A Blinding Hope

The Queen's Control


Chapter 11: The Queen's Control

The baby dragon was quickly over to them. Yusei picked her up and held her against him as Star took off. But it didn't take too long before Star caught Akiza by the arms as she jumped off a large log. Star dropped her hanging on a branch on the tallest tree.

"Yusei! Get me down from here!" Akiza yelled.

"I just need you to give me a chance to explain," he responded.

"I'm am not listening to anything you have to say!" she retorted.

"Then what if I don't speak? Let me show you then," Yusei suggested. Akiza looked down in consideration. "Akiza..."

She pulled herself onto the top of the branch and carefully got on Star's back. "Now get me down," she ordered.

"Alright, Star. Go down gently, please," Yusei told the dragon.

Star brought her wings up and the wind lifted them a bit. Yusei glanced at Akiza who seemed nervous. Before anything else could happen, Star burst into the air like a bullet. Yusei held onto Gem and Star tight as Akiza gripped onto him in panic.

"She isn't usually like this," Yusei told Akiza. Star angled down beginning to drop making Akiza scream in fear and Yusei keep Gem closer as Star kept ducking under the water. "Star, what're you doing? We need her to like us." Star then began to spin while falling.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry. I am sorry," Akiza apologized tucking her head against Yusei's back. "Just get me off of this thing." Suddenly, Star pulled to a gentle flight and Akiza slowly looked out, noticing it was more of a gentle wind passing by them.

Yusei looked at her over his shoulder as she loosened the grip she had on him. Her face was regaining color after the fearful fall made her pale. She slowly reached up and touched the clouds with one hand before reaching both up.

He then turned to Gem who was looking at everything in awe. Gem looked at him with bright eyes.

"What're you holding in your hands, Yusei?" Akiza asked.

"Um…" Yusei began, but he couldn't stop Gem from poking her head underneath his arms to look at Akiza.

"Is that…?" Akiza stopped.

"Yeah. She's a baby Blinder. Her name's Gem. She just hatched today," Yusei answered.

"I don't believe it," Akiza muttered and slowly touched her head.

"So Star, why did you terrify Akiza?" Yusei asked her.

"She needed to apologize to what she did to you. I wasn't going to let her slide on that," she answered.

"Of course," Yusei muttered.

"Yusei, how are talking to her like that?" Akiza asked.

"It's an ability I've had since before my parents died, though no one knew. I didn't tell anyone, including my parents," Yusei began but stopped. Akiza slowly placed a hand on his shoulder and he looked at her. "I can listen and talk to dragons mentally. I can hear their thoughts and I can let them hear mine if I want to."

"Really?" Akiza asked in shock and Yusei nodded.

They continued to fly around in silence as Gem returned her eyes to the sky, clouds, and height. Slowly, it turned to night and the Aurora Borealis began to light up above them and Akiza looked at them in amazement.

They soon came up above New Domino, its lights glowing to make it beautiful in the dark night. Star turned and towards the ocean some more.

"Alright, I admit it. This is pretty cool," Akiza stated looking at the stars. "It's… amazing." She looked at Star. "She's amazing." She patted Star's neck and the adult Blinder looked at her and nodded. "So what now, Yusei?" Akiza asked him. "The final exam is tomorrow. You know you're going to have to kill a…" she stopped but pulled Yusei closer and whispered into Yusei's ear, "kill a dragon."

"I know and so does Star," Yusei responded. Suddenly, Star jerked and Yusei could hear a powerful female voice enter his mind along with a humming or clicking like sound. It made his head throb. "What's happening?" he asked Star.

"The… queen," Star answered.

Yusei gripped his head as he felt the queen get closer. He knew she felt his mind and, since it was connected with dragons, was probably trying to gain control of it.

"Yusei, are you alright?" Akiza asked concerned.

"Akiza, no matter what happens, stay right here and on Star, and keep Gem on here too," Yusei ordered confusing and worrying him. Gem looked at him worried.

"Baby dragons don't listen to anyone, so Gem is safe for now," Star told him. "But keep her on my back."

"Right," Yusei agreed. He began to shake his head, trying to get the queen out of his head.

"So a new mind has traveled into my presence. Stop trying to resist and join me," the queen ordered. Yusei could feel her trying to invade and take control of him more and it made him lean down gripping his head tighter.

"Yusei, what's going on?" Akiza asked alert.

"A queen dragon is trying to take control of me," Yusei answered shocking and worrying Akiza.

They looked as some other dragons came into view. "G-Get down, Akiza," Yusei ordered quietly. Akiza got lower but looked at Yusei concerned as he continued to fight the queen's control.

"You will get much done here, my friend. And I will make sure you join us," the queen stated. "One way or another, you will serve me."

"No, I don't serve anyone but those who I care about," Yusei refused.

"Why resist when you are needed here?" the queen asked and increased her pressure. Yusei gasped in pain. He knew as soon as he gave in, the pain would stop. But he would be under the queen's influence until she died.

Suddenly, Star ducked into a cave system in a mountain making Yusei hold onto her and Gem tighter while Akiza held onto Yusei tighter.

Akiza's worry only increased for Yusei as they entered a large cave system. Star flew upwards and onto a rock with no other dragons on it. She hid behind the rock on it and looked at Yusei concerned. The queen's influence was above the highest it could be and the pain from the fight for his mind was excruciating for Yusei. But he still looked with Akiza as dragons flew in and dumped food into a misty hole.

"They're not eating any of it," Akiza whispered.

"No, one is," Yusei responded.

Akiza looked at him before a Gronkle flew in. It spit out a singular fish and a growl emanated from below the caverns. They were all shocked as a giant head shot out from below the bottom of the mist and swallowed the Gronkle whole. The rest of the dragons backed away in fear. Gem huddled into Yusei tight and hid her face into Yusei's chest.

"What… was that?" Akiza asked.

"The q-queen here," Yusei answered, his voice straining to speak. Akiza looked at him, slightly afraid.

"That's the thing that's trying to gain control of you?" she asked him. Yusei gave a small weak

"So you're with the Blinder," the queen stated as it hovered its head just above the mist. "Show yourself. If you do not, I will eat your precious, Blinder friend so you do."

The attack on his mind increase and Yusei grabbed onto Gem and shook his head. The baby dragon looked at him worried. The giant dragon below them began sniffing the air.

"Star, we need to get out of here," Yusei told her in a whisper. "Now!"

Star sprung into the air, avoiding the queen's jaws. "The queen relies on hearing and smell," Star told Yusei. "So she won't be able to tell you're a human. She's just see you and Akiza on my back and think you're one dragon."

And sure enough, the queen then said, "So you are young enough to hide on the back of the Blinder. Don't worry, we will see each other very soon. And you will be mine! Either now," she increased her influence even more back Yusei gasp in pain, "or you will fight until you leave my control."

Star went out of the top of the volcanic like mountain and flew away from the queen's jaws.

"Yusei," Star called and he looked at her, still feeling the queen's influence, chipping at his mind. "As long as you in New Domino or this area and that queen in alive, you will be fighting her control. Now that she knows you exist in this world."

"So I will always have to fight her control until she dies, I die, or I give in?" Yusei asked worrying Akiza.

"Yes, Yusei. I was trying to avoid that area. I was afraid this would happen," Star responded. "I'm sorry."

"You're fine, Star. It's not your fault," he reassured her.

"Yusei, what're you talking about?" Akiza asked.

"Because I can talk to dragons like this and have a mind similar to a dragon, when we entered that area, the queen discovered me and thinks I'm a dragon. She's trying to gain control of me," he explained. "And as long as I'm in her controlling vicinity and she's alive, I'll have to keep battling for my mind." Star landed in the cove and they all got off.

"So it's like a giant beehive. The dragons are the workers and she's the queen and controls them," Akiza broke down.

"And trying to control me, Akiza," Yusei added. "Her influence isn't as strong here because I'm farther away than when we were at the nest, but I am still fighting her."

"Does it really hurt as bad as it seemed?" Akiza asked.

Yusei nodded. "Not as bad now since I'm not as close, but it still hurts," he answered. "You know how people say that a mind has a mental defense of some sort?" She nodded. "She's slowly chipping away at my mental defenses. Usually I can cut my mind off from other dragons when I want to. But I can't cut my mind off from hearing theirs. But my mind's mental defenses is what allows me to block them from hearing my thoughts. The queen is stronger though. She's breaking away at those defenses. And it won't be long before…" he stopped and looked down.

"Before you won't be able to keep her from controlling you," Akiza finished. Yusei nodded. Gem rubbed her body against his leg and Yusei picked her up. "Let's find, Roman."

"Akiza! Akiza, wait," Yusei stopped her. "If we tell Roman, they'll kill Star and Gem. No, we need to think this through. Carefully."

"Yusei, we just discovered the dragon's nest. The thing we've been after since the world split. And you want to keep it a secret? Yusei, if we told Roman, we could find a way to beat the queen and keep you safe," Akiza responded.

"Or Roman will kill me for hiding Blinders, having an ability to talk to dragons, and am nearing being under the control of a queen who wants me to steal food for her," Yusei mentioned. "Which do you think is more likely? Honestly."

"I see what you're getting at," Akiza agreed looking down. "What're you going to do with the dragon, then?"

"I'll figure something out," Yusei answered.

"I meant the queen," Akiza responded.

"For once, I'm not really sure. But I'll figure it out," Yusei answered.

Akiza then punched Yusei's arm. "That's for kidnapping me," she stated. Yusei looked at Star who was drinking some water. But Akiza then pulled him in and kissed his cheek. "That's for… everything else." She then ran off.

Star came over and looked at him while Gem climbed onto his shoulder. Yusei looked at Star and said, "I wasn't expecting that either, Star. Now I better go before the others worry."

"Yusei, remember, when you face the Monstrous Nightmare, don't attack it. Try to tame it, make it know you don't want to hurt it," Star told him.

"Right," Yusei agreed.

"I'll be waiting in the clouds again," Star stated and Yusei nodded. "Take care of Gem."

"I will," Yusei agreed. "How long will it be before she starts to shooting fireballs?"

"It's different for every Blinder. I was around two weeks," Star answered. "Most dragon species have a rough estimated time frame. Blinder hatchlings flame at so many different times, it's hard to pick a specified time to estimate. Usually, Blinders will start flaming when their bodies naturally feel it will need to. Mine was one of the earliest. I probably needed to flame early due to the danger I was in with all the other dragons wanting to kill me because I was small enough to be seen as weak."

"I see," Yusei answered.

"We'll find out for Gem eventually, I guess," Star stated. Gem yawned. "You should better get back so you two can sleep. You have a long day ahead of you."

Yusei nodded. "I'll see you soon, Star," he told her before running off. His head was still throbbing as the queen continued to try to control him.

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