A Blinding Hope

Returning to the Foretelling Legend


Chapter 9: Returning to the Foretelling Legend

Yusei sat in his room, staring at the egg. He had moved the egg to next to the fireplace in his room. It was safer there than it was in the open space of the living room.

'It's only a few days before you're supposed to hatch,' he thought.

Yusei walked up to it and slowly touched the egg. It was warm and the shadow of the dragon inside seemingly jerked a bit. Despite the shell looking so thin, it was harder than rock. He didn't even know how it was going to get out. He grew slightly saddened at the thought, 'Once Star dies, you'll be the last of your kind next. I wonder, if Star is the last female, who is the male she mated with to make you?'

A knock on the door took Yusei's mind away from his thoughts. He walked out of his room and closed the door to it. He then opened the main door to his house to see Roman standing there.

"Hey, Roman," Yusei greeted. "Didn't expect to see you here so late. Or here, at all."

"I heard you've been keeping secrets, Yusei," Roman stated.

"Like what?" he responded.

"Such as that dragon," Roman replied.

"Are you talking about the Monstrous Nightmare?" Yusei checked tense. He was worried he was talking about Star or the egg.

Roman laughed. "Of course! No one knew a peace-loving person like you could have such a destructive gift with dragons. It's shocked and made us all relieved!" he praised.

"Roman, in the arena, I haven't been killing the dragons," Yusei responded.

"I know. But you keep giving us openings for their death," Roman responded. "Knocking them out. But when you face that dragon," His face grew deadly serious, "you'll have to kill it. Because then you'll truly be one of us." Yusei looked down nervous. "Do you still believe there is a chance for peace?"

"I believe there is a chance, yes," he answered. "Everything, every war has always had a chance for peace. In the old books of the world before it was torn apart, it spoke of many wars that were resolved in treaties and a peaceful agreement. Can't we try to find a way to coexist with them? Why can't we now?"

"Because they kill everyone, so we kill them back," Roman replied. "I know you feel there is something beneath what we see. But dragons are savage beasts. And I know you truly do see it. I've seen it in your eyes whenever you face a dragon ever since your parents were killed. You're a bright boy, Yusei. So I expect that you'll find your way to kill the Nightmare when you face it."

"But that's also only if I beat Jack, Roman," Yusei responded.

"I trust that you will," Roman responded. "The whole village has been talking about it."

Yusei looked down for a moment. He then turned back to Roman and responded. "We'll see if I'll truly be able to kill it or not. And we'll see if I'll be able to beat Jack," he told him.

"I suppose that is all we can do at the moment. After all, no one knows the future," Roman agreed. "Have a good night, Yusei."

Yusei nodded. "You as well, Roman," he responded.

"And good luck, Yusei," he told Yusei and walked out.

Yusei shut the door and locked it. He looked down and thought, 'Is the legend true, though?'

Yusei walked back to his library and grabbed an old book. Its pages frayed a bit and the spine's creases worn down and paling in color. He brought it to his room and shut window.

'This will tell me if I missed anything about the legend in the past,' he thought. 'Mom always said it was special to me. She told me about the legend and said this book wasn't to be opened until I felt I needed it to learn the legend. And it's time I did.'

Yusei slowly opened the book. A low light emanated from it and he slowly found a projection in front of him. It showed a picture of an elder sitting on a mat in the ancient temple that no one goes to anymore. People were gathered around her.

"Elder Mei, what do we do?" asked a man.

"They're stealing everything. At this rate, we'll all die from starvation," another commented.

"We are all scared. But we should not harm these creatures. It'll only lead to war. Try to make peace with them," the elder stated.

"Make peace with those brainless beasts?!" exclaimed a man. Everyone made way for a large man. He had a lot of muscle on him.

"Nito, sir," greeted the crowd.

"How do you intend to do that? You can see the future. You know how we'll be able to," he asked the old woman.

"It is something you'll have to try on your own. I cannot give you all the answers. But in time, there will be one who will fight to bring peace. They will learn the truth quickly and on their own. They will struggle at first but with their help, it will end in peace for New Domino. Do not fear," Elder Mei responded.

"How will we know this person?" asked a woman.

"You will know them by what they will ride. They will have learned to trust dragons and dragons will trust them. The person will ride a dragon of pure white scales," she explained and Yusei paused. He rode a Blinder, a dragon of pure white scales. The only dragon known with pure white scales. "They will be brave even under great pressure. They will fight for this peace unlike others and that fighting spirit will save New Domino from a great war."

"When will they arrive?" another woman asked.

"That, I do not know. I cannot tell when nor who this person will look like. But you must remain hopeful my friends. They will come in time," the elder responded.

"Are you sure you don't know what they'll at least look like? Or a name?" Nito asked.

"I am sorry to say I do not know what they look like. But I can see a last name," Elder Mei stated.

Yusei tensed. 'This may say who the person is. If they're in the village right now,' he thought. 'After all, there's no way I could be the hope. Is there?'

"What's the name, Elder? Please, tell us," pleaded a man.

Elder Mei closed her eyes in thought. "I see it written on a paper. F-U-D-O, Fudo," she read aloud. Yusei's breath caught in his throat.

"We don't have anyone with that last name, though," Nito stated.

"Maybe not now. But one day, we will," Elder Mei responded. Suddenly, the book slammed closed on its own.

"What the…?" Yusei stopped in shock. "I couldn't be the one, could I? I know I'm the only one in three hundred years who thought we could make peace, but…" He shook his head and looked outside. The moon was high and bright.

"Yusei," called Star's voice. "Yusei, come to the cove."

"Coming, Star," Yusei responded. He looked at the egg once more. He exited through the back door and locked it behind him. He didn't want anyone else breaking into his house while he wasn't home again.

Yusei ran through the trees and to the cove. When he finally arrived, he saw Star restlessly pacing back and forth. He walked to her and called, "What's up, Star?"

"I went back to the queen so she doesn't suspect anything," she responded looking at him.

"What happened?" Yusei asked alert.

"She just about ate me, that's what!" Star yelled and Yusei grabbed his head. "Sorry."

"It's fine," he reassured her. "Why did she try to eat you?"

"I was gone too long, didn't bring food, and the dragons were bugging me about my missing egg. The egg being which the queen was wanting to control the hatchling inside," Star explained. She groaned and shook her head in worry. "If I go back now, I'll be her next meal!"

"Star, easy. Will she ever be able to bring you back if you get too close to the nest again?" Yusei asked.

"Yes," she replied.

"Then you can stay here, away from it for now," he told her. "It's the safest place. No one knows this place but me so you're safe."

"Are you sure, Yusei?" Star asked. "What're you going to do when it comes to training? I noticed all the villagers are back. You're sure to be easily missed."

"We're going into the semi-finals tomorrow. After that, if I beat Jack, I'll have to kill the Monstrous Nightmare," Yusei responded. "But… I don't think I can do it. Especially with what I learned just before you called me."

"What did you learn?" she asked, stopping her pacing and looking at him.

"My mom had given me a book that she told me not to open until I felt it was truly right. Saying it was special to me. I opened it for the first time and saw what happened with the Elder of New Domino's prophecy three hundred years ago," he explained.

"Prophecy about what?" Star asked.

"The person who is supposed to bring peace," Yusei explained.

"What did they say?" she asked sounding strangely interested. Her voice was like when you were thinking and expecting something but you weren't sure and wanting to know so badly.

"Her name was apparently Elder Mei. She said that it was a person of New Domino who would ride a dragon of pure white scales," Yusei explained and she went wide eyed. "She also said near the end that the last name of the person would be…" he stopped.

"Would be what, Yusei?" Star asked.

"Fudo," Yusei answered. "My last name. And I'm the only Fudo on the island."

"I had thought so," she responded. "Since we met, since I saw you had both dragon and human in you, I had always suspected you were the hope that my mother spoke of. Dragons are easy to trust you and you help dragons without any regard as to what would happen to you. Something that many dragons and humans alike would seem as impossible."

"Do you really think…?" he stopped.

"I do, Yusei. And the evidence of which that book foretold is evidence enough as well," Star told him.

"So what am I supposed to do? I can't purposely lose to Jack. And if I don't do something to knock the dragon out, Jack will probably kill it," he responded. "How am I supposed to go to the Monstrous Nightmare and kill it like everyone expects?" He looked down a bit.

"Yusei, that is the perfect time to show the truth to your people," Star said. He looked at her. "Your entire village is watching you and if you tame and get him to trust you in front of them all, it'll show them that dragons are not what your kind thinks us to be. What you know us as."

"Do you really think it's possible?" Yusei asked.

She nodded. "I do," she answered.

"Alright, I'll try," he agreed.

"Good. I'll watch you from the air, just in case," Star stated.

"Wait, what? What if everyone sees you?" Yusei responded.

"I can blend into the clouds, Yusei. Don't worry about me," she responded.

"Alright," he gave in. "Just don't get hurt."

"I won't, Yusei," she assured.

Yusei nodded. "You should better get some sleep, Star," he told her. "I need to get back myself."

"Alright. Be careful," she agreed.

"I will. I'll see ya later," Yusei responded. Star nodded and Yusei ran off.

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