(AKB0048 Saga) Darksiders II - The Frozen Assets


A time where Chris started taking the first step in finding the meaning of Humanity. When the Icy Maiden and the Pale Rider meet, how will both get along? Part 2 of the AKB0048 Saga!

Action / Adventure
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Dimensional Disruption

Darksiders II: Frozen Asset

Disclaimer: I do not own Vigil Games, Darksiders, THQ, Satellite, AKB0048, or the characters in AKB0048! However, I do own Chris and Alito!

This story is conceived because a friend youtuber of mine, dududu9531, was disappointed with the amount of inconsistencies,plotholes and convolutedness there is in Darksiders II and he wanted to have an entire reboot of the Darksiders II's story. As such, there will be changes to the story that will make sense, for example, the elimination of some fetch quests and redundant set pieces.

People who are against reboots, I advice you to keep a open mind or I would appreciate it if you can keep your comments to yourselves. As TotalBiscuit said, franchise reboots will inccur wrath from gaming fans. So please be rational.

For people who wanted to debate with dududu9531, please head to youtube and search for dududu9531, and then discuss with him on the discussion section below.

For the rest, please enjoy it.


There would come a time when legends, living legends, had their name etched upon a dedicated group's history books of whom said legend guided through their darkest days.

Not all might know the history books, but those few authors and illustrators had put their head, minds, hearts, and soul together in creating this history book.

Let the history book forever belong to the members of the super idol group - AKB0048 and SKB0048.

Be it Senbatsus, graduates, Kenkyuseis, staff members, Chef Papa, Sensei-sensei, the lots.

The book should not be for glorification, it should be about explaining the past to the demographics.

It should be about the legend's adventures, struggles, and difficulties in hopes to educate, perhaps even intrigue and inspire people, that this was the living legend BEFORE the legend found his or her true calling.

Author of the Book - Katagiri Atsuko AKA Atsuko Maeda the 13th, Tsubasa Katagiri, Nagisa Motomiya, Mimori Kishida, Yuka Ichijyo, Orine Aida, Kanata Shinonome, Sonata Shinonome, and Suzuko Kanzaki.

Illustrator - Chieri Sono, Mayu Watnabe Type III, and Ayako Kuroki AKA Yuki Kashiwagi the 6th

The ones who recount the events - Crowfather, Azrael the Angel of Death.

Before there was AKB0048, before there was any adventures involved, one group of allies that Chris and Alito had made before their redemption will end up being her greatest friends in the years to come, especially in the adventures with AKB0048.

However, who were that 'group of allies?

What must we seek in order to know the allies' identity?

As one might have said, to first know the allies, thou shalt know the others...

Nephillims, Cursed Union of Angels and Demons.

The Nephillim once put countless realms to the sword just because of a prize, and burned those realms to ashes.

However, Four amongst them grew weary of the slaughter, and feared that their conquest would imperil the Balance.

Thus, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were formed, a fearsome brotherhood tasked with one thing and one thing only...

Protect the Balance...

Purging their own brethren from creation; to annihilate the Nephillims, and destroy their souls...were the Horsemen's first task.

Let us get into the journey now...shall we?

Phase One: The Beginning - Written by Katagiri Atsuko AKA Atsuko Maeda the 13th and co-written by Tsubasa Katagiri.

Chapter 1: Dimensional Disruption!

Two years before Chris and Alito's arrival at Akibastar...

Neckarsulm, Germany - February 2002.

"This is quattro GmbH, how may I help you? Yes, speaking...What? The Adventurers' Agency council members are requesting my assistance, is it?"

A calm, albeit direct and cold voice echoed through the office room of the Icy Maiden - Chris 'Quattro' Fuschia, who was twenty years old.

"Mmm...Sounds serious; I will get to it right away. Thanks..." the Icy Maiden replied, her freezing vapour covered the mouthpiece in frosty white.

Chris's ever-loyal servant, Alito Gnade, who was twenty-six years old, got up as she prepared a dark blue coat for the Icy Maiden. She was standing right beside Chris during the conversation with the Agency.

"I assume it's administration matters, my Lady?" Alito replied.

Chris sighed deeply.

"Yes, Alito...The Agency, too, seeks your help. As you are my loyal servant, best friend, and confidante, I think it comes as no surprise, mm?" Chris nodded.

"I will be happy in assisting my Lady in her next mission wherever possible and whenever possible." Alito simpered.

`Chris gave a small simper in return, "Alright, Alito...let's go."

"Yes, my Lady."

THQ Production Presents...

"Just in time, Chris and Alito, the Guild Commander Leona is at the third floor. She's waiting anxiously, wondering if you will ever come." a blonde receptionist at the Adventurers' Agency desk heaved in relief.

"It's good to see you again after your flu recovery, that's good Regina." Chris nodded calmly.

"Thanks a million. Your flu recovery medicine using altered liquid nitrogen really helps! This is not why we're here, though, come, I can explain some details along the way." Regina Waltz, the blonde Guild Receptionist, smiled.

AKB0048 Production...

"So why was she worried in the first place?" Chris wondered.

"Well, apparently there's been another dimensional disruption at the Dimensional Investigation department. The energy readings, however, were the highest ever since it's created two years ago, way above our limitations...That apparently got the Guild Commander up and arms." the blonde Guild Receptionist's eyes drooped down, giving a sign of worry.

"Say no more, we will investigate the disruption as soon as the briefing is done." Chris replied calmly.

Regina gave a smile of relief as she wiped off sweat from her forehead with a white handkerchief.

From the creators of Darksiders and Darksiders II...

"The energy signatures in this dimension as shown, has fluctuated exponentially, affecting our dimension in terms of climate change, natural disasters, and even the ecological cycles. What's worse, the reading is the highest we have seen so far; three times the level compared to the last highest energy signature - your last outings to Lancastar. If this goes on...," the Guild Commander Leona worryingly replied.

Chris looked down as she clenched both her fists hard. She would not let any innocent beings die by the hands of an inter-dimensional threat. It was the last wish of the Fuschias that Chris protects any innocent beings, families, or couples from any heartless beings or supernatural forces, no matter how ridiculous the premise might be.

With the last few words of her mother etched upon her mind, the Icy Maiden coolly nodded.

"It could be dangerous, though...Are you sure you and Alito will be alright with this?" Leona asked, her voice mixed with great concern.

"You called us because you have trust us, besides, we would not allow any scions of darkness from some other dimension destroy our world's balance...Mark my words..." Chris frowned as her eyes and Alito's eyes glowed white with energy.

Darksiders: The Frozen Assets

"We will execute those heartless ones responsible..."

Meanwhile, at the same time on the dimension that Leona was talking about...

A barren land; no water, no life, no ecology, and all that were left are vultures and crows flying around, fighting for whatever rotting pieces of flesh they could find on a rotting living thing.

It was by no means, an inhabitable place for most...

Of course, if one were to pay attention, 'for most' would be the clue as to a particular being who would not mind living in this environment.

An eternal being that everyone feared, but no one could escape.


As Death was busy putting the final changes on his skeleton-based house, two discerning aura - black and white, came galloping by, approaching the Pale Rider with solemn looks on their faces.

"Fury, Strife. What's the matter? You both don't look like your usual self since the Abomination Vault era." Death frowned in concern.

"Yeah, thanks, Captain Obvious! Didn't you notice who was not with us the moment we arrived?" Strife, the Rider of the White Horse, snarled.

Death's eyes widened for a bit, and then frowned once more.

"Where's War? Unless he's on a rampage, which I don't think he would, he would have been following you, both." he replied.

"That's precisely the point...We thought War was with you all along, seeing as both of you are close brothers, but he isn't with you either?" Fury, the Rider of the Black Horse, wondered.

Death shook his head, wondering where he might have been.

"That big goofball who wears armor that is about as ridiculous as a Saturday morning fantasy cartoon character...he never gets away before causing anymore trouble, huh?" Strife scoffed.

Death placed his Harvester close to Strife's neck as the former's bony mask came close to the latter's metallic counterpart.

"You don't ever, EVER, talk bad about our brothers, you understand?" Death frowned.

"What is it again? Just because you aren't here for another million or so years since the Abomination Era doesn't means that you can be the boss! Besides, don't give me the 'What makes you think, I can't' rebuttal; you are the only person that War felt the most relaxed to have a conversation with, so you are the one responsible!" Strife frowned.

"Please, brothers, STOP IT!" Fury flared up. Her hair, made out of purple flame, began to grow big temporarily.

The two male Horsemen of the Apocalypse stopped bickering and they looked at an annoyed Fury, who was crossing her arms and tapping her feet while leaning on her Black Horse, Famine.

"War might be in serious trouble! Do you know the time when he suddenly gone berserk and killed tons of people against the Council's will? I know he is calm and all but...he is War. He can be unpredictable, right?" Fury wondered.

"He's the most honorable of us four still. He would have learnt his lesson by now; he apologised to me. Though I myself don't have as much of a good feeling either..." the Pale Rider frowned.

True to his word and his fear, War did get into trouble...

Shortly after Death, Strife, and Fury reunited, the Charred Council demanded an audience from them.

The Charred Council are Old Ones - ancient beings that had existed since the beginning of time, since Creation began, and before even the Nephillim, Heaven, or Hell existed.

The Creator, Samsarel, tasked the Charred Council to oversee the Balance of the world.

"The Charred Council had been alerted that War, the Red Rider of the Apocalypse, triggered the Apocalypse and rode forth to Earth, unbidden, and doomed all of mankind. Heaven lost and the angels that have been on Earth will not return to the White City. As for War, we have saved him before the Chosen, Straga, had even a chance to kill him. However, War will be judged according to the rules of the Council and of the Balance!"

After the Charred Council's announcement...

Back at Death's home...


"This is absurd! My brother War, he could not have triggered the Apocalypse before the Seal was broken! It's a conspiracy!" Death shot out, veins of anger bulged through his forehead after he smashed one of his constructed skeleton-based table to smithereens and his eyes widened, bloodshot with rage.

"We want to believe that War didn't go to Earth unbidden, we really do, but...all the evidence pointed against him riding on Earth - the Seals were still intact, all seven of them." Fury shook her head.

"Even then, War could not have done this sort of thing! If the Seven Seals weren't broken, War wouldn't have rode onto Earth! If it's about anger management, the Charred Council would not punish him as severely now! Rather, they would be calling our help just as they would last outing!" Death clenched his fists in fury.

"I don't know...but maybe what you said is true...yet the Council's decision is final..." Fury gave a worried look at Strife, whom she has a close sibling relationship with; after all, what comes Strife, comes Fury.

"I don't give a damn about the Charred Council. Do you always listen to that damn authoritarian figure every time? The only reasons we obeyed them is because we have the same enemies; the ones who dared to upset the Balance." Strife frowned.

Fury placed her right hand on her chest; she could feel that largely, Death was right. If War had gone on a rampage, the Charred Council would not have informed them of War's punishment. The Council would have just sent them down to Earth once more to reclaim War.

Besides, War was honorable, so how could he have rode into Earth without knowing that the Seven Seals broke?

If War was not on rampage, and the Seven Seals were not broken, who was behind all of these?

Fury's eyes flared up, she wanted truth.

"Death, I'm with you." the Rider of the Black Horse nodded firmly.

Death was about to raised up his hand and refused the offer but Strife being Strife...

"Look, brother, as irritating, dry, and sarcastic as I am, I'm not about to leave our brother for dead! Sure, his armor looked really impractical and stupid, but I'm not about to discount him from our group of Four, right? This is not just your fight compared to what happened millenniums ago during the Abomination era; this is OUR fight, our fight to get your brother back!" Strife's mask inched in closer to Death by the minute as he chided the Pale Rider.

Death's eyes turned from shock, to anger at Strife's defiance, to realization that Strife was right...

War, Strife, and Fury were the only brother he had left. Ever since the Great Battle for Eden millions of years ago, only the Four remained as the protectors of Balance.

Pledging their loyalty towards the questionable Council, the Four Horsemen awakened their unimaginable power. Enough power to kill off the entire Nephillim race, save for four - them.

Death swore, from the day the Nephillim were virtually extinct, that he would take care of the War, Strife, and Fury, no matter how bad-tempered or irritating they are.

The Pale Rider sighed, his eyes dropped slightly as he nodded softly.

"We have to travel without the Council's knowledge; that means minimum usage of our alternate forms. Is that clear?" Death frowned.

"Right!" Strife and Fury nodded.

"As for me...I didn't know where to start, guess the Crowfather is the best way to go. I have to get some weapons, though..." Death frowned.

Icy Veil - Chris and Alito...

Huge, chilling wind blew through the icy peaks of the mountains. Snows flowed along with the strong winds, cluttering old constructs and abandoned churches, huts, and stairways with fresh snow.

The blue, winter skies were covered by cold, gritty, grey clouds. Snow descended off the clouds like fallen angels, as if to signify a sad, sad day in humanity - humanity's hundredth death anniversary.

Chris's Audi Le Mans Quattro drove out of a portal that connected her dimension and the Icy Veil. Alito was sitting beside Chris.

"This place seems to be a bit...too barren. Are you sure this is Earth, just in another dimension, and not just a Parallel Dimension?" Chris spoke through the intercom installed on the Multi Media Interface, Audi's formidable satellite navigation system.

"It was said that the humans had been gone for about a century now. However, there seems to be some evil energy still lying around that might have caused the abnormal energy readings we have picked up recently. Besides, it isn't a parallel dimension. I managed to hack into the database of this dimension's Germany and sift through whatever is left. Guess what, there are no signs of you, the Fuschias, or Alito at all." Commander Leona explained.

"Different dimension it is then, considering the theories of parallel dimension in place." Chris replied calmly.

"So...what're you gonna do?" Leona asked in great concern.

"The disruption signature is pretty high here. We shall investigate it by scaling to the peak. Don't worry; Alito and I are experienced in climbing dangerous cliffs before ever since the Agency's introduction two years ago. That, and the Project Tundra and Ventus will allow us a better edge in acrobatics." Chris replied.

"Right...good luck then, I will be informing you and Alito on important things as time goes by. Be careful!" Leona replied.

The melodious cries of the twin-turbo V10 engine echoed through the freezing air as Chris's Audi Le Mans Quattro continued traversing through the icy ruins of the Veil, approaching what was to be a tall and giant icicle castle.

Chris's Project Tundra and Alito's Project Ventus flashed warning beeps on their right and left eyes respectively.

Shortly later, Chris and Alito's ears picked up a soft, yet crisp, galloping sound.

Warning: Abnormal Energy Readings detected. Signatures recorded that the being was not human, angel, or even demons. Proceed with caution.

A tall, pale-skinned figure with black hair that covered his sideburns, a skeleton mask upon his face, and glowing orange eyes sat on top of his spectral horse as he galloped through the barren winter desert.

The figure was wearing nothing on his top half except for a spiky shoulder pad and an armor strap across his pale chest. His bottom part had metal highlights and dark purple cloth covering around his waist and hips. He was wearing a skeleton-covered boots and had golden-colored dual scythes with a red orb on its hilts. The scythes had ragged edges with imprinting and skeleton marks on them, glowing with arcane magic as they wail out occasionally, as if the scythes were semi-sentient.

Chris saw the approaching galloping figure on her satellite navigation and frowned.

"Who is that figure riding behind us?"

Before long, the MMI beeped out a warning signal.

Without hesitation, Chris clutched onto the handbrake, forced her Audi Le Mans Quattro to do a handbrake turn, and stopped just a mile away from the galloping figure itself.

The figure pulled the reins of his spectral horse and it neighed as it came to a rumbling halt. The figure looked at the exotic, frowning as he cracked his knuckles.

"Who dares to block a rider's way to seek the Crowfather?" said the figure.

"My Lady...what should we do? It seems as if the masked figure isn't particularly happy about us blocking his way." Alito asked.

"I don't think he's out there to harm us, he would have attempted to attack us by now, judging by the immense energy readings I'm getting from my MMI System. We will interact with him, but be careful." Chris replied calmly.

"Yes, my Lady." Alito nodded firmly.

Chris Fuschia and Alito Gnade walked out of the car; their cloaks that worn around their body flowed in harmony with the freezing wind.

"We are no fans of beating around the bush, horseman. We shall be quick and direct. I am Chris Fuschia, and this is my loyal servant and best friend Alito Gnade. We do not come from around here. May we ask kindly, who are you?" Chris bowed slightly.

The Pale Rider set his eyes upon the two feminine figures and gave a low 'hmmm' grunt.

"They seemed to be entering the Icy Veil as well, besides, they don't seem like they want to fight. Besides...they don't seem to be around here - the humans are extinct for about a century." He thought.

The Pale Rider dismounted from his horse and approached the two maidens. Goosebumps rose slightly from the Rider's skin as he approached them, shocking him.

"Icy powers, but even colder than that of the Abyss itself. Guess that attributes to her no-nonsense attitude."

"You should know my name. I exist at the end of all things, and bring them eternal rest." the Rider replied.

Chris and Alito frowned, for they knew the figure that stood in front of them was actually none other than the Pale Rider himself...

"Death...The oldest Horsemen of the Apocalypse..."

This is Chris and Alito's first encounter with Death.

Will Death's first conversation with humans be successful?

Or will he end up claiming another victim to the endless flows of time?

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