A Blinding Hope

Waking Up


Chapter 16: Waking Up

Yusei's eyes opened slowly and he looked around. He was in his house. He heard a soft croon and looked at his side to see Gem laying against him.

"Hey, Gem," Yusei greeted weakly. Suddenly, Star appeared and stuck her face in his. "Star?"

"Thank god you're alright!" she told him.

"What happened exactly?" Yusei asked.

"When we finally killed the queen, you passed out from everything. Mainly the mental injuries the queen probably left on your mind. You've most likely been healing from all of the pain and abuse the queen sent at your mind while she was eating at your defenses," Star explained.

Yusei slowly sat up and touched his head in slight pain. "How long was I out?" he asked.

"A couple weeks. And Gem hasn't let your side once," Star answered and Yusei looked at the baby dragon.

"Why wouldn't you leave my side?" Yusei asked Gem.

"Because I love you, Daddy," she answered nudging in closer to him. Yusei grinned and slowly pet the baby dragon's head.

Someone knocked before entering the house. Yusei swung his legs over the side and shook his head again to clear the last bit of fog in his mind as Akiza walked in. He looked as she wrapped her arms around him.

"Whoa, whoa, easy, Akiza," he told her. She let go and looked at him with a relieved grin.

"Are you alright? No one could figure out why you collapsed after the battle and wouldn't wake up for two weeks," Akiza asked, her grin turning into a worried face.

"I'm fine. I just think I needed to heal mentally. The queen was too close to taking control of me and I was dealt a lot of pain for a while. I probably needed to heal all that and at least rebuild some of my mental defenses needed to keep the dragons from hearing stuff in my head," Yusei explained. "What's New Domino been up to while I was out?"

Akiza smiled. "A lot. Come on," she called gently. "I'll show you."

Yusei nodded and slowly stood up. He followed Akiza, walking fine again. Gem quickly followed to his right side while Star took his left. Akiza opened the door and Yusei was shocked to see villagers riding on dragons and everyone having at least one dragon helping them.

"What did Roman do in all of this?" Yusei asked Akiza.

Akiza frowned and looked down a bit sad. "The elder talked to him and he wouldn't budge on the matter," she explained. "Everyone began to push Roman to change and let them train dragons so the dragons can learn to help us while we help them. In his anger and frustration, he left the island."

"He just left?" Yusei questioned shocked.

Akiza nodded. "Trudge has been helping everyone while you were out but they'll need you and your leader self as the Villager Leader soon," she replied. Yusei looked down. He still wasn't sure he wanted that responsibility.

Suddenly, somebody yelled, "Look! It's Yusei!"

All the villagers began to run up and they all surrounded him, happy. Leo and Luna pushing through the crowd to get closest.

"Good to see you up," Crow stated walking up.

"Didn't think I would miss so much. Other than what I've heard with Roman and all the dragons here, has anything else big happened?" Yusei asked.

"Not yet," Luna answered. "We've all just been having fun with our dragons and rebuilding New Domino so it's in better shape for the dragons."

"I see," he responded.

"Akiza and the rest of us have been waiting for you to tell us the real name of our dragons, Yusei!" Leo called. "So we haven't called them anything yet."

Yusei gave a small nod of acceptance. The young boy began to pull at Yusei to go help name them. Everyone laughed at the sight.

"The same, old Leo," Trudge stated walking up. He looked at Yusei. "So, we'll need you as a leader soon. How ready are you to become the Village Leader?"

"I'm worried a bit. I'm not entirely sure I'm ready but I'll have to be. There's no way to avoid it happening sooner rather than later," Yusei replied.

Everyone grinned. "You'll be a great leader, Yusei," a villager said.

"One of the best probably," added another. Yusei nodded slowly.

"Well, for now, we should all get some food. We can talk with Yusei in the Great Hall. He probably needs something to eat. He hasn't eaten a lot since he blacked out," Trudge stated.

Yusei gave a slight awkward face. They all ate. Leo, Luna, Jack, Crow, and Akiza's dragons all came up and began to sit with them as the others asked Yusei questions. The dragons ate as Yusei learned that Star and Gem didn't eat much while he was out.

"So, Yusei, what're the names of our dragons?" Leo asked.

Yusei looked towards the dragons who walked over. The Deadly Nadder spoke first, "I'm Bluerose."

"Akiza's Deadly Nadder is Bluerose," Yusei said.

Luna's Monstrous Nightmare spoke next, "Ancienss."

"Luna's Monstrous Nightmare said his name's Ancienss," Yusei informed.

Jack's Zippleback head, which was the gas, said, "I'm Archwing."

"Jack's head is Archwing," Yusei said.

"I'm Blacktail," Crow's head, which was the spark, stated.

"Crow's is Blacktail," Yusei said.

Yusei looked at the Leo's Gronkle who said, "I'm Mech."

"And Leo's Gronkle says her name's Mech," Yusei finished.

"How did you know that, Yusei?" a villager asked.

"Since just before my parents died, I've been able to hear dragons' thoughts. I can also talk to them mentally," Yusei answered.

"During the battle against that giant dragon, Roman said something about something bad was going on with you," Trudge commented. "What's up with that?"

"That dragon is the queen of that dragon's nest," Yusei explained. "It literally control them and makes them steal food from her. If they don't get enough or don't get any, she would eat them whole." Everyone went wide eyed. "Star was nearly there after she had to go back, try to avoid suspicious, after her wing was hurt which I helped heal. She came back here to hide. When Akiza found out about Star and Gem, the young Blinder there, we were accidently taken to the nest. Up until then, the queen dragon didn't know I existed. And due to my mind being so closely connected to dragons, she thought I was a new dragon in her vicinity to control. So she was trying to gain control of me. She was slowly breaking down the mental defenses I had in order to control me."

"Is that why you seemed in so much pain while you were battling her?" a villager asked.

Yusei nodded. "By the time we killed her, she was able to take control of me. If she wasn't busy trying to get Star, Gem, and I, she could've gained control of me at any point," he explained. "I'm just lucky she didn't get to do it."

"What would've happened if you were?" Jack asked.

"I would've been at the mercy of the queen dragon for my life or until she died," he answered truthfully.

"And this is all because you can hear dragons' thoughts and speak with them mentally?" a villager asked.

Yusei nodded. "And since the queen, who had been destroying my mental defenses and weakening me mentally with the pain it was causing, was killed, I blacked out. Most likely so my body and mind could start rebuilding the defenses that keeps other dragons from hearing my thoughts," he informed.

"Wow…" everyone muttered.

"Do you know if you'll be in danger from other queens if they're out there?" Crow asked.

"I'm not sure," Yusei answered. "I don't think all of them could be so bad as that queen."

"At least you're free," Luna commented.

"Yeah," Yusei agreed giving the young girl a small grin. "That is true."

Everyone smiled. The other villagers continued to talk to Yusei about hearing other dragons' thoughts before requesting to hear their dragons' names.

"I guess I could," Yusei agreed slowly and they all cheered excitedly.

"But we should probably let you rest a bit more," Trudge stated.

"I should be fine, Trudge," Yusei responded. "I'm strong enough to move around now. I don't think I need to rest too much after two weeks of sleeping." Everyone chuckled.

After discussing all the dragons' names, an elder said, "So I guess the prophecy from three hundred years ago is true." They all looked at her. "You are the hope who strived to bring peace to this war, and you did bring New Domino peace. Just as the elder of the past predicted." Yusei looked down, still unsure.

"She's right, Yusei," Akiza stated. Yusei looked at her shocked while everyone nodded in agreement. "You're the one who brought dragons and humans together on New Domino. Just like what the elder predicted so long ago. You're the one who brought peace and tried to give us all hope."

"I guess," Yusei responded but was obviously still a bit unsure.

"Let's all get back to work on the village," Trudge stated. "We've all bombarded Yusei with questions, requests, and statements long enough."

"Right!" all the villagers agreed before walking off. But Jack, Crow, Akiza, Leo, and Luna stayed.

"Come on, Yusei," Akiza called.

"Let's fly!" Luna called.

Yusei grinned and looked at Star and Gem who nodded eagerly. "Alright," he agreed.

They got up and Yusei saw the others had their own saddles as they boarded on.

"Are you ever going to get your own saddle?" Jack asked.

"No," Yusei answered. "Star deserves to feel free of wearing a saddle and there's no reason for me to use one when I don't need to."

They all smiled before taking off into the sky. Gem held onto Yusei while looking around excited and Yusei looked at all the changes pleased.

"Yusei, want to feel my speed burst?" Star asked.

Yusei smiled at her. "Let's do it," he told her.

"Hold on tight, Yusei!" she ordered. Yusei held onto Gem and Star tighter and Star sped up to the point where the air was angling off them visibly. "I think I've going to head up higher."

"Go for it," Yusei responded.

Star, still moving faster than what seemed possible, angled up and flew into the clouds, twirling happily. The man of hope grinned happily as Star slowly down to a steady speed again as they flew above the clouds. It wasn't long though before the others found them and caught up.

"That was awesome, Yusei!" Leo praised.

"How fast did that feel?" Crow asked.

"It felt faster than seventy miles per hour," Yusei answered.

"How did you even hang on?" Jack asked. "Especially when you need to hang on to Gem, too."

"After flying so long, you get some strength in flying," Yusei answered.

"It was definitely amazing, Yusei," Akiza complimented.

"It was all Star's work. I shouldn't be the one being told all this," he responded with a grin. Everyone smiled as they continued to fly through the sky happily.

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