A Blinding Hope

Semi-Finals and Hatchings


Chapter 10: Semi-Finals and Hatchings

The next day, Yusei and Jack were facing off against the Gronkle. Most of the village was there watching. Above, hiding in the clouds, was Star.

Jack jumped behind a small wall next to Yusei. They looked at each other. "Stay out of my way, Yusei," Jack ordered. "I'm winning this thing." He then moved to other walls to prepare to attack the Gronkle.

"We'll see, Jack," Yusei responded.

The Gronkle moved towards Yusei who slowly stood up as the Gronkle neared. Jack went to attack the dragon but suddenly the dragon dropped to the ground unconscious. The surrounding villagers cheered in excitement.

"Nicely done, Yusei!" Roman called down.

"Good job, Yusei. That's one step closer to peace," Star told him.

"Right, Star. Thanks," Yusei responded.

Yusei turned to walk away but Trudge grabbed him and pulled him to a stop. "I have to go…" Yusei began but was cut off as Jack put the end of his axe at Yusei's neck.

"Go where, exactly?" Jack asked.

"Quiet! Quiet down!" Roman called. "The elder has decided."

Everyone was silent in anticipation as Jack took his axe awry from Yusei's neck and stood at attention to the elder. Trudge pointed to Jack and the elder shook her head. Jack grew a face of anger and hatred as Trudge pointed at Yusei and the elder nodded in approval. The crowd erupted in happiness.

"You did it, Yusei! You did it! You get to kill the dragon!" Trudge praised and the other recruits except for Akiza came and pulled him away to celebrate.

After a few minutes, Yusei convinced them to let him head back to his house to grab a few things before he would meet them in the Great Hall. They agreed and Yusei left to his house. He entered his room to check on the egg only to see it rocking back and forth.

Yusei immediately grabbed the egg and put it in a small tub of water as Star had suggested. It soon grew cracks before the shell exploded and Yusei blocked his face from the shards. But it wasn't long before he heard the croons of a baby dragon.

Yusei took down his arms and looked at the dragon. It was white in color and had sapphire blue eyes like his. He picked up the young dragon and it looked at him curiously. He smirked as he heard its stomach rumble and slowly set it on his bed.

He began to walk out to the kitchen to grab a fish when the dragon called for him before running to his side.

"Star, do you think you would be able to get to the back of my house without being seen?" Yusei called to her.

"Probably not, why?" she replied.

"Because your egg just hatched," he answered. "How can you tell a female Blinder from a male?"

"A female and male's eyes determine that. Males have black, green, or red. Females have gold, blue, or light purple," Star answered.

"It's a girl, then. I'll bring her to the cove as soon as I get her some food," Yusei told the mother.

"Thank you, Yusei," she responded.

"I'll see you there soon," Yusei responded. He then cut the conversation and the young dragon followed Yusei into the kitchen. He reached into a basket and pulled out a fish. She jumped in excitement and Yusei handed the fish to her. She ate it in a second and it was gone before Yusei could move. The hatchling looked at him, eyes begging for more. Yusei gave her or more before picking her up and cautiously walking out the back door, watching for any other people.

It wasn't long, though, before he was in the cove and looked around for Star. Yusei set the hatchling on the ground and she ran around excitedly. He soon noticed Star laying down in the shade of a tree.

Yusei walked up to her followed by the young dragon child.

"This is her," Yusei told the Blinder. "What're you going to name her?"

"I'm thinking Gem. After all, her skin is light a diamond and her eyes remind me of the sapphire gem. What do you think?" Star answered as the baby dragon began to play with her tail.

"I think it's a good name," Yusei agreed.

Suddenly a branch snapped in the distance and they all stopped. Yusei picked up Gem and put her on Star's back. The young dragon chirped at him in confusion.

"Stay here with Star until I know there's nothing bad here," Yusei tried to explain to the young dragon. It shockingly gave a small nod of acceptance before the two dragons went to hide in the shadows.

Yusei turned to where the noise was coming from and walked a bit when he notice Akiza sitting on a rock, sharpening an axe with another rock.

"What're you doing here, Akiza?" Yusei asked.

She looked at him. "I want to know what's going on. No one just gets as good as you do. Especially you," she answered as she jumped down and began to move towards him, holding her axe at ready to attack. "Start talking. Are you training with someone?"

Yusei was forced to back up a bit as she continued to get closer with her weapon. "Training? What makes you think…?" he was cut off by Akiza.

"Then why leave so early and hide here?" Akiza continued to question.

"Do I have to…" Yusei was cut off again as Akiza hit him with the butt of her axe and pushed him to the ground.

"That's for the lies and everything else," she stated.

But they both went on alert as they heard Star growl. Yusei stood up and Akiza saw the dragon with Yusei. He noticed Gem was hiding behind her mother. Akiza yanked Yusei to the ground in order to avoid Star but the adult dragon jumped.

She went to attack Akiza when Yusei got between. "Calm down, Star. She's a friend," Yusei told her. The dragon got a bit calmer but was still in a protective alertness. Akiza's heart was racing and she had a slight look of fear as Yusei held the dragon back. Yusei then told Akiza, "You just worried her a bit."

"I worried her?" Akiza responded. She paused before asking, "Who is her?"

"Akiza, Star. Star, Akiza," Yusei introduced and Star growled defensively. Akiza gave a look of dismay before running off. "Great," he muttered. He looked as Star walked off. "Hold on, Star. We need to convince her dragons aren't bad before we're killed."

"Ugh... fine. Grab Gem and let's go," she ordered.

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