chapter 5

Anger , rage, fury. There were no words strong enough to describe what Yukimura currently felt. His fists were clenching on his knees while his blood boiled in him. In other circumstances, he could had enjoyed the evening air in the brothel Japanese garden and the calm that reigned there disturbed only by the sound of the pond and leaves rustling in the wind, but never by the sounds similar to a beehive activity that came from the street on the other side of the building. That evening, Yukimura could only hear the incessant and incoherent mutterings of his mind. It was all was his fault, he could only blame himself. How did this man to find him ? Why ... ? Why ... ? And so many other questions were running in his mind. Yukimura could only sit on a bench, waiting for his sentence to be decided by men who knew nothing of the situation, who weren't even there to defend this girl... and it was driving him crazy.

"It's not your fault Yuki."

He jumped when the old landlady voice abruptly pulled him out of his gloomy thoughts. Sasuke who stood silently behind her came to sat next to Yukimura, offering a sympathetic look when the grandmother unclenched Yukimura fists to take his hands in hers. Slowly, gently, she stroked his palms with her thumbs in a shooting and reassuring gesture.

Yukimura sighed, finally releasing his constricted chest. "I would've preferred it if the tea house wasn't involved in this." +he confessed sincerely. It was true, how could he had known that the leader of the gang he fought was friend with a member of the Lord family.

A gentle smile, as she often gave, spread on the woman's face, wrinkling the corners of her eyes. That was Yukimura, thinking of others wellbeing before his own. "Everyone in the neighborhood knows what you did for the tailor little girl, we don't have the right to be angry about it. On the contrary, my darling will make every effort to try reduce your sentence ... he doesn't look like it, 'cause he his damn stubborn, but he likes you. "

The Oiran frowned, trying not to comment on the fact that it was mostly the money he earned that the old man liked. Yukimura bowed his head, not knowing what else to say. The owner wife words were raising his spirit a little, but still...

"It's normal to be scared, but don't be, no one would whip a Taiyuu back. " she added.

Still painful memories of whip strike on his back made Yukimura flinch and he saw Sasuke do the same beside him. This was the punishment most often applied to any fault here, the punishment that the Lord put in the law, the number of strokes corresponding to the height of the fault, and the gods knew that Yukimura attitude back then often attracted punishments like this on him, the worst was during his last escape attempt. Ten whip lashes and Yukimura had been unable to work for a whole week, bruised by the leather. It was precisely for this reason that Taiyuu were never whipped, no one wanted to deter a gold mine, even if Yukimura was sure he still had some visible scars.

"I'm not really scared," Yukimura said, "It's just ... I can't believe that such a person can go escape his own punishment this easily, it was he who assaulted this girl and yet he didn't receive any blame? I should had broke his leg too." Yukimura would have tightened his fists again if the old woman had released his hands, of course, it was Masamune who broke this man arm,but at this moment Yukimura would have just wished it had been himself who did it. The feeling of rough and used skin of the owner wife thumb against his skin which began to mark his training in spear handling was at this moment the last thing that prevented him from sinking into further anger.

"This is how it works in this world, those who have the power do what they want and others suffer the consequences. " there was a kind of bitterness in Sasuke voice that didn't escape Yukimura, it was as if the ex-ninja had the painful experience of what he asserted .

How much those words reminded him what Masamune had tried to make him understand in the afternoon ... Yukimura opened his mouth before realizing it. "One day this will change, " he had faith in Masamune. One day things will change, he was convinced of the matter.

The old woman chuckled. "I don't know if I would live long enough to see that."

His comment cooled Yukimura ardors who displayed a pout. He slowly removed his hands from the old woman own. It was true that such a change wouldn't happen overnight, but maybe gradually he too could bought his contribution and it was kind of what he had done by kicking those cowards ass, right?

Suddenly, something seemed to disturb the little woman and her smile disappeared replaced with a more serious expression. "Ah, but you wouldn't know that either..."she thought aloud.

Yukimura was a little alarmed, "I-Something I should know?" he asked.

The old lady shook her head ans Sasuke hid his face behind his hand... no, for him Yukimura didn't needed to know what he knew she would say. "For a while now the Lord had been trying to buy your contract back, you actually are the first male Taiyuu on which he has set his sights... no, but it has nothing to do with this situation." she finely added.

Why had she mentioned this detail if it had nothing to do with the current situation? It did nothing but sting Yukimura curiosity even more. "Grandma, you must tell me, I have a right to know if this is about me, right?"

Yukimura had a point, but the old woman didn't wanted to bother him while the young man had already enough to worry about, anyway she didn't had time to say anything because, seeing her hesitation, Sasuke intervened .

"The Lord is always trying to get his hands on what he though is rare anyway, you would just be another piece of his collection, but I doubt that the owner agrees to sell you like that, though. Otherwise he wouldn't have kept bearing you all this years. " Sasuke said, crossing his arms over his chest, trying to hide the fact that he wasn't even convinced of his statement.

For Sasuke relief, the old lady approved his saying with a nod of her head. "Actually, I'm just afraid he'll try taking advantage of the situation to invent a way to have you. But your servant his right because even the Lord can't go against laws, and also my husband swore he would keep you safe, there is nothing more important to him than keeping promises, except me of course. " she said with a semblance of pride in her voice.

Yukimura scowled, it was unfortunate indeed, it was something he had to keep in mind and he should remain vigilant if he intended to leave this district one day. Another point bothered him, though. It wasn't the first time he had heard about the promise that the tenant had made about him, only this time it wasn't from the mouth of the tenant himself that he heard about it. Always having sought to avoid dialog with the old man, Yukimura had never wanted to know more, but this time it was different.

" I never knew with who he could have done that promise. " who could have wished to see me safe during all this time, he thought as he spoke.

The old woman blinked, seeming surprised by Yukimura statement. "The man who sold you to us, Genkai, I think his name was. He is an old friend of my husband, it is common here for a poor parent to sell one of their children to save the rest of the family. He begged my husband that you were never sold to any other brothel. " she said as if it was normal.

Hearing that caused a strange contraction in Yukimura heart. It had been years since he hadn't heard that name aloud, the name of the man whose betrayal had changed Yukimura forever, the man responsible for all the things that had followed in his short life. The man whose saying his name aloud still still spoiled Yukimura tongue with resentment. So this man had cared for him until the end? Yukimura felt like laughing.

"He never was part of my family " Yukimura said weakly.

A confused silence fell between the three basked in the Japanese lanterns light. Sasuke had always known who Yukimura actually was since the very moment he first laid his eyes on him, the nobility in his gestures, his posture and his eyes, a ninja like him was familiar with those. But the old woman knew absolutely nothing about that fact, that was the least of her worries in normal times, Yukimura was just one of her precious children and she didn't liked to know that he could had been abducted from a loving family as his meaningful words were implying.

She was about to retort something when someone raised the curtain that separated the garden gate and the tea house lobby.

"You the redhead. " Sasuke didn't flinch when the tenant called him so rudely, he contented to get up from the bench. " Go and help him prepare," he said, nodding towards Yukimura with disdain. "You will be presented at auction tonight."he drawled, ending his sentence with a tired sigh.

" You cannot do that to him darling. "the owner wife said clinging to his arm.

"Don't worry, it's only for tonight . I'm can't do better, these guys and the guards accompanying them simply wanted a chance to be able to afford a Taiyuu once in their miserable lives since the beginning. You just have to pray that none of them wins the auction, my boy. "

Indeed, Yukimura would have preferred to be whipped rather than suffer the worst humiliation that existed for Oiran .

Masamune was someone who, when he wasn't at war, knew how appreciate some calmness. The energy and enthusiasm that came from his assembled men in the dojo as they readied for battle the next day was tiring on his nerves, reminding him too much of what he left behind.

The apparent calm of the stable and the repetitive gestures he made while he carefully brushed his stallion relaxed him. The problem was that it gave him time to think too. That idiot Yukimura . His naivety was a secret for no one from the moment he opened his mouth, but why did he have to be so naive as to not notice how his words had been difficult for Masamune to hear? Of course, he had wanted to take him with him, of course he didn't wanted to leave him behind ... he had always sought a rival, someone he could call his equal, throughout his life, he should had known that it would undoubtedly brought this kind of feeling in him. It was far from being incompatible, just as Keiji told him, but the fact was he was also convinced that Yukimura would never reach his true potential level if he kept him under his wing.

That Yukimura understands and accepts that he made this choice had affected Masamune more than he would have believed. It wasn't as if Masamune had renounced to love Yukimura, but he could not help regretting the distance that would follow, and somehow it was also a good thing that Masamune never had the opportunity to have Yukimura in his bed, for he knew that missing him would be even more unbearable.

The horse gave a little whinny when Masamune made a too abrupt gesture. Brought back to reality, Masamune raised his eye on the animal. The Black Stallion stomped his foot and nodded toward the box in front of his. A smile took life on the samurai lips when he noticed that the horse in the other box was none other than the chestnut which had been loaned to Yukimura.

"Cool, boy. You also want to be with your new friend, huh?" he said.

"Masamune-sama." a voice sounded from the courtyard.

One could bet on Kojuuro to interrupt Masamune when he needed it. Masamune was really starting to mope. "Here Kojuuro, come here." he called.

Kojuuro entered the stable, the light of the only lighted lantern throwing strange shadows on his face as he frowned when he saw what Masamune was doing. " Dinner will be served soon, or would you prefer that I serve it to you in your private quarters ? " he asked, quickly understanding that Masamune needed some time alone.

"Hmm." Masamune replied.

In front of this evasive answer, Kojuuro frown strengthened. " Masamune-sama, would you please allow me to say something ? Punish me if it suits you after my comment, but I feel that you should be told about it. " he said bowing respectfully.

"As you wish, " actually Masamune wasn't really wanting some talking, but he recognized that he needed to hear his retainer and friend.

"At first we came hear to look for a more experience concubine if I dare to say... and I don't think the fact that you return empty-handed will have some affects on the troops morals ... but bringing back a man- "

Masamune couldn't bear to hear more, he threw the brush he had in his hand at Kojuuro. The object struck him on his chest without really being launched with strength but it had the effect of effectively silencing him. " Don't speak in my name Kojuuro, I never meant to bring Yukimura back to Oshuu , never ! "He nearly screamed, thrilling the horses.

It just had crossed his mind at some point, that doesn't count. And why was it that Kojuuro come talk to him about exactly what was bothering him, fate was against him or what?

Kojuuro still had the audacity to speak again. "If you let me finish, I would have told you that it was perhaps not such a bad idea after all, especially if the man his strong. " and it had cost him to come to such a reflection, however, he sincerely believed that there was some good in this idea, granted that the man in question still concealed his past as Oiran as well as he had done until then.

Masamune was still struck by a hint of guilt for having hit Kojuuro without thinking first. "Tch " he was slightly affected that his friend would think Masamune could have had such ideas without asking his advice before, Kojuuro was his best advisor after all. " I have taken Yukimura will into consideration. "

That Yukimura would refuse Masamune outstretched hand to get him out of his prison, Kojuuro was willing to believe it when he thought back to their little conversation yesterday. Yukimura was someone really proud and there was no doubt that samurai blood flowed in his veins. Kojuuro made up his mind to do a search on the Sanada upon their return to Oshuu.

"Far from me to think of you as selfish. Still, could you tell me then about the matters bothering you ?" Kojuuro tried.

Masamune rolled his eye. If only Kojuuro had said that from the beginning now Masamune had no desire to talk, because the beginning of the conversation had made him tired of it. He now had another idea in mind and no one could dissuade him. He wanted to see him and he would see him now.

"I am convinced that Yukimura had something to say to me all day long, but something prevented him... and I'm going to make him talk now. " he said before quickly coming out of the stables. In fact it was mostly an excuse to see Yukimura one last time.

"Masamune-sama! At this hour, you may disturb him in his work. " Kojuuro tried. Impossible to predict how Masamune would react if he discovered the kind of 'work' Yukimura was doing.

"Nah, it's still early , I have a chance to see him before he starts. " insisted Masamune.

He was gone so fast that Kojuuro didn't even had time to formulate an idea to hold him back, not that he had quickly realized that any attempt would have been useless. Hoping with all his heart that Masamune wouldn't be able to find Yukimura, he rubbed his temples ... how was it likely that Masamune renounce without finding the other man first? He seemed Kojuuro would be up till late tonight...

Masamune black horse caught his attention by neighing heavily, nodding emphatically towards the box in front of his, exciting the chestnut horse that was there. It looks like the horse as the master hadn't finished causing him some troubles, maybe he should let there two share a box...? Wait, what was he thinking about? What was he doing? He had to catch Masamune before it was too late, now wasn't he time to let Masamune be disturbed by intrusive thoughts when they were going away to war tomorrow, and discovering the true nature of Yukimura work was one thing that would affect his master greatly. Kojuuro soon rushed in pursuit of his lord, still wondering what had taken him so long, even though he knew very well that he just suffered from his own intrusive thoughts, as a certain ninja hadn't left his mind since yesterday.

The door closed behind him and Yukimura looked up. When his eyes landed on the small room where he had been lead to, he couldn't repress a shudder when he remembered for how many years he had been locked up here every night with five or six others. For a moment he saw himself as a little boy again, prostrated in a corner, hoping not to be chosen. Now there was a curtain covering the window that faced the street, but he knew that there were large red wooden bars behind it. He already heard the muffled murmur of the curious voices who were gathering in front of the brothel. Men mainly, occasionally he could hear a higher woman laughing, it was probably fun for less ranked Oiran to see a Taiyuu humiliated in this way. Yukimura jaw clenched painfully.

"I watch over you Yukimura, " Sasuke whispered in his ear.

He almost startled because he had forgotten his friend presence and hearing his real name spoken like that made the corner of his lips twitch upward. Yukimura tried to reply but the other maid who accompanied him urged him to go sit in the center of the room. The young Oiran had no other choice than to let himself be guided to sit on a pile of silk cushion wearing the colors of the brothel. Kneeling was an ordeal because the ceremonial kimono he wore was heavy and dragging on the ground, Sasuke and the maid help was greatly welcomed.

The young woman adjusted Yukimura hair one last time, dropping two longer strands on either side of his shoulders while the rest of his hair was held on top of his head by the three traditional ornaments, a golden comb and two hairpin with some beaded ropes hanging from them. Yukimura had put on make up, even if he hated it. His face was covered with white rice powder to accentuate the red that painted Yukimura lips and eyes contours in an arcs, emphasizing the length of his already long eyelashes. Yukimura kimono was a real sight to see, it was the one that had been ordered from the tailor. This doesn't necessarily pleased Yukimura to wore it for the first time in such an occasion. The top kimono was a red peony color whose length exceeded well beyond Yukimura feet completely covering his arms, gold lotus adorned it. The flowers were closed at the top of the kimono and were opening as the kimono descended. His belt of yellow sand color was just as long and thick red clouds intertwined with cranes and trees made the design. Yukimura dressed as such was a beauty worthy of the nobility, but in fact, nobody could tell whether it truly came from his blood.

Yukimura heard the door close while Sasuke and the maid left and very soon the murmurs of the street subsided into an apprehensive silence. Yukimura held his breath when the curtain began to rise. The first thing he saw before him was these same men to whom he owed his presence in this cage, their leader before them was almost foaming at the mouth when Yukimura was unveiled. The young Oiran glared fiercely at him and then he saw them slightly cower as his murderous intentions were almost tangible.

Yukimura might look like a doll at the moment, he was a doll that could easily break their necks if he wanted to. The tenant, posted on a platform in front of the bars struck the wooden bars with a staff to remain him to stay put. Yukimura heard them giggling when he was forced to close his eyes. He had to bite his cheek to prevent himself to spit insults at them.

" We'll begin the auction with five gold coin. " Announced the tenant

A surprised murmur ran through the crowd, because even though it was still beyond many purse, still it was so cheap. One had to be blind not to see the quality of the Oiran which was presented to them. Nobody noticed the tenant scowl of disapproval for such a low price.

"Six coin! " began the leader of the gang.

"Ten coin! " a stranger replied .

Yukimura suppressed a smile when, with his half closed eyes, he saw the disappointed frown of the man with a fractured arm, he wasn't still going to believe it would be so easy to have Yukimura?

"Fifteen ! " the leader replied

The young Oiran sighed softly, how long was it going to take yet? Yukimura wanted to see the end of all this soon, he would take care of the auction winner, then he could go take a bath to get rid of the feeling of the man who still had to share his bed and soon he could resume his task to repay his debt as quickly as possible ... But Yukimura also had to find a place where he could practice his spear handling in his spare time. Distracted by his own thoughts, Yukimura lost the thread of the auction, he didn't really cared anyway.

"Fifty gold coin!" a voice suddenly cried above the crowd.

At this point Yukimura had no choice but to widen his eyes, this amount was still higher than what he asked for a normal appointment! And the voice that had spoken... he hoped to be wrong. The crowd dispersed to let which was obviously the winner of the auction pass. The curtain closed on him, yet Yukimura had time to meet the icy glare Masamune was launching at him.

Impossible for the young Oiran to understand immediately what had happened and all that it entailed. Not when his heart had stopped in his chest, forgetting to irrigate his brain. He still hadn't realized when Sasuke and the maid came to fetch him. He doesn't even understand the tenant smile when the old man told Yukimura he just earned him much more than needed to pay for the kernel that he had been imposed and that Yukimura had nothing to fear now.

Yes, but Yukimura knew he had to fear something. He began to recover from his chock when the maid and Sasuke accompanied him to a room that was not the one he usually used. It was a simple room with basic decorations and no other furniture than a large bed draped in white beddings, implying that tonight Yukimura had been bought for the minimum service ... it was also the room which were used for virgins first time, he couldn't forget that at all even if he had only seen it once when he was thirteen. Sasuke busied himself with the task to help Yukimura out of the tops parts of his kimono, leaving only the lighter milky white inner kimono to cover Yukimura body. The maid undid his hair, leaving them cascading freely down Yukimura back and began to remove his make-up.

"Sasuke!" Yukimura suddenly cried in panic, pushing the maid away.

His friend put his hand on Yukimura cheek picking up where he had interrupted the maid." Everything will be okay Yukimura, you've done this lots of times before. " his voice sounded wrong, Sasuke was dying to be able to help Yukimura someway, to kill the man who had dared to buy him like a common whore, but more than ever tonight they might be discovered if they did drug him like they usually did and Yukimura knew it.

"No it's not... Sasuke!Masamune-dono... he... Masamune-dono!" Yukimura still had great difficulties to be coherent, he spoke loudly and made wild gesture with his arms from how much he was frustrated to not be able to find the right words to express himself.

However, Sasuke knew him since many years, and it only took him a few seconds to understand what the youngest was trying to tell him. His eyes widened in realization. He opened his mouth also starting to panic slightly. Understand that somehow Yukimura sweet dream might suddenly find an ugly end tonight.

"Go out if you've finished. " came the tenant voice.

Sasuke hardly had time to say something, Yukimura brain froze again. Masamune was behind the owner still fixing the young Oiran with the same icy eye as before, his expression unreadable. Sasuke was driven out of the room without even having the chance to even encourage his friend. He quickly went into the hall, trying to at least warn the old tenant wife that the client which had bought Yukimura was potentially dangerous for him. He arrived just as a man he didn't wanted to see entered.

"Excuse me, I just see a young one-eyed man came here, I need to talk to him. "

The old lady behind the counter shook her head. "He's a client and he's with someone I cannot let you go talk to him."

Kojuuro face fell,it already was too late then... but maybe could he still prevent the worst. "Please. I absolutely must speak to him now. "

The old woman continued to be firm. " If you want to go up the floors you must be accompanied by an Oiran. "

Kojuuro seemed disturbed for a moment, then his gaze fixed on Sasuke who still believed himself well hidden in the shadow of the stairway. "I choose this one. "

Sasuke pointed himself with his finger, stepping out of the darkness, a surprised look on his face. "Me? I 'm not a Oiran, I am a servant. I can't... "

"Sasuke ? Don't you want to accompany mister here? " the old woman said who had lost nothing of the exchange between the two men.

The russet haired man first opened his mouth to protest but suddenly realized that this was the perfect opportunity to watch over Yukimura. "Very well. " he replied, looking away from Kojuuro's. His hand went instinctively to his lips when he remembered the moment were he had let himself be carried away... he thought would never see this man again, and yet...

"I'll reserve you the room right in front of the young lord own . " the landlady affirmed, and a wide smile full of innuendo distorted her features.


Yukimura stood face to face with Masamune, paralyzed by what he saw the samurai lone eye.

"Go sit down. " the tenant ordered,suddenly returning him to reality.

Refraining not to tighten his hand over his heart, the young Oiran hastily sat down on the bed, lifting the curtain of transparent fine silk which hanged from the ceiling. Yukimura knelt in front of his interlocutor, head bowed down, looking at the padded feather bed, above all he wanted to avoid Masamune destructive gaze.

"He is for you all night long, don't hesitate to ask if you need anything =. " the tenant said, all smiles after shaking hands with Masamune to close the deal.

Silence fell heavily after the tenant left the room, leaving both young men alone in the dim light. A scent diffuser gave off a strong smell of jasmine and Yukimura couldn't tell if that was what made him want to trow up or the heaviness coming from Masamune. Yukimura was in pain, his mind refused to function properly and he knew he had to do something in the next few minutes, or he would collapse. He would never forgive himself if Masamune saw him like this, so much damage had already been done.

"Masamune-dono..." he began, in an almost inaudible voice.

He gasped when he looked up to find Masamune face only a few inches away from him. He didn't hear him move nor had felt him approaching. Yukimura body recoiled instinctively when his gaze met Masamune's. It was still this cold, hard and unreadable blue eye.

"Masamune-dono... I." Yukimura tried again.

"So, this is what you always do at night? " Masamune interrupted, it was more a statement than a question. His tone was as cold and monotonous as his eye.

Yukimura couldn't understand, he couldn't recognize Masamune, not even when he had showed him a hint of anger Yukimura had been so crushed. He swallowed. It still was Masamune, he shouldn't fear him... unless all that they shared had been a lie. This perspective plunged Yukimura in deep anguish, he couldn't keep his shoulder from shaking. "No!" he almost screamed before preventing himself.

"How many men have touched this skin? " Masamune continued, completely ignoring Yukimura, he slipped a freezing hand on Yukimura neck.

The youngest one shivered from discomfort at the contact or maybe from anticipation, Yukimura was unable to tell at this point.

"How many men kissed it. " Masamune replaced his fingers with his lips slowly and painfully brushing them from the skin behind Yukimura ear to the junction of his neck and shoulder.

Now Yukimura tremors shook his whole body, such sensation was unbearable. The warmth of Masamune breath against his sensitive skin, the whisper in his ear, as much his words could be painful for him... Yukimura had never imagined that coming from Masamune because he would never have allowed himself to, but the truth was Masamune was there, Yukimura knew he had to stop him , talk to him, tell him something, anything, but his mouth remained desperately close because Masamune caresses were too soft, they were what had always wanted but never dared to dream of having.

Suddenly Masamune pushed him on the bed, Yukimura back hit the feather mattress, expelling the air from his lungs. The brutality of the act had the effect of an electric shock, finally giving Yukimura force to repel the dragon that was leaning over him, running a hand on the chest he had just unclothed. Yukimura grabbed Masamune shoulders, trying to remove the mouth was which soon followed the wandering hand. He didn't want that, not like that ... he wanted to earn it, he wasn't worthy of it yet... he still wanted Masamune to call him his rival, whom he had chosen for his strength... he didn't wanted to be his whore... everything but that.

"Masamune-dono, stop... I wanted to tell you, I- Ah! "

Masamune had just bit a nipple that had crossed his path, pushing Yukimura hands away from his shoulders, he pinned Yukimura wrist above his head. "Shut up! " he barked in that language unknown of the Oiran.

Yet Yukimura understood and his mouth closed when Masamune slid a knee between his legs. The wandering hand that was not holding the youngest wrists continued his journey on the slightly tanned torso, still lower down, spreading the walls of tissues.

"You have been soiled by all those who have touched you like this. " Masamune continued.

This sentence was the last one of too many, more than all others combined, it hurt Yukimura, his jaw clenched as he had to make the effort not to cry even as a tear escaped, he felt it slipping to come falling on his collarbone. He had lost... it was too late, no one could stop the storm that was Date Masamune. He gasped when Masamune hand slipped between his legs. The dragon finally looking him in his eyes, "At least I know they have not touched this, it's my privilege, right ?"

Yukimura didn't had the time to respond because Masamune was already seizing his lips. Taking the Oiran lower lip between his, he sucked gently, almost lovingly, if Yukimura ever dared to venture to think of a such a thing. There was so much affection in Masamune gesture that Yukimura couldn't resist long before answering it. He noticed that Masamune had freed his hands when he found them clutching in Masamune hair. All in his gestures were made to join them, to attract each other. Their tongues were soon dancing languidly, Yukimura insatiable of the comfort it brought him. Everything else was forgotten at that time, he needed this contact, this heat. That that kiss let him breathless and with a fogged mind was a plus, because Yukimura would forget what he was undergoing, he wanted to forget about the real situation.

Masamune was right, these lips were his sanctuary for him. Yukimura found back the drive that pushed him to press his lips against Masamune's the first time and he let himself was carried away, forgetting all inhibition.

"But when I'm done with you, there will be nothing left other than me... me and me alone. I'll erase all of them, you'll not be able to ever think of someone else ... you'll never be able to enjoy it with someone else. You're mine. " Masamune continued between harsh breaths and light kiss. It was as if for each injury he inflicted, Masamune immediately tried to heal them. And as supporting his words, he began to suck the tender skin of the neck he had under his lips, slightly nibbling, he then looked up to see the result. "Mine. " he repeated, seeing his mark.

"Ahah..." Yukimura couldn't say something more intelligent. In the misty maze of what was left of his mind, he came to understand. Masamune wasn't blaming him. Yukimura didn't disgusted Masamune, the dragon was just incredibly possessive.

If this was not the moment Masamune had chosen to introduce a finger into his intimacy, he would surely had laughed, Yukimura nerves letting out their relief, his heart beating again, vibrating in his chest. " Masah ! "He cried out instead.

And it was only when Masamune began to lick his cheeks with great tenderness that Yukimura noticed he was crying openly now. Drying Yukimura tears, dragon teased. "No underwear, huh ? "he said, introducing another finger. "You are very tight for someone accustomed to sex."

Yukimura frowned, Masamune was still going on with his harsh words, "This is what I'm trying to Ahhh! " Masamune shut him up again, viciously tickling his most sensitive point.

"Hah, I told you to shut up, I only want to hear your screams of pleasure, moan for me Yukimura." he punctuated his sentence with a good placed movement of his fingers eventually making the youngest cry out. "There will be time to talk later. " he added, whispering in Yukimura ear just before nibbling at it.

It was true, Yukimura remembered . Masamune intended to spend all night with him, he wouldn't leave once he had done... and then he wouldn't just vulgarly fuck him, Masamune was about to make love to him.

"Masamune-dono..." Yukimura whispered looking for Masamune lips.

His kiss was his reply, bearing his accepting. Yukimura didn't know when Masamune had removed his clothes, but he knew the feeling of that soft skin and the scars that covered it under his fingers was all that mattered now, and the kisses Masamune covered him with. The caresses which were dangerously close to his crotch never really touching it. Those fingers that moved him, making him moan and sight more and more. Their sweaty bodies that slowly brushed against one another. How could he resist against that?

Yukimura realized that the fantasies he had never dared to have were far from reality. He who thought he knew about sex discovered a whole new world, it might be that the fact of being truly loved ?

He always wanted more, it was too hot , it felt too good, it was too nice to be supportable. Yukimura knew it was the same for Masamune when the one-eyed forgot to be as gentle as he had been until then when he penetrated Yukimura. Masamune became impatient, he sank into Yukimura in a brutal, almost bestial movement, and this time Yukimura cried out in pain. It hurt, but impossible to tell if the pain in his body was stronger than his the one in his heart.

Yukimura Masamune felt a shudder above him, trying somehow to remember not to pound into him right then. With his fogged up eye, Masamune met his gaze, making Yukimura shudder again. There was a hunger in his eyes, a fever of desire had dilated his pupil, making his eye almost black, reducing the blue color to an iridescent circle. It was mystifying to see this man which, ultimately Yukimura knew since only four days, like that. Yukimura had come from a first irritated impression, thinking Masamune arrogant and strange even to a foolish and unconditional love. At that moment it was as if Masamune was about to devour him whole and would have acquainted with this death with joy.

Yukimura eyes closed, unable to stand any longer his lover wild gaze. Acting quickly after that, Masamune moved, first with slow and short strokes until Yukimura adjusted to him. And the gods be praised, the little dragon wasn't small. But it was still too slow for Yukimura who whined plaintively, yet enjoying the restraint Masamune put on himself for his sake.

"More." he couldn't help but moan aloud.


It was all what Masamune needed to bury his nose in Yukimura neck, and with each new motion of his hips, he sank himself deeper, faster, harder, reducing Yukimura to incoherent words. Yukimura didn't know how many times he had moaned Masamune name, or how many times he had embarrassed himself by shouting his pleasure loudly.

"Masamune, ah... so good... mhm." was the phrase he had spoken with the most consistency.

He equally heard Masamune whispering obscenities to him, or encouragement words, sighing his own pleasure. Yukimura dug his nails into Masamune shoulders... no, it was to soon, he didn't wanted to come now... he wanted more. And his body was incredibly sincere, Masamune made him vibrate like never before, honoring his promise. Yukimura now knew what it felt to make love, to be fully alive under the beating heart of his beloved... the problem was that he didn't know if he could do without that now.

"Masamune !" he threw his head back with a muffled cry, try to convey his distress to his lover.

Yukimura hadn't expected that Masamune ceases movement and retires from within him, suddenly interrupting his ascent to heaven. However Yukimura had no time to protest Masamune because bought Yukimura legs over his shoulders, the youngest hips completely taken off the bed before Masamune abruptly plunged back in him, the new angle allowing him to go deeper, also providing extra strength to his thrust, using his weight.

"Ah-ah Ah Masa! This is Ah! Nhg I'm gonna..." Yukimura was about to melt.

"That the point Yukimura... come..." Masamune had his jaw clenched from exertion and his hair plastered to his forehead by his sweat... he too was close, Yukimura could feel him swell in him.

Masamune pace faltered slightly and the end of his sentence was lost, then Yukimura moved his hips to meet Masamune movements, earning some mild profanity and sweet nothing. Their pace quickened again, if you could still call it a rhythm, Masamune bit Yukimura ankle, leaving another claim on him there.

Yukimura finally found completion when Masamune licked the small wound. He sighed, or perhaps he shouted Masamune name, at that time he was unable to recognize anything. And Masamune lost himself too. Yukimura could only observe, in its post-orgasmic stupor, as Masamune fought not to show his pleasure too openly, he was breathing heavily, emitting sounds that Yukimura would never have thought coming out of Masamune mouth, incredibly sexy.

He heard his name out of this sinful mouth as if it was a precious secret. Then he felt Masamune throb inside of him, then he felt Masamune warmth filling him .

The last thing he was conscious of was when Masamune laid himself beside him and intended to ran a hand through Yukimura tangled hair. Was it okay to pass out now? Masamune smile was tender and compassionate in front of Yukimura eyelids, heavy from contentment.

"Rests now. "Masamune whispered .

His eyes closed in contentment when his head rested on Masamune shoulder finally it was Masamune 's shoulder on which it rested, he was finally in Masamune arms. He let out a last contented sight.

"... only you... Masamune..." he muttered before sinking into blissful darkness.


Kojuuro insisted to keep the door open, his eyes deviating from loking at Sasuke to go glaring at the closed door of the opposite room. Sasuke sat himself away from him, a low table between them, the former ninja was annoyed, but it annoyed him even more that Kojuuro showed no interest in him at all.

"I maybe not know how to dance, nor can hold interesting conversation like an Oiran, but still, I can serve something to drink at least. " he said sarcastically, trying to attract the other man attention.

"No thank you, it's fine." the samurai replied with politeness.

Sasuke frowned, he sighed in annoyance crossing his arms over his chest. He can't bear to be ignored like this anymore, he straightened up under Kojuuro surprised eyes, then he abruptly closed the sliding door.

"If you had no intention to do something about it, then why continuing to stare at that damn door!? " he said angrily.

The brown haired man sighed at that, running a hand through his hair. "I'm not sure I want to do something about it..." he admired.

"So let them settle their affairs alone. " Sasuke insisted, sitting right next to Kojuuro and venturing to put a hand on his thigh.

Far from being offended, Kojuuro just looked at the hand that had landed on him before frowning his eyebrows, his gaze returning to the closed door. "I just want to prevent Masamune to do something he might regret."

At these words, Sasuke rolled his eyes and cliqued his tongue. "Children grow up all too quickly. " he added with a slight affection in his voice, "Look, me too my role is to protect Yukimura and from what I know, your lord don't have my blade planted in his back yet, so if I can trust him, why wouldn't you too ?You will prematurely age if you keep making so much fuss about everything. Can't you live a little just for you, huh? Just a little bit. "

Kojuuro face hardened when he heard the hidden treat toward his lord, but the end of the sentence had at least the effect of making him think about it. "If only it was that simple. "he thought aloud.

Sasuke shrugged. " Think of something else. Well why not talk like last time, it was good." Sasuke pushed his luck even more and put his head on Kojuuro shoulder.

"You kissed me and you ran off like a rabbit." Kojuuro reproached, pushing Sasuke away this time.

The gesture didn't deter Sasuke because he now had all of Kojuuro attention. He shrugged before getting on all fours and planting his almost golden eyes on the other's. "I'm shy." he lied, his nose almost touching Kojuuro's.

These words helped to make Kojuuro lip twitch upward. "You don't lie very well for a Shinobi, just as you are stealthy in fact. " he teased .

Wounded in his ego, Sasuke rested his butt on the tatami mat with a pout. "Well, in my defense, it's not with Yukimura as master that I often have the occasion to do those sort of things, so I'm a little rusty. For your information when I left my village, I was the best there."

This time he really heard Kojuuro chuckle and he realized that once again fell into his trap. " If you say so."

And this time when Sasuke snuggled against him, Kojuuro let him without rejecting him, on the contrary, he wrapped his arms around Sasuke waist to hold him against his chest, resting his chin on top of the other head. Sasuke put his hands on his and let out a little contented sigh, this position was very comfortable.

"As soon as I saw him, I knew he had to be my lord, even though I was aware that I would probably get bored and I couldn't be a true ninja anymore. Somehow it was like giving up everything I was just for Yukimura... but it was worth it "Sasuke honestly confessed.

"I somewhat felt the same thing with Masamune-sama. "Kojuuro stated, his words sent vibrations to Sasuke back pressed against his chest and he felt him shudder in his arms.

"In the end we are very similar. Probably why I like you so much. " Sasuke resumed.

The former ninja felt a smile in his hair, then he could have sworn that Kojuuro had deposited a kiss on his head.

"I kind of like you too," this time Kojuuro took Sasuke hand that was resting on his and led him to his mouth before lightly pressing his lips on the back of it. "But there are more conventional ways to woo someone, you know. " he said with a smile in his voice.

Calmed but their light conversation, Sasuke leaned back against Kojuuro chest and pushed him to make him fall on his back, and lying like this on the mat, the samurai should have expected to find the young man laying on him. "As if I knew all that, I live in a damn brothel. " he replied in an amused tone.

He didn't wait for Kojuuro to react before capturing his lips, the operation distraction was a success, Sasuke now had the opportunity to reap the benefits ... and he had no intention of backing away. Their kiss grew in depth when Kojuuro grabbed his head to adjust him at will, and Sasuke couldn't suppress a small moan of pleasure when their tongues met for the first time. Sasuke didn't knew exactly when but at some point it was he who found himself back against the mat, and it was because of some unfortunate hip thrust that forced him let out a louder moan that he had to detach from Kojuuro mouth in order to breathe.

He didn't really have time to recover either because Kojuuro was quick to attack his neck, enthusiastically bitting the skin he found. The samurai was more eager than his stilted appearance presumed.

"Um, if you intend to really go through with it, I'd prefer doing it on the futon. " Sasuke whispered, laughing softly under the attentions of the man who would surely become his lover in the near future.

Kojuuro promptly took his advice into consideration and lifted Sasuke, trowing over his shoulder like a bag of potatoes.

"Hey, easy! " protested the russet haired, but the laughter in his voice betrayed his lack of seriousness.

He was unceremoniously thrown on the bed and Kojuuro was soon back at Sasuke. He watched the younger for a moment, tenderly stroking his face, eventually hesitating "Are you sure this is what you want... I can't offer you a real and stable relationship. "

Shaking his head, Sasuke brought his arms around Kojuuro neck, "I wanted it from the moment I met you, I'll be happy even with one night... so, " he took Kojuuro hand and brought it up to his crotch, "why not make me yours, Kojuuro ?"

The man above him sighed plunging his nose into his hair, inhaling Sasuke scent. "Kagetsuna."he muttered.

"What? " Sasuke asked as he hadn't heard it all because the haze of pleasure were already disturbing his judgment.

"My name, my name is Kagetsuna. " he repeated .

Sasuke laughed again when Kojuuro hand tickled his belly trying to remove his clothes. " So will you please give me the honor of making love to me, my beautiful samurai Katakura Kagetsuna?"

And for the first time, Sasuke saw a genuine smile without restraint on Kojuuro face.

Yukimura eyes slowly fluttered open, disturbed by the light that had been lit. His eyes fell on the bare back of the man sitting next to him in the bed. The back was marked by very recent and deep scratches ,and Yukimura felt somehow proud to have left his own claiming on Masamune.

Masamune muttered something incomprehensible, busy searching something hidden in his kimono, he stopped when he felt Yukimura eyes on him.

"Did I was asleep for a long time ?" the Oiran asked.

"A few minutes." the young lord answered .

Yukimura tried to sat up too to face Masamune who still has his back turned to him. " Masamune-dono..." he began before being interrupted by an all too present pain in his lower back.

Masamune did not give him time to recover and came to lay at his side, reassuring Yukimura who had taken his refusal to look at him as if it was indifference. Using one arm as a pillow, Masamune pulled Yukimura against him with the other. "I wanted to smoke , but I forgot my pipe." he stated dejectedly.

The young Oiran smiled at first at the expression of his frustrated lover before Yukimura's face fell. "I'm sorry Masamune-dono ... I wanted to tell you that I was Oiran so much, but in the end I was unable to succeed. You must think I'm a coward..." he stated, frowning.

It was with an expression of profound disbelief, unable to be certain if Yukimura was mocking him or not that Masamune at looked Yukimura. "Huh? I'm not completely blind Yukimura. No, seriously. I'm observant enough to see that you have samurai blood in you and I wouldn't have noticed you are an Oiran? " Masamune stated.

"But... you- "Yukimura tried .

"You're far to beautiful to be a mere employee here. " Yukimura felt slightly flattered by these words. "And then you fight with so much elegance that no can't see that you have been trained to dance."

"So you knew from the beginning? "

Masamune simply gave a slight nod, he took a lock of Yukimura hair in his hand and slipped it between his fingers before bringing it to his lips. "I knew it, I knew exactly what that meant, and yet when I saw all those men agglutinate around you... it drove me crazy. Completely crazy." Masamune ended his sentence with a chuckle as he if he too wasn't believing he could had lost himself like that.

"I never sleep with my clients. " Yukimura confessed, Masamune word touching his heart.

Masamune gave him another disbelieving look. "Well yes, in the past, but not anymore , you're the only one... since... you're the only one that made me love it anyway... " he finished in a whisper.

"How do you do that?" Masamune asked, curious. Although he had no reason to doubt Yukimura, it doesn't prevented him from wanting to know, through.

"Sasuke, well to be honest he is a ninja, he helped me to create a drug, we make my clients ingest it and then I just have to use my hand to make them believe they spent a wonderful evening having what they truly seek." It felt so good to be able to confess to someone, someone he could trust, "I just hope that there is no side effects, I always wondered if..."

Yukimura felt Masamune chest rise when he laughed. "Serve them right. I feel like I recognize you here. My sly and cunning Yukimura who cares for people who don't even deserve it."

The young Oiran smiled, finally finding the courage to land his hand on Masamune board chest. " Will you stay with me tonight? " he asked, looking for all the comfort that Masamune could offer him even if only for this one wonderful night.

"Hun." Masamune nodded, holding Yukimura against him. "I'll leave before dawn."

"I know." Yukimura sighed, slowly feeling drowsiness again now that he was more peaceful than ever, "You'll not forget to send me letters?" meaning, you'll think about me.

"As soon as possible, " Masamune said , kissing Yukimura on top of his head, meaning, for ever minute not spend on the battlefield. "So... everything has been said, we're okay? " Masamune finished, seeking to confirm that there was no lingering secret between him and Yukimura anymore, with their afternoon discussion and this one, he hoped everything had finally been said.

"Just one more thing." and to say that Yukimura rose to drop his upper body against Masamune torso, he fixed his hazel eyes in Masamune's autumn sky. "I love you with all my heart Date Masamune-dono, and I forbid you to doubt it. " Yukimura stated, a radiant smile blooming on his lips when he punctuates his sentence with a chaste kiss.

Masamune too couldn't help but smile, drawing Yukimura toward him to catch those teasing lips, the evening was still young... Yukimura couldn't honestly believe that Masamune had done with him.

"Ma-Masamune-dono!" Yukimura yelped, slightly outraged when he felt Masamune renewed excitement throbbing against his leg while a playful hand was already clutching one of his buttocks.

Masamune laugh was quickly muffled with another kiss.

And then, time passed like grains of sand flowing through an hourglass, slowly but surely, Yukimura returned to his daily life, so to speak. For several weeks he had been confined in the tea house and couldn't even go out to help doing groceries or meager task. It wasn't very convenient to continue to train hiding in the garden or in the basement when it rained too much, it was only because of Sasuke help they hadn't been caught yet, the only problem was that Yukimura didn't really have the opportunity to test his progress, and it was becoming very troublesome for him.

What was more strange was that the tenant was like... more patient with him, he had even smiled at him once... it maybe was because an Oiran who could bring him fifty gold was worth a little more consideration. The owner wife through, remained as usual, and she often slipped him little cakes and pastries she made herself, claiming that nobody else wanted to taste them for her. In fact it was often after one of Yukimura clandestine training session that she would do so, and the recurrence this fact didn't appear to Yukimura.

He soon continued to take clients too. Regulars he began to be familiar with, but also new one that he had to select. The event of the auction that would have thrown a dishonor on him, considering the honor of Oiran, had in fact contributed to its popularity. Yukimura had became the rampant rumor in the neighborhood and all this because of the inconsiderate amount Masamune had spent for him in public. It wasn't always easy to accommodate all these people and not feel guilty about continuing with his method of drugging them... it helped tremendously for him to think that somehow Yukimura could only be the dragon's. And it helped to fill its debt even faster, so.

Mitsunari had quickly kept his promise and came back to see Yukimura, sometimes on the evening and sometimes at day time in fact. He loved to tell Yukimura what happened with Ieyasu, sometimes seeking advice. Yukimura had never seen anyone blush as fast as when he dared to show him a new roll describing sexual techniques that had just arrived from India, he remembered very well Mitsunari outraged yelp.

"Such a position is not even humanly possible! " He had said, as red as a tomato.

Yukimura liked these moments and he would have liked them to last. However, he was also allowed to see Mitsunari change. It had begun by less visits, he no longer spoke of Ieyasu but of war. His eyes had become hard and his words hard and dry, the war was gradually changing him and something seemed to have greatly affected Mitsunari, but he refused to talk about it. He returned thinner, paler, more tired than last time and when Yukimura made the slightest remark, he denied everything with fervor. Yukimura would have given so much to see him smile again, but he knew it was too late, Yukimura wasn't capable of miracle. Soon there remained only Mitsunari the proud general of Hideyoshi who said to Yukimura:

"Hideyoshi-sama despite these kind of place... I think I shouldn't come here anymore. " he had mumbled.

The only news that Yukimura had of him by now were in some letters sent to him by Ieyasu. He never knew what to respond to them, having trouble getting used to the idea is silver haired friend absence. Yukimura thought the had been used to being forgotten and left behind yet this time again he was deeply hurt. And soon even the Ieyasu letters became rare. There was however a letter Yukimura received flawlessly every two weeks, a letter he waited impatiently.

These letters were well written and poetic, reflecting the author passion. Sometimes there was only few words in them and Yukimura knew that wen writing the author was stressed, maybe even sometimes doubting his choices. As a mutual agreement between the two, these letters were never signed, when speaking to his correspondent addressed Yukimura he wrote Red, and when Yukimura replied and he wrote Dragon. In the letters the dragon and red were together and they let their true passion burst in these letters were they escaped from reality, in these letters they were always in a different place, there was no war, no responsibility, just two lovers.

The last letter Masamune sen to Yukimura was how so different. As usual the young Oiran had fled to his room to read, hugging the letter against the his heart after. The first words made his eyebrows frown trough, having the effect of a cold shower on him.


Your friend the ninja came to see Kojuuro, and I fear that my letters won't reach you anymore.
You'll soon be on the battlefield before me, as I always wanted, I know it.
I know you will not disappoint me, I can't wait for you to tell me about your dream.


Yukimura found himself unable to understand these few words. He couldn't understand what had so abruptly changed. What did Masamune wanted to say? The only thing that he drew and still sounded and again in his mind was that Masamune seemed to want to stop exchanging letters. But why? Was he inflicting him a new trial? If that were the case, Yukimura found it cruel. The young Oiran read the letter a second time, then a third, attempting to properly absorb all the words and their meanings, seeking a hidden meaning in them. His tightened heart wouldn't seem to want to calm down either... the letter also included a promise to meet again, that was their promise, right? But how...?

The first words of the letter eventually came back to him, ' your friend the ninja' he wrote, why Masamune was speaking of a ninja? Was it Sasuke ? It was no use moping if Masamune was truly referring to Sasuke in his letter then the russet haired held the answer Yukimura was looking for and he knew exactly where to find him.

Keeping the letter in his hand, Yukimura ran down the stairs four at a time and rushed into the garden. At this time of the day, there was only one place were Sasuke could be, as always he was feeding the koi carp in the owner favorite basin.

The former ninja did not need to raise his head to see who approached him with such a bubbly aura. "Hello Yuki. You want to give me a hand? " he asked, it was not uncommon for Yukimura to help him in his morning chores when he was bored, though he said it out of politeness, because the palpable tension that emanated from the young Oiran meant it was something else.

"What does that mean? " Yukimura wasted no time and he put the letter under Sasuke nose.

"Well, I think it's quite readable as it was. " he joked , still taking the missive held to him.

The glare that Yukimura threw him killed all want to take the situation lightly. He quickly reads the short letter and scratched the bridge of his nose. "Uh, well, it means that now you know that I saw Kojuuro again... and the rest I'm not certain, but if it refers to the conversation I had with Masamune retainer... you'll understand soon enough."

"Sasuke ! " Yukimura complained . " Why didn't you tell me that you were seeing Kojuuro? " he asked after a pause .

The former ninja merely shrugged. " I haven't really had the opportunity to tell you."

And it was true, Yukimura realized that despite all the time they spent together they hardly had time for more personal conversations, it saddened Yukimura somehow and he himself promised to pay more attention to his friend. Still, he needed to understand the rest of the letter,Sasuke answer wasn't satisfactory and Yukimura wanted to make him talk about everything he knew. Yukimura knew that his friend was up to something and he didn't like it. The young Oiran was about to open his mouth when the owner voice interrupted him.

"Sanada Yukimura!" the old man called.

A shiver ran into Yukimura spine, never even when he had bought him, the old man called him by his true name. Panicked, he looked at Sasuke, and seeing him displaying a a sweet smile wasn't really reassuring him so far, he slowly turned to signify that he had heard the call.

"Someone came for you." the smile he heard in the owner voicer confused him even more.

Rubbing his arm to give himself courage, Yukimura came back to the garden entrance to accommodate the person who came to see him so early, even Mitsunari had never came before noon...

The owner was at the door, a big smile on his face as suggested by his voice, he was rubbing his hands. Beside him there was not one man but two actually. The first one was young, probably not much older than Sasuke, his face was pretty plain but he wasn't ugly either, he had a keen eye too. His black hair were held in a short ponytail at the back of his head, he wore brown clothes and some of them in more red tones, which astonished Yukimura was the armor he wore and the sword at his side... it was not really a proper attire to attend brothels. At least his smile was something reassuring, soothing even.

That was without considering the other man. He was much older, so much he could had been the father of the first. Only there was not any common trait between them. Were the first one was plain or the second was amazing. He was tall and board and exceeded Yukimura by at least one head. He was also massive, shaped like a bear, Yukimura thought. His large biceps were crossed over his chest and hi thighs were probably as thick as small tree trunk. And a small mustache adorned his face ending in an elaborate beard where his hair, if he had any, were hidden under a long red headdress mane adorned with two black bull horn. This already unique look was complemented by a kind of tiger skin that covered his body as a kind of armor, though, he wore red pieces of armor on his arms, legs and waist. Many emblems affixed to his outfit showed that he was a samurai... and somehow he Yukimura earned admiration instantly.

Cutting Yukimura gapping admiration and probably removing the stupid look he had to face, the younger of the two bowed before speaking.

"I'm Oyamada Nobushige, son of Oyamada Nobunari and vassal of the lord Takeda Shingen who honor us with his presence with me today. I'm happy to be finally able to repair my father errors . " affirmed the youngest, very solemnly.

Yukimura's eyes went from one to the other, focusing on the older man accompanying Oyamada... so he is Takeda Shingen? The name vaguely sounded familiar, but it was vague and distant, this name sounded noble and somehow it was according the man stature. Everything about him commanded respect. Still, Yukimura understood nothing of what was happening, not even when Sasuke joined them.

Before Yukimura silence and the confused look that he couldn't hide, Nobushige sighed, casting a glance at Shingen, he waited until he saw him to continue. "I came to repair my father error. " he repeated . "The coincidence his that my lord had been looking for you for year, by a twist of fate the last will of my father was that I take under my command the boy he had once sold... I was far from imagining that it was the heir of the Sanada that the Takeda clan searched in vain. "he said apologetically.

"I-I don't understand ... the man who sold me? But his name was Genkai and-" Yukimura began, his voice trailed. Genkai, how fate was cruel... he had not heard that name in years and now when he believed all that behind him, the name kept sounding again and again in his hears.

Oyamada nodded again. "That was my father nickname... I was very sick at the time, lord Shingen took him as a retainer soon after and I followed his steps. It's really a shame he never talked about this before... and when he told me that it was the biggest regret of his life... I came to fill his debt and free you Sanada Yukimura."

"You're free to go now, Yukimura." the old tenant went on, not seemingly worried to lose a good source of income, on the contrary, he somehow seemed relived.

Yukimura eyes widened in surprise, and he stepped back. It was so sudden. "I-, no...but..." He couldn't have been more confused, his brain not wanting to admit the situation, he wasn't prepared for it in any way. Yukimura had never imagined regaining his freedom in such way,but ultimately what held him back now? The first thing was that he could never again curse Genkai after what he had heard, so he was... dead... the second thing was that he still wondered what it had anything to do with Lord Takeda, the third was what would happen to him now.

Yukimura finally realize that he had been staring at Shingen for a long time now when the man gave him a smile.

"You have your father 's eyes, but your mother facial features . " he said in a strong but gentle voice.

Yukimura thought his heart had stopped beating, his breath caught in his throat. These words came to remind him why he knew that name. Takeda Shingen, how could he forget the man who had brought his family to ruin... the man who had left him behind... Yukimura took another step back, grabbing Sasuke sleeve to reassure himself, he looked fiercely at the man.

"What do you want from me?" he asked, even though deep down he knew the answer.

"I was hoping you would follow the footsteps of your noble father and would join my ranks, there's still a place there for you and it yours by right. " Shingen stated.

Although he expected these words Yukimura hadn't expected for that all the anger he had accumulated without ever having any mean to redirect it was now used to stand against this man. "I'm not my father, I was raised in a brothel! Why should I follow you? I don't want to die for you, I don't even know what's your worth ! " Yukimura cried before realizing .

Yukimura heard Sasuke hiss beside him. Yukimura mind was too preoccupied to realize that he probably angered a highly respected and respectable nobleman, and declining such a proposal like that was very presumptuous for a mere Oiran. A punch like a hammer came to him hit this jaw and he sent him flying to land in the pond several feet away.

"I hope you're not like your father! I had enough of seeing my precious friend and retainer die! Then fight, becomes strong and come with me to lead this country! "he bellowed, shaking the small garden.

Oyamada shook his head and Sasuke pinched the bridge of his nose. When he learned that Takeda Shingen was looking for the Sanada heir, Sasuke had used what remained of his network to arrange this meeting to happen, it should had been a surprise for the young Oiran greatly approved Kojuuro and Masamune...for not even a second he could had imagine that Yukimura was stubborn to this extent

When Yukimura out of the pound, coughing and dripping, he had that sparkle in his eyes. This blow didn't hurt him, on the contrary, it had lit a fire in him, hotter and brighter than ever, a fire of hope a fire of motivations. Shingen was strong, Shingen breathed wisdom and Yukimura knew he had so much to teach. him Watch this man had struck him Yukimura saw, following this man, be coveted under his huge shadow. Yukimura knew he would go far under his reign ... maybe this country too... it was basically that spoke to Yukimura very nature... it had fully awakened his samurai blood. That was his real goal, that was what he had always aspired. Yukimura had the soul of a young tiger and this man was the tiger who would raise him to grand things. It was as tings should had been this way from the beginning...

"Oyakata-sama! "he screamed, rushing back to Shingen.

Shingen raised his fist with a smile ready to strike again if Yukimura was asking for more until the fact that Shingen wouldn't leave without him would enters his tick skull. Instead the young man knelt in front of him, gravel penetrating his knees .

"My apologies my lord. My honor will be at your side! Please make me your student! "He cried enthusiastically.

Oyamada chuckled in his hand, and Shingen lowered his fist emitting a grunt of approval,then the man engaged in a lively conversation with the soon to be samurai and the old tenant, so much still remained to be done. Sasuke breathed a sigh of relief, he had done his duty, he had finally found a way for Yukimura to leave this hell, this time he had made him so that Yukimura wouldn't have any doubt left. And well, the russet haired had a small bonus has he could already see his wage increase, maybe now that he served a real samurai, he would find his way back to being a true ninja, to say the truth, he had missed that. His dream had always been to see Yukimura flourish and be what he really should be.

Sasuke put his hand on Yukimura shoulder whose fists were balled in front of him, tight with emotion and his eyes sparkled like never before. "I count on you to be the best, as always Yuki." he called him one last time, reminiscence for Yukimura to realizes what he left behind. The young samurai smiled. Yes it was the way things should be .

When he wore his armor for the first time, it seemed far too heavy to Yukimura, yet it was light, bearing Takeda red color and ironically the color that had always been his. It consisted of a scarlet leather jacket opened at his chest because he had chosen to exhibit his bare torso to show that no one could strike him. He clenched his fists, making the black and red leather gloves creak while the wind was waving his long red headband that held his hair away from his forehead. A metal belt covered his mid section and loose white pants decorated with flame pattern on the feet completed his outfit. He was dressed as such he was about to follow his lord on the battlefield... now he could understand why his father and his brother had been blindly following such a man.

"Hey, " Sasuke called out. The ninja was also unrecognizable, his uniform bore the colors of the forest, he had a shin and forehead gear that keep his hair from falling in his eyes. Sasuke handed Yukimura piece of paper. "Maybe you can understand what he meant now." he stated.

It was Masamune last letter... and now he understood that these words meant all the love Masamune was feeling toward him. A loving smile appeared on Yukimura lips, it was still a bit sad smile because it showed how much Yukimura missed Masamune too... Masamune had always believed in him, he always knew Yukimura could dance on the battlefield and that it was his rightful place... soon they would stand again face to face. They'll soon find each others... he would tell Masamune his dreams and their blade would say the rest for them, boring their unshakable bond... because it was like that things should be. Masamune had known first how to awoke the slumbering tiger in him, he would always be indebted to him. He was a worthy samurai now, yet his past shouldn't be put behind him, Yukimura would make it a weapon for his ideals.

Yukimura swore to honor the Dokuganryu too. Because Yukimura knew Masamune will be forever the only lord reigning on his heart .

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