i really do something wrong by staying here longer?' I quickly racked my brain for an apology, that had gone blank from my mind. But the Kazekage was not done speaking yet, "But I just received some terrible news."


He looked at me straight in the eyes, and ordered me to sit.

So I sat, waiting for this 'terrible news', but was utterly unprepared.

"Your village got caught up within a war zone between the Rain and the Sound. I'm afraid, there is nothing and no one left there. None survived."

It all felt like a dream/nightmare sort of deal. I wondered, not paying the least bit attention down a hall, following the Kazekage to a room.

"You may stay here until I can figure out what to do with you." I barely heard from the lord Kazekage.

"Thanks." was all I could say.

He huffed, and left.

I didn't even look at the room, and just plopped on the bed. I was out before I hit the comforters, despite it being only 2 pm.

I woke up to the full moon shining in my eyes. They felt puffy.

I felt confused, so i walked out to a mirror hanging just beside the bed. My facial features were defined by the moon light. I looked like my father, with a permanent scowl on my face, yet my big green eyes softened it, like my mother. But my eyes were also red from...

Was I crying? If so, why? My torment is over, no one left in the world knows about the monster inside me. I felt miserable, and sick thinking this, but knew it to be true. So, why...?

I quickly turned around, i sensed a presence just outside the room.

I carefully walked over to it, pressing me back to the wall. I was unable to make heads or tails about this.

The presence seemed dark, and blood thirsty, but at the same time full of innocence and longing for... Something. It seemed like there was two people outside the door instead of one.

I took a deep breath, and opened the door. I heard a small squeak, and was surprised to find a child, no more than 7, outside my door.

He had red hair, and pale skin. His eyes were so dark from lack of sleep, that they circled his eyes. He wore loose clothing, and clenched a teddy bear. He was like a chibi version the the Kazekage!

But I felt the blood lust rise from him, and suddenly, so did mine.

No! It wasn't me, it was the monster. The monster was screaming at me to kill this kid?! I pushed it down, and smiled at him, "Oh, hello. I'm sorry, did I scare you?" He shook his head, and gave me a cute smile back. "No, you didn't."

I nodded, "Good. But why are you out this late? Shouldn't you be in bed? I wouldn't want lord Kazekage to worry." He stiffened, and looked at the ground, "I don't sleep."

"Huh?" Did I heard this kid right?

"I don't sleep, the monster won't let me." I stiffened, shocked. He... has a monster too?

Surely not. I mean kids his age talk about monsters all the time, yeah, that's it. It's just his imagination.

I sighed, because I knew that wasn't true.

I looked back at the room, wondering what I should do. When suddenly my stomach growled, and I jumped in surprise.

I laughed in embarrassment. "It seems that I need to eat. You wouldn't know where the kitchen is do you?" He nodded and continued down the hall, I followed.

After I ate, I learned a few thinks. The kids name was Garra, the youngest child of the Kazekage. His two siblings, Temari and Kankuro, were very skilled ninja. Garra was still learning. The 'monsters' name is Shukaku, and kept him from feeling pain. But also accidentally makes him hurt others.

I shuddered, because that had happened to me a few times. Okami no-san was blood thirsty too. I sighed.

"I understand that, actually."

He looked at me as we wondered the halls, not believing what he was hearing. He looked skeptical t me, so i quickly explained, though I didn't understand why. "Listen, what i'm about to tell you is a secret, OK? So don't tell anyone."

He nodded, determined.

I turned to an open window, big enough for two to sit with plenty of room, and low enough for Garra to lift himself up. I waited until he settled in, before starting my story.

"I lived in a village far from here, called the Land of Souls. It wasn't as big as Suna, the Land of Sand or Kohona, the Land Hidden Among the Leaves, but it was peaceful, until a tailed beast came, and nearly destroyed it all. But my grandmother sealed the beast within herself and became a jinchuuriki. Peace reined again, but soon, the beast weakened her, and as she grew old, so did her hold on the beast grow weak. It was on her death bed, that I met her for the first and last time."

Garra shivered, he was getting cold. I wrapped him up in a coat I grabbed before going to eat, it got really cold at night here. Only after he muttered thanks, did I continue, "When my grandmother died, she a big responsibility to me. But ever since then, I had nothing but misfortune. Friends and family disappeared from my life, adults from my village would give me this look, like I was the monster. I got bullied, which made me hurt people when I didn't want to.

"But, it also made me stronger, in a way. I trained super hard, and studied a lot, and when I graduated, I was at the top of my class! I was so happy, not that I graduated, but because I was excited to, finally, get some acknowledgement from my parents, but..."

I got quiet. Garra looked at me, and tilled his head. Tears ran down my eyes, I tried to stop them, but I couldn't. So I just looked up at the moon, hiding them in my long black hair, "But, my house caught on fire, with my mother and father inside. And... they died."

Garra tensed at the word, 'died', and looked to the ground. I took it as an opportunity to wipe away my tears, and get myself together.

"The day of their funeral, I went on a mission to escort a feudal lord here. I just couldn't face the rest of my family, my clan. I got hurt on the way here, so your father allowed me to stay here for a while, to recover. I was only to stay a few days, but I stayed here for a week instead. I dreaded going back, but I guess now I don't have to."

"Why?" Garra asked.

I looked away, "Well, I learned earlier today, that my village was destroyed, with everyone in it."

Garra smiled, "Then, aren't you happy? You now don't have to ever go through the torment anymore, right?" I hesitated.

"I guess, it's not that simple. That village was still my home, where I was born. The people might of been jerks, but that doesn't mean I didn't care about them, they were the only people I knew."

Pain squeezed my heart, and I clenched it.

"Thinking about it now, it makes my heart hurt worse than anything they put me through."

Garra remained quiet, and nodded. He hopped off, back into the building, and lead me back to my room.

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