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Megaforce: In Another World

By Heir_of_Emrys

Romance / Action

Chapter I - New Beginnings

Dimension X / 26.09.13 / 3:44pm


"Shit!" hissed Jake Holling, the Black Megaforce Ranger, holding his finger, wincing as he rested his head against his locker as he felt warm blood trickling down his hand.

"Stupid locker!" grunted Jake, his infamous bad temper showing through thanks to his almost as infamous clumsiness. This was the fourth time this week he had trapped his finger in his locker door, and it was only Tuesday.

"You okay, Jake?" asked a voice.

Jake looked up to see Emma Goodall, the Pink Megaforce Ranger, with a concerned look on her face. Next to her stood Gia Moran, the Yellow Megaforce Ranger, with a bored expression plastered on her face, both were students at Harwood High alongside Jake.

"I'm fine," replied Jake with a small, pained smile, "Thanks for asking, you're a great friend."

Emma's face fell slightly and brushed her hair behind her ear, "Sure."

She shouldered he bag and turned Gia, "I'll see you at the Brainfreeze with Rosa."

With that Emma walked off towards the main exit, but stepped behind the end locker, blocking herself from Jake and Gia's sight but she could still hear them. She had a bad feeling about was going to happen.

"So Gia..." spoke Jake, rubbing the back of his head.

"Yeah?" questioned Gia, annoyed.

"I was just wondering," Jake paused, "If you would like to go out sometime?"

"No," answered Gia shortly.

Jake face fell and he began to speak, "Sur-"

Gia's face contorted with anger as she interrupted Jake, "Do you want to know why?"

"Okay, I get it," spoke Jake, "I'm sor-"

"Because you're a creepy weirdo!" hissed Gia.

"I'm a what?" spluttered Jake, shocked.

"You're always following me to the Brainfreeze," stated Gia.

"Um, you do know I live there with my Uncle Ernie, you know, ever since my parents died in a car crash?" spat Jake, glaring at Gia.

"So you can kick a ball, you're hardly intelligent, you're clumsy and don't get me started on your combat skills," insulted Gia, ignoring Jake's comment.

Jake felt the anger rising within him and pushed it back down, digging his nails into his palms.

"Oh, look, here comes your infamous temper, go on, hit me, just like you did to that creep, Callum!" spat Gia, spreading her arms.

Jake looked down, "I used to think you were a smart, beautiful and nice person, but now I see I was wrong. You're nothing more than a venomous bitch!"

Gia looked shocked at Jake's words, not expecting he could speak with such malice.

Jake leaned in close to her ear and whispered, "By the way, I've seen the way you look at Troy."

Gia stepped back, flustered. Unknowingly to the two, a large crowd had formed around them.

"You're nothing but a creep to me, Holling!" growled Gia, straightening her jacket and stalking off down the corridor.

Jake looked at the crowd that had gathered around him and angrily roared, "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE LOOKING AT?"

As expected the crowd broke up quickly and returned to their prior activities.

Jake turned around and opened his locker, pulling his bag out and slamming it shut, on his finger.

"Fuck!" swore Jake, his anger getting the better of him as he slammed his fist into his locker, denting it. He couldn't believe what had happened, after three these years of thinking about asking her out he never expected this reaction.

"Jake?" spoke a familiar voice.

The Black Ranger snapped his head up to see Emma had returned.

"Emma? I though you left?" questioned Jake, confused.

"I had a bad feeling that something like this would happen," answered the Pink Ranger.

Jake slumped against the locker, "I don't know what I did wrong?"

"Gia's very touchy about anything to do with relationships, she always mentions something in her past," spoke Emma, taking Jake's hand and examining the cuts from punching his locker, "These cuts need seeing too."

"You should see the other guy," joked Jake weakly, jerking his thumb at his dented locker door, making Emma chuckle lightly.

"Come on, I'll take you to the nurse," said Emma, pulling Jake by his arm.

Jake grabbed his bag and followed the Phoenix Ranger. He fell into step next to Emma and looked across at her.

"Do you think I'm a creep?" asked Jake, emotion showing in his voice.

Emma leaned in close and put an arm around him, "No I don't, Gia's a very angry person, she didn't really mean what she said, it's her way of pushing people away. No, I think you're a truly nice guy, sure you do have a bit of a bad temper, but seem to have more control over it now than a couple of years ago."

"Thanks Emma," spoke Jake, "But she was right on one thing."

"What's that?" asked Emma.

"I am pretty clumsy," answered Jake, making Emma to giggle.

"So here we are," said Jake, pointing out that they have arrived at the nurse's office.

Emma stepping forward and knocked on the door, causing it to creak open, revealing a simple treatment area, but no nurse.

"Great, she's not here, what do we do now?," asked Jake.

"I'll do it," replied Emma, pulling Jake in by his arm.

Jake sank into a chair and looked up at Emma. "You do know how to do this right?"

Emma turned from the cupboard and looked at Jake, "I've been riding a BMX since I was four, I've had my fair share of scrapes and cuts. Besides it's not exactly hard."

Emma quickly gathered up the required materials and efficiently began to clean out Jake's cuts.

"Bet you won't be doing this again to soon," joked Emma.

"Probably, slamming your fist into hard objects seems to be in the ranger job description," replied Jake, "I'm just glad Ernie's pretty lax so I don't really have to explain all these extra cuts and bruises."

"I'm glad I ride BMX," said Emma, working intently, "I've told my dad and stepmother I'm trying a new track in the woods, not that they really care."

"Why's that?" questioned Jake.

Emma looked up from Jake's hand and answered, "They're never really around, they're off at some fancy gala or meeting every other day."

"That must suck, at least I still have my Uncles," spoke Jake.

"If you don't mind me asking, what happened to your parents?" asked Emma.

"Car crash. Some idiot on drugs and off his head drunk went on the wrong side of a bridge. Forced my parents, coming from the other direction, off the bridge," answered Jake, "My parents drowned, but I was saved by a man."

"Who was this man?" asked Emma.

"I don't know, once he saved me he disappeared, as for the other driver, turns out he was some big corporate man. Used his money and connections to get off with a driving ban for six months and a fine," sighed Jake.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up," apologised Emma.

"Nah, it's fine, it's been twelve years now," replied Jake, "I barely remember my parents anymore, all my memories are from living with my Uncle Ernie, he was my dad's brother."

"I never even knew that you lived with Ernie," said Emma, "So you live above the Brainfreeze then?"

"Yeah, there's a pretty sweet flat up there," grinned Jake, trying to lighten the mood.

"Poor joke, Holling," returned Emma, pretending to be unimpressed, by her smile betraying her.

"I'm not there all the time," added Jake, "I spend most of the summer with my Uncle Jason in Angel Grove."

The two remained in silence until Emma spoke, "There, all finished."

Jake raised his hand and flexed it, "Thank you."

"You're welcome," replied Emma as she went to return the materials she had used.

Suddenly a loud beeping attracted the attention of the two rangers. Jake whipped his morpher out of his hoodie pocket and answered it, "Jake and Emma here, we read you Gosei."

"Jake. Emma. The Warstar General Vrak has come to Earth, he is highly dangerous and should be treated with caution," explained Gosei through the morpher.

"We're on it," answered Jake as he and Emma moved to stand side to side.

"Two for teleportation, Tensou," spoke Emma via her morpher.

"Beam me up Scotty!" joked Jake as the two were teleported away in swirls of colour.

Dimension X / 26.09.13 / 4:03pm

"I will destroy the rangers!" announced Vrak loudly to the surrounding Loogies as we strode confidently through Harwood City Centre.

"I'd like to test that theory," spoke Jake, as he and Emma teleported in.

"Ah, my test subjects," spoke Vrak smugly.

"Who's this ugly?" asked Emma.

"I am General Vrak, Sub-Commander of the Warstar Armada," announced the villain.

"That's all I need to know," said the Black Ranger.

"Ready?" asked Jake as he flicked his morpher open with his wrist and placed his card inside.

"Ready!" confirmed Emma, copying Jake's actions.

The two raised their morphers and slammed them closed.




With flash of coloured light Jake and Emma were replaced with the Black and Pink Rangers.

"So where's your little Yellow Ranger girlfriend, Black?" taunted Vrak.

Jake roared and charged at Vrak, summoning the Snake Axe as he did. The two clashed, each matching each other blow for blow, Jake's anger lending him strength.

Emma quickly summoned her Phoenix Shot and Mega Blaster and used them to blast the Loogies from long range, without the need for close combat.

Jake swung his Axe with all his might, knocking Vrak backwards. He spun and swung the Axe again sending Vrak to one knee.

He raised the Axe to deal the fatal blow when Vrak fired a blaster straight into Jake's chest, sending him flying back into Emma. The sprawled onto the ground, de-morphing as they did.

"And that wasn't even full power!" boasted Vrak, climbing to his feet.

The two rangers struggled to their feet, both horrified to find their hands were glowing gold, starting to fade in and out of existence.

Suddenly three swirls of light signified the arrival of the other three rangers.

Vrak turned to the new arrivals and said, "Say goodbye to your Pink Ranger."

The General raised his weapon and pointed it at Emma and fired at full power. Calling out, Gia tried to run towards Emma, but found Troy had grabbed her hand, stopping her. 

With the last of his strength, the Black Ranger clambered to his feet, pushing Emma out of the way, the ball of energy hitting him. Within seconds Jake had disappeared, a small pile of ash and his morpher dropping to the ground.

"NOOO!" screamed Emma as her team-mate and friend was incinerated.

She grabbed the discarded Snake Axe and, with her remaining strength, ran towards Vrak, the Axe raised high above her head.

Vrak smiled and aimed the blaster again, "Night, night Pinkie!"

He pulled the trigger again, sending another ball of energy at Emma, which struck her in the chest, consuming her in fire.

Another small pile of ash and a morpher landed on the ground, however the Snake Axe stayed on its trajectory, cleaving the blaster in half as well as slicing Vrak's right hand off.

Vrak stumbled back, howling in pain. He turned to the three remaining rangers and shouted, "This isn't over Rangers, I will come and I destroy you too."

With that Vrak teleported away, back to the Warstar MotherShip. Gia collapsed to her knees, staring at the pile of ash that had once been her best friend, Emma Louise Goodall.

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