A Blinding Hope

Returning to the Nest- Part 1


Chapter 14: Returning to the Nest- Part 1

Yusei and Akiza ran to the docks where the ships were beginning to leave. On one of the ships was holding the Monstrous Nightmare on it, locked down. Its mouth was muzzled and its body was locked down with bars.

"I'm worried, Yusei," Akiza told him as they left.

"I know," he agreed.

"What're we going to do?" Akiza asked. "I mean, most of the villagers know the truth about dragons now, right?"

"But that still doesn't change the fact that they're all heading into a death trap," Yusei answered.

"How far is the queen in your mind?" she asked.

"Getting close. It won't be too much longer before I'll be under her influence for life," he answered looking down.

"We'll find a way to save you, Yusei. I'm sure of it," she reassured.

"And how do you think you'll be able to stop her?" he asked. She paused.

"W-What are you going to do, then? Are you going to sit here doing nothing or what?" Akiza asked.

Yusei smirked. "Follow me and you'll see what I have planned," he told her. They ran off. "Akiza get the other recruits to the arena. I'll meet you there as soon as I get Star." Akiza nodded and they ran in their separate directions.

. . .

Trudge walked up to Roman as they sailed through the dense fog surrounding the nest.

"Roman, I was overhearing some of the others now. And some of them are wondering what it is we are up to here. Not me, though. But some are wondering if there is a plan at all and what it might be," Trudge stated.

"Find the nest and take it," he answered.

"Ah, of course, send them running. Good. Nice and simple," Trudge responded.

Roman turned and noticed the Nightmare behind him was wide eyed and humming out a sound. He shushed Trudge who was about to speak more and looked at the dragon. He then gently pushed some other villagers as he took lead of the ship.

The Monstrous Nightmare looked up before moving its head to the side. Roman then turned the boat towards where the dragon was directing them. Meanwhile, other villagers were whispering to each other on the different boats as to where they should go.

. . .

Yusei looked from the sky as Akiza walked in with the other recruits. He flew in carefully. They backed up a bit at the sight of Star but looked kind of in awe as Gem stepped beside Yusei.

"Why are we here, Yusei? Wanting people to watch you let the dragons go?" Jack asked.

"Jack," Akiza called sternly and he went quiet again. "What is the plan, Yusei?" He looked at each of them carefully.

. . .

Roman and the fleet of villagers slowly and cautiously sailed through the fog, the dragon leading the way. Suddenly, the dragon began to panic and tried to break free.

That's when they saw a giant mountain with an eerie atmosphere to it in front of them. They hit the shore and they all listened to the hums and calls around the mountain. Roman jumped off the boat and landed on the ground with a thud. And it was in that second that everything went silent.

. . .

Yusei slowly led the calm Deadly Nadder towards Akiza while everyone watched. The unknowing four were confused as to how dye was so calm though it was so close. Yusei gently grabbed her hand as he and the Nadder stopped next to her. The Nadder sniffed her and Akiza allowed her hand to be led onto to Nadder's nose. It relaxed and Akiza smiled as the two were instantly becoming close.

Yusei walked to the side while Crow asked, "Where are you going?"

Yusei pulled out some rope, answering, "You guys will probably want something to hold on." They all turned to the other waiting dragons.

They each ended up bonding with a dragon. Each of them except Luna, that is. Jack and Crow ended up sharing the Zippleback. Leo got the Gronkle and Akiza did bond with the Deadly Nadder.

"Why didn't I get a dragon?" Luna asked

"Because your dragon is at the nest," Yusei answered. "For now, ride behind me."

They all tied the ropes on their dragons except for Yusei and Star. He just got on Star. Gem got in front of him while Luna got on behind him.

"Don't you need a rope or something?" Crow asked.

"No," Yusei answered. "I've been riding Star without anything for a while now."

"Star? Is that the name you gave her?" Jack asked.

"I didn't give her the name. It was the name she was born with. Just as this little one she named Gem," Yusei explained.

"How could she tell you her real name?" Leo asked.

Yusei took a deep breath. "I can hear their thoughts and talk to them mentally," he answered slowly.

"You can what?!" Crow responded.

"I'll explain better later. Right now we need to get to the nest before the villagers get killed," Yusei responded. "Follow me!"

They immediately took to the air. Yusei was flying flawlessly while the others were gripping on a bit tight, except for Akiza who was flying fine. Yusei's head began to throb even worse as the queen's influence was getting closer. He knew his defenses wouldn't last much longer. He grabbed his head slightly as the pain increased.

"Yusei, is something wrong?" Luna asked.

"It's really complicated," he replied.

"What's going on, Yusei?" Jack asked.

"There's a dragon there that controls other dragons. It forces them to steal our food and feed it to her. And that dragon is trying to gain control of me," he explained.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Gain control of you?" Crow repeated. "Like make you do the same things as all the dragons in its control?" Everyone was worried for that information.

"Yeah. And until she's dead or as long as I'm in her control vicinity, I'm going to be fighting her for the control of my own mind," Yusei answered.

"Yusei..." Luna muttered.

"How much longer do you expect you have before she gains control of you?" Jack asked.

"Not much longer," Yusei answered. "I'm not sure if I even have an hour before my mental defenses won't be able to keep her out."

"Don't worry, Yusei. You'll be fine," Akiza assured.

"I know," he agreed but it was obvious he was still doubting it. They entered the fog and Yusei winced as he felt the queen's influence near.

"I knew you would return. You will join me!" the queen yelled and Yusei grabbed his head with one hand. The pain was excruciating and Star looked at him concerned.

"You must fight her, Yusei. Do not let her gain control," she told him in a comforting voice.

"I'm trying, Star. You know I am. She is just getting so much closer. I don't know how much longer I have left," Yusei responded.

"We will beat her, Yusei. I'm not going to let you get taken under control," Star assured him.

"Daddy, will you be okay?" Gem asked him.

"I'll be fine, Gem. Don't worry," he reassured the young dragon.

"Okay, Daddy," she agreed and nudged closer into his chest, obviously looking for comfort. Yusei brought her a bit closer.

They came near the island and they all smelled fire burning. Yusei winced a bit as the queen's influence got worse.

"Join me in the fight! I will be most pleased if you follow my guidance and swear your allegiance," the queen told him.

Yusei shook his head and looked at the others. "Okay, guys. The queen is out and fighting. You need to be ready for a big fight ahead of you," he told them.

"Right," they all agreed.

They came around the corner to see Roman and Trudge taunting the queen. She began to rear up to burn them to death. But Star shot and hit the queen. The queen shook her head as the dragons and their riders flew around it. Everyone stared at them shocked and Roman seemed to be in a sense of awe.

"Okay, Akiza tell me what you got," Yusei called.

"High strength and possible fire limit. Jaw and tail made for bashing and crushing. Stay away from those. Small eyes, large nostrils, relies on hearing and smell," she explained.

"Alright. Leo, Akiza, hang in its blind spot. Make some noise and keep it confused. Jack, Crow, find out if it has a shot limit. Make it mad," Yusei instructed.

"Where are you going?" Jack asked.

"To get Luna her dragon," he answered. "Now go! I'm still not sure how much longer I have. The sooner we finish this, the less likely of risk you'll have of having me as a forced enemy."

"Right," Crow agreed.

"Go, Yusei!" Akiza stated and they hurried off to take their positions.

Down below, Trudge asked Roman, "Do you have any idea what he's talking about?"

"I do. And it's not good," Roman answered. They watched as Yusei gripped his head for a moment before landing on a burning boat with the Monstrous Nightmare.

Yusei helped Luna off Star, trying his best to ignore the queen's influence. He ran up to the Nightmare and yanked the muzzle off.

"You came back for me?" the Monstrous Nightmare questioned.

"Of course," Yusei asked. He looked at Luna. "Luna, help me get this cuff on him off so he can get free."

"Right," she agreed.

Luna pulled down on the cuff while Yusei pulled up. It felt like an eternity had passed before the cuff broke and the Nightmare was free.

The Nightmare looked at the young girl who seemed cautious and a bit worried. He neared her slowly and touched his snout to her stomach. Luna touched her hand to his snout and he purred in contentment.

"He trusts you, Luna. Now you need to trust him by riding with him," Yusei told her.

"Really?" she responded. Yusei nodded. She smiled and Yusei helped her on. Yusei nodded at the dragon who took off.

Yusei hopped on Star when the queen pursued his mind more than anything before. Yusei held onto Gem, Star, and grabbed his head tight as he felt himself on the brink on becoming controlled.

"Star, we have to hurry," Yusei told her.

"Right," she agreed and flew fast. He saw Leo on the head of the queen, holding onto the horn on its nose.

"Jack, Crow!" Yusei called and they looked at him. "Get Leo out of there!"

They nodded and flew towards him. Leo noticed and ran towards them. Jack grabbed the boy and pulled him to sit behind him. The queen began to try to suck Akiza and her dragon into her mouth.

"Star, go!" Yusei ordered.

Star shot down towards them. As the two of their friends neared the queen's mouth, Star shot an attack into it making the queen stop and forced Akiza and the Deadly Nadder out of the air. Star then turned around and grabbed Akiza before she hit the ground.

"Did you get her, Star?" Yusei asked.

Star looked at Akiza she gave the girl a dragon smile. "Yep," she told Yusei.

"Set her down on the ground for now and let's finish this," he ordered. He then added mentally, 'As long as I'm not taken control of first.'

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