When he had been summoned by Takeda Shingen this morning, even though he just gotten out of bed to perform his morning exercise session, Sanada Yukimura hadn't felt the usual excitement that this simple idea should had settled in him and that he had never failed since the man had taken him under his wing.

Now that he was sitting before him on a pedestal wearing all his fighting gear, Yukimura kneeling in humble posture on the tatami mat, and that the silence build since he had entered the room went on, the young man was sure of one thing, because he was certain that he had greatly disappointed his lord.

The young long haired had been so excited to be able to assist Shingen in the annual battles who opposed his lord to Uesugi Kenshin. How much he had been proud and honored when his lord had shown how much he trusted and believed in him choosing such an important battle in his eyes to be the first one for Yukimura. Since his youngest age, the best was expected from Yukimura, then he always had done what was expected of him, he had always done his best to be the best and to continually improve. It was to avoid punishment at first, then it became an escape, a way to hope to be free, even though when he had reached the highest rank of Oiran he had continued to do his best. So he knew that his eagerness, his haste to be on the battlefield was the main reason for which he had received a wound, and he knew he wasn't up to that Shingen expected of him.

Nothing serious, just a stab of a spear received in the thigh, which will be healed in no time. No, it was nothing compared to those who had lost their life for their lord. It was perhaps the entire root of the problem. How Yukimura, who had never witnessed death from so close before, could ever had imagined it would be so easy to remove a life? Of course he had always known and he had prepared himself for it, or so he thought. He couldn't even admit to himself that he had received the injury because he hesitated. When he saw the fear in the eyes of a young man in front of him, the arm that held his spear had faltered and the wound that should have been fatal to his enemy only put him down. Believing the man unable to move, Yukimura had continued his advance with a last glance at his bloodied form ... he dared not to even imagine how the injury he received could had been serious if Sasuke hadn't noticed his mistake and had intervened in time. In the end the young man who had sparred died anyway. The weight of his rokumonsen, his six pieces necklace, the symbol of his family, only became heavier.

His greatest fear now was that Shingen had got wind of his failure.

"Yukimura!" suddenly the voice of his lord boomed.

The young samurai startled, brutally pulled out of his chain of thought ... that too was a habit he was still struggling to put aside.

"Yes!" he replied, raising his head proudly.

Once again he didn't see the punch that came crashing down right on his cheek like a hammer, Yukimura felt his members off the ground and he realized what had happened only when he heavily landed on the ground. He blinked quickly.

"O-Oyakata-sama?!" It wasn't like Shingen to initiate a lecture without any explanation beforehand.

"Don't be so naive! You really are still a child!" the man said, overlooking him with his broadest form.

Yukimura tried instinctively to escape the strange pressure exerted on him by his mentor. "What do you mean ? Oyakata-sama ? Naive ? But I,-?"

"Are you sad for those fallen on the battlefield?" Shingen's voice, though still strong became somehow softer, interrupting him.

Yukimura resumed his kneeling position, still refusing to meet his lord eyes. "NO! I simply lacked discernment, Oyakata-sama. I don't know how to expiate my fault in your eyes," he continued to lie to himself.

Shingen wasn't decided to let him continue say such nonsense. He interrupted him again, stamping his foot so hard that the wood hidden under the tatami exploded, sending a board crashing in the ceiling, debris falling everywhere in the great room with light decor. "You've got the right to do so Yukimura! This isn't a weakness. You gotta keep them in your heart and keep going in these times of war you can't stay with the dead forever, or recent those who will die! Don't waste the life that was given to you and don't spoil the ones you took. Honor them. It's your duty as a samurai and as a man born in this time of war! Yukimura! "

This time he punctuated his tirade with a punch that ends up sending Yukimura crashing n the inner garden, taking with him the fusuma that has been closed at his entrance. The noise he made landing on the sand in Zen garden made him cringe.

"Oyakata-sama!" Yukimura shouted as he rose, already feeling the words sinking into his heart as the force of the blows penetrated his whole being. His Lord strength and wisdom was so inspiring. No wonder he saw clearly through Yukimura.

"Becoming strong! Follow your warrior heart and surpasses me!" Shingen went on.

"Oyakata-sama!" Yukimura threw himself at Shingen, answering him with a punch of his own, meaning he

was already up to the task.

"Yukimura!" Shingen replied, returning Yukimura to the sand, enlarging the hole he had made.

"Oyaka-" it took only a few second of pose for the young samurai to notice the tears now abundantly flowing out of his eyes. Angry against himself and against this demonstration of weakness, he tried to vigorously wipe them with the back of his sleeve. He hadn't cried since ... since the day his feelings for Masamune had made his heart burst.

"Why am I so weak!"

Eyes filled with tears, his shoulders shaking with sobs and distracted by the truth that hit him with full force, he couldn't see the massive man coming closer but he felt it has he cast his shadow over him. He anticipated the blow he would probably receive, hoping with all his heart that it would help order his wits. But the tingling expected from a blow in the face didn't come, instead, Shingen simply put his hand on Yukimura shoulder. The youth was ashamed by the reflex that made him look up with a face stained with tears and nasal secessions in front this respectable man who in return offered him a sympathetic smile.

"You're not weak Yukimura, you're still young, it's our duty as old men to guide you, the young one on the right path. Not having any pity toward your enemies would make you a monster, Yukimura." said Shingen with a softness that the youngest had never seen in him.

Yukimura sniffed. "Oyakata-sama." he repeated softly this time. He didn't know what to say. Shingen smile made his little mustache rose on his cheeks and the charisma which he showed helped to quell the young samurai lamentations. He couldn't cry after hearing Shingen's words , he couldn't cry seeing the acceptance and the pride in his eyes.

"I invited some neighboring lords for a courtesy meeting and I think you are ready to assist me." Shingen said, once he deemed Yukimura calm enough to listen.

The youngest stiffened, he clapped his hands against his hips and looked up. Had he heard correctly? Obviously, he had been placed next to Shingen on the battlefield, but he thought it was to watch him since he was a novice ... but this ! It was showing to everyone that Shingen chose him as his second in command! A poor orphan abandoned in a brothel, he didn't know if he deserved so much ... "It's such an honor for me, I ... Oyakata-sama!" Yukimura exclaimed, so proud he was.

Shingen grunted his approval, nodding. "Get ready for tonight."

Yukimura hid the panic that seized him. They would be here so soon? Of course he still had the whole day to prepare, but he still had to digest the news, he had to tell Sasuke, he ... nothing that mattered, if Shingen deemed him worthy to assist him so there was no way he could make mistakes. "I'll be ready!"

"Great Yukimura!" Shingen shouted.

"Oyakata-sama!" Yukimura replied equally, pumped up.




"Uh, Oyakata-sama?" Sasuke knew that if he didn't intervene now, there was a good chance for him to have an even greater amount of work. Both men turned toward the ninja. Sasuke watched the big hole in the meeting room and sighed after seeing the ground condition. "Wouldn't it be better for me to get the builders now? They're going to have a lot of works if you want to receive tonight."

Silence followed his statement. "I'll find the gardener!" Yukimura exclaimed, already speeding through the castle.

Sasuke's hand found his face and he sighed, but despite his annoyance, a slight smile came to grace his lips.

In the end, it would had been inhuman for carpenters to repair the damage to the meeting room in one afternoon. Shingen had to receive his guests in a smaller room, a room that was only used for the meeting of his generals under the banner of the Takeda clan. The four leaders were now found closer to each other, but the food and drink that accompanied them seemed to have put them in a rather good mood.

First, to Shingen left, sat Uesugi Kenshin of course, his lord direct neighbor. Then came a representative from the Mutsu clan named Mogami it seemed, Yukimura didn't catch his first name, but he was very noisy and had a small mustache very similar to that of Shingen if only for the fact his ah seemed endowed with a free will. Directly beside Yukimura standing to the right of Shingen, a man of a certain age came representing Hojo Ujimasa whose great age restricted his traveling, but Yukimura was unable to tell the name the mane went by.

And for a good reason, of course Yukimura should have known, as it was the very cause of why he failed to pay any attention to what had surrounded him the entire evening or even what had been discussed. As an Oiran, he had been well educated on the country geography. So when Shingen said he had invited the neighboring lords, he should have thought of this eventuality. Oshuu remained very close to Kai... But still, seeing Date Masamune sitting directly in front of him, with Kojuuro at his right, dressed in his full armor, a vest sleeveless of his trademark blue covering his back. And although his brown hair remained free, Yukimura could see the black helmet adorned with a an asymmetric moon put neatly between him and Kojuuro. Masamune was wearing a deeply annoyed air on his face as he stared at the young samurai with his lone eye... Yukimura could only be silent and remember the spark that threatened swallow him whole.

Their eyes couldn't break away from each other, Yukimura seemed to have lost his voice while Masamune participated in the conversation with the other men present, sometimes bringing some food to his lips. Yukimura could no longer the anything but this man, passing his tongue over his dry lips while the dragon let out a chuckle to mock something that someone had said. Yukimura swallowed when his train of thought went to what he knew Masamune able to do with his delicious lips. He shook his head to clear the thought just as quickly.

Nobody seemed to have noticed the exchange between the two younger men because Masamune was gifted enough to not get caught, but Yukimura couldn't do anything about it, to him it was like they were the only remaining people on earth.

Yukimura wished that his head wasn't so full of their time spent together, of images of the promises Masamune made to him in his letters ... it was as if they had parted only yesterday. Yet, Yukimura dared not approach him, dared not speak to him ... it was too early, he didn't feel worthy of Masamune yet ... this man had always been extraordinary in Yukimura eyes, but seeing fully assume his role as war leader like this, wearing his head up and that armor that only accentuated his dangerousness ... again Yukimura swallowed, his throat dry as well, trying once again to regain focus on the conversation.

He couldn't have guessed that this would be the very moment Masamune choose to rise abruptly, a defying shine in his one eye.

"I should never have accepted an invitation from a bunch of old fools. I should have known that this was not just a courtesy! Kojuuro!" As quickly as he had risen Masamune left the room with an angry step, inviting his vassal to follow.

The spell with which Masamune seemed to have bewitched Yukimura all night broke then, and the young samurai tried to stop him, "Oh, Masamune-dono!" he was about to follow him in its wake when Kojuuro humbly bowed in front of the lord Takeda.

"Please excuse my lord impudence. It is true that it's not the Date clan habits to forge alliance and seek other clan for help,still this doesn't necessarily mean that my lord hasn't enjoyed the hospitality. Then, we'll depart tomorrow morning. My lords. " He punctuated his speech by bowing again and left after Masamune without even checking if he had appeased possible tensions.

Shingen hummed a noise between annoyance and approval and for the first time since the beginning of the meal, Yukimura turned his eyes on him. "Yukimura." The young man stood up when his lord called his name. "Will you ensure that our guest returns to his room safely?" Yukimura heard Kenshin chuckle softly behind his closed fist, the young man was far from imagining how much everyone had noticed the exchange between two young.

"I'll do so right away." and Yukimura was himself struggling to hide his apprehension now that he had been offered the opportunity to talk one on one with Masamune.

However he hadn't managed to catch up to Masamune, but hearing the voices that rose from the room that had been primed for the young lord, the one-eyed dragon had found his way without his help.

Yukimura was tempted to go to bed right then, exhausted after having received such emotional turmoil in one day, another part of him wanted to call Masamune and kiss his breath out of him as soon as he put a foot outside. Failing to make a decision, the young one glanced at the moon instead high in the sky, shining heavenly by this cloudless night. Yukimura realized he hadn't really taken the time to contemplate his old friend since he lived in Kai, but here it was more beautiful than ever. Its silvery pallor was no longer polluted by colored lanterns and the tallest buildings in the city. Yukimura smiled at the thought. A bit like him, he had regained his natural color, as he didn't have to lie nor to cheat anymore, he had never been happier away from the city protective walls.

"This outfit suits you better than any kimono, Sanada Yukimura. Long time no see."

The red headband which adorned his forehead fluttered behind him, raised by the speed of the movement Yukimura made to turn. "Ma-Masamune-dono." Yukimura stammered, trying to calm the sudden panic of his heart beat.

"So sly, you eavesdrop now?" the dragon reproached him, stepping towards him while a small grin lifted the corner of his lips.

"N-no, I don't, this isn't-" any form of coherent speech seemed to want to escape Yukimura while Masamune continued to get closer to him, the youngest didn't step back, though, taking care not to lose ground to his opponent. When they were mere inches from each other, Yukimura took a deep breath. "You wear war outfits quite finely you too, Masamune-dono."

"Tch." Masamune's shoulders shook with the laugh he tried to hide. Whit his black leather covered hand, he gently touched Yukimura cheek, stroking a cheekbone with his thumb.

Yukimura leaned the caress against his better judgment, saying he hadn't been waiting for that the entire evening would be a blatant lie, probably even a kind of purring sound would eventually had left his throat if Masamune hadn't abruptly stopped his actions.

"When the monkey said that he found you a legitimate lord, I was far from imagining that he would end up being the old Takeda." Masamune again took some time to detail Yukimura physic, dressed in his red leather armor. The dragon wasn't really fond of the way it left Yukimura chest exposed but he had to admit that it was more than appealing somehow ... it was as if ... as if things were as they should always had been. " Did he treats you well?" he asked this question without even really thinking about it.

The reaction Yukimura had came quickly in front of such a commitment and it was also as inflamed as Masamune expected. "Oyakata-sama is a noble and just lord He treats me with as much respect as any of his generals and with the severity that I deserve! His teaching makes me stronger and wiser! I hope to be by his side when one day, he will stand by the great capital gates, I'm sure-"

Masamune held up his hands in front of him in surrender hoping to calm Yukimura down. "It take an old tiger to teach a young cub how to use his claws, huh?"

Yukimura crossed his arms over his chest, scowling at Masamune. Seeking to remove this unpleasant expression on his beloved handsome face; Masamune didn't wait to grasp his chin even if the childishly annoyed expression he had aroused other instincts in him. "Don't make that face, it makes me want to fight you ... but perhaps, this isn't such a bad idea after all. Right?" he added thinking about it for a moment.

A shiver of anticipation ran over Yukimura body at this idea and there was no doubt that Masamune had felt it too, yet the young samurai looked away, pulling his chin out of the other hand with a shake of his head. "I don't know if ..." he thought about his mistake during the battle and the scratch on his thigh suddenly burned. "I don't think I'm even worthy of you yet, Masamune-dono." he said, trying to keep a firm voice.

"Sure, about that?" Masamune asked, leaning over him, basically it didn't really appreciated that other man decides that for him. Yukimura didn't turn his eyes toward him but unfolded his arms, his hands clenched as he yearned to touch Masamune but refrained himself. "Perhaps you would prefer us to make love, right here. Shall we ?" Masamune said slyly, punctuating his sentence with a small chaste kiss that spoke volumes about his intentions.

Yukimura's eyes widened in amazement at how impertinent Masamune was and held him away from him, holding him at arm's length, shaking his head quickly. "You should be ashamed Masamune-dono! Such an indecent proposal, this place ... someone might see us and ... it's not that I don't want to ... but..." this wasn't really the time nor the place to make such a proposal.

Masamune, slightly disappointed continued to tease Yukimura. "Did you become shy? Or you don't do this for free?" he shrugged nonchalantly, if his calculations were right, Yukimura wouldn't have other choice than walk right into the trap he had just set for him.

Yukimura gaped, had this moment not happened in night time, the red of his cheeks would have rivaled that of his armor. Still, he was angry and it showed. "This is very mean of you Masamune-dono! All right then, I accept a duel! Meet me in an hour on top of the eastern hill, the closest to the castle and you will see the fruits of my training!" With a angry step, Yukimura turned away and closed their discussion, fulminating against this shameless dragon.

"All right. These old fools were already overly drunk when I left the room anyway, I doubt they would be aware of anything." Masamune said, watching as Yukimura back disappeared after turning at a corner. Exactly as planned, even if a little part of was still disappointed that Yukimura has rejected the alternative proposal. Regardless, both were pleasant, he longed to see for himself Yukimura progress and who knows what might happen next ...

The full moon offered his pale and distant light when Masamune left the castle without even taking a torch to illuminate his path. From his point of view on the hill, Yukimura saw his silhouette pass quietly by the open gates, he continued to follow him with his eyes as Masamune left the halo of light made by the torch hanged on the outside wall. He saw him when he searched a path through the rice fields to join him. He saw him when once accustomed to the darkness, Masamune looked up and noticed on his high spot. Once again, Yukimura shuddered when she saw him approach with determined steps. Masamune was wearing his helmet and Yukimura was impressed by his stance. However, he could neither smile nor rejoice in the prospect of a duel with Masamune, his fears and doubts were back ... but if it was what Masamune truly expected of him, he refused to turn his back.

Masamune approached, smiling, he climbed the last few feet that separated him from the other man. He was feverish, eager to cross swords with the man his heart had chosen the man he was certain that one day would be his equal. Yet something disturbed him. Darkness couldn't hide the fact that the ardor he had raised with his provocations in Yukimura was settled somehow and now only remained that hesitation. Although Yukimura's hands tightened on his two spears, the blade shining in the night, real and very dangerous weapon, Masamune could practically feel Yukimura didn't wanted to have them with him right now.

The dragon folded his arms across his chest facing the quiet and somewhat contemplative look that greeted him. He waited a few moments for Yukimura to spoke, but seeing that he was only waiting any word from him, Masamune sighed.

"Not good, Yukimura, if you really don't want to fight, I will not force you, it'll be pointless, but at least tell me why so I can try to convince you." he was tired of beating around the bush and more tired of seeing the young tiger trying to catch its tail to avoid seeing the the dragon watching him.

Yukimura stiffened, then relaxed almost immediately upon hearing Masamune words. He didn't know if he could really do that ... but if he had retained something of his encounter with a certain young silver haired general, it was that being silent often not offered the best solution . "You really want to hear this ? My doubts, my mistakes, why I refuse to take up arms against you when we both know we want it very much?" Yukimura sighed. It was easier to talk to Masamune, the dragon knew him in the most intimate way possible. He wasn't his lord, he wouldn't judge him or lecture him. He wasn't Sasuke, his advice could only be objective. And he wouldn't look at him differently, he knew it.

For all answer Masamune shrugged, resting his wrist on his sword handle at his side. If listening to Yukimura to at least have one good thing happening during this day, then it wouldn't had been a complete waste of time.

Yukimura bowed his head and began in a low voice. "A few months I only was an Oiran among others, doomed to a life of debauchery, enclosed within four walls, without being able to do anything else than watching people around me suffer and endure. " He began to strengthen a little more what he meant, began to learn to put the right words on how he felt ... and Masamun listened, Yukimara felt it as the dragon quickly turned his full attention on him. "Even so I was privileged ... I had someone, there was always someone to watch over me ... I was selfish because not to see my helplessness in this situation, not to see the world in which I lived, I've focused on how to fill my debt as quickly as possible, for it was the best way to leave this world ... " at that time Yukimura paused, plunging his gaze in Masamune's. "Then ... I met Date Masamune and something started to change in me ... something that was probably already there but... but everything happened so quickly after that ... these feelings when we trained together ... this feeling that my place was elsewere ... why a puny Oiran like me should deserve more attention than another? Tell me Masamune, because even now I still don't know the answer. "

Masamune was about to open his mouth to answer but Yukimura didn't give him the time, continuing his tirade that was burning like the spark in his eyes, his voice filled with emotion yet he remained firm. "Oyakata-sama came to find me and then I learn that I am of noble birth, I follow him because I want to understand, understand what makes me so different from them ... so I'm fighting beside him and even if he believes in me, I know that I am still the same Yukimura of the red light district, weak and unable to protect anyone, unable to make the least expected of him... Yuki is still a part of me, I thought to wear this as a weapon ... be proud of were I came, but...but why would I deserve the honor of a duel with one of the most respected general while I'm still this Oiran? I'm not ready Masamune-dono ... I don't deserve it- I just can't-"

Although he tacitly promised not to interrupt Yukimura, Masamune had heard enough. He put a reassuring hand on the long haired man shoulder. "I think it's just your dream taking shape Yukimura." he stated simply an ounce of pride in his voice.

Yukimura frowned, he couldn't understand Masamune point, what did his dream had to do with the doubts which he faced? It wasn't clear. "B-but Masamune-dono, I still don't know what can be this dream that should guide me to be a better man …"

Masamune shook his head. "My dream doesn't make me a better man, it just helps me determine my way of choices, whether it's a good or a bad one. Rahh, Kojuuro's better than me for that kind of thing, you see?" he drawled, not knowing himself how to interpret what Yukimura words told him. "... It is as if," he tried. "Maybe it's that you resent having left other Oiran suffering behind you, you don't think being worthy of what was gifted to you, but anyway, I think, don't you became an example for them, for Oirans? You, Yukimura had shown them some hope, their fate isn't inevitable, you change things in your own way. You know. "

Yukimura looked puzzled, he considered Masamune words. "I deserve to stand alongside Oyakata-sama?" he asked, more to himself.

"More than anyone else, even I have seen it in you." the dragon replied. "This little spark that's in you, that tiger. I like it, I know that even if it's not now, someday your potential would fully awake. Hah, I better not let myself laze around because you it seem like you're already beginning to catch up to me. "And he knew that was why Yukimura would always keep him to be at his highest level.

Yukimura smiled at this, he began to understand Shingen words better now, more than ever he felt proud to have been chosen to be the right hand man of the Tiger of Kai. "I ... I think I can show you my spark can become a whole flame now! Let me earn my chance to be a rival worthy of you Masamune-dono then!" he suddenly launched, almost surprising Masamune.
Slowly, Masamune pulled his first sword from its scabbard, he made the moon reflect on the blade when he held it up in a fighting stance, holding it over his right shoulder.

"You accept this duel?" Now more than ever, he wanted to see what the tiger had.

Yukimura closed his grip on both his spears, he twirled them around before he too adopted a fighting stance. "I want to show you my progress Masamune-dono, may you forgive me if I'm not up to your expectations yet!" that was what they both wanted, there was no reason to hesitate anymore.

And the fight started. And it is both everything and nothing at the same time of what defined themselves and their relationship. It was exactly like the first time, Yukimura felt alive, vibrant, feeling Masamune lightning coursing through his arms from the moment their blades touched. They both burned in a fiery passion, the echo of their cries of war and their clash of weapons rose in the night.

Yukimura remembered perfectly how it had felt when Masamune had made love to him ... it was somewhere unsettling to think he was fighting him in a very similar way. A hint of jealousy hit him while he thought of all these other generals who Masamune had fought in his war. This dragon was a creature of passion, he answered each of Yukimura assaults without hesitation, his body moving on habits and instincts won over many battles.

It was the first time that Yukimura saw him like this, and it was the first time that it was he who was able to stand up to Masamune, not once did he put lose ground to him. The dragon smiled, hits after hits were thrown, a jump, a thrust, a counter attack, another jump, an attempted attack on the side, blue and red spark violently clashing... a powerful and indefinable alchemical phenomenon was occurring without any other witnesses than those responsible for this reaction, they also where the only one who could judge the consequences.

Both couldn't even tell for how long it lasted, but when the rising sun sent honey highlights in Yukimura brown, at the same time they took a jump away from each other, still close but out of blade range. Sweaty, breathless, Yukimura was euphoric. Masamune was wearing a smile like one he never had before, that was it... it was that sensation, the pain in his muscles, the difficulty to catch his breath … this lack of killing intent yet this strong will to fight to his fullest...

Together they put on one knee down. With a single glance they agreed and exhaustion pushed them to lie on the grass, torn and crushed by their frantic battle.

"I can't move anymore, you win this time Masamune." Yukimura stated , catching his breath, his eyelids fluttering from sleepiness. It was easier to admit that he had thought.

"Hun." Masamune hummed, Yukimura had felt that Masamune still had some strength left and he easily could use them of he wanted to have the red warrior humiliated before him. It was to reward Yukimura that he chose to rest too, next time he wouldn't be so kind. "And yet I didn't show you everything I'm capable of. I have more resources than that, you see ?" he said, he wouldn't admit that at one point he had almost pulled out his six claws. He was really proud of Yukimura.

"To be honest, me neither Masamune-dono." Yukimura teased.

Masamune laughed, closing his eyes. "Next time then, okay?"

"Of course." Yukimura said.

And sure they'll assure to have plenty of others times, Masamune wasn't going to let go of his worthy rival now. He didn't know himself by what king of twist of fate he was allowed to meet this young Oiran, what at that time pushed him to challenge him to become stronger. All he knew was how he had been right, how everything had brought them together after that ... how much this idiot had caught his heart and that in all the possible ways. He sat up leaning on his elbows to see the happy expression that radiated from Yukimura features.

"And we'll make love too." he added.

"M-Masamune-dono!" Yukimura exclaimed, outraged.

Masamune burst into an hearty laugh seeing how much Yukimura reddened as he tried to hide his face with his hands. Unfortunately for him, his equally red ears remained in plain sight for the dragon to see.

Sasuke couldn't help but smile when after searching the castle from top to bottom throughout the morning, he had finally found the two idiots. Silently he motioned to Kojuuro who was below to join him at the other side of the hill. Kojuuro hurried on when meeting the few signs of devastation that now adorned the same hill. He had expected the worst, yet Sasuke snide smirk reassured him before he could see them.

Masamune and Yukimura were sleeping side to side, leaning their back against a tree, absolutely careless from the rest of the world. Their breaths were peaceful and both their faces wore a kind of serene expression, almost satted, but what completed the picture, was their lightly intertwined fingers, their hands resting beside them.

Kojuuro took to himself a slight smile, until the murmur of Sasuke eventually push it into a full display.

"You let me have the pleasure of waking up. Just for all the evil they have given us to disappear like that?" teased the ninja.

The samurai scar could not restrain a slight laugh. "Do not be too bad, they have given us more time together." he stated, wanting a kiss on the lips in suspicious-ninja.

Kojuuro found himself with a small smile too, until Sasuke low voice eventually pushed him into a full smile.

"Can you let me have the pleasure of waking them up. Just for all the pain in the ass they have given us after disappearing like that?" the ninja teased .

The scared samurai couldn't restrain a slight chuckle. "Don't be too mean, after all they only have given us more time together." he stated, stealing a kiss on the ninja's unprepared lips.

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