A Blinding Hope



Chapter 13: Questioning

Roman came in and grabbed Yusei. Akiza stepped in front of him though. "Roman, you need to let Yusei go. He's done nothing wrong. Until you hit the bars, it was trusting Yusei. Just like how all the dragons trust him," she told him.

"Then why did it attack him?" Roman asked.

"Because when you hit the bars, he felt like he was about to be hurt and the sound filled his mind with fright and instincts took over his reasonable mind," Yusei explained.

"How do you know what kind of mind they have?" Roman asked.

"It's a secret that I'm not planning on telling anyone, yet. The only ones who know it are dragons and Akiza," Yusei answered.

"Akiza, answer me right now!" Roman ordered.

"I think I'll abide by Yusei's wishes. I know that if you found out, you may just hurt Yusei for it," Akiza responded. "Now let Yusei go."

"No, he's coming with me for a long talk," Roman stated. He roughly pushed her out of the way and she glared at him. The other recruits ran down.

"What're you think Akiza?! You're going to get yourself banished!" Crow asked.

"Honestly, if Roman finds out what's going on with Yusei now, his secret will be the least of our problems," Akiza answered. "I don't care if I get banished because of it. Yusei and I have a very good reason for keeping it a secret."

"And what about the Blinder?" Luna asked.

"She's Yusei first and best friend," Akiza answered. "I met her last night."

"And she didn't blind you or kill you?" Jack asked astonished.

"Yusei's right when he says dragons only kill in self-defense. Blinders especially," Akiza answered. "Now I have to go and fulfill a promise I made to Yusei before he entered the arena."

"What promise?" Jack asked.

"You'll find out when Yusei wants you to," Akiza answered before running off before anyone could stop her.

She quickly grabbed Gem and hurried out the back door. She quickly found her way to the cove where Star was pacing back and forth in worry.

Star looked at Akiza. She looked around then back at Akiza. Akiza eventually figured out what she was asking and answered as she set Gem down, "Roman pulled him to the Great Hall. He's probably going to end up questioning him." Star began to get ready to fly off when Akiza called, "Star, don't! I promised Yusei I would keep you safe. And I know Yusei would want you here so you can stay safe."

Star looked at her for a moment, as if studying for any lies. But she then looked down and laid on the ground. A frustrated and sad look was on her face. Akiza sat down by the Star.

Gem ran up and nudged into her. They looked at each other before Star got up and grabbed some fish from the pond. She threw them to Gem who ate them quickly. After about three fish, Star sat back down and Gem curled up into Star's chest.

"Are you Gem's mother?" Akiza asked. Star nodded. "I see." The mother dragon set her head down on her feet in distress. "I'm sure Yusei will be fine. If I know anything about Yusei, it's that he doesn't give up without a fight."

. . .

Meanwhile, Roman roughly tossed Yusei into the Great Hall. Yusei stumbled slightly but was quick to regain his balance.

"I should've known," Roman stated walking passed him angrily.

"Roman, you need to…" Yusei began but the leader cut him off.

"Why would you even try to befriend those barbaric beasts?!" he yelled.

"Because they're not barbaric. They're afraid of something. There's something else on their island, Roman. It's a dragon that…" Yusei began but was once again cut off.

"Their island?" he repeated. He then neared his face to Yusei's. "So you've been to the nest."

"I didn't say nest," Yusei answered.

"How did you find it?" Roman continued to questioned.

"I- I didn't, Roman. Star did. Only a dragon can find the island," Yusei answered.

"Only a dragon can…" Roman muttered and looked back.

"Roman, I know what you're thinking and you shouldn't do it. You'll only get yourself and everyone else killed!" Yusei told him.

Suddenly, the pain from the queen's influence spiked and he groaned in pain grabbing his head as the queen yelled, "Trying to defend the humans? You'll be stuck on the higher caverns when you return here."

"What's wrong with you, Yusei?" Roman asked.

"The dragon I'm talking about on that island, Roman. It's been trying to gain control of me for two full days now. It's eating away at my mind's defenses and soon…" Yusei began but Roman cut him off.

"And soon you'll be under a dragon's control. While we're out at the nest, you are going to stay in your house until we return," Roman responded.

"I promise you, Roman. You won't be able to win this one. You'll just kill the village off," Yusei told him. "Do you want that?"

"And if we don't go, you'll be taken control of and we'll have to continuously fight dragons. You're staying at your house and that's final," Roman determined. He turned to exit.

"Roman, I'm not going to stay in my house," Yusei refused. Roman stopped and looked at him. "You may be the current leader because my father died but you don't have the true heart of a leader. A leader would listen to his village's needs and warnings. He wouldn't blindly go into a place that you don't know much about. You wouldn't push people to continue ways that they're beginning to question just because you want something yourself."

"And you think you would do this. You've thrown your life with those dragons," Roman stated. "So I know one thing. You are not the son that Hakase Fudo wants."

"I never knew my parents well enough. I was six years old when they died. But I do remember going to the meetings with the village Dad would make me go to. There, he listened to the village. He only tried to get to the nest when he knew he could spare the men and he didn't make his fellow villagers go if they didn't want to. At least I know that, while you seem to have forgotten my father's leadership skills that made him a great leader."

Roman glared. "Don't tempt me to throw you off this island, Yusei. Because I will do it. If you don't want to stay at your house, fine. But if I hear you do anything that is a mistake in my book, you will regret it," he stated and walked off. Calling everyone to prepare the ships.

Yusei's hand balled into a fist of frustration and worry. He knew Roman's decision was blinded by anger and hate. He just wished the village was destroyed in the process. Yusei ran out of the Great Hall and towards the cove.

He soon arrived and Akiza stood up. Gem immediately hurried to him. "Da...ddy," she worded out mentally.

"She's been learning to talk to you for since Akiza brought her here," Star stated. "Are you alright?"

"What happened, Yusei?" Akiza asked.

"No matter what I said, Roman's taking the entire village to the nest," he told them.

"What's he thinking?!" Akiza exclaimed. "He's going to get them all killed!"

"I tried to stop him. But you know how he is," Yusei responded. "I was barely able to get out of him locking me down to my house."

"How long until they're leaving?" Star asked.

"Roman was already getting everyone prepared to leave when I ran here," Yusei answered.

"We have to stop him," Akiza proclaimed.

"If I couldn't, how do you expect any of us to?" Yusei asked her and she looked down. "We need to find a way to reach them. I know they're going to take a dragon to lead the way to the nest."

"Which one are you thinking?" Star and Akiza asked in unison.

"I'm not sure," Yusei answered. "They're probably taking it to the ship now," he replied. "Star, you and Gem stay here for safety. Akiza and I will come back with the news."

"Yusei," she called and he looked at her as she touched her head to his stomach, "please, come back."

"I will, Star. I promise," he agreed.

He then waved for Akiza to follow and they ran out.

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