A Blinding Hope

The Finals


Chapter 12: The Finals

Roman walked out onto the stage. The entire village of New Domino was around the arena, getting ready to listen to the current leader of the village.

"Did anyone expect this? My best friend's son, a peace-loving boy, placing first in dragon training? Getting ready to kill a dragon? If someone had told me that, after only a couple weeks, Yusei because a dragon's fear, I would of shipped them off for saying such lies!" Roman spoke. "You know it. Yet, here we are. And no one is more surprised or happy that my best friend's child is right here now. Today, Yusei becomes one of us!"

. . .

Yusei was listening from in the tunnel leading to the inside of the arena. He looked down slightly nervous. He heard someone walk up behind him and looked to see Akiza.

"Be careful with that dragon," she told him.

"It's not the dragon I'm worried about," Yusei answered looking out at Roman who was sitting in the leader's seat.

"What're you planning to do? Are you sure you'll be okay with the queen going at your mind?" Akiza asked.

"I'll have to be alright when I face it no matter what. I'm going to put an end to this, Akiza. Or at least try to," Yusei answered. He looked at her. "Akiza, if something does go wrong, make sure they don't find Star and Gem."

"Where is Gem?" Akiza asked.

"I got her to wait at my house for now," he answered. "So if anything happens, go grab her and bring her to the cove. She's okay with you touching her, so she should be okay of you picking her up. Can you do that for me?"

"I will. Just… promise me it won't go wrong," Akiza agreed.

He opened his mouth to answer, when Trudge stepped in and said, "It's time, Yusei. Good luck."

Yusei looked back at Akiza once before walking out. People were chanting his name and Yusei walked to a board that had weapons and shields on it. Yusei grabbed a shield and a knife. He took a deep breath and gave a nod to say he was ready.

"And I'm here, Yusei. Remember that," Star stated as the lock was cranked open.

"Thanks, Star," he responded.

The lock was soon completely up and the giant dragon burst out of the cage, its body covered in fire. It grabbed onto the chain ceiling and climbed it. It shot an attack at the surrounding crowd before noticing Yusei. It landed on the ground and began to slowly approach Yusei.

The other villagers began to cheer him off. One calling, "Go on, Yusei! Give it to him!"

But the young man merely dropped his shield and knife on the ground. The Monstrous Nightmare looked at them before looking back at Yusei, still getting closer.

People muttered in confusion saying things like, "What's he thinking?", "Madness", or "What's he going to do now?"

Yusei placed his hands in front of him but the dragon seemed a bit calmer. It sniffed and growled a bit. "It's okay, it's okay," he whispered encouragingly. "I can hear your thoughts. Just tell me what happened to you and calm down a bit."

"You're a different human, I can tell. You have the mind and soul of a dragon. But your heart is that of a human," the Monstrous Nightmare, who had a deep, male voice, told him.

"As I've heard," Yusei responded. He then said aloud, "And it's why I'm not one of them."

Everyone gasped in shock with his words and Roman called, "Stop the fight."

The dragon was calmer and Yusei called, "Don't! I need you all to see this. They're not what we think they are. We don't have to kill them."

They all watched as the dragon neared his nose to Yusei's hand. He slowly touched and everyone gasped. But Roman growled and yelled, "I said stop the fight!" He hit the bars and a ringing sound came from it. The Monstrous Nightmare's instincts then hit his heart.

He snapped, making Yusei run, and Trudge yelled at Roman, "What were you thinking?! He was fine until you did that!"

"Dragons aren't any different. They only rely on instinct," Roman stated.

"Roman, Yusei was right, though. It touched his hand on its own!" Trudge responded.

Akiza opened the cage's gate a bit and made her way in. Roman pushed his way through the crowd.

"Akiza, what're you thinking?!" Jack called.

"I'm thinking of helping a true friend," she replied. She grabbed a hammer and flung it at the Monstrous Nightmare. It hit his face and he looked at her.

Yusei stepped between the dragon and Akiza. "Listen to me. You need to calm down!"he told him. "Roman, someone who is against this thought, hit the bars. That's where that ringing came from."

"It wasn't from you?" he asked.

"No. And it wasn't from Akiza either," Yusei responded and he stopped.

Akiza was called over by Roman and Yusei nodded at her, telling her to go. She nodded at him and ran to Roman.

Yusei felt the dragon's frightful instincts take over again and he went at Yusei. Suddenly, the call from the Blinder's attack building up hit the air. People ducked as a blast hit the balls and a white blur darted into the cloud of dust that had surrounded Yusei and the Nightmare. As the dust cleared, they saw the Blinder yanking back the Monstrous Nightmare.

"Blinder!" Trudge exclaimed.

"Star!" Yusei called.

She bit the Monstrous Nightmare's neck and flipped him onto his back. Star quickly moved in front of Yusei protectively. The Monstrous Nightmare tried to go around her and get to Yusei but Star refused to let him back.

"Back off!" Star ordered the dragon. It's neck was already bleeding from Star's assault. It backed up and away from the Blinder in slight fear. "Yusei, are you alright?" she asked the human looking at him.

"I'm fine, Star. Now you need to get out of here," he told her.

"But…" she began but Yusei cut her off.

"I'm not arguing. You'll end up locked up too, if you don't get out of here now,"he told her mentally.

Star obviously gave in because she quickly flew out of the hole she had made to get in and away from the crowd staring at her.

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